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47 | When to Actually Quit Your Job and Go From Bossed to Boss with Miro Wcislo

B2B Community Builder Show (formerly Chief Executive Connector)

Miro Wcislo who is… KIND OF A BIG DEAL.  He's not just:- the co-founder of PodRiver, a podcast media company, - the host of a USA top 20 entrepreneurship podcast on ITunes, called Bossed 2 Boss, which focuses on Miro's journey of starting a business and highlights interviews with influential "Bosses". -the founder of a  business called HodgePodge, an environmental decluttering, moving and storage company. HodgePodge is making an impact by preventing items from being thrown out into the waste stream and works with over 30 charity partners to fulfill their mission of donating and reusing as much as possible.He's a kind, incredibly generous guy that is open to connect, and share the valuable lessons he's learned through breaking out of corporate America and making it on his own by following his passions, and sticking through it.You'll want to connect with Miro!On Facebook: Miro WcisloHis podcast: Bossed2boss.comConnect with ME! Also, I'd love it if you connected with me on LinkedIn or Instagram. Or shoot me an email at youshould@connectwithpablo.com with the "Heard CEC's Charod" in subject. This that's a genius email address?  Me too, but I didn't come up with it.  It was the idea of my good friend, and super talented web designer, Nathan Ruff. If you want your website redone, updated, and managed with unlimited updates for just $250/month (CRAZY GOOD DEAL RIGHT??), go to Manage My Website and hookup with one of the smartest, most talented guys I've ever met- THE Nathan Ruff.Support the show (https://connectwithpablo.com)

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12 Nov 2020

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Building Trust as a Leader with Miro Wcislo

The Tactical Leader

On this episode, Zack sits down with Miro Wcislo, host of Bossed2Boss and co-founder of Hodge Podge.Episode Highlights:Learn how the immigrant mindset worked to Miro’s advantage when it came to starting a business.Hear why Miro loves the public nature of podcasting.Zack and Miro discuss whether it’s harder to lead yourself or others.Learn the top characteristic a leader can have.Tweetable Quotes:“Leadership is learned, I don’t think they’re born.” – Zack Knight“If I can’t lead myself… why in the world would any of my employees look up to me?” – Miro Wcislo“If there’s no trust, you’re not going to get too far.” Miro WcisloMiro Wcislo:Bossed2boss.comSponsor:Tactical Leadership is brought to you by Knight Protection Services. A veteran-owned and operated company, Knight Protection Services employs a diverse group of former law enforcement officers and military veterans of the highest integrity, with extensive experience in risk assessment and crime prevention. Find out more by visiting https://knightprotectionllc.com/. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


25 May 2020

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Miro Wcislo - Success of Selling Virtually

The D2D Podcast

Miro is a full-time business owner & founder of HodgePodge junk and goods removal in Chicagoland. He's also the host of Bossed to Boss podcast.Miro now helps others share the story of their journey to entrepreneurialism on his Bossed2Boss podcast.


28 Apr 2020

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008: Making a Cleaner World with Miro Wcislo

Screw The Side Hustle

In this episode, Kevin interviews the entrepreneur and Co-founder of HodgePodge, Miro Wcislo. Let’s listen to his story and dive into his journey from living in a stereotypical environment to making his own identity. Things you will learn in this episode: Miro's Origin story (1:31) How Miro Thinks Differently of His Life if He Was Born in America (4:50) Your Willingness To Learn Can be a Valuable Asset (8:15) The Stereotypes of children of Immigrants (11:01) Miro's Greatest decision ever (12:55) How important is a college degree? (15:16) Miro's journey leading to the start of HodgePodge (18:35) Miro Wcislo's View on Failure (25:31) Which is more important knowledge, action, relationships or luck and why? (29:46) Lightning Segment (31:50)  Tweetable Quotes:
 "Failure is inevitable. It's gonna keep coming, day in and day out. There's constantly gonna be decisions you're gonna make that aren't gonna be perfect." - Miro Wcislo "Failure is acceptable. It's okay to experience shame and uncomfortable moments." - Miro Wcislo Resources mentioned in the episode: Build Your Network by Travis Chappell Gary Vee Bossed To Boss Podcast by Miro Wcislo You can connect with Miro on their website at Bossed2boss.com to know more. He’d love to connect with you.  Share this podcast with your social media followers using this link or listen to any of the past episodes for free here! LEAVE A REVIEW + help someone who wants to explode their business growth by sharing this episode.  You will also love our other podcast episodes  009: Framework Friday: Investing in Yourself 010: Discovering Your Personal Brand with Mike Young


23 Dec 2019

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Episode 43: Triumphing Over Business and Disability with Miro Wcislo

Don‘t Wait Til Pigs Fly: A Business Podcast

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” —Martin Luther King Jr.Living life with depression and anxiety can be a horrible nightmare. There are many different levels of both. Some are easily pushed aside while others are totally debilitating. Added to that if you’re trying to run a successful business, it can feel like you are caught in a huge mud bog and you just can’t get your feet free. The harder you try, the more tired you get. You lose your energy, your joy, and you just want to give up and sink down into the pit. Today’s guest, Miro Wcislo tells us how he feels when he says “every single day is a battle every second is a battle.” Throughout this talk, he tells us about his supportive parents, his days before the disability started, and how he has struggled and succeeded in creating a very successful business even though he has had to deal with a continuing situation. Sit back, grab a cup of your favorite beverage, and listen in (btw – you’ll want to take notes today), while we chat with Miro. Connect with Miro: Bossed2boss.com Facebook.com/bossed2boss Instagram.com/miroweslow Facebook.com/miro708 GoHodgePodge.com Connect with Nancy: Need help to get your business moving? Set up a Curious Call with Nancy to discuss how to get started! Join us for discussion on today's topic in our LinkedIn group, Pigs Can Fly with Strategic Business Hacks Learn how Nancy can help you SOAR HIGHER in your business! http://www.businesssuccessunlimited.com Want to be featured on an upcoming podcast? Let’s talk! Want to be featured on an upcoming podcast? Let’s talk! 


19 Dec 2019

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Miro Wcislo "HodgePodge Moving, Storage & Junk Removal of Chicago"

Local Level

In this episode, Steve talks with Miro Wcislo owner of HodgePodge, a Chicago based company that specializes in sustainable junk removal and moving & storage service. HodgePodge is a "purpose-driven" company that makes recycles, donates and repurposes unwanted items removed for customers. Miro is a first-generation Polish immigrant that traveled to the United States at a young age with his parents to find the "American Dream". He studied to become a CPA and after graduating, getting his "Dream Job" and becoming absolutely miserable, He quit. Miro tells his story.

1hr 2mins

6 Oct 2019

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020: Miro Wcislo

More Than Corporate

Miro Wcislo is a leading businessman, CPA, and host of the top 20 entrepreneurship podcast, Bossed2Boss. He is also the co-founder of Hodge Podge – an environmental removal and moving company.On this episode:Miro talks about what it was like to immigrate to the US.Learn how to break away from parental expectations.Amber and Miro discuss how to move past your comfort zone.Discover how you can overcome failure and have the courage to seek the life you want.Miro Wcislo: bossed2boss.comhttps://www.facebook.com/Bossed2Boss/https://www.facebook.com/groups/Bossed2Boss/Connect with Amber and other incredible people looking to break out of the corporate mindset by joining the More Than Corporate Facebook group: http://bit.ly/2MuWn53 Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit acast.com/privacy for more information.

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30 Sep 2019

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Miro Wcislo – Bossed 2 Boss Host Shares Journey To Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

Business Innovators Radio

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks to Miro Wcislo, host of Bossed2Boss podcast and founder of HodgePodge junk and goods removal in Chicagoland. Miro shares his journey as an immigrant from Poland whose parents worked hard to put him through college to become a CPA. But, that wasn’t the life to make him happy. Listen in to hear Miro share his path to becoming an entrepreneur and how his family and friends thought he was making a big mistake giving up his accounting career. It is a path that so many aspiring entrepreneurs have to take and you’ll learn a lot from his story. Miro now helps others share the story of their journey to entrepreneurialism on his Bossed2Boss podcast. For more information about Miro Wcislo, visit:Bossed 2 Bossbossed2boss.com8321 W Maple Ave, Norridge, Il 60706Phone: 7083633263Email: miro@bossed2boss.comSocial Profiles: @bossed2boss on facebook, @miroweslow on IGThe Trust Factor Radiohttps://businessinnovatorsradio.com/the-trust-factor-radio/


12 Aug 2019

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Bossed 2 Boss With Miro Wcislo

Underdog Empowerment

Miro Wcislo is a full-time business owner and the host of the Bossed to Boss podcast having thoroughly documented what it takes to completely escape the 9 to 5.


28 Jan 2019