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#42 Michael Konik and Charmaine Clamor

Daniel Overberger - What Now?

Michael Konik is the author of The Unexpected Guest: How a Homeless Man from the Streets of L.A. Redefined our Home, as well as 13 other books. Charmaine Clamor is a physical therapist, healer and singer. Charmaine: https://www.bewelltherapy.co/ Michael: http://michaelkonik.com/ You're living your dream. Don't miss it. If you’re enjoying this podcast, please rate and subscribe on your podcast player of choice. And if you’re really digging it, you can help me out with some of the expense by hitting the Donate button on my website.

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28 May 2020

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The Slants / Charmaine Clamor / Mississippi Records

The Future of What

Episode #28: In an industry where it’s difficult to make a living, musicians have had to become more and more creative to survive, especially with shrinking royalties in their pockets. One way some artists have managed to succeed is to tap into -- or create -- a niche market. Whether it’s inventing a new genre or signing to an obscure label, their stories prove that there’s not just one path to success in the music business. Our guests on this episode share their unique approaches to what they do. We hear from Simon Tam, founder of Asian American dance rock band The Slants, who saw a lucrative opportunity in playing anime conventions. Charmaine Clamor, creator of Jazzipino, a genre combining Filipino folk songs with American jazz and blues, also joins us. Finally we talk with Eric Isaacson, founder of Portland’s enigmatic Mississippi Records.GUESTSSimon Tam (The Slants)Charmaine Clamor (Musician)Eric Isaacson (Mississippi Records)MUSICThe Slants "Capture Me Burning"Charmaine Clamor "My Funny Brown Pinay"Marisa Anderson "The New Country"Delta 5 "Mind Your Own Business"


29 Jan 2016

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