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16 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Mindy Kaling. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Mindy Kaling, often where they are interviewed.

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16 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Mindy Kaling. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Mindy Kaling, often where they are interviewed.

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Diwali w/ Mindy Kaling

Office Ladies
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This week we're breaking down Diwali! And we couldn't even think about breaking down this episode without checking in with the amazing triple threat herself, Mindy Kaling! Mindy walks us through how she came to work on The Office, what it was like for her to be able to pitch and write Diwali, and explains why they cast her actual parents in this episode. Then Jenna and Angela dig into this episode even deeper covering Kevin's sweaty feet, and what went into filming and costuming the Diwali festivities. Finally, we connect with Jaysha Patel, who played one of Mindy's sisters and get her memories of filming this episode, why sushi and bottle service don't mix, and we end with a great BFF catch. 

Jul 01 2020

1hr 24mins


Ep 3: Mindy Kaling and Other Sitcom Faves (w/ Leanne Lakshi Phillipson)

Crushing On
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In episode 3, Caryn chats to Leanne Lakshmi Phillipson (Twitter: @_lakshmi_l, IG: @l_lakshmi) about Indian representation in Never Have I Ever, revisiting our favourite sitcoms and what we just cannot ship in TV shows. 

Spoiler Warnings


New Girl

Doc Martin

Miracle Workers

Episode Notes:

Never Have I Ever (Netflix)

Blood & Water (Netflix)

Fast & Furious franchise (Showmax)

New Girl (Netflix)

Waiting (Netflix)

How I Met Your Mother (Netflix)

Doc Martin (Netflix)

Miracle Workers (Showmax)

Juliet, Naked (Showmax)

Jun 29 2020



S2 Episode 1: Mindy Kaling, Creator 'The Mindy Project'

You Don't Need Anyone...
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We work in the annex with Mindy Kaling, creator of The Mindy Project. Kaling made her break as Kelly Kapoor in The Office (U.S.), and has since gone on to star in, produce, write, and direct a multitude of acclaimed projects. Her latest show, Never Have I Ever, just premiered on Netflix.

0:00 - Intro: Check Out Film Buds & Music Buds!

5:10 - Discussion: Mindy Kaling

39:43 - Outro:

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May 07 2020



Episode 73: Alison Stevenson v. Mindy Kaling

Blocked Party
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Alison Stevenson (writer, comedian) joins us to help get to the bottom of a mystery John calls "The Mindy Project": why did Mindy Kaling block her? It's another Block Tale where we try and help our guest get unblocked, as she cannot figure out how or why she got blocked and tries to enlist our help. Speaking of needing help, Stefan requires some help with his damn goatee, as he's finally given up on trying to grow a full quarantine beard and has now become a "Goatee Guy". The Blocked Boys also learn about the business of dick pics, who the New Hope Club are, and Stefan gives us an update on the COVID-19 truthers he talked about on the show a few weeks prior.

If you want to make sure you are always fully updated, you can donate to the show at, where $5 a month gets you access to THREE full bonus episodes, every single month. We have a big month coming up in April, as we try to bring some sweet medicine to your self-isolation in the form of a video episode featuring Stefan teaching John to play Hearthstone, a "live" episode watching bad Cameos with Jamie Loftus, and another edition of BPxYKS, where Jesse Farrar and Michael Hale join the boys for a fun hangout episode where we laugh and talk about the good ol' times. It's gonna be a great month and we appreciate all of your support during these weird times.

Alison Stevenson has a show on Adult Swim called The Perfect Women, and she will critique your dick pic on Twitter at @JustAboutGlad. 

Apr 13 2020

1hr 29mins


12. The Comedy Writer & The Swordswoman: Mindy Kaling & Julie D'Aubigny.

All About Eve
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Anna and Julia have returned to the recording cupboard for Series 2, wine in hand and ready to talk about more incredible women. Anna plays it very uncool when talking about her favourite comedy writer Mindy Kaling, head writer for The Office (US) who also plays the character of Kelly Kapoor. Inspiring stuff for anyone needing some confidence in getting shit done, or just looking to find your new favourite TV programme (Spoiler alert: It's the Mindy Project). Julia lays out the true-ish tale of Julie D'Aubigny, a 17th century French swordswoman-opera singer-nun-actor whose swashbuckling escapades made her a favourite of the French court. An LGBTQ+ icon, Julie was often mistaken for a man as she wore men's clothes and many thought she was "too good at duelling". And that's before we even get to the arson, beating up lecherous men and progressing French Opera for women...

Apr 05 2020



Mindy Kaling w/Milan Patel

Dead Frog
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Joe Felix and Milan Patel discuss Mindy Kaling's set from the Comedy Death Ray Album.


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Mar 28 2020



Episode 14: Modern Love, Motherland and Mindy Kaling

Culture Comforts
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Hope you enjoyed the episode :-) Links to everything we discussed below. Any questions or recommendations? Email us at


  • Inside Vogue by Alexandra Shulman
  • The Inn Boonsboro trilogy by Nora Roberts (Book One is The Next Always)
  • Secret Daughter by Shilpi Somaya Gowda


  • Late Night starring Mindy Kaling and Emma Thompson (available on Sky)

TV shows

  • Motherland Season 2 on BBC iPlayer
  • Modern Love on Amazon Prime


  • Millennial Love



  • Golden Hour by Kacey Musgraves (YOUTUBE IT. NOW. Or Spotify. Or iTunes. Just. Do. It. Please.)

Oct 22 2019



Ep 24: Why Not Me by Mindy Kaling

Drunk Poets Society
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Why not join us for this week's podcast?! 
We have special guest Shannon Bailey on to chat about Mindy Kaling and sip on our summer drink "The Mindy".
Find the recipe at @dps_podcast on Instagram and Twitter
Find Shannon and her amazing makeup at @shannonvanessa_
and email us suggestions at


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Aug 16 2019



Mindy Kaling Grows Up

The Last Laugh
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Mindy Kaling broke through as a writer and star of ‘The Office’ and then ‘The Mindy Project’ and this summer she has taken those roles to new heights in her excellent new film ‘Late Night’ opposite Emma Thompson. In this episode, we talk about the complicated politics of that movie, Mindy speaks out for the first time about her controversial Instagram post supporting Aziz Ansari and reveals why she had to turn down her ‘dream’ job at SNL.

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Jun 18 2019


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The Feminists Don't Wear Pink podcast is BACK for a second season and this time host Scarlett Curtis is going beyond the book to interview even more incredible women on what the F word means to them. In this episode Scarlett speaks to Mindy Kaling about bringing her feminism to her writing, acting and parenting.

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Jun 06 2019