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How his near death Covid experience changed him forever | David Naylor on Your Personal Growth, Personal Brand Podcast

Your Personal Growth, Personal Brand Podcast

A year ago David Naylor was at death's door. He came down with Covid, spent five days in the hospital, and left the hospital in a fog.One day, he sat down to think, and it was like his brain came back online.But things weren't the way they were. He saw everything differently. He saw a huge portion of his life as having bought into a lie. He had the cars, the house, the incredible travels. But he recognized that they were empty because they didn't fix anything and they didn't change who he was.He found there were only two things that mattered: time and love.Tune in to hear how he changed the way he operated and landed a book deal to share this story with the world.You'll also discover:-How 2Logical has gotten to work with 40% of the Fortune 500 list-What motivational intelligence is and how we can utilize it to be better leaders-How to negotiate a book deal-Why your external goals (cars, homes, vacations) never fundamentally fix anything or make you happy-One thing you can do today to powerfully impact your life and that of someone you loveDavid would love to connect, find him here on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-naylor-2logical/----------------------------------------------------------------Thanks for listening!Let me know what you think of the show and connect on social media!Rate the podcast on iTunesConnect with me on LinkedInConnect with me on Facebook


13 Sep 2022

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Kirk Your Enthusiasm with David Naylor and Maggie, talking Timberwolves

Mavs Moneyball: for Dallas Mavericks fans

Kirk talks with two of his oldest internet friends, David and Maggie, about their dear Minnesota Timberwolves. The discuss Hustle and Anthony Edwards, then the Wolves draft, then their huge trade for Rudy Gobert. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


26 Aug 2022

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Kirk Your Enthusiasm with David Naylor and Maggie, talking Timberwolves

Mavs Moneyball: for Dallas Mavericks fans

Kirk talks with two of his oldest internet friends, David and Maggie, about their dear Minnesota Timberwolves. The discuss Hustle and Anthony Edwards, then the Wolves draft, then their huge trade for Rudy Gobert. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


26 Aug 2022

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Ep. 32: The Journey Within with David Naylor, Founder of the Psychedelics Medicine Startup


David Naylor share shares his journey from addicted to drugs and alcohol, to a founder of recovery centers, to now the Founder of a Psychedelics Medicine Startup. For those of you skeptical or new to the plant medicine world... this podcast will clarify so much for you! "Plant medicine helped me live so much more present and alive. Before I was closed and cut off, trying to white knuckle to get through life."  We re-enact the shame, guilt, fear stored in our gut or brain until we resolve it. You have to go there to resolve it. That's what plant medicine does. It will show you what you need to see... how you have been living... it will take you back to childhood or past lifetimes so that you can have a different perspective.  David shares how he healed his deep fear with the feminine. "It had me look at my relationship with my partner and had me not be asleep to all the things I was asleep to. And now our relationship is a dream relationship." Connect with David here: www.within.center https://www.instagram.com/within.center/?hl=en https://www.linkedin.com/in/wdnaylor/ Connect with me Dr Nikki here: www.elevatetolegendary.com --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/elevatetolegendary/message


5 May 2022

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168. David Naylor (Producer of 'The Making of the Mission' and Other 'M:I-3' Bonus Features)

Light The Fuse - A Mission: Impossible Podcast

For this episode, we talk to David Naylor, who produced the special features for the “Mission: Impossible III” home video release. We talk about his relationship with J.J. Abrams, the shot he got that J.J. wishes he had used in the movie, and the insane premiere that had Tom Cruise arriving by land, sea, and air. (It’s bonkers.) Plus – stories about Syd Mead and Philip Seymour Hoffman! You don’t want to miss it!


3 Sep 2021

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Episode 5: Talking "Being a Wolves fan" with David Naylor, Maggie Schultz and Patrick Fenelon

The Wolf of Pod Street

March was a weird month for Timberwolves basketball, so we took a few steps back (with three friends: David Naylor, Maggie Schultz and Patrick Fenelon) and got back to how we became Wolves fans in the first place.  For more, check out AWolfAmongWolves.com!See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


2 Apr 2021

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GW 35: How Screen Addiction is the New Mental Illlness with David Naylor

Global Warriors Podcast

Discussing how screen addiction is the new mental illness, David Naylor of Omega Recovery, joins host Keisha Reynolds to discuss strategies you can use to mitigate these “new world” challenges created by the constant use of technology. Naylor and his business partner are changing the world among mental health centers by offering treatment for digital addiction; they are one of only two centers in the whole of the United States. You don’t want to miss this inspirational episode! Contact: Email: WDNaylor@gmail.com Websites: Omegarecovery.org and Mauirecovery.com


27 Feb 2021

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Vaccine roll-out and pandemic response with David Naylor

Uncommons with Nate Erskine-Smith

Dr. David Naylor is a physician, medical researcher, and former president of U of T.  He's also uniquely placed to discuss pandemic response, as the co-chair of the federal COVID-19 Immunity Task Force, and as past chair of the National Advisory Committee on SARS and Public Health in 2003. On this episode, Dr. Naylor and Nate discuss vaccine roll-out, pandemic response, and lessons learned. 


8 Jan 2021

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David Naylor on Beasley, Juancho, Vando, and the Nuggets-Wolves rematch

Locked On Nuggets - Daily Podcast On The Denver Nuggets

In this episode, i am joined by David Naylor of A Wolf Among Wolves to talk about the first matchup between the Nuggets and Timberwolves, what Wolves fans think of Juancho, Beasley, and Vando, and what he is looking for in Tuesday night's rematch at Ball Arena. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


5 Jan 2021

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314 David Naylor - Age Group Story

Oxygen Addict Triathlon Podcast

David Naylor is an age grouper, and CTO of a data science company. As a relative beginner to triathlon who’d only completed one sprint distance race, he was inspired by some friends who had completed Ironman UK and promptly signed up himself - despite not being able to swim front crawl! David talks with honesty about overcoming a period of poor mental health, and how regular exercise helps him stay mentally, as well as physically, healthy. Sponsorshttps://www.precisionhydration.com/ - Leaders in triathlete sweat testing and hydration, with multi-strength electrolytes that match how you sweat. Get 15% off your first order With the code OXYGENADDICT15You can book a 20 minute free hydration strategy video call with a hydration expert here: https://precisionhydration.as.me/schedule.php?appointmentType=14563677Mention you heard about it on the Oxygenaddict Triathlon Podcast and you’ll be entered in a free draw to win a £50 Precision Hydration bundle ! Group Evolution Triathlon Retreats - https://groupevolution.com/sports/achieveyourpotential/ - luxury triathlon retreats delivered by Dave Scott, and other leading coaches, at an exclusive 19th Century Chateau in the Pays de la Loire, France. Use the code oxygenaddict15 for 15% off. http://team.oxygenaddict.com - The most comprehensive triathlon coaching program for busy age groupers. To find out more, You can book a skype call with Rob or the Team hereJoin us for our Zwift - OxygenAddict Triathlon Podcast Power Hour interval training session, Tuesdays at 7.15pm UK time. Check the Zwift listings for details! Our Patrons : Support the show with a monthly or one off donation - thanks so much for your support!Join the Oxygenaddict Triathlon Community page on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/666558563716897/Listen on Spotify: http://bit.ly/OATriPodSpotifyListen on iTunes: http://bit.ly/OATriPodiTunesSome links are affiliate links, which mean that we may get paid commission if you make a purchase via the link, or using the code, at no extra cost to you.

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18 Nov 2020