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Wynona's House Part 2 - featuring Dr. Barbara Prempeh, Psychologist at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center of RWJ Barnabas

Garden State Debate

Dr. Barbara Prempeh, Psychologist at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center of RWJ Barnabas, continues the dialogue on child advocacy, discusses her role within the regional diagnostic treatment center at Wynona's House Child Advocacy Center of Essex County, and we dive into the other topics, including:1. Mental Health dynamics of children facing neglect and abuse and resiliency aspects to overcome trauma.2. Community and Caregivers role in supporting children.3. The "Covid Wall" mental impacts of children not physically attending school or related activities and their mental health impact; balance of adhering to Covid19 guidelines and mental health impacts now and also when kids return fully to in school instruction and the support they will need.4. Working with the State of New Jersey on ACEs, Adverse Childhood Experiences and the NJ Office of Resilience.To connect with Dr. Barbara Prempeh, please reach out to her at connect@bresilientllc.comLearn about ACEs, how NJ is working to mitigate ACEs, and how to get involved via the following links:https://www.nj.gov/dcf/documents/NJ.ACEs.Action.Plan.2021.pdf​https://www.acesconnection.com/g/NJ-Resiliency-Coalition​***Music Credits to @JeirsCook


28 Apr 2021

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73: Have We Made a Difference in People’s Lives? with Kevin Tabb, M.D., President and CEO, Beth Israel Lahey Health

The Academy Table with Renee DeSilva

In this episode of Fireside Chat, we sit down with Kevin Tabb, M.D., President and CEO, Beth Israel Lahey Health, to discuss the current COVID surge and how caregivers are handling the steady pressure. We also discussed the role out of the COVID vaccine and how the pandemic has changed the role of c-suite leaders.


6 Jan 2021

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Legacy of COVID-19: Lessons learned for the next pandemic – Q&A with Kevin Tabb, MD, President and CEO of Beth Israel Lahey Health

CIBC Private Wealth US

COVID-19 has upended just about everything, and we’re still working through it—how we work, shop, socialize, learn, worship, receive healthcare, and care for others. It has laid bare both strengths and weakness in our institutions, processes and systems. The pandemic has altered life for every age group in almost every way. The coronavirus, after all, is not interested in career dreams, childcare situations or travel plans; it is only interested in host cells. Key innovations that emerged during this pandemic will outlive it. Others are yet to reveal themselves but will surely be part of the legacy of COVID-19. CIBC Private Wealth is committed to bringing to you the perspective and insight of top thinkers in various fields on what the legacy of COVID-19 could be. In previous installments, we presented views on biotech and vaccines, work and careers, and artificial intelligence in healthcare during the time of COVID-19 (available on our website). In this installment, we talk with Kevin Tabb, MD, the president and CEO of Beth Israel Lahey Health, a healthcare system across Eastern Massachusetts comprised of 13 hospitals, including four academic and teaching hospitals affiliated with Harvard Medical School and Tufts University School of Medicine, and more than 4,000 physicians and 35,000 employees.


20 Oct 2020

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52: Scale Matters, with Kevin Tabb, M.D., President and CEO, Beth Israel Lahey Health

The Academy Table with Renee DeSilva

In this episode of Fireside Chat, with Kevin Tabb, M.D., President and CEO, Beth Israel Lahey Health to discuss the merger between Beth Israel Deaconess and Lahey, the impact that COVID has had on telehealth services, and the characteristics of a leader during a crisis.


18 Aug 2020

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Rabbi Rick Winer, Temple Beth Israel

Fresno's Best

In this episode, we talk with Rabbi Rick Winer. We cover a host of topics including bagels, the history of Jews in Fresno, anti-Semitism, modern misunderstandings about Judaism, and much more. 

1hr 3mins

28 Jul 2020

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Reopening a Community Hospital During COVID-19: Live Interview with Rich Fernandez, President & CEO, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Milton

Bright Spots in Healthcare

Community hospitals across the country are in the process of reopening services and operations closed as COVID-19 started to spread across the country. Rich Fernandez, president, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital - Milton in Massachusetts, one of the states hit hardest by the COVID-19 virus, walks us through the hospital's reopening strategy and discusses the steps taken to adjust to the new normal while also ensuring the safety of staff, patients and visitors. Rich touches on all aspects of the reopening from workforce management changes to the implementation of new patient waiting room procedures and everything in- between. He also shares some of the things he was most surprised about during the crisis and what the hospital is doing to prepare for a potential virus surge in the Fall.


5 Jul 2020

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"Live In The Know" with Samantha Sherman of Beth Israel Deaconess, Needham.

"Live in the Know"

Now Live - Episode 8!  Traci Shulkin and Jared Wilk of The Shulkin Wilk Group sit for a chat with Samantha Sherman, of Beth Israel Deaconess, Needham. Sam, the hospital’s Chief Development and External Relations Officer, discusses the current status of operations at the hospital and the ways in which it has reacted to the pandemic. She discusses COVID-19 testing, its impact on hospital staff and the gratifying outpouring of support from the community.  Tune in to get an understanding of how hospitals in general are handling the pandemic and what to expect in terms of operational changes in the future.


11 Jun 2020

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The Intrigue of Innate Immunity and Inflammation—Gyongyi Szabo, MD, PhD—Chief Academic Officer, Beth Israel Lahey Health

Finding Genius Podcast

Chief Academic Officer at Beth Israel Lahey Health, Dr. Gyongyi Szabo, joins the show to discuss her research on the role of inflammation in innate immunity and liver disease. In this episode, you will learn: What is meant by innate immunity and what type of cells are involved in phases of the immune response In what way it is an overactivation of innate immunity as opposed to a lack of innate immunity that is the real issue in many diseases What evolutionary process is responsible for low-level inflammation in certain diseases such as hepatitis C and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease How the blockage of the inflammasome complex has been shown to reduce the effect of alcohol-induced liver disease in mice, and what sort of promise this might hold for the treatment of alcoholic liver disease in humans For nearly 20 years, Dr. Szabo has been studying innate immunity, innate cell function, and signal transduction pathways. The focus in her lab is on various types of liver diseases that have an inflammatory component, which accounts for almost all liver injuries and chronic liver diseases. The goal of her research is to gain a better understanding of what causes the inflammatory response in certain liver diseases with the hopes of intervening with certain medications or treatments that would benefit patients suffering from liver disease. She discusses the difference between innate and adaptive responses of the immune system, how the evolutionary-preserved pattern-recognition receptors that are normally activated by pathogens can also recognize damage-associated molecular patterns, thus leading to low-level systemic inflammation, in what ways her research might lead to an effective treatment for alcohol-related liver disease, and more.


15 May 2020

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Marc Susselman: Beth Israel Congregation Lawsuit

The Jewish Hour

Welcome to The Jewish Hour with Rabbi Finman, for April 26, 2020. In this episode, Rabbi Finman talks to Marc Susselman about his lawsuit on behalf of the Beth Israel Congregation in Ann Arbor Michigan. How do you listen to The Jewish Hour? You have a lot of options you know? iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher, RSS, it’s your choice!

26 Apr 2020

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AI and Machine Learning: Robotic Surgery – is it the future of Population Health? with Jacques Kpodonu, Cardiac Surgeon at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Outcomes Rocket

In episode #4 of the HP population health series, we interview Dr. Jacques Kpodonu and hear his insights on the use of advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and robotic surgery to provide better access and population health.  He shares some great personal and professional stories as well as anecdotes to help advance your population health efforts.  We enjoyed our visit with Dr. Kpodonu and hope you will too! About Dr. Kpodonu Dr. Jacques Kpodonu is a cardiovascular surgeon specializing in global health system innovation with an emphasis on addressing rheumatic heart disease. Currently a faculty member at Harvard Medical School and an adjunct Professor of Surgery at the University of Ghana. Dr. Kpodonu’s interests lie in biomedical discoveries, modernizing the operating room via novel design and growing the global capacity of cardiac surgeons especially in emerging countries with his work in global cardiac surgery. In addition to writing medical textbooks and his research work Dr. Kpodonu is a key opinion leader in the design of advanced hybrid cardiac surgical rooms and biomedical innovation and is passionate in advocating for the use of telehealth services- especially in African nations .Dr. Kpodonu is frequently quoted in the Orange County Register, American Health Journal, and holds leadership positions with the Society Thoracic Surgeons and the American College of Cardiology. Based in Boston, he sits on the diversity and inclusion committee for the American College of Cardiology and the Society of Thoracic Surgery and has helped to raise millions of dollars to finance the construction of advanced robotic hybrid operating room both here in the USA and in Africa. In this podcast you will learn: How robotics and A.I. can add value to population health efforts. What providers and health systems can do to leverage technology, together, to advance patient care. Why it is critical to give serious thought to advanced technologies in the strategy and implementation of population health strategies. Valuable Links: Listen to the other episodes on HP Population Health Series:  https://outcomesrocket.health/hppophealth/ For more about HP Population Health IT Solutions visit:  https://www8.hp.com/us/en/solutions/healthcare/population-health.html


24 Apr 2020