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15 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Eric Maddox. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Eric Maddox, often where they are interviewed.

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15 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Eric Maddox. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Eric Maddox, often where they are interviewed.

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#12 - Catching Saddam Hussein and Entrepreneurship with Eric Maddox

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WHOA!!  Are you ready to get naked and fired up with today’s guest, Eric Maddox?!  Eric is a recipient of the National Intelligence Medal of Achievement, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Director's Award, Legion of Merit, and Bronze Star, for his direct role in the capture of Saddam Hussein.  Yes, that’s right...Saddam Hussein!  Tune in to hear Eric and David talk about how Eric’s interrogation skills can be used in business and learn to become effective at utilizing those tools.  Be sure to stay to the end to hear Eric tell the story of how his last 24 hours of hunting Saddam Hussein played out!


  • [00:01:23] Beginning of Interrogation Career
  • [00:11:18] Using Interrogation Skills in the Business World
  • [00:15:57] How Can Someone Become More Influential?
  • [00:20:26] How Can Someone Gain Leadership?
  • [00:25:19] Eric’s Last 24 Hours Hunting Saddam

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About Get Naked Podcast

Welcome to the Get Naked In Business video podcast.

So the big question is… how do entrepreneurs like us, who built our businesses from the ground up, who spend our own capital, who want to make a huge impact on this world, how do we do all that and create a great income?

My mission for this podcast is to interview amazing entrepreneurs who are willing to get naked in front of the mirror, jump up and down, and let the real, raw insights all hang out. Insights to help accelerate your business growth.

My name is David Asarnow and welcome to Get Naked In Business. I’m glad you're here… now it's time to get naked! GetNakedInBusiness.com

Apr 30 2020 · 33mins
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Ep. 40 Interview with Eric Maddox: Interrogation, Saddam Hussein, and Empathy Based Listening

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Lucas interviews Eric Maddox about his interrogations during the 2003 Iraq war, and what we can learn from the methods he developed.

Army Staff Sergeant Eric Maddox was and is an interrogator who served in 2003 in Iraq, in South East Asia, and other places around the world. He has more than 2700 interrogations under his belt, and an amazing story to tell us that delves into an aspect of health and wellness that we have rarely talked about, and that is listening and having healthy relationships.

Eric has been awarded many decorations including the DIA director’s award, the legion of merit, the bronze star, and the national intelligence medal of achievement for his services to the United States of America.

Eric’s Website: https://ericmaddox.com/

Eric’s Book: https://amzn.to/2XRxG6v

Creating Influence Podcast: https://ericmaddox.com/podcast/

Music by Jenny Jahlee from Live at KBOO
Nov 27 2019 · 53mins

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Ep 18: International Conflict expert Eric Maddox leverages film and food to inspire powerful dialogue

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Eric Maddox embodies the idea that we should be brave enough to be radically curious. He grew up in the USA, earning an advanced degree in International Conflict Transformation. Eric lived in the West Bank, traveled the US-Mexico border, and conducted research which led him to launch The Virtual Dinner Guest Project. He inspirationally shares the power of connecting historically conflicted groups around the world, hosts the Latitude Adjustment Podcast, and leads Open Roads Media, a compelling nonprofit.

About the Guest:

Eric completed his undergraduate studies in Philosophy and Classic Literature and his graduate degree in International Conflict Transformation. He moved to the West Bank to conduct his field research, collecting oral histories from Palestinians and Israelis from the 1948 War. Back in the US, Eric spent two years traveling through the US-Mexico borderlands, conducting interviews, writing, and producing media projects on both sides of the border and in the deserts of southern Arizona and New Mexico. In 2011, Eric started a cross-border dialogue and collaborative filmmaking initiative, The Virtual Dinner Guest Project, with a connection between residents of New Mexico and cd. Juárez, Mexico.

In 2012, Eric returned to the Middle East to implement The Virtual Dinner Guest Project, with nearly 80 encounters connecting small groups in Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia, Gaza, Syria, and eventually India and the Balkans, to communities around the world. In 2015 Eric founded the Amsterdam-based nonprofit, Open Roads Media. He currently resides in Spain where he continues to produce projects with Open Roads Media as he hosts Latitude Adjustment podcast.

Personal Links:

Podcast: https://www.latitudeadjustmentpod.com/

Nonprofit: http://www.openroadsmedia.org/

About the Host:

Dan McPherson, International Speaker, Business and Personal Development Coach, and CEO of Leaders Must Lead, is on a mission to help Creatives and Entrepreneurs create and grow profit and understand that Dreams ARE Real. With more than 25 years’ experience in corporate roles leading teams of up to 2000 and responsible for more than $150M in revenue, Dan is a recognized expert in leadership, sales, and business strategy.

Through his Leaders Must Learn Mastermind, Dreams ARE Real Podcast, Foundations of Success Training, and powerful 1-1 coaching, Dan helps hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world from musicians and artists to chiropractors, coaches, retailers, and beyond experience success and accomplish their goals.

To learn more about Dan or to follow him on Social Media, you can find him on:

Website: www.leadersmustlead.com

Leaders Must Lead Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leadersmustlead

Dreams are Real Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/365493184118010/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leadersmustlead/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/leadersmustlead

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZXypDeFKyZnpeQXcX-AsBQ

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Nov 07 2019 · 1hr 15mins
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Episode 44: Eric Maddox - Finding Saddam

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Ladies and gentleman... we got em. Those words forever etched in our minds from the day that Saddam Hussein was finally captured after months of raids and tireless searching. I sat down with the man responsible for breaking the source that led to that capture. Saddams right hand man finally gave him up after Eric interrogated him, and account of the amazing journey of the operators that ultimately nabbed him is gripping to say the least.

Sponsored by @originlabs @originusa

Oct 04 2019 ·

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Equity Bank Series: Eric Maddox - Interrogator, Author, Speaker, Consultant

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In 2003, Eric Maddox collected the intelligence which led to the exact location of Saddam Hussein—the Ace of Spades in the infamous Deck of Cards. His technique shaped the future intelligence collection for the military and civilians around the world.

Today, he shares that technique—empathy-based listening—with people and companies around the world as an inspirational speaker, author, consultant, and negotiator. Empathy based listening teaches that trust is the most important element in all relationships. When you have trust, you turn clients and customers into champions and advocates. You gain and maximize influence. There is no other skill needed more to improve every aspect of your personal and professional life.

Sep 17 2019 · 43mins
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#13 Eric Maddox Schools me on Iran & The Middle East

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In this episode I learned quite a bit about Iran, and the role the United States & Israel play in determining how foreign policy is made in the Middle East. I also learned how a lack of curiosity by people in the West, could play a part in why things never change in this part of the world. 

Eric is the host of "The Latitude Adjustment" Podcast. This has become one of my favorite Podcasts'. This Podcast has allowed me to travel to places I would probably never have gone , through the stories he brings of the people living in these areas.

This Podcast has delivered all of the elements required to be able to leave an episode entertained, as well as having questions of my own about the places his guests are living in and the conditions they have endured in a search for a better life. 

Hearing these stories has caused me to reexamine my own life and lack of curiosity, and complacency when it comes to the basic human rights that most of us take for granted as the beneficiaries of the United States Empire. It is heart breaking to think that some of the basic things that I am guaranteed as a citizen of the U.S., in many foreign countries and places speaking up for those rights will get you beaten, and may get you killed.

This show has made me smile, made me question my own humanity, brought me to tears several times. It has shown me that I have holes, and blind spots to my own approach to life that I need to adjust. At the end of the day we are all just trying to navigate our way to a better place for our families and ourselves. 

Thank you Eric for educating me, and enlightening me. I hope one day that my show will do for others what your show has done for me. 

Below you will find the places you can connect with Eric Maddox.

Podcast: Latitude Adjustment  Eric's nonprofits: Open Roads Media and The Virtual Dinner Guest Project

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Aug 25 2019 · 1hr 16mins
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LaL 020: The Surprising Power of Empathy-Based Listening with Eric Maddox

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Eric Maddox is the Army interrogator who, while attached to a Delta Force team in Iraq, collected the intelligence which led to the capture of Saddam Hussein. He subsequently became the first civilian interrogator for the Defense Intelligence Agency and went on to conduct over 2700 interrogations. Eric has repeatedly been able to influence those who have zero trust in him, to make the decision to give him information, even more than he asked, without using torture. Eric honed his systematic methods of creating influence in hostile environments but has found they are equally as useful in building or retaining relationships of all sorts. If you would like to hear more from Eric, check out his own podcast called Creating Influence.
Jul 09 2019 · 28mins
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Capturing Saddam Hussein | Eric Maddox

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Eric Maddox, keynote speaker and military interrogator who received a lot of attention being involved in the capture of Saddam Hussein, joins Dave Will on today's EO 360° episode. With his extensive background in interrogation, he lets us in on some of the top tricks of the trade. He also shares his first-hand experience on how it all went down during the capture of Saddam Hussein. All of this and more when you tune in and listen now!

Apr 02 2019 · 1hr 10mins
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116: Eric Maddox from Virtual Dinners to Open Roads

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From virtual dinners to open roads projects with Eric Maddox. Listen here to the Culture Matters podcast on International Business.
Mar 25 2019 · 39mins
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[REPLAY] Eric Maddox – The Ace of Spades - [Invest Like the Best, EP.15]

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With Patrick out of the country this week, we thought we'd play an old favorite that many of you have not heard.

Please Enjoy!

This week we explore a rare and underappreciated skill through the lens of an incredible story. My guest is Eric Maddox, whose name you probably don’t know but won’t soon forget. Just trust me that you need to listen to this entire episode, and listen carefully—because that is what the episode is ultimately all about: how to listen to others, with care and empathy, in the age of distraction.

Sometimes it’s fun not to know what’s coming and be surprised, so I won’t say anymore. After the episode, you can learn more about Eric at Ericmaddox.com.

On his wall, Eric has a framed Cuban cigar, he starts his story by explaining the significance of that cigar. Enjoy this episode, and try Eric’s method. It has worked wonders for me.

Please enjoy!

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Jul 10 2018 · 58mins