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Josh Brown – Just Like That It's Over

Emotional Balance Sheet with Paul Fenner

How did we go from one extreme to another with the stock market and inflation?  How is inflation changing the way we go about our daily lives? Josh Brown is the CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management and a contributor on CNBC, and these are just a few of the topics and questions we address during our conversation.  Josh is a person I have been following for over a decade within the finance world who speaks with a level of energy and plain English that cuts through the noise when it comes to financial advice. Sometimes the truth becomes an inconvenient source of advice.  One of the hardest aspects of being an advisor is providing advice, while truthful and in the best interest of a family, is not one they would like to hear or accept.  Josh does a masterful job of reinforcing this challenge and how critical the family/advisor relationship is. Finally, Josh provides thoughtful insights on parenting and how much closer finalities can be for parents when they least expect it. Please enjoy my conversation with Josh Brown. For show notes and resources discussed in this episode, visit https://tammacapital.com/ep-72-josh-brown-just-like-that-its-over/. For more episodes, go to tammacapital.com/podcast. Follow Paul on Facebook and LinkedIn. And feel free to email Paul at pfenner@tammacapital.com with any feedback, questions, or ideas for future guests and topics.


30 Jun 2022

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Downtown Josh Brown & Michael Batnick on Disney+, Peloton, Knicks, podcasting, markets, & more | E1496

This Week in Startups

Today, Jason is joined by the hosts of “What are your thoughts?” Downtown Josh Brown (CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management) and Michael Batnick (Managing Partner at Ritholtz Wealth Management). They discuss the Knicks (1:22), Podcasting (14:25), markets (26:20), Disney (37:52), and more. Finally, Jason takes some audience questions (44:50).

1hr 9mins

30 Jun 2022

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Financial Freedom “What does it mean to you?” with guest Josh Brown

Mentally Financial with Gary B.

What's up #CreditFam on this episode we will be talking to Josh Brown about what Financial Freedom means to him. What does Financial Freedom mean to you?  I would like to know. Drop me an email at garyb@gbroanejrfinancial.com.  Checkout G. B. Roane Jr Financial LLC If you need help with your personal finances or if you need help starting a business. Visit www.gbroanejrfinancial.com Call 706-222-1987 for a FREE 30 Minute Consultation 


12 Jun 2022

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2. Hiring processes - Josh Brown & Josh Meyer from The Snake Hole

Street Cred - the podcast for streetwear fashion brands

Josh Brown & Josh Meyer (same name and birthday) are co-founders and owners of The Snake Hole, a Melbourne streetwear brand focused on the art industry. It has been almost 10 years since the beginning of their journey with this brand."Don't work with your best friend" they say. These two made it work - and well! In this episode, we speak about what it means to hire processes to make our lives easier. The guys at The Snake Hole share how they have built a small team of designers, marketers, and creative directors.Some of the practical questions we answer in this episode include:How often should I do clothing drops? Why aren't my clothes selling like they were? How do I consistently and sustainably post content? How do I hire with little money? How do I hire the right people?Learn more about The Snake Hole:Instagram @thesnakeholeWebsite: www.thesnakehole.com

1hr 14mins

19 May 2022

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S3E7 - Meet our Portfolio Manager Josh Brown and A Market Update

Building Wealth On The Go

In this podcast episode, we introduce our new QWealth Portfolio Manager Josh Brown where he discusses his role as a Discretionary Portfolio Manager as well as What's happening in the Markets.


26 Apr 2022

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Josh Brown makes a three inch peanut butter, banana, and chocolate granola sandwich

Song Sandwich

We talk to composer Josh Brown about Hikaru Utada, Nobuo Uematsu, and Florence + The Machine. And Kingdom Hearts. This is mostly a Kingdom Hearts podcast. Listen to Josh's work at: https://jdbrownportfolio.com/

1hr 33mins

6 Apr 2022

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Episode 114 with Josh Brown (Capacitor Design Network): So Joe Elliott Would Leave Me These Telephone Messages

(Don't) Quit Your Day Job

In this episode, Josh Brown of Capacitor Design Network talks about working very closely with Def Leppard and Phish, hanging out with Phil Collen, backstage at Fenway Park, and sending design samples on planes in the pre-digital world. Plus, growing up as the son of a Music Teacher, the day job hustle and losing time to play music, and becoming successful with organic business growth. You can check out Josh at these places: https://www.capacitornetwork.com/ https://www.facebook.com/iluvmycapacitor https://twitter.com/CapDesNet Paul works a day job and puts out vinyl and puts on shows via Katzulhu Productions https://www.facebook.com/paul.neil.12 https://www.facebook.com/katzulhu https://www.facebook.com/Dont-Quit-Your-Day-Job-podcast-107924851339602


21 Mar 2022

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Josh Brown - March 15, 2022

In The Box

Josh Brown - March 15, 2022

15 Mar 2022

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Building a Security Team to the Business And Using Intelligence to Inform the Proper Risk Strategy with H&R Block CISO Josh Brown

the CYBER5

In episode 66 of The Cyber5, we are joined by H&R Block Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Josh Brown.   In this episode we discuss the importance in  building an informed security team that can collect intelligence and proper risk strategy. We have a frank conversation about what the business of security means and how to develop a team that understands multiple business lines so a security team is anchoring their security strategy to how the company is driving revenue. We talk through how to do this at scale within the intelligence discipline that touches many lines of risk, not just cybersecurity. Three Key Takeaways: 1) Security Informs the Business to Make Risk-Based Decisions Security professionals must have a deep understanding of how the business functions to understand how to develop a proper risk-based approach. Security is a risk management function that puts up guardrails so the business avoids bad decisions and loses money. Intelligence is critical for gaining a 360-degree review: fraud and user segment of the network. Threat intelligence must be relevant to the specific business, not the industry overall. If there is a threat to a bank, that likely has nothing to do with a tax filing service.   2)  Actionable Intelligence That Reduces Business Risk The industry has not secured an  intelligence solution. Intelligence is an enrichment function, not the first line of the truth of what to prioritize. Fraud and other specific business-specific data that result in business loss are equally important to be funneled into traditional cybersecurity tools. Further, threat feeds and information must be bi-directional so even competitors and businesses in the same location can understand when incidents are taking place. The threats that most companies face are not those that are regularly marketed such as Advanced Persistent Threats. The cybersecurity industry does a poor job at providing the likelihood of a certain advanced attack. Business email compromises, account takeovers, and fraud are still the most prevalent style attacks, even to those businesses that can afford sophisticated security technology.  3) Actionable Intelligence That Gives Visibility into Supply Chain Risk “The perimeter” is no longer relevant like it used to be. With work from home, the perimeter is just as much identity access management (IAM) as it is about IP space. On third-party supply chain risk, currently, enterprises implement score card tooling as an audit function so when a software vulnerability is released, an enterprise can quickly query what suppliers use that library or dependency. Further, the supply chain is equally about business interruption (DDoS) as much as it is about suppliers that hold critical data. Major enterprises also care about the vendor’s vendors if compromised depending on the criticality of the data (fourth-party supply chain risk). Since the United States does not even have a standard breach notification law, it’s going to be very challenging to share intelligence bi-directionally let alone get developers to uniformly submit secure technology code.


24 Feb 2022

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Meta's Stock Plunge + Market Volatility — With Josh Brown of Ritholtz Wealth Management

Big Technology Podcast

Josh Brown is the CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management and a regular CNBC contributor. Brown joins Big Technology Podcast to discuss what's behind Meta's historic $251 billion stock plunge, and Amazon's equally shocking $190 billion rise. This is a discussion about Meta and Big Tech, but as you listen you'll get a window into market fundamentals like "whisper" earnings targets and why growth stocks are going out of style. We also discuss what happens inside companies when their stock prices plummet.You can find Josh's podcast — The Compound and Friends — here: https://pod.link/1456467014And here's my 'Metaverse or Bust' story: https://bigtechnology.substack.com/p/for-facebook-its-metaverse-or-bust


9 Feb 2022