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S4:E17 Simon Ward, The Triathlon Coach

The Rock Fit Files

Rock talks with Simon Ward of TheTriathlonCoach.com. Be sure to listen and subscribe. Tell others while you're at it.   TIME STAMPS  1:00 Becoming a triathlete  5:30 Living through the pain  8:00 The Inferno triathlon   13:45 How you train the insane  22:00 Coaching tools  28:00 Managing time to train  32:00 Create a whole package triathlete  36:00 Who makes the best triathlete: swimmer, runner, or cyclist?  40:00 Dr. Phil Maffetone’s approach to training  45:30 Joining the tribe  48:00 Hiring Coach Simon Ward   GET TO KNOW SIMON WARD  MEET: https://www.thetriathloncoach.com/coaches#modal2 INSTA: https://www.instagram.com/thetriathloncoach/ LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/simonhughward/ PODCAST: https://simonward.podbean.com/ GET TO KNOW ROCKY SNYDER  MEET: Visit the Rocky's online headquarters: RockySnyder.com READ: Grab a copy of his new "Return to Center" book: rockysnyder.com INSTA: Instagram fan, check him out at https://www.instagram.com/rocky_snyder/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/rocky.snyder.77 LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rocky-snyder-cscs-cafs-nsca-cpt-a77a091/ TRAIN WITH ROCKY WORKOUT: Want to meet Rocky and get a private workout: https://rockysfitnesscenter.com/ INSTA: https://www.instagram.com/rockysfitnesssc/ FACEBOOK: Facebook.com/RockysFitnessCenter


26 May 2022

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15th May 2022// Simon Ward

Arana Hills Church of Christ

Find us on Facebook “Arana Hills Church of Christ” and Instagram @aranahillscoc  All resources and contact information can be found on our website: www.aranahills.church  New to Arana? We'd love to connect with you, please visit www.aranahills.church/new-to-arana   If you have any questions about Jesus, faith or life, or have made the decision to accept Jesus into your heart, we’d love to connect with you! Please call us on 07 3851 2022 or email us at communications@aranahills.church


15 May 2022

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Simon Ward, Medicines Discovery Institute @ Cardiff University

Careers in Discovery

"I would definitely encourage people to move from academia to industry, and vice versa. There are so many opportunities that involve interfacing between the two....they are different environments, clearly, each with pros and cons, but the perceived risk of not being able to go back just isn't there anymore." Simon Ward has taken a varied route through his career in drug discovery and translational research, holding roles in academia, start-up Biotech and big Pharma. Now Director of the Medicines Discovery Institute at Cardiff University, Simon joined us to talk about the research landscape in Wales, transitioning to leadership as a scientist, why you should prioritise managing your own career, and much more. Enjoy!


11 May 2022

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Interruptions (a message by Simon Ward from Compassion)

The Lakes Church Cairns

Simon Ward from Compassion was our guest speaker today. He brought an update from our partner projects and sponsor children in the Philippines and also shared a message called ‘Interruptions’. You can join us in-person next Sunday and connect with us anytime at www.thelakes.church The post Interruptions (a message by Simon Ward from Compassion) appeared first on The Lakes Church Cairns.


1 May 2022

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Steadfast Hope: Reading the Room | Simon Ward

HumeRidge Church of Christ

How aware are we of what is going on around us? When we enter a situation we talk of it as needing to 'read the room' meaning; being observant, seeing body language, picking up on nuances and 'atmosphere' which is often hard to define. Some people are good at this, others not so! In this sermon we will explore this topic in the light of the resurrection narrative in Luke 24. 'Reading the Room' becomes 'Reading the Tomb', which becomes 'Reading the Road' which becomes 'Reading the.......' Listen on to discover this all important third one! If you enjoyed this sermon please consider subscribing. CONNECT WITH US Instagram: www.instagram.com/humeridgechurch Facebook: www.facebook.com/humeridgechurch YouTube: www.youtube.com/humeridgechurch If you would like prayer, want to share a good report/praise point, or give to the ministries at HR head to: humeridge.church/sunday If you have made a decision to follow Jesus, we would love to follow up with you. Please let us know by texting 0417 201 215. For more information about HumeRidge Church visit: www.humeridge.church


23 Apr 2022

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62. High Performance Humans with Simon Ward

The Defining Endurance Podcast from Lifelong Endurance

Can anyone master high performance? Renown triathlon coach, Simon Ward, sits down with Andrew Simmons to discuss what it takes to coach, or preform, to the best of your ability. Learn more about Simon. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/definingendurance/message


9 Mar 2022

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Mindful Shakespeare with Simon Ward

Let Him Roar Again

How can we safely explore the difficult subject matter of Shakespeare's plays in an era where trigger warnings on new work are commonplace? How can we manage the nerves that sometimes come with performing Shakespeare? How can Shakespeare be used for mindfulness? Simon Ward joins Amy Perry for Part Two of their conversation.


13 Feb 2022

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The Voice and Shakespeare with Simon Ward

Let Him Roar Again

What does Shakespeare demand of actors vocally? What's the difference between the ways in which actors are trained in Shakespeare in Australia and overseas? How do you ensure your voice carries in the theatre? Where does the Australian accent fit into all of this? In this episode, Amy Perry unpacks answers to these questions and more with actor, director, voice teacher and psychologist, Simon Ward. See www.lethimroaragain.com for more Shakespeare resources.


30 Jan 2022

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Actor, Psychologist and Educator, Simon Ward

Anxiety and the Artist

In this episode I have a heartwarming conversation with actor, psychologist and educator Simon Ward about where the arts and mental health intersect, and what steps educators and arts leaders can take to create a healthier learning environment and rehearsal space. Simon’s joy and passion are infectious. Prepare to be inspired and motivated.


20 Oct 2021

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Coping in a Crisis with Simon Ward

The Pursuit of Wellbeing

Simon Ward is a Senior Educational Psychologist in the Wirral in the North of  England, where his specialism is positive psychology and wellbeing.  In this practical and fascinating episode, Simon shares key insights into:  What "Positive Psychology" is; How can we use Positive Psychology to create frameworks for wellbeing in school; He shares the PERMA framework developed by Martin Seligman:Positive emotions - are the driving force behind wellbeing e.g. curiosity, contentment, happiness, joy. Engagement - feeling good, doing well, engagement with the world. Relationships - prioritising human relationships. Meaning and Purpose within a social context.  Accomplishment - the biological imperative to grow and develop in all areas of life. Ways to use PERMA personally or for a whole school setting; Coping in a crisis, in reaction to the current situation; The importance of negative emotions and the danger of 'Toxic Positivity' (and what to do about it); The 3 things that make stress and anxiety worse (and how most educators are experiencing all 3) and simple tips to deal with them; The HOPE framework and rituals that support Healthy Outcomes from Positive Experiences. Simon outlines the experiences that all children need in order to nourish their wellbeing:Nourishing, supportive, nurturing relationships. Schools are already fantastic at this, so focus on creating opportunities for them to be further developed.  Having safe, stable environments in which to learn, play and develop.  Opportunities for making meaning. Community rituals create a sense of value that 'we’re going somewhere and you’re part of it'.  Social and emotional - an issue of skills development. A social approach to mental health rather than a medical one; And much more. Positive psychology is the scientific study of the characteristics and processes that contribute to flourishing in individuals, organisations and communities. It is an applied approach that is focused on achieving high performance and enhancing well-being through harnessing strengths, doing more of what works and building on success. It is the study of people at their best. You can connect with Simon Via email: simon_p_ward@hotmail.com Learn more about the work of Martin Seligman and Positive Psychology at the website www.positivepsychology.com You can connect with Maria On Twitter @Mariabrosnan On LinkedIn Maria Brosnan Find out more about our 5-step Wellbeing Action Plan for teachers online course. And Maria's new book, The Pursuit of Sleep for teachers, is available now.


26 Feb 2021