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Unlearning Fatphobia w/ Victoria Welsby

The PFWC Podcast

Welcome to episode #18 of The PFWC Podcast. This weeks episode was so much fun! I sat down with the fabulous Victoria Welsby to chat about boundaries, unlearning fatphobia, and so much more.  Victoria is a TedX speaker, author, podcast host, and fat positive activist + educator. They are also one of the funniest people I have ever met and we had so much fun chatting.  I highly recommend checking out Victoria's programs and start your journey to unlearning fatphobia. You can check out all the details for their programs here!  Enjoy this weeks episode and make sure to share your thoughts via a rating + review!


28 Aug 2021

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A Juicy Convo About Fat Activism [feat. Victoria Welsby]

The SociEATy Podcast

Victoria Welsby is, in a word, a superstar! They are a world-leading expert on body image and confidence and a speaker and author, and they have an incredibly amazing and inspirational story to share, having gone from being homeless with low self-esteem and being in abusive and difficult relationships to being who they are today – a courageous and confident fat activist! They join me in this episode of The SociEATy Podcast to discuss being a fat activist and what that means, touching upon various topics such as neutralizing the word fat, advice on how to work toward accepting our own bodies, the misconceptions surrounding links between weight and health, and so much more! Victoria also explains their Body Love Road Map, which you can download for free here! As per usual, Victoria closes by providing a couple of actionable tips that you can put into action today in order to work toward body acceptance! They encourage us to ask ourselves why gaining weight is such a fear and to then take appropriate action. Educating ourselves is important but is not enough. We also need to take action or else education alone isn't going to work. I am so grateful to Victoria for having been on the podcast to share their remarkable and inspirational story and for giving such fantastic advice! They are so great at breaking things down into practical steps, and I know that their insight will be helpful to you! Be sure to check out their website and their podcast as well! Remember that I absolutely love hearing from you, so screenshot this episode and let me know that you have heard it! Feel free to also share the podcast with anyone who might benefit from it, and I would love it if you would share with me what you took away from this episode and what was especially helpful! Be sure to subscribe to The SociEATy Podcast so that you never miss an episode! Time Stamps [1:36] – Colleen announces that this episode's guest is Victoria Welsby. [3:28] – Victoria gives us some background information, diving into their history with body image, low self-esteem, and an abusive relationship. [8:16] – Victoria explains how the fat positive community views the word fat. [10:46] – We get advice on how to educate people about neutralizing the word fat. [12:48] – Victoria discusses and explains their Body Love Road Map. [19:06] – Victoria provides insight on why people make mistakes such as trying to dive into body positivity too quickly. [20:11] – We are given advice on what to do if we see other people as beautiful but have trouble accepting our own bodies. [24:28] – Victoria discusses the misconceptions around the relationship between weight and health. [30:30] – Colleen offers her own insight about diet and exercising not having much to do with whether or not we're healthy. [34:13] – Victoria asserts that overexercising can actually be detrimental to our health. [35:22] – Victoria offers insight about how to be a fat ally. [39:30] – We receive some actionable tips on how to move toward body acceptance. [42:43] – Victoria details where we can find them online. Links and Resources Colleen Christensen Nutrition – Website The SociEATy - Become a Member The SociEATy's Instagram Page Colleen's Instagram Page Victoria’s Website Victoria’s Instagram Page Fierce Fatty Podcast Fiercy Fatty Podcast 084: “How to Be a Fat Ally” The Fierce Fatty Body Love Road Map


17 Aug 2021

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#113 Body Confidence, Diet Recovery & Fat Positivity with Victoria Welsby @FierceFatty

Love Your Bod Pod

In this episode, we interview the incredible Victoria Welsby, also known as Fierce Fatty. She is a body confidence expert and fat positive powerhouse. If you are struggling to feel good about yourself because of your body, this episode is a MUST LISTEN! It's so good.  Topics we cover: - Body shame, food scarcity, and dieting as a kid - Dating  - The promise and lies of diets - How to heal your body image and feel confident in your skin  - Reclaiming the word "Fat" - Fat Positivity - How to be a Thin Ally to Fat Acceptance  And so much more!  Find Victoria Instagram Find Cara: Instagram Food Body Soul - The Membership


26 May 2021

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46. How to Ditch Fat Shame with the Fierce Fatty Herself: Victoria Welsby

The Babesment

Content warning: Abuse and eating disorders.Stef + Jules are high-key freaking OUT about today’s guest, Victoria Welsby. She is killing it on Instagram as @fierce.fatty, helping people ditch fat shaming and learn to love their bodies. She is also the creator of the book and podcast of the same name, and she’s an amazing TEDx speaker and activist! Her story is phenomenal, and her understanding of fat positivity and activism and overcoming the issues we have in the relationship with our bodies is inspiring. Come hang out and learn more about us at thebabesment.com!Resources:fiercefatty.comInstagram: @fierce.fattyListen: Fierce Fatty PodcastRead: "Fierce Fatty"Connect with Stef StrebWebsite | stefstrebphoto.comInstagram | @stefstrebLinktree | linktr.ee/stefstrebConnect with Julie OhlemacherWebsite | julieohlemacher.comInstagram | @julie.ohlemacherLinktree | linktr.ee/julie.ohlemacherThe Babesment is a production of Crate Media

1hr 21mins

11 Jan 2021

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#178: Being Authentically You - with Victoria Welsby

Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen

I’m interviewing Victoria Welsby – author, speaker, and body confidence expert - about reclaiming the word Fat, and how being your authentic self and doing what brings you joy can have a bigger purpose. Show notes: summerinnanen.com/178 In this episode, we chat about: - Victoria’s lightbulb moment of realizing it’s okay to be fat and how that influenced her path as a coach and activist, - Reclaiming the word Fat and owning it with confidence, - How much your environment can influence your beliefs, - The importance of having other fat positive people in your life, including your social media feed, - Embracing the idea of being authentically you, even if it offends people, - How Victoria manages criticism and online trolls, Plus, so much more! Get the shownotes:  summerinnanen.com/178


24 Nov 2020

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S4, Ep.3: Moving Through Fatphobia in Our Diet-Obsessed Culture with Victoria Welsby

The Body Image Podcast

Victoria Welsby, TEDx speaker, best selling author, and anti-diet, pro-fatty body acceptance coach, joins The Body Image Podcast to talk about moving through fatphobia in our diet-obsessed culture.  More specifically, Victoria explores: What is fatphobia? Fatphobia and culture Fatphobic thoughts What is internalized fatphobia? How to move through fatphobia How fatphobia affects our culture Victoria’s personal body story Fatphobia in straight-sized V fat bodies Healing as fat person in our thin-obsessed culture Dealing with hard body comments And so much more Learn more about Victoria here. Learn more about the show host, Corinne, here.


3 Nov 2020

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217: Healing From Abuse and Accepting Your Body with Victoria Welsby

Real Health Radio

The post 217: Healing From Abuse and Accepting Your Body with Victoria Welsby appeared first on Seven Health: Intuitive Eating and Anti Diet Nutritionist.

1hr 46mins

22 Oct 2020

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194: Fat Phobia and Food Insecurity with Fierce Fatty Victoria Welsby (+Enrollment to PSP is open!)

Nourishing Women Podcast

Are you scared of being or becoming fat? The truth is that most of us are, and it keeps us stuck in the dieting cycle, and lacking trust in our bodies.  On the podcast today, I have guest and fierce fatty, Victoria Welsby, to help you understand what exactly is fat phobia and how fearing becoming fat and shaming fat people isn’t helping any of us live happier and healthier lives. Victoria Welsby is a world leading body confidence expert. She’s an anti-diet, pro-fatty body acceptance coach, TEDx speaker and the bestselling author and badass babe behind Fierce Fatty. Victoria helps fat people feel confident in their body so that they can wear what they desire AND the live the life they deserve. In this episode you’ll learn: Who is this fierce fatty, Victoria Welsby, and the work she does Victoria’s story to overcoming homelessness at 17, abuse and deeply internalized fat phobia Understanding fat phobia, what it is and how it shows up in ourselves, how we view others and our system How can not working through your own fat phobia can sabotage your intuitive eating journey How diet culture and food insecurity impact one another Victoria’s experience dancing in public in a bikini How can we each feel empowered to feel comfortable and at home in our bodies How Victoria practices wellness without obsession Learn more from Victoria: Victoria’s website Victoria’s Instagram Victoria’s TEDx talk 3 Easy Steps to Supercharge Your Body Confidence Use the code NOURISH for 10% off your Primally Pure order for the entire month of August. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THE FREE WORKSHOP: WHY DIETS DON’T WORK...only one workshop left! CLICK HERE TO ENROLL IN PERMISSION STAGE PLAYBOOK! (enrollment open for 7 days only) Resources for you: Learn more about our services at Nourishing Minds Nutrition. Read testimonials from our amazing clients here. We are currently booking for August with limited spots left! Join our FREE support group for like-minded women, the Nourishing Women Community. Live Q&As are hosted every week. Let’s hang out! Connect with Victoria and the staff at NMN: Victoria’s Instagram Victoria’s Website Nourishing Minds Nutrition Instagram Nourishing Minds Nutrition website


14 Aug 2020

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#249: Healthism, Fatphobia, and Redefining Well-Being with Confidence Coach Victoria Welsby, and How the Anti-Diet and Intuitive Eating Frameworks Address Health with Fat-Positive Dietitian Vincci Tsui

Food Psych Podcast with Christy Harrison

SEASON 7 FINALE! Fat activist, author, speaker, and podcaster Victoria Welsby returns to the podcast to discuss the intersection of fatphobia and healthism, why all weight-loss advice is a form of weight stigma, the moralization of different health conditions, the role of thin allies in fat activism, and so much more. Plus, in our new “Ask Food Psych” segment, co-host Vincci Tsui answers a listener question on how the anti-diet and intuitive eating frameworks address health. Victoria Welsby is a world-leading expert on body image and confidence, TEDx speaker and best-selling author. She went from being homeless, abused with self-esteem that was achingly low into the courageous fat activist and change maker she is today. Victoria helps people fall in love with themselves and is dedicated to shifting the way society views fat bodies. Find her online at FierceFatty.com. Vincci Tsui (she/her) is a former bariatric dietitian turned certified intuitive eating counselor and Health At Every Size® advocate. She is the author of The Mindful Eating Workbook: Simple Practices for Nurturing a Positive Relationship with Food, and is the Community and Content Associate for Food Psych Programs. Vincci is passionate about helping people find freedom in their relationship with food and with their body, so that they can confidently step away from diet culture and live life on their own terms. She believes that health and happiness have little—if anything—to do with weight. Ultimately, Vincci is on a mission to make dignity, respect, happiness, and health accessible to all bodies. Find her online at VincciTsui.com. For full show notes and a transcript of this episode, go to christyharrison.com/foodpsych. Ask your own question about intuitive eating, Health at Every Size, or eating disorder recovery at christyharrison.com/questions. Christy's book, Anti-Diet, is available wherever you get your books. Order online at christyharrison.com/book, or at local bookstores across North America, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Grab Christy's free guide, 7 simple strategies for finding peace and freedom with food, for some ideas of how to get started on the anti-diet path. If you're ready to break free from diet culture once and for all, come check out Christy's Intuitive Eating Fundamentals online course.

1hr 12mins

27 Jul 2020

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Ep. 68 Body Acceptance and Fat Phobia with Body Confidence Expert Victoria Welsby

We're Not Weighting's podcast

For this episode, we have another international guest, Victoria Welsby!  Victoria is an anti-diet, pro-fatty body acceptance coach, TEDx speaker, best selling author, and the badass babe behind fierce fatty.  During this episode, we discuss topics like why is the word fat ok? How we can learn to be more at peace with our body the way it is right now, and rejecting negative influences that we encounter regularly.  Victoria is currently running a free workshop...Free Training: The 4 Simple Steps to Feel Confident in Your Body and Around Food ... Even If You Believe It's Not Possible! https://event.webinarjam.com/channel/FFAORG You can find out more about Victoria’s work here on her website.  Want to know more about our We're Not Weighting Group Coaching? Click here to get on our “weighting” list. Follow us on Instagram and share your "Wait, what?" moments with us. Have an idea for an upcoming episode? Let us know on our Facebook page Interested in working with us individually? Listeners of our podcast will receive $20 off their initial package. Click here to find out more. This episode is sponsored by Girl Means Business Listen to the Girl Means Business Podcast  iTunes Join the Girl Means Business Facebook Group 


8 Jul 2020