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Jeff Roberts at the KY Supreme Court Again

Roberts Law Office Injury Podcast

Episode 19:  In late April, Calloway County attorney Jeff Roberts presented an oral argument before the Kentucky Supreme Court.  It’s not his first time; he’s taken cases to the KY Supreme Court multiple times.  In this episode, he’ll give us an inside view into the experience. Arguing before the KY Supreme Court is not what you typically see on TV.  Instead of 1 judge, there are 7 justices.  They can ask questions at any time and you have to be prepared for whatever they ask.  Surprisingly, each attorney is only given 15 minutes to present their side of the case.  This includes the initial presentation and a possible rebuttal to the other side’s argument. How a Case Gets to the KY Supreme Court Jeff’s case involved a constitutional question in regard to a workers’ compensation claim.  These cases are initial presented to an administrative law judge.  If either side appeals the decision, it goes to the Workers’ Compensation Board.  Either side can then appeal to the KY Court of Appeals.  Again, either side can then appeal to KY Supreme Court. The case Jeff argued involved an issue about the retroactivity provision of a new statute.  If the statute is found to be constitutional, it will negatively impact many KY workers’ compensation claims and the money the injured workers would then lose.  The decision will apply to all pending cases. The law in Kentucky is generally applied based on the date of injury.  If this new statue is upheld, it will violate this law (in Jeff’s opinion) and make it more favorable to the employer (or the employee) after the injury has already occurred.  What Happens when a Case is Placed in Abeyance? This can happen to a case for several reasons.  In Jeff’s situation, there are several pending cases which all have the same/similar issues.  The court can put those cases “on hold” until one of the group of cases is actual decided on.  That decision would impact how the other cases are ultimately treated.  Abeyance is a way to help make the judicial system more efficient. Small Town Service, Big City Results Jeff uses this statement often.  He has built a strong reputation across the state and among his peers.  The Roberts Law Office is located in Murray, Kentucky.  However, Jeff handles many cases from outside of the local area.  Many are sent on referral from other attorneys. What is a Legal Brief? While the case Jeff argued before the KY Supreme Court only took 15 minutes, it’s not the first time the justices have learned about the facts of the case.  Attorneys write extensive arguments, called legal briefs, which explain the point in question and the supporting proof as to why the attorney feels the court should rule in a certain manner.  Both sides submit briefs. The justices review the briefs, prior to hearing the case, and may decide to question the attorneys, based on what they submitted in the briefs. The case Jeff argued may be decided in 3-4 months. In an interesting coincidence, it was a year ago (to the day) that Jeff was sworn in and served as a Special Justice to the KY Supreme Court.  For more information, visit www.JeffRobertsLaw.com. This podcast is meant to provide information and is not legal advice.  Jeff’s principal office is located at 509 Main Street, Murray, Kentucky.  Co-host Jim Ray is a non-attorney spokesperson.  This is an advertisement.


29 Apr 2021

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Jeff Roberts with Yellowhammer Coffee

The Mobile Alabama Business Podcast

This week on The Mobile Alabama Business Podcast, we sit down with (again!) Jeff Roberts with Yellowhammer Coffee. Listen in as we discuss his life, career journey, and how he got into the world of coffee! View the transcript at . Produced by .


14 Apr 2021

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Mar 6: PayPal CEO Dan Schulman w/ Jeff Roberts

The Decrypt Daily: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News Podcast

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6 Mar 2021

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Episode 17: Jeff Roberts - Virtual Rental Rally!

Peer Talk with Dan Crowley

On today's episode, Dan Crowley speaks with Jeff Roberts, President of City Rentals and Executive Director of the California Rental Association (CRA), covering his experience rising through the ranks of the rental industry and CRA's upcoming Virtual Rental Rally Tradeshow/ Thanks to our sponsor Rouse Analytics, and thank you for listening, be sure to tune in the next two weeks for another new podcast!


25 Jan 2021

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Jeff Roberts Wins at the Kentucky Supreme Court

Roberts Law Office Injury Podcast

Episode 14:  Calloway County personal injury attorney Jeff Roberts discusses his win at the Kentucky Supreme Court, in a workers’ compensation case.  In a recent episode, we covered the fact that Jeff currently has several cases in front of the Kentucky Supreme Court.  This is the first of that group to be decided. The case we’ll talk about today involved Steven Spillman, a former Calloway County sheriff’s deputy who was injured on the job in 2007.  Murray attorney Michael (“Mike”) Pittman originally handled the deputy’s claim.  It was resolved and later reopened in 2013 due to additional complications.  This issue was also successfully resolved.  However, in 2017 the deputy had to have an additional surgery, related to the original 2007 back injury.  There were medical complications and Mr. Spillman passed away from those complications. Kentucky worker’s compensation law provides for a case to be reopened after the original case is resolved.  This special circumstance exists to ensure injured workers have adequate access to medical treatment for their injuries and future medical needs.  A new law was passed in 2018 that could impact this access. The complicating factor is that a case can be reopened, as long as it is within 4 years of a judge’s order on the case.  The period between the 2013 surgery and the 2017 surgery is the basis for the legal challenge.  The spouse also had potential claims involved related to survivor benefits.  Attorney Pittman contacted Jeff to assist (“co-counsel”) with the case, at that point.  It turns out that the survivor benefits ended up being a key issue before the Court. In Kentucky, the workers’ compensation system provides benefits to the surviving spouse, minor children or anyone who is dependent upon the deceased worker.  There is another provision which allows the estate to get a lump-sum death benefit, if the death occurs within 4 years of the work-related injury.  Jeff was able to win the case for survivor benefits, but did not prevail on the issue related to the estate. Going forward, Jeff’s victory at the Kentucky Supreme Court will have a major impact for working families in Kentucky.  Current and future claims will be able to refer to (“cite”) the decision as a basis for their cases. Do Attorney’s Fee Increase if an Attorney Uses Co-Counsel? Jeff explains that it depends.  If the attorneys are working on a contingency-fee basis, the fee will be a percentage of the amount recovered.  In the Spillman case, described above, the percentage did not change.  The fee was divided between the attorneys, but didn’t cost the family an additional percentage or separate attorney’s fee. In many Kentucky personal injury cases, such as a car wreck case, the percentage for attorney’s fees is 1/3.  If the attorney decides to bring in another attorney, the fee doesn’t suddenly increase to 2/3.  It remains at 1/3 and that percentage will be divided among the attorneys.  Each firm has the right to establish its own contract related to fees, but this is generally the cases. If the attorneys are working on an hourly-basis, instead of a contingency-fee basis, attorneys will generally charge the client for the billable hours based on their work.  Under this arrangement, it is possible to receive multiple fees from multiple attorneys (based upon their agreed up on hourly rates).  However, this typically isn’t how an injury case works.  How Does a Workers Compensation Case Make It to the KY Supreme Court? Kentucky workers’ compensation claims are considered administrative law (e.g. there’s no jury trial).  Initially, the claim is tried before an administrative law judge.  After that decision is rendered, either side can appeal it, assuming there’s a legitimate legal reason to do so. The decision would then go to the Workers’ Compensation Board, which is made up of a 3-member panel.  This is considered the first appellate level.  It’s still at the administrative level.  They look to see if the judge made an error of the la or an error in assessing or understanding the facts.  If they determine an error was made, the Board sends the case back to the judge to correct his/her error.  Again, either side can now allow the judge to revisit the case or they can appeal the case to the Kentucky Court of Appeals. The Kentucky Court of Appeals is the second appellate level.  This Court is looking to see if the Workers’ Compensation Board commit an error or law in how it decided the appeal or if the decision resulted in a gross misjustice.  This is an even higher standard.  The case can be remanded back (returned) to the administrative law judge.  They can affirm the original decision by the judge.  They can affirm the Workers’ Comp Board’s decision in returning it to the judge.  They could also overrule the Workers’ Comp Board’s determination of an error and then specific a different error, remanding it back to the original judge. At this point, either side can then decide to appeal the workers’ comp case to the Kentucky Supreme Court.  This is the third appellate level.  The KY Supreme Court cannot decide not to hear the case.  This is different from cases attempting to be heard before the US Supreme Court.  The Kentucky Constitution states that a party is entitled to at least one appeal from a lower court.  Remember, the Kentucky workers’ comp system is handled as an administrative process.  The general understanding is that the first actual court hearing the workers’ comp case is the KY Court of Appeals, so per the Kentucky Constitution, the party has a right to appeal to the KY Supreme Court. There are many factors to consider in deciding to appeal a case.  It can be a very emotional situation.  Because either side can appeal, the decision can be delayed much longer than initially expected.  The consideration of the time-line is a factor Jeff spends a lot of time discussing with his clients.  For more information, visit www.JeffRobertsLaw.com. This podcast is meant to provide information and is not legal advice.  Jeff’s principal office is located at 509 Main Street, Murray, Kentucky.  Co-host Jim Ray is a non-attorney spokesperson.  This is an advertisement.


30 Oct 2020

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Breaking the Spirit of Complacency - Bro. Jeff Roberts

Living Hope MD

God brings us through our valleys and gives us our victories. This does not mean God wants us to relax and get comfortable in those past victories. Listen in as Bro. Jeff Roberts discusses the importance of not being complacent in our past spiritual wins. Be sure to subscribe/follow us on Twitter, Instagram, all podcast platforms, and watch us on https://tv.livinghopemd.com/ every Sunday at 11am EST. Also, click on the links below to learn more about us: Website: http://www.livinghopemd.com/about-us Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LivingHopeMdlexpark/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/livinghopemd Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/livinghopemd/


13 Oct 2020

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Episode 2 - Return to School Student Services with Dr. Jeff Roberts

Voices, a Podcast from the Seneca Valley School District

SHOW TOPICReturn to School Student ServicesSPECIAL GUESTDr. Jeff Roberts, Seneca Valley Supervisor of Gifted Education and Student ServicesDr. Jeff Roberts has been an administrator in the Seneca Valley School District since 2009, and currently serves as the Seneca Valley Supervisor of Gifted Education and Student Services.He recently earned his degree in doctoral studies at Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Administration and Leadership Studies. In addition to supervising gifted education, Mr. Roberts oversees the school counseling, health service and library departments.Dr. Roberts is a graduate of the Leadership Butler County program. He is also currently a member of the Butler County Suicide Prevention Coalition, and a board member of the Butler County Alliance for Children.IN THIS EPISODE, WE WILL REVIEW• How recent training related to trauma-informed schools will affect school staff• How we can help students feel comfortable at school (ex: virtual introductions)• How our Learn, Explore, Act, Develop (LEAD) Program can support students• How - and what - tools teachers can use to connect with students who are learning remotely• How mask breaks will be incorporated into the school routineUSEFUL INFORMATIONwww.svsd.net/ReturntoSchoolwww.svsd.net/FaceCoveringsRTSwww.svsd.net/LEAD


19 Aug 2020

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Let's Meet Attorney Jeff Roberts

Roberts Law Office Injury Podcast

Episode 1:  Calloway County injury attorney Jeff Roberts discusses his background and why he focuses on helping other people.  He handles personal injury cases, automobile accidents, workers’ compensation claims and social security disability claims.  His office is located in Murray, Kentucky. Jeff grew up in Mayfield and went to Murray State University.  He later earned his law degree from Southern Illinois University Law School, in Carbondale.  He returned to Murray to practice with Don Jones, in 1992.  He’s been practicing in the same building ever since.  He became a partner in the firm and took it over, upon the death of Mr. Jones in 2000. Jeff is licensed to practice law in Kentucky.  He covers cases throughout the Western Kentucky region and beyond.  However, for social security disability claims he’s admitted to practice in all 50 states.  Social security claims are handled in the federal system.  He also has experience as an assistant county attorney prosecuting criminal cases.  He also maintains his trial skills by handling child neglect and child neglect cases on a weekly basis.  Representing clients who’ve been injured in tractor trailer collisions also helps Jeff work on extremely complicated cases, involving the federal motor carriers act.  Sometimes, those cases also involve related products liability cases against the manufacturers of equipment (such as tire manufacturers). The most heart-wrenching cases are those involving wrongful death claims.  These can result from car wrecks, truck wrecks and other cases.  Jeff spends part of this episode explaining contingency fee agreements, evaluating offers from the insurance adjusters and important decisions regarding taking a case to trial.  For more information, visit www.JeffRobertsLaw.com. This podcast is meant to provide information and is not legal advice.  Jeff’s principal office is located at 509 Main Street, Murray, Kentucky.  Co-host Jim Ray is a non-attorney spokesperson.  This is an advertisement.


27 Apr 2020

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Jeff Roberts Launches Injury Podcast

Roberts Law Office Injury Podcast

I'm happy to announce the upcoming launch of the Roberts Law Office Injury Podcast.  The goal is to help explain important issues, provide helpful information and to give insights into how certain issues might impact your case and/or claim. New episodes will be publish every 2 weeks. I'll cover topics related to personal injury, automobile accidents, workers compensation claims and social security disability.

31 Mar 2020

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Jeff Roberts - Long time CIO and founder of Innovation Vista

ITsmiths with Mike Smith

Jeff Roberts has been a CIO for mid-size companies, for 14 years, and recently started his own niche technology consulting company. That’s impressive, but something even more impressive is that during that 14-year tenure in the C-suite, Jeff has had 15… yes… 15 of his direct reports become C-level executives, themselves. So, why is he so good at mentoring future IT leaders? Well, according to Jeff, a big reason is the mentors he has been blessed with. Three of them, in particular, played a significant role, and Jeff shared the stories when he and I sat down in early March. For more information find us. For more information visit https://www.aerocominc.com/

1hr 8mins

23 Mar 2020