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In Conversation - Kerrie Phipps - DO talk to strangers

Business Excellence

"Oh, my parents told me don't talk to strangers I wasn't brought up like that, to start with, like my parents. I guess growing up in a country town on a farm, you have to talk to strangers, you welcome people because somebody could be broken down on the side of the road, or, you know, there's just such a sense of community and connecting with people ""a deep dive into the art and science of connection and how we build relationships and how we have fleeting connections and what we can do with that to make a positive difference in the world?"01:25            Introduction to "Do Talk to strangers"04:17            ASKING (What does that means) 09:01            S12:29            N14:04            Natural Confidence17:34            Gratitude20:52            Be Curious KERRIE PHIPPS is an inspiring and energetic communicator whose passion is connecting and empowering difference - makers and leaders. She has been coaching, writing and speaking across the Asia Pacific region and beyond for over 20 years. Kerrie has trained extensively in brain-based coaching skills and built her own business supporting entrepreneurs and leaders globally. As the author of 4 books and co-author of 8, she delights in sharing stories of connection, hope and encouragement - because she personally knows the power of these in her own life.  Through Kerrie’s latest books, "DO Talk To Strangers - How to Connect with Anyone, Anywhere" and the sequel, the DO Talk To Strangers Travel Toolkit, her message goes beyond cultural and generational borders, tapping into a yearning that lies within each of us; the desire to connect with those around us.


28 Apr 2021

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Journal notes with Kerrie Phipps.

Connect With Confidence - with Kerrie Phipps

Kerrie opens up and reads some of her first book, Create The Life Journal, sharing the story of creating it, writing in it, and discovering breakthrough moments along the way. Lyndon was given full permission to ask anything - which he did! Lots of laughs and refreshing insights to help you tap into your best ideas as you put pen to paper ...  Book links  Create the Life Journal Dale Beaumont Books Syzygy Moments Find Kerrie here - Website - https://kerriephipps.com/ LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/kerriephipps/ Facebook public figure page - https://www.facebook.com/KerriePhipps1/ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/kerriephipps/  Twitter - https://twitter.com/KerriePhipps Twitter podcast - https://twitter.com/ConnectingPod--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/kerriephipps/message


26 Oct 2020

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Why talking with strangers can be a stepping stone to so much more with Kerrie Phipps

SEVENTEENx - SDG Convos with Mick Hase

The first time I sat down and chatted with Kerrie was over a coffee on the Gold Coast and it was honestly like catching up with a friend that I'd known for year. Kerrie is a master connector if we can coin that title. An International Speaker, Leadership Coach and Multiple title Author, Kerrie spins her impact into 'Connecting with Confidence". Her most notable book "Do Talk to Strangers" encourages us to connect with everyone we can; even the passer by with a smile; as even the smallest of acknowledgments or random comments could mean the world of difference to us and them. This is an enjoyable and candid chat that will get you thinking... when was the last time I simply connected with a stranger for no other reason than to do just that....connect. If you want to reach out to Kerrie.. you can find her at the following links. LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/kerriephipps/ Website - https://kerriephipps.com/


8 Jul 2020

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Do talk to strangers with Kerrie Phipps


Kerrie shares beautiful stories from security checks in Ireland to farm life in Australia, tips on how to connect with just about anyone with a simple smile and hello. Entry and exit strategies for conversations,  connect confidently and how to expand your world with every person you meet. Making this world a better place, one conversation at a time.  https://www.linkedin.com/in/kerriephipps/ https://kerriephipps.com/podcast/


2 Jul 2020

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EP 134. Talking To Strangers with Kerrie Phipps

Global Travel Channel Podcast Show

From a country town in regional Australia Kerrie has spread her wings to become a International Speaker, Leadership Coach and Author. We take a fascinating journey with Kerrie through various aspects of her life to find out how Coaching became a game changer for her after a burn out phase, how taking her son prior to his birth overseas changed her life, as well as the many lessons she has learnt from visiting the countries where she has worked. Kerrie also provides some useful tips on how we all can become better connectors by simply starting up a conversation no matter where we find ourselves in the world. From Dubbo to Paris, and Singapore to Brunei. Kerrie takes us on a very personal reflection which includes some hidden gems like what makes her laugh at herself and what her husband says to her in Spanish. 

1hr 4mins

4 May 2020

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Connect With Confidence - with Kerrie Phipps (Trailer)

Connect With Confidence - with Kerrie Phipps

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14 Apr 2020

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Out Of The Box Networking with Kerrie Phipps

Selling in Asia with Tom Abbott

Networking tips with Kerrie Phipps Connect with people anytime and anywhere. In this episode, Kerrie Phipps share with us some networking tips to helps sales professional connect online and offline. Do talk to strangers. Kerrie Phipps. She is an author of the book, Do Talk To Strangers, despite our parents told us. It’s important to … Out Of The Box Networking with Kerrie Phipps Read More » The post Out Of The Box Networking with Kerrie Phipps appeared first on SOCO Sales Training.


9 Jul 2019

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Christian Women in Business & Leadership

Over the next 5 weeks, you’re going to be hearing sessions from our conference in February 2018, learning about how to connect with strangers in your business so you can be more confident dealing with customers this will be through Kerrie Phipps. You’ll also be hearing a powerful message from Jo Hobbs Executive Director of Teen Challenge QLD and she blows the roof off the house. Stay in contact with us by signing up to our Heart Mail, where you’ll receive the latest issue of our Digital Magazine.Also, if you’d like to be part of the next CWIBCC you can buy your tickets now from our website under events. It will be held in Sydney Australia, >> CWIBCC 2019 <<Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you in our membership. CWIB Membership...We’re open for membership intakes and would love to invite you to become a member. It’s time for you to join a community of like minded women.Click Here to apply >>Founder Sarah-Jane Meeson was given a word to inspire women. Since then, Sarah-Jane dreamed about how she could inspire women and unite them together. She knew it was going to be for God and she knew she had a passion for business and just to see people thrive and be all that they can be: no matter what past they’ve had, no matter how much money or where they come from. It’s about them being the best person they can be for God and to help share their story of how God has worked through their life and business.After chatting with a girlfriend and sitting on the idea for a while, God kept prompting her heart to bring this movement of women together. After some time, Sarah-Jane knew what she needed to do; she bit the bullet and now here it is. Christian Women in Business – a movement of Christian women pushing forward for God in their businesses … and it’s great!Sarah-Jane xo See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


16 Sep 2018

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Kerrie Phipps - Leadership Coach, Speaker & Author

Aus Asia Business Program

In this episode host Stacey Martin is joined by Kerrie Phipps, leadership coach, speaker & author. Kerrie talks about her journey and how it lead her to where she is now. They also discuss Kerrie's book "Do Talk To Strangers," as well as touching on how to build business relationships overseas and much more.


7 Feb 2018

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Radio Show 75 Kerrie Phipps DO Talk To Strangers - How To Connect With Anyone, Anywhere

Franchise Simply Podcasts

Radio Show 75 Kerrie Phipps DO Talk To Strangers - How To Connect With Anyone, Anywhere by Brian Keen


16 Nov 2017