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Phoenix Calida, William J Jackson and Livy-J - Wine Cellar Conversation Radio.

Wine Cellar Media

Hey gang. We have our niece with us and she's doing her conversation on Feminine Energy. From there we also have a bit of news that matters to folks like us.


11 Jun 2021

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Phoenix Calida Survived The Car Crash

Wine Cellar Media

Hey gang. So yes. This episode is hetting the feed a little late as our household just went through a major situation. A Pick Up Trucker decided that the opposite lane of traffic would best suit him and he almost killed Phoenix Calida. We have a gofundme up trying to get help in replacing the car because 2021 was supposed to be a very big year for our housing situation and this guy and his pick up truck has all but completely ruined it for us. We tangent off into some recent develpments with these partisan class holes that really tried to get funky with us right before Phoenix left the house that night. https://www.gofundme.com/f/phoenix-calida-needs-to-replace-a-totaled-car

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28 Feb 2021

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Phoenix Calida Has A Problem With Kanye West -- Plus Sadistic Cop Story Update

Wine Cellar Media

Hey gang. I'm not to big on Kanye West and when he says words about things. But we found this one to be worth mentioning.  There are some other stories to mention and we get it popping.  Particularly with this pig that made someone lick a urinal in a public bathroom. Bastard only got 4 years. He should have been fucking killed.  Piece of shit.  And as per usual, we tangent.


21 Jul 2020

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Why Phoenix Calida Ain't Ridin' With Biden'

Wine Cellar Media

Hey gang. We hopped up and popped up for a Morning Wine Cellar. The less overtime I have to work, the more Wine Cellar I get to do.  We're trying to keep these more and more casual. The Swopcast we recorded Thursday night, 7/9/20 because a lightening storm cut off the live broadcast and we ended up going for 2 hours. That is going to need to be edited down and broken up. I'll be doing that this coming Sunday before recording Talk FURIE live with Dr. Sprengeler.


10 Jul 2020

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Phoenix Calida Does "AM I THE ASSHOLE" From Reddit (bad audio)

Wine Cellar Media

Hey gang. We hopped up this morning and rocked a whole episde of just Phoenix Calida's "Am I The Asshole" from the Reddit website.  There was an internal processing error and the audio has an irreversable slowed effect to it. Sorry about that. We asked folks on facebook  if they wanted it and folks said heck yes, so here it is.

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18 Feb 2020

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Phoenix Calida And William Cover The Jeffrey Epstein Update

Wine Cellar Media

HELP OUT WITH A 5 STAR REVIEW ON ITUNESDIRECT PAYPAL CONTRIBUTION WINE CELLAR PATREON MONTHLY CONTRIBUTIONWINE CELLAR STUDIO AMAZON WISH LISTEpstein, a wealthy hedge fund manager who once counted as friends former President Bill Clinton, Great Britain’s Prince Andrew, and President Donald Trump, was taken into federal custody Saturday and is expected to appear Monday in Manhattan federal court, three law enforcement officials told The Associated Press.One of the officials said Epstein is accused of paying underage girls for massages and molesting them at his homes in Florida and New York.


8 Jul 2019

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That's Different, For Reasons feat. Phoenix Calida - Episode 137

Liquid Flannel Podcast

Our friend Phoenix Calida (Twitter: @uppittynegress) is back with us this week for a ranging discussion on the census, abortion, country music, and white genocide. Matthew reveals he's either more permissive when it comes to movie quality or possibly just has very bad taste.

1hr 9mins

6 Jun 2019

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Phoenix Calida Talks About Lori LightFoot And #DaiLee Being Charged

Wine Cellar Media

Hey gang .This is the free portion from the full episode available at patreon.com/WineCellarMediaFund


4 Apr 2019

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Phoenix Calida Is Not A Mental Health Maid For Your Demonic Erection

Wine Cellar Media

This was a strongly requested episode by Rashanii of the Single Simulcast program.We don't know why he wanted this to exist so bad, but we went ahead and delivered on that request.Rashanii Can pay Phoenix for her labor at paypal.me/PhoenixAndWilliamAnd of course we have our patreon.com/winecellarmediafund


25 Mar 2019

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Episode 108 - The Republican NWA w/ Phoenix Calida and William J. Jackson

Struggle Session

Support the show at http://www.patreon.com/strugglesessionOn today's Struggle Session we're joined by Phoenix Calida and William J. Jackson of Wine Cellar Media to talk about the GOP's dominance of American politics and the Democrat's inability/unwillingness to stop them. We also discuss the artist of macking and internet weirdo Tariq Nasheed and the continuing harm caused by SESTA/FOSTA.Hear more from Phoenix and William at https://www.patreon.com/WineCellarMediaFund/Tune: American Nightmare - Gloom Forever http://coldcave.net/site/an/★ Support this podcast ★

1hr 7mins

10 Oct 2018