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Healing With Humour | Dr Bernie Siegel on Growing Heavenward with Shellee-Kim Gold


SHELLEE-KIM talks to award-winning, prolific author DR BERNIE S. SIEGEL about the importance of humour in his speciality practise with cancer and terminally-ill patients. He shares with us related anecdotes and includes the importance of humour in his own life.Presented by Shellee-Kim Gold: https://KindaSound.org/shellee-kim-goldTune into KindaSound Radio every Sunday: https://KindaSound.org


26 Aug 2021

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Mind Health Matters with Dr Bernie Siegel

Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network

Welcome Back Angela Passidomo Trafford International Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Workshop Leader and Author Angela Passidomo Trafford is a nationally, even internationally, known healer, spiritual teacher, workshop leader, and writer. The author of “The Heroic Path: One Woman’s Journey from Cancer to Self-Healing” and “Remembering the Language of God: The Forgotten Path”, Angela has been featured on several national television and radio programs and in various national magazines. One Woman’s Journey from Cancer to Self-Healing, How to Heal Yourself of Life-Threatening Illness, Find Your True Self, and make Life work Some years ago, Angela was afflicted with what she now calls “the gift of cancer”. Led in prayer to Dr. Bernie Siegel’s book “Love, Medicine & Miracles”, she incorporated into her meditation practice the visualization techniques offered there; and experienced a powerful healing. That inspiring story is recounted in Dr. Siegel’s subsequent book, “Peace, Love & Healing”. Angela Passidomo had four separate bouts with breast cancer. Facing her own mortality, she embraced principles of love, hope and healing, using meditation and visualization to get to the root of her illness. It was during one of these meditations that she felt a white light moving through her body, healing her. Through her own experience Angela has developed the gift of helping people transform their health and way of living, find their true selves, and make life work. This book is the story of how she healed her body and her life, and a guide to the philosophy and technique of her self-healing process to help you on your own path to healing and happiness. https://www.passidomo.love/ Angela Passidomo Trafford believes she cured herself of a life-threatening illness by getting to what she considers to be its emotional cause. Diagnosed with a six-centimeter malignant breast tumor at the age of thirty-five, Angela was told she needed a radical mastectomy as well as radiation and chemotherapy. After some soul-searching, she opted for a lumpectomy. A year and a half later, the cancer recurred in her other breast. At this point, she decided to heal herself. ‘I regarded that lump as a symbol of the sad life I had been living,’ recalls Angela. ‘I’d been in an abusive marriage. We’d lived in the isolated woods of Canada, where I had no support system. And all the pain, resentment, and sorrow of my life had collected in that area near my heart until, finally, the blocked-up energy of my emotions manifested itself as a tumor. Cutting out the tumor was cutting out my old life.’ Amazingly, Angela triumphed over her cancer. She credits not only the medical treatment she received but her journal writing, meditation, and visualization. ‘I would imagine a group of small birds eating golden crumbs,’ she recalls. ‘The birds represented my immune system, and the crumbs were the cancer cells. I would let the birds eat their fill, and then I would visualize a bright white light entering my head and traveling down through my body, cleansing me.” ​Learn more about Dr. Bernie here:  http://berniesiegelmd.com/


20 Aug 2021

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Mind Health Matters with Dr Bernie Siegel

Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network

Resilience Without Regrets: Acclaimed Physician on Finding Miracles and Facing Adversity with Dr. Harley Rotbart Many people reach the end of their lives wishing they could change the past. Turning back the clock is impossible, but Dr. Harley Rotbart’s new book, No Regrets Living, offers sage guidance to help us better appreciate what we have in our lives, and take greater pride in what we’ve done with our lives — without spending precious time and energy wishing things had turned out differently. In No Regrets Living, Dr. Rotbart describes the seven keys to a life of wonder and contentment: Belief, Discovery, Healing, Appreciation, Acceptance, Seeking and Growth, and how to cultivate each in your life. Woven into the timeless message of the book are especially timely observations on the COVID-19 pandemic from Dr. Rotbart’s expert perspective as an infectious diseases physician, including coping mechanisms and paths for going forward as individuals and as a society. Dr. Rotbart is a man of science who also believes in, and “collects,” miracles. No Regrets Living is the much-awaited follow-up to his previous book, Miracles We Have Seen – America’s Leading Physicians Share Stories They Can’t Forget. In this new work, Dr. Rotbart reconciles science and faith from his unique perspective as physician, scientist, heart surgery patient and child of a Holocaust survivor. “I have a simple definition of a miracle,” Dr. Rotbart says. “Miracles are objects and events in nature and in our lives that cannot be fully explained or re-created. Yes, like the unimaginable true stories written by physicians in the Miracles We Have Seen book, but I believe the inside of the living human beings I have seen in the operating room and the tiniest of human cells I have seen under a microscope in my laboratory are equally miraculous and unexplainable. And you needn’t go to medical school or use a microscope to appreciate the ubiquity of miracles. They are all around us — we only need to open our eyes and hearts to recognize them.” A nationally renowned infectious disease specialist, Dr. Rotbart is also a pediatrician, parenting expert, speaker and educator. He is Professor and Vice Chair Emeritus of Pediatrics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and author of more than 175 medical and scientific publications, and five previous books for general audiences: Miracles We Have Seen; 940 Saturdays; No Regrets Parenting; Germ Proof Your Kids; and The On Deck Circle of Life. To learn more, please visit www.harleyrotbart.com, or connect with the author on Facebook (HarleyRotbartMd) or Twitter (@HarleyRotbart).  ​Learn more about Dr. Bernie here:  http://berniesiegelmd.com/


23 Jul 2021

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Ep. 197: “Policy, Regenerative Medicine, and Human Cloning” Featuring Bernie Siegel

The Stem Cell Podcast

Bernie Siegel is an attorney and policy expert relating to stem cell research, regenerative medicine, and human cloning. He is the Executive Director of the Regenerative Medicine Foundation and the Founder of the World Stem Cell Summit.

1hr 12mins

13 Jul 2021

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Mind Health Matters with Dr Bernie Siegel

Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network

Israela Meyerstein MSW, author of Bridge to Healing: Finding Strength to Cope with Illness and Miracle Nation: Seventy Stories about the Spirit of Israel Israela Meyerstein, LCSW-C, has been helping families, couples, and individuals for forty years, treating a variety of problems and situations, including parenting and family relationships, couples issues, coping with separation, divorce, and remarriage, medical illness, fetal loss, spirituality, and healthy personal coping. In private practice since 1978, she was recognized in 2001 as a leading mental health professional by Baltimore Magazine. Israela completed her MSW degree in 1973 from Columbia University School of Social Work, followed by a Third Year Fellowship in Social Work at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas, where she was later appointed Faculty Associate in the Division of Community and Social Psychiatry of the Medical School. As an Approved Supervisor in the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, Ms. Meyerstein directed a Family Therapy Training Program at Sheppard Pratt Hospital from 1986-1998. She has trained hundreds of professionals of varied disciplines, and has taught Family Therapy in college and graduate level programs. Israela co-founded the Baltimore Jewish Healing Network. Together with Rabbi Gila Ruskin, she co-led Spiritual Study/Discussion Groups for those struggling with medical illness. Ms. Meyerstein has authored thirty published articles on couples and family therapy, spirituality, medical illness, remarriage, and therapist training. "Bridge to Healing: Finding Strength to Cope with Illness" is also available in Hebrew translation: Gesher Lemarpeh: Metziat Koach Lehitmoded im Machalah https://www.miracle-nation.com/ ​Learn more about Dr. Bernie here:  http://berniesiegelmd.com/


18 Jun 2021

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The Matter of the Heart - No Endings, Only Beginnings - Dr. Bernie Siegel

The Matter of the Heart

Is your life a circle in "time"? When can we loose track of time? Our guest Dr. Bernie Siegel believes that the body no longer exists and that time is irrelevant when we are connect to our passion of life. Why do creative people sometimes live longer? Does our consciousness ever end? What does the order of the colors of a rainbow signify? Are we to follow its mystical meaning? Have you ever heard the expression, "pennies are from heaven"?Listen to Dr. Bernie Siegel, retired surgeon and author of the worldwide best selling book, Love, Medicine & Miracles and so many more books all on his website, www.berniesiegelmd.com. Bernie will discuss one of his most recent books, No Endings, Only Beginnings. Bernie shares healing stories that we can all learn from. Why did John the gardener live longer than expected? Why did he believe that walking through nature was so beneficial to our immune system? What does the symbol of a plant growing through a crack in concrete mean?There is such health wisdom in this podcast that will inspire your mind, heart and body with Dr.Bernie Siegel on The Matter of the Heart podcast.


26 May 2021

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207. The Prescription for a Healthy Soul with Dr. Bernie Siegel

The Daily Helping

Today our expert guest is Dr. Bernie Siegel, a sought-after speaker, media presence, and author of many best-selling books, including “Love, Medicine & Miracles” and “365 Prescriptions for the Soul,” which have sold millions of copies, worldwide. He’s been named one of the top 20 spiritually influential living people on the planet as he’s impacted countless lives all over the world with his wisdom, and now he’s here to share with all of us. When Bernie went to a conference he believed was for doctors to help cancer patients, he realized he was the only doctor in the room — everyone else was a patient. One of his patients sat with him, and when he asked why she came, she said “I feel better when I’m in the office with you, but I can’t take you home with me. I need to know how to live between office visits.” When you help people to exist, they can surpass their life expectancy, even if it came as part of a diagnosis.  His work has transcended helping cancer patients, now helping people in all areas of life. His first book, “Love, Medicine & Miracles,” recognized what led people to overcome the predictions of their doctors. There is a personality that improves your lifespan. Your internal chemistry is altered by your thoughts and feelings, so changing your attitude can realistically change your outcome. He became the coach that teaches people how to be a survivor. In his book “365 Prescriptions for the Soul,” Bernie wanted to help people live life. He offered bite-sized inspirations, combining his unique blend of heart, humor, and wisdom. This is the prescription for busy people who want to create a sense of well-being on the go. The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway “No matter what you’ve heard from parents, school teachers or other authorities, you are divine. You are a child of God. You are divine.Know that and respect that about yourself so that you can find self-love, respect, and love yourself. Make time for yourself to send love to your body and fill your heart with love and pump it out to your body.” -- Thank you for joining us on The Daily Helping with Dr. Shuster. Subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or Google Podcasts to download more food for the brain, knowledge from the experts, and tools to win at life. Resources: berniesiegelmd.com Read: “Love, Medicine & Miracles” Read: “365 Prescriptions for the Soul” The Daily Helping is produced by Crate Media


17 May 2021

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The Matter of the Heart - The Labor of Pain and This Too Shall Pass - Dr. Bernie Siegel

The Matter of the Heart

Visit The Matter of the Heart website.https:www.thematteroftheheart.com


14 Feb 2021

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January Jones - Pandemic Cheer Up with Magic Mudpies! Bernie Siegel

January Jones sharing Success Stories

January Jones welcomesBernie SiegelAuthor ofLove, Magic and Mudpiesdiscussing KIDS and how to deal with them!


23 Jan 2021

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Dr. Bernie Siegel | Difficult Times Meditation

Hay House Meditations

Life sure can throw you for a loop, but it's the greatest journey you'll ever experience. Today, Bernie Siegel guides you on an affirming meditation that will put your difficulties into perspective, and navigate you back onto the path of gratitude, hope, and compassion. Listen to Dr. Siegel's meditations, audiobooks and radio episodes FREE for 14 days in the Hay House Unlimited Audio App. Try Now! Apple: hayhouse.com/iOS or Android: http://hayhouse.com/android


29 Nov 2020