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They're Building a Second Garden of Eden! | Dr. Gene Kim

Redesigning Destiny

REAL Bible Believers 58:28 --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/aei-leon/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/aei-leon/support


27 Aug 2022

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In The Studio W/ Dr. Gene Kim {The Antichrist, Apostasy, and End Times }

The Soul Trap

In this episode we sit down and talk with the Pastor San Jose Bible Baptist Church, Dr Gene Kim. The Antichrist, Apostasy, and End Times!EXCLUSIVELY ON RUMBLE HERE: https://rumble.com/vz6to1-in-the-studio-w-dr.-gene-kim-the-antichrist-apostasy-and-end-times-.htmlhttps://realbiblebelievers.com/  @REAL Bible Believers • Rumble: https://rumble.com/c/TheSoulTrap• Banned.Video: https://banned.video/channel/the-soul-trap• YouTube: https://youtu.be/Zt_VX31hkBc• Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheSoulTrap• Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_soultrap/• Website: https://www.thesoultrap.com/• Podcast: https://thesoultrap.buzzsprout.com/Support the show

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2 Apr 2022

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Dr. Gene Kim- Back to Normal 2022 WORSE Than You Think

The Fact Hunter

Dr. Kim is a pastor and a truther. After hearing this episode, I felt the need to share it with people who may not have heard him before. If you enjoy his work, you can subscribe to his YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPCDmYOJJ08h-pG8J2iMDjA Even if you are not religious, I encourage you to give it a listen, he provides some great information.

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26 Feb 2022

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Profound - Dr Deming - E2 S5- Gene Kim- Socio-Technical Maestros


In this episode, Gene Kim and I talk about all things DevOps. We discuss some of his podcasts on the Idealcast along with his current work with Dr. Spear. Almost all of Gene's work can be found at Itrevolution.com.

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7 Feb 2022

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Gene Kim - DevOps and High Performing Teams

Tech Seeking Human

Gene Kim is the co-author of the Phoenix Project and the Unicorn Project. Anyone involved in software development has read his books, or have heard him speak. Those that haven't, probably haven't fully appreciated the effort it takes to ship quality software that we use everyday. In this podcast Gene talks about the evolution of DevOps, his favourite inspirations, how enterprises are evolving into software development houses, and how to benchmark your DevOps maturity. His story telling includes a fantastic 'mind altering' reflection on running, maintaining, and developing the software that runs the Navy, as well as 'software updates that can be deployed' whilst a car is driving. You will buy his book, or one of the books he recommends during this podcast.Gene talks fast, is super resourceful, so it's awesome to have this recorded so you can hit pause and reflect!


18 Sep 2021

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Gene Kim - On the Importance of DevOps, Psychological Safety, and Courage

The Playbook, an MIT LGO podcast

Gene Kim is a multiple award winning CTO, DevOps researcher, and co-author of The Phoenix Project and The Unicorn Project. In this episode, we chat about Gene’s experiences at Tripwire and what high-performance looks like, as defined by the State of DevOps report. We also touch on the importance of culture, the criticality of psychological safety, and the imperative for developers and leaders to have the courage to say what they’re really thinking.


6 May 2021

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Episode 31: Gene Kim on Psychological Safety and Communications Paths

Mik + One: The Official Project to Product Podcast by Dr. Mik Kersten

In this episode of Mik + One, Mik sits down with Gene Kim, best-selling author of The Phoenix Project and The Unicorn Project, as well as co-author of The DevOps Handbook. In this episode, Gene chats to Mik about the next book that he’s working on, and provides many insights into: The journey of the Unicorn Project, the effect it had on technology leaders and how it changed their perspectives A deeper look into the importance of Psychological Safety and how this links to an organization’s structure and dynamics Successful communication paths within an organization in order to improve culture, maximize flow and see successful results, faster The properties and prerequisites of high performing, dynamic learning organizations and advice to help teams become one The effective patterns that leadership can adopt to enable an effective communication architecture and organizational structure in order to maximize flow faster and more efficiently Subscribe to the Mik + One podcast today so you never miss an episode and don’t forget to leave your review. Follow Mik on Twitter: @mik_kersten #MikPlusOnewww.tasktop.com For more information about Gene Kim, to view the full list of resources featured in this episode, and to download the episode transcript, visit:https://projecttoproduct.org/podcast/gene-kim-ep-31/


4 May 2021

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Gene Kim - Cognicast Episode 159


In this episode, we talk to Gene Kim about DevOps, Datomic and Clojure, and high performing oragnizations Cognitect and Nubank are hiring!! Join a great team! Our Guest, Gene Kim On the web Twitter Idealcast Podcast Topics Book: Devops handbook Book: The Unicorn Project Book: Clojure Programming Book: Ruby in a Nutshell Book: Practice of Cloud System Administration Conference: O'Reilly Velocity Conference – Discontinued. Conference: Devops Enterprise Summit Conference: Conj Conference Dr. John Launchbury The Glasgow Haskell Compiler Michael Nygard Jacob Rabinow Love letter to Clojure NPM State Of Software Supply Chain – Research by Gene Kim, Derek Weeks, and Dr. Stephen McGill Hodur-org FFmpeg Kaocha SUBSCRIBING TO THE COGNICAST The show is available on iTunes! You can also subscribe to the podcast using our podcast feed. You can send feedback about the show to podcast@cognitect.com, or leave a comment here on the blog. Thanks for listening! CREDITS HOST Our host this week is Ghadi Shayban EPISODE COVER ART Cover design by Russ Olsen. Original photograph is by fdecomite. AUDIO PRODUCTION Russ Olsen Bear Cave Audio PRODUCER Kim Foster Joe Smith Jaret Binford MUSIC The music at the very beginning of the podcast is Crazy G, played by Russ on a tenor ukulele. The main theme music is by Nubank’s own Otto Nascarella (aka NASCA). You can find his music on Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music.

30 Apr 2021

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The Phoenix Project and DevOps with Gene Kim

Phoenix Cast

In this episode of Phoenix Cast, hosts John, Kyle and Rich talk to special guest Gene Kim, author of The Phoenix Project and namesake of the podcast. Gene has been studying high performing technology organizations for 23 years. His journey started in 1999 when he was the CTO and founder of a company called Tripwire in the information security space. The hosts share how his book, The Phoenix Project, inspired them and helped them succeed in the IT and innovation world. They discuss Gene's observations about what it takes to be a high performing organization and how the military is uniquely postured to excel as it embraces change and the future. Books Mentioned: The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, George Spafford The DevOps handbook by Gene Kim, Patrick Debois, John Willis, Jez Humble, John Allspaw The unicorn project by Gene Kim Follow Gene Kim on Twitter @RealGeneKim. Share your thoughts with us on Twitter: @USMC_TFPhoenix (Now verified!) Follow MARFORCYBER & MCCOG on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. Leave your review on Apple Podcasts.

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16 Apr 2021

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#063- $100 vs $1000 Microphones. Guest Gene Kim.

The MxU Podcast

Lee, Jeff, and Jay talk about the price of microphones and if there's a limit to how much we should spend on them. Then, a great interview with Gene Kim. Gene is the FOH engineer for Johnny Swim and Phil Wickham, former mega-church TD, coffee roaster, and bow hunter. Enjoy! www.mxu.rocks

1hr 12mins

29 Mar 2021