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Developing patience within your creative process and lessons learned from writing a novel with Haley Jakobson

Wildly Aligned

WHATS IN TODAYS EPISODE:Join Natalie Brite and Haley Jakobson in a discussion where they explore the experiences and lessons Haley has been receiving as she navigates writing her first novel. Haley Jakobson is a writer living in Brooklyn, New York. In her work Haley explores mental health and wellness, queerness, sex and trauma, and bodies. Haley is the co-founder and Artistic Director of Brunch Theatre Company, an inclusive platform for emerging theatre artists. She self-published her first book of poetry, Write Like Prayers, in 2017 (all existing copies sold). Currently, Haley is working on her first novel.//WHAT WE TALK ABOUT:—Haley's experiences with writing her novel, including what has been helping her to access her creativity and cultivate patience with her creative process—What it's like to shift out of Instagram caption writing that provides external validation and into book writing that requires learning how to validate yourself—How to use envisioning practices and daily routines as a means for activating the motivation to show up to the things you want to cultivate today and birth in the future//MOST LOVED QUOTES FROM EPISODE:"Writing a book is purposefully isolating, very complex, and it takes a long time... and I am not that patient. But I want to be and it's worth learning that skill.""I don't want to pressure a single person to change their life in the midst of a pandemic, I don't expect that at all. But for me I needed some marker of time. I am proud of myself that I will be able to look back and say 'So what did you do when you were stuck at home for a year?' I wrote a book."//LINKS TO THINGS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:Find Haley on Instagram: www.instagram.com/haleyjakobson//HOW TO SUPPORT THE WILDLY ALIGNED PODCAST:-Drop us a review and help support the podcast in getting its medicine out to more people!-Follow us on Instagram at www.instagram.com/wildlyalignedpodcast and join our email list at www.nataliebrite.com to stay in touch + continue this conversation!-Share the podcast with your friends!//To learn more about Natalie and her Align+Flow Membership, visit https://www.nataliebrite.com/align-flow-membership//ABOUT NATALIE BRITE:Natalie Brite is a teacher, writer, speaker and consultant for Conscious Business + Ethical Entrepreneurship located in Portland, Oregon - serving the world on a global level.  Natalie’s Conscious Business Method supports forward thinking entrepreneurs + creative visionaries in starting, growing and sustaining an online business rooted in collectivism, reciprocity, and a triple bottom line impact. Natalie’s work is dedicated to empowering the new era of leaders to collectively bring forward a new standard for how we conduct business; a standard driven by authentic integrity and for the vision of creating a sustainable + thriving future for ourselves, society and the planet. Learn more here: www.nataliebrite.comSupport the show (https://www.nataliebrite.com)


10 Mar 2021

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Episode 70: Outrageously Confident with Haley Jakobson

The Authentic Audience Podcast

Krista chats with Hayley Jakobson, a theatre director, poet, and writer whose work focuses on mental health, queerness, sex, and trauma. Hayley’s confidence, her desire to speak her truth, and her determination to manifest the life she knows she deserves are inspiring. As a writer in the digital era, she loves to share her work with her followers on Instagram where she is refreshingly upfront about her sexuality and her struggles with her mental health. However, she is also clear about the importance of setting virtual boundaries to protect herself from intrusive and potentially triggering comments. Surprisingly, Hayley reveals that, although she’s completely comfortable sharing intimate details about herself online, letting her guard down and allowing herself to be silly in real-life situations can make her feel very vulnerable. To learn more about Hayley and her work, follow @haleyjakobson on Instagram. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


7 Jan 2021

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No. 1 Haley Jakobson - Writing Her First Novel, Critique VS Feedback & Setting Boundaries

Made By Many with Kara Roselle

Bisexual dream girl, writer, and the one behind your favorite Instagram "Survival Guides". Listen as Haley Jakobson and I chat about her upbringing, the process of writing her first novel, the nurturing effect of providing well rounded feedback, and setting boundaries as a digital author and beyond. Follow her on Instagram @haleyjakobson.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


4 Jan 2021

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LPP #134 Sexual Assault Survivor, She/Her, Healing From Trauma, & Sex Ed. with Haley Jakobson

Liveng Proof Podcast

Haley Jakobson is a writer of plays, poetry, and creative non-fiction. When she isn’t scribbling on the subway, Haley acts as the Artistic Director and co-founder of Brunch Theatre Company, an inclusive platform for emerging theatre artists to join the conversation. Brunch Theatre’s newest show, Donuts and Holes, is all about revolutionizing sex education as we know it. In her writing Haley explores mental health and wellness, sex and trauma, queerness, and bodies. A poet in the millennial era, Haley reaches an audience of 13k readers on her instagram, @haleyjakobson. She self-published her first book of poetry, Write Like Prayers, in 2017. Haley lives in Brooklyn and is a gemini. Enter to win these SIX lightroom mobile presetsTO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY:+ Leave an itunes review+ Take a screenshot & email it to engrid@livengproof.com+ That’s it! I will select a winner from the next 10 written itunes reviews I receive 🙂  SUPPORT THE SHOW ON PATREON IN THIS EPISODE:  Her experience as a survivor of sexual assault Reminders for survivors → Sharing your truth has NOT always felt good → REVERTIGO When we have trauma the fear that can come from opening pandora’s box — I will feel a lot of things I don’t want to feet What if it never goes away or gets better? “Though words hold feelings, they don’t feel feelings – bodies do that” “People aren’t going to like us and that fact should never ever, ever be more important than trusting ourselves…I’d rather trust myself than like myself” Her healing process  Yoga and how it helped her her feel safe in your body again Keeping it casual — in this culture int can feel impossible to be intentional with our romantic partners Sex seems so easy and effortless on TV and in movies — the inadaquacy we can feel when that isn’t our experience Her story of coming out  & misogyny withdrawl  How her partner supports her CONNECT WITH HALEY:IG: @haleyjakobsonwebsite: haleyjakobson.com CONNECT WITH ENGRID:Email: engrid@livengproof.comInstagram: @livengproofLiveng Proof Podcast Website The post LPP #134 Sexual Assault Survivor, She/Her, Healing From Trauma, & Sex Ed. with Haley Jakobson appeared first on Liveng Proof.

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12 Mar 2020

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4. Where's Haley's Mind? - Haley Jakobson on Depression, Stigma in the Mindfulness Community, Trauma, Being Creative on Meds, and Starting Conversations With Art

Where's My Mind

We're back with another guest episode! Writer, artistic director, yoga teacher, and photographer Haley Jakobson joins us to discuss depression, mood disorders, stigma in the mindfulness community and why it almost prevented her from getting help, forced unpacking of trauma in acting school, why medication is the best thing that happened to her creativity, writing to heal, the importance of art to the conversation about mental health, why she doesn't date people also dealing with mental illness, and... outsourcing your nudes? Also, Rena and Kim talk about repressing emotions to function, breakups, NOT embracing the present moment, "depression face," journaling, and if mindset is really everything.  Follow Haley: @haleyjakobson @haleyjakobsonphoto @brunchtheatre Follow Us:  www.wheresmymindpod.com  Where's My Mind Facebook IG: @wheresmymindpod Twitter: @wheresmymindpod Follow Rena and Kim:  Rena: @rbarch www.renabarch.com Kim: @kimberlyrolfs www.kimberlyrolfs.com--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/wheresmymindpod/message

1hr 17mins

18 Jun 2019

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Haley Jakobson on Poetry

On Poetry

Writer Haley Jakobson first found an audience for her work through by posting poetry in her Instagram captions. Cut to a few years later, and she is self-publishing with her first book, Write Like Prayers, in March 2018 with illustrator Samantha Giuliano. You can find Haley on Instagram at @haleyjakobson


27 Feb 2018