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How to Get Your Mindset Right with Success Coach Janice Hughes

Movement is Medicine

On this episode we have special guest, Janice Hughes, a success mindset coach who helps leaders and individuals level up in life. Janice joins the team to share her insights into using powerful questions to reframe problems and find solutions to our biggest challenges. You'll find her humor, wisdom, and positivity uplifting and inspiring. To follow more of her work, you can find her here: https://www.facebook.com/drjanicehughescoach https://www.facebook.com/2inspirewomen


11 Nov 2020

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S6E2: Interview with Dr. Janice Hughes

Legendary Chiropractor Podcast

What you'll learn about in this episode:▪️Opening up as a new doc during a pandemic▪️How to re-open if you’ve been forced to close🙏BIG thanks to all of our show sponsors! Claim your free goodies here: LegendaryChiro.com/sponsors🔥Join the #1 chiropractic community platform for free today: LegendaryChiro.com/go


23 Jul 2020

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SYP 001: Save Your Practice | Dr. Janice Hughes

Save Your Practice

Save Your Practice Interview with Dr. Janice Hughes. Dr. Janice Hughes is a leader, a teacher, an author and an executive and business coach. Startup experience and entrepreneurial fundraising using her unique voice and executive skills helped her increase the value of Curemark from 20 Million to a valuation of over 150 Billion. Join The Private Save Your Practice Facebook Group For Healthcare Professionals for tips and tricks to elevate your practice:: Join Here _________________________________ Free Downloads from this episode: You can download Dr. Janice Hughes Free Book here: Download Here


23 May 2020

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S2E15: Interview with Dr. Janice Hughes

Legendary Chiropractor Podcast

Join them and share with your corner of this amazing virtual world as they dive DEEP into:What makes success? The 3 stages of practice:▪️Startup▪️Moving from striving to thriving▪️10 year exit strategy🔥For more: https://linktr.ee/thelegendarychiropractor


2 Sep 2019

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Inspired Wealth with Dr. Janice Hughes

Meier Clinics Podcast

Join Dr. Lisa Day with one of her mentors, Dr. Janice Hughes. The discussion is about creating wealth from within by learning to use money intentionally with meaning, Dr. Janice Hughes is a leader, a teacher, an author and a executive and business coach to thousands of professionals world-wide. Her unique style of leadership has represented an extraordinarily valued asset to those whose lives she has touched. Janice’s blend of intuition, practicality and incredible focus has made her a role model for all professional women.Startup experience and entrepreneurial fundraising brings life lessons at every step of the Journey. Janice was able to bring her unique voice and executive coaching skills to help Curemark, a start-up biotechnology company, grow from inception to become a mature force in the area of autism and other neurological disorders where there is an unmet healthcare need. And along the way increase the value of the company from 20Million to a valuation of over 150Billion.Janice brings to her work a sense of urgency and intensity. Throughout her career she has worked in environments where convention meets unconvention, at the crossroads where health, science, and humanity all meet. This has allowed her to break through many barriers, both real and imagined. Her work underscores her life in that anything is possible, no is only a two-letter word and with good leadership and a great idea one can change the world.Janice has created the framework for her work, the Pillars of Success, from a blend of her own life experiences as well as coaching entrepreneurs and world leaders. Her insights are worth listening to!Janice is married to her husband David Boynton DC, with three children and lives with her family in Boulder, CO.www.drjanicehughes.com


25 Jun 2019

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Having a Money Mindset w/ Dr. Janice Hughes & Sister Jenna

America Meditating Radio Show w/ Sister Jenna

Dr. Janice Hughes is a leader, a teacher, an author and an executive and business coach to thousands of professionals worldwide. Her blend of intuition, practicality and incredible focus has especially made her a role model for professional women.Throughout her career, Dr. Hughes has worked in environments where convention meets unconvention, at the crossroads where health, science, and humanity all meet. This has allowed her to break through many barriers, both real and imagined. Her work underscores her life in that anything is possible, no is only a two-letter word and with good leadership and a great idea one can change the world.She is the co-author of Inspired Wealth – Financial Leadership for the 21st Century. Visit www.drjanicehughes.com & www.2inspirewomen.com. For a free copy of ebook, Inspired Wealth - https://www.thespineonline.com/inspired-wealth-free-download.Make a donation to America Meditating Radio today. CLICK HERE.  Visit www.AmericaMeditating.org.  Download our free Pause for Peace App for Apple or Android.

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22 May 2019

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28 Laws of Attractability With Dr. Janice Hughes

PowerPassionProsperity Podcast w/Dr. Jay

We are constantly having a dialogue with ourselves. Unfortunately most of our thoughts are negative and disempowering. As a result no matter how hard we try to make improvements in our lives we rarely see the results we desire. Why? Well, this week's episode we discuss the 28 Laws of Attractability and how once learned, you can finally create the life you have always wanted and deserved. If you're fed up with the struggle, learn how to empower all your dreams. 


11 Mar 2019

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Janice Hughes: How You Live One Day is How You Live Your Life [PODCAST]

Mile High Chiro Podcast

Janice Hughes: How You Live One Day is How You Live Your Life [PODCAST]“How you live one day is how you live your life”Janice HughesYou’re going to love this interview with Dr. Janice Hughes, D.C. about women in the chiropractic profession and mentoring women leaders. Dr. Janice is a leader and teacher in Austin, Texas, and coaches thousands of professionals worldwide.  She also enjoys life with her husband and three children in Boulder, Colorado.  You can get more information about Dr. Hughes, and access the success resources she makes available, at www.2inspirewomen.com/successListen to the podcast: Download as MP3 by Right clicking here and choosing “save as”And here’s some really good news for you:  She’ll be joining over 30 other awesome speakers at Mile High 2019 in Denver, August 15th to 18th.  She’s a world-class speaker, and you’ll totally enjoy and profit from her presentation.   If you haven’t registered yourself and your team for Mile High 7 yet, do it right now at Milehighchiroregistration.com. Looking forward to seeing you at Mile High 2019!Yours in the vision, Drs. Daniel & Richelle Knowles, D.C.


7 Feb 2019

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007- Janice Hughes “2InspireWomen”

#LoveTheWork Podcast w/ Sammy Clavell

Dr. Janice Hughes is by far one of the most accomplished and inspirational Chiropractors I know! This was one podcast episode I was extremely excited to work on as she is my mentor and coach. On this episode she will not just share some of what has made her successful throughout the years, but also share with us what she’s working on next : 2InspireWomen Click Below or go on iTunes and check us out! #LoveTheWork


9 Oct 2018

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E 66 Become Disciplined With Congruent Action Dr Janice Hughes Money Mindset

A Doctor's Perspective Podcast

Dr Janice Hughes DC talks to Dr Trosclair on A Doctors Perspective PodcastCoach vs Consulting, What to ask when ReBrand, how to pause before purchases, mindsets about money, consistent action steps for growing clinic and yourself, do office hours honor family time and slick way to hire staff; all topics covered today with Dr Janice Hughes Money MindsetDr Janice Hughes from Boulder CO has coached thousands of health professionals at her company with a big focus on having a Proper Money Mindset. Raising money at a start-up BioTech Company for several years (ended in 2016) she learned key principles that she has brought back to her passion of the chiropractic profession.facebook drjanicehughescoachhttps://www.drjanicehughes.com/ https://www.thespineonline.com/p/money-mindset-landing-pagejanice_hughes@comcast.netDr. Janice and her husband lived in Canada for 20+ years and had separate clinics. When they moved to Colorado, he was the one to start a clinic and Dr Hughes helped brand it. Dr Hughes talks about the unique setting to carve a niche in a new city with so much experience, including the essentials of an office rebrand: design, marketing, and branding.If you could start over in practice (and couldn’t fail), What exactly do you want it to look, feel, and smell like? What patient types would you want etc…?Who do I need to BE or BECOME to get that dream clinic? What do I love and build a clinic around that.What are the Main Differences between Consulting Vs Coaching?Distinction between a widget and a service business and how that relates to the Michael Gerber E-Myth system. Our Belief System about Success tends to hinge on our Belief system about Money.3 Phases of a Business: Start Up Mode (Mindset Stage), Cash Flow Challenges (thriving), doing incredibly well and What To Do With it.Is your practice sellable, is it all personality driven, what is the exit strategy from your biggest asset? Secrets shared so if you do sell the clinic to someone, it doesn’t just tank in a year but stays a pillar in the community for the next half century. Will it require a slight rebrand now?Become Disciplined (great story about a credit card and a doctor at a seminar). Find the top 3 ways you will implement new purchases: Congruency of Action (what is my next simplest action step?): Grow Yourself (maybe technique seminars to master patient care, learning success principles)Unrealistic Action Steps or Unrealistic Time Line – how do those distinctions affect goals?Why is it that 10 people in the same coaching program have such drastically different results?Is the money story playing in your head your own, your parents, your old coach… helpful, detrimental? What rules do you have about money and why do you have them? Do they even serve you well?How to take a break before purchasing something, to make sure it well really benefit you and that you can implement it correctly.Oh my- we know video is all the rage, but have you thought about making someone record a video to apply for a job? (and if you pair this with what Dr. Josh Wagner www.adoctorsperspective.net/32 recommends- have them watch a certain TED video and they comment or answer questions about it- wow what a step up on hiring right the first time.)It’s funny how much time many of us spend picking the right Next Car but we don’t put much thought into Hiring A Coach or Business Strategy’s. Is your coach being coached?Do your Office Hours Honor Your Family Commitments?Show notes can be found at www.adoctorsperspective.net/66 here you can also find links to things mentioned and the interview transcription.Full Transcript of the Interview (probably has some grammatical errors). Just Click to expandJustin Trosclair 0:02 Episode 66 become disciplined with congruent action. I’m the host, I could just central square and today we’re Dr. Janice Hughes perspective.Unknown 0:15 Join 2017 podcast Awards Nominated hostUnknown 0:18 Dr.

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10 Apr 2018