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Jordan Husney: More Than a Technologist

More Than a Fallback

Jordan Husney, CEO and Co-Founder of Parabol, is more than a technologist.  Besides being a tech visionary, he is intentionally building his growth-mode company (which provides communication tools for remote teams) around his superpower.  Tune in to hear the fascinating story of how his career was kick-started (hint, it was at a high school science fair), how he discovered his superpower, and what he's learned along the way. 


16 Mar 2021

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Opportunity in Chaos | Jordan Husney from Parabol

UpTech Report

Jordan Husney was a management consultant for some of the biggest companies in America. And it was in those executive offices that he learned, as he puts it, “the world is a lie.” He says that everything is clean and clear in management textbooks, but the reality is far from it. Through this consulting experience, he came to understand the changing, chaotic nature of organizations across the globe and the growing need for agility.  This is what led him to found Parabol, a technology startup that offers a free, online retrospective tool that helps agile teams understand what they need to do better. On this edition of UpTech Report, Jordan tells about his personal journey from childhood scientist, to Fortune 500 consultant, to startup CEO.


26 Jan 2021

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Retrospectives for Remotes | Jordan Husney from Parabol

UpTech Report

In some ways, the Covid-19 pandemic wasn’t so much an economic disruption as it was a propellant. Already, companies across the globe were beginning to transition to agile teams. The pandemic may have merely forced this inevitable change to happen a little faster. But regardless of when or how companies transition, building a cohesive, productive team can be a challenge.  This was something Jordan Husney foresaw, all the way back in 2016. “I could see the change coming,” he says. So he founded Parabol, a company that offers a free, online retrospective tool that helps agile teams understand what they need to do better.  In this edition of UpTech Report, Jordan discusses the development of this tool and how companies are using it to assess and improve.


18 Jan 2021

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The Agile Confessional - Episode 13, Jordan Husney

The Agile Confessional Podcast

Jordan is CEO of Parabol, the leading free retrospective and agile meeting platform. He was formerly a strategy director at Undercurrent, an organizational transformation firm in New York and led transformations at GE, American Express, and PepsiCo. Prior to this he was a product manager and engineer, developing connected hardware. He cares most about enabling people to feel a sense of meaning from their work. His biggest agile influence is Bob Gower, formerly of Rally Software.


16 Jan 2021

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AI and the future of work with Jordan Husney, founder and CEO at remote work pioneer Parabol

AI and the Future of Work

This week, we're re-sharing an episode that originally aired August 2019 because it's more timely than ever. In it, Jordan Husney, founder and CEO of remote work pioneer Parabol talks about the future of work in remote teams.Listen and learn... About Jordan's entrepreneurial journeyWhy he started ParabolHow to hold distributed teams accountableWhy cultures that support remote workers attract and retain better talenthttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jrhusney/https://www.parabol.co/


21 Mar 2020

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Improving Communication in Remote Teams - Jordan Husney - Parabol

The Human Behind The Screen

Working remote comes with a lot of challenges, one of the most obvious is the time zone differences. So, what do we do to improve communication under this scenario? And, how do we prevent this from generating more problems like isolation for our team members? We’ll discuss these and other topics in today’s episode of The Human Behind The Screen. We’re joined by Jordan Husney, co-founder and CEO of Parabol, a software that provides communication tools for remote workers. Jordan will share a few tips on how to improve the hiring process to find the right people for your team and how to overcome various other challenges implied when working remotely.


20 Mar 2020

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Retrospectives w/ Jordan Husney

Brave New Work

We all know that faster learning loops are critical to success in complexity. Yet, we rarely (if ever) take the time to practice one of the most powerful learning moves in the game: the retrospective. In this episode, we talk about the power of reflection—for the individual, team, and organization—and why we can't keep charging ahead without looking back. Later, we're joined by Parabol founder and CEO Jordan Husney, who shares what he’s learned hosting tens of thousands of retrospectives on their platform, including this gem: ”The only wrong way to have a retrospective is to not have one at all.”Learn more about Jordan and Parabol at https://www.parabol.co/Jordan tweets at https://twitter.com/jrhusneyOur book is available now at bravenewwork.comWe want to hear from you. Send your guest ideas and feedback to podcast@theready.comLooking for some help with your own transformation? Visit theready.com

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27 Jan 2020

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Smarter Collaboration: Parabol Founder and CEO Jordan Husney Outlines a Better Way to Structure Your Meetings to Get More Out of Your Teams

AI and the Future of Work

Jordan Husney is the founder and CEO of Parabol, a meeting software product for agile teams, particularly those distributed around the world. Jordan shares his insights with host Dan Turchin around the difference between teams & interest groups, key rules of engagement for productive meetings, and his thoughts on what the future of work will look like for employees & knowledge workers around the globe. He also shares a fascinating perspective on how his experience as a start-up founder has allowed him to see a different side of America. Challenges for CIO's and IT Leaders Addressed in this Podcast:1. How do you make meetings more engaging and productive?2. How to deal with the office narcissist?3. What's the difference between a team and an interest group? And, why should you care?4. What are effective rules of engagement to actually make meetings useful?To learn more about Parabol, visit: https://www.parabol.co/To learn more about Astound, visit: https://astound.ai/


15 Aug 2019

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Building an Operating System for the Future of Work, With Jordan Husney (EP 5)

Remote Well

Today, my guest is Jordan Husney.Jordan is a former management consultant to Fortune 100 executives and has been issued multiple technical patents. He is now the co-founder of a company called Parabol. Parabol is on a mission to build the operating system for distributed teams to work more effectively.Jordan is one of the deepest, most critical thinkers I’ve met on this subject and he has written extensively around trends in the future of work.But as an entrepreneur and operator he’s also practical.So you’ll hear about his brilliant  approach to hiring, which includes:-The one skill set that matters for remote work.-Their open sourced project that attracts the best talent and pays “Equity for effort”I love talking to early stage tech startups with massive vision and desire for impact. It feels like we’re looking into the future with this episode.And with that I give you…Jordan HusneyResources Parabol.co – Free Online Retrospectives  Parabol’s Future of Work Database Parabol’s “Equity for Effort” initiative In the show: (17:34) Jordan’s “hack” for interviewing for a remote position (Do NOT miss this!)


29 May 2019