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JPII & the Diocletian Baths - Christopher West

The Catholic Creatives Podcast

The CC Podcast Returns for a special edition of the Catholic Creatives podcast.What do JP II, Greek baths, and Catholic Creatives have to do with each other? Well. Quite a lot, turns out. It’s been a minute, but because of the feast of JPII, we decided to dust off this interview that Matt Meeks and Anthony D’Ambrosio did with Christopher West. Christopher discovered a retreat that JP II gave to artists, and had it translated to English and published for the first time ever, complete with commentary from himself and some other notable theologians. The conversation got into some really interesting and very vulnerable waters. What JPII outlines is a path for us creatives and artists to use our creative gifts in ways that can us from our culture’s distorted and shamed relationship with the human body. As usual when talking to Christopher, the Holy Spirit revealed some profound truths to us.The book is called God is Beauty, and you can find it at bit.ly/godisbeauty Before we jump in, just a note from our sponsors:Every adult is wrestling with the best way to raise faithful kids in a world that is increasingly less faithful, while making sure our kids stay cool and connected. Catholic.Store recently released the Lion and Lamb book club kids, delivering 3-5 highly curated, beautiful books for children based on their age to their doorstep every quarter. The box contains a range of new catholic releases, hidden classics and undiscovered gems, as well as discussion questions to help parents have rich and formative conversations with their kids at bedtime. You can check Lion & Lamb book club out at www.lionandlamb.club.

28 Oct 2022

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Man2Man: Christopher West On Faith, Family & The Future Of Masculinity

Mark Queppet

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1hr 54mins

19 Oct 2022

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The Lies Porn Sells Us, With Dr. Christopher West

The Covenant Eyes Podcast

Our society continues to be plagued by rampant pornography use as many men and women have bought and continue to buy the lies porn sells them. But this is not "three easy payments of $19.99." Once they're in, it's NOT easy to get out. In this episode, Dr. Christopher West of the Theology of the Body Institute breaks down the lies and talks about a plan to leave porn for good.Ask Christopher West is the world's most popular Theology of the Body podcast, featuring Christopher West and hosted by his wife Wendy. They field questions from around the world about faith, life, love, and sexuality using the lens of St. John Paul II's Theology of the Body. You can find it on your favorite podcast app or go to askchristopherwest.com to listen and ask a question.More Information:Learn more about the Theology of the Body Institute at: https://tobinstitute.org*Listeners can get 20% off the below books (no limit to quantity) through August 31 by using the discount code COVENANT during checkout. God Is Beauty: A Retreat on the Gospel & Art by Karol Wojtyla (Christopher contributes a full-length commentary on the retreat, as well as two additional reflections)https://shop.corproject.com/collections/books/products/god-is-beauty-a-retreat-on-the-gospel-artTheology of the Body for Beginners: Rediscovering the Meaning of Life, Love, Sex and Gender by Christopher Westhttps://shop.corproject.com/collections/books/products/theology-of-the-body-for-beginnersCovenant Eyes offers a clear path to freedom through trusted relationships and free resources. TRY COVENANT EYES FREE FOR 30 DAYS: https://www.covenanteyes.com/?utm_source=CE+Podcast&Try Covenant Eyes for FREE today!Use Promo Code: FreePodcast


4 Aug 2022

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Classic Replay - Christopher West

More to the Story with Andy Miller III

Mondays during the month of June will feature replays of interviews released prior to More to the Story. Enjoy this interview with author and speaker Christopher West.You can find out more about the Contender small group material here: courses.andymilleriii.com

1hr 13mins

13 Jun 2022

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130 - John Paul II's Retreat for Artists - Christopher West

The Catholic Culture Podcast

In Holy Week of 1962, Bishop Karol Wojtyla gave a retreat to a group of Polish artists. The text of that retreat has now been published in English, along with commentary, by the Theology of the Body Institute, in a book titled God Is Beauty: A Retreat on the Gospel and Art. Christopher West, president of the TOB Institute, joins Thomas Mirus to discuss the retreat and how it fits together with St. John Paul II's Theology of the Body. Themes include: God is Beauty The Incarnation is perfect Beauty manifested in the human body The artist is a conduit of beauty coming from God Artists’ responsibility for their talent The sexed body as a sign of the relationality and fruitfulness of the Trinity The dangers of "moral minimalism" The Crucifixion, where moral conscience and beauty meet How Wojtyla's work builds on, rather than replaces, traditional theological symbolism Thomas also discusses his experience of attending the ballet and how it is challenging him to see the body in a new way. Links Listeners can purchase God Is Beauty paperback at the TOB Institute store for 20% off the cover price (no limit). Use code: CULTURE https://shop.corproject.com/collections/books/products/god-is-beauty-a-retreat-on-the-gospel-art Upcoming retreat weekend, May 13-15 https://www.revealedexperience.com Episode with ballet dancer Claire Kretzschmar https://www.catholicculture.org/commentary/109-catholic-in-nyc-ballet-claire-kretzschmar Dony MacManus https://donymacmanus.com/ This podcast is a production of CatholicCulture.org. If you like the show, please consider supporting us! http://catholicculture.org/donate/audio

1hr 16mins

4 Apr 2022

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Genitals are NOT a Footnote! with Christopher West

Catching Foxes

We got Kanye West's older brother, Christopher, and his friend, Mike Mangione to talk theology of the body, gender, genitals, generation, music, waterskiing, and God is Beauty, a retreat Saint Pope John Paul II gave to artists in 1962. Incredible stuffSponsored By:BetterHelp.com: Give it a try and see why over 2 million people have used BetterHelp online therapy. Our listeners get 10% off their first month!Athletic Greens: Athletic Greens is going to give you a FREE 1-year supply of immune-supporting Vitamin D AND 5FREE travel packs with your first purchase. All you have to do is visit athleticgreens.com/FOXES.Petrus Development: "Fundraising is hard. PDC '22 gives you the tools & community to make it not hard, and actually enjoyable and fulfilling! Take a walk on the sunny side of fundraising at the beach in Naples!" Promo Code: FOXESSupport Catching FoxesLinks:God Is Beauty book — Originally delivered in 1962 for artists — and made available now for the first time in English — Karol Wojtyla’s penetrating spiritual exercises on divine beauty and its reflection in our humanity (and the art it produces) remain as timely as ever.Revealed: Live Immersive Experience — Experience this LIVE event online for free from May 13-15, 2022. We are also offering two in-depth premium experiences! Dive deeper with our Premium Online Ticket or join us in-person with our Premium In-Person Ticket. Tickets are very limited for our In-Person Experience.Theology of the Body InstituteBooks – Theology of the Body Institute — BOOKS ABOUT DAT BOOTY... or the Theology of the BodyMike Mangione — BUY MY ALBUM!

1hr 44mins

2 Apr 2022

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God is Beauty w/ Christopher West

Pints With Aquinas

Please support us on Locals or Patreon: https://pintswithaquinas.com/support/ NEWLY TRANSLATED TO ENGLISH St. John Paul II's "God is Beauty" https://shop.corproject.com/products/god-is-beauty-a-retreat-on-the-gospel-art Code "PINTS" for %20 off for this title! REVEALED! TOB Institute's Live Confrence! https://www.revealedexperience.com/optin1644505721637 Hallow! https://hallow.com/mattfradd "OLD" clip: https://youtu.be/Yb7ZfWcL4gk 

3hr 1min

24 Mar 2022

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Theology of the Body w/ Christopher West

The Naked Gospel

Leave a Rating and Review to support this show!  Christopher West joins us to discuss how our bodies are not merely biological but they are also theological. Shane and Christopher talk through gender, hook up culture, post-modernism, singleness, and how our bodies fit into God's story. Get a copy of Christopher West's book Our Bodies Tell God's StoryGet a Naked Gospel coffee mug and become a Disruptor here!Christopher West is cofounder, president, and senior lecturer of Theology of the Body Institute, and professor of theological anthropology in the jointly sponsored master’s program with Pontifex University. His global lecturing, bestselling books, multiple audio and video programs, and popular podcast (co-hosted by his wife Wendy) have made him one of the world’s most recognized teachers of St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body.

1hr 18mins

27 Oct 2021

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Is My Body Bad? with Christopher West

The Refined Collective Podcast

Thank you Newsstand Studio at 1 Rockefeller Plaza for providing a place for me to record this episode for y’all! No more Brooklyn closet recording!!! Today’s guest is a pretty big deal... I’m talking with the author of a book that has changed my life. Christopher West is a Doctor of Theology, devoted husband, father of five, and president of the Theology of the Body Institute. He is also the author of Good News About Sex and Marriage, Theology of the Body, and Our Bodies Tell God’s Story. Today, we talk about God’s divine vision for the woman’s body, and body theology 101. Why have we demonized the Female Body? “If Christmas is real, then woman’s body is heaven on earth. It is the dwelling place of the most high God. What does the enemy want to do? He wants to desecrate the temple.” -Christopher West Book of Genesis— Lucifer’s hatred aimed at the woman and her ability to bear offspring “Jealousy says ‘I wish I had what you have.’ But envy goes a step further and it says ‘I hate that you have it and I want you to hate that you have it.’” -Christopher West “That’s the purpose of the body— to overflow with divine love.” -Christopher West What is the root of toxic masculinity? Chrstipher unpacks the idea of toxic masculinity in a biblical lens. “The problem is that fallen men are exerting their fallen masculinity in this world. And fallen masculinity is always aimed at women in a degrading kind of way.” -Christopher West Ephesians 3 // Apostle Paul says his mission is to make plain to everyone the mystery that has been hidden in God Ephesians 5 // “This is a mega mystery— and it refers to Christ and the church” “One woman’s body changed the world because she said yes to God’s plan for her life.” - Christopher West Resources Check out TheologyoftheBody.com for more resources. Listen to Christopher’s podcast with his wife, Wendy, here. Keep up with Christopher on IG at @cwestofficial and @tobinstitute. Read Christopher’s book, Theology of the Body. Be sure + grab a copy of my book Sexless in the City. I’m an avid reader and always have at least 3 books going at once. Anyone else love getting lost in a good fiction book? I just got a new book I’m super excited about called The Lost and Found Bookshop by Susan Wiggs. This NYT Bestseller now in paperback is the perfect feel-good summer read for a beach read or your book club. Grab your copy anywhere books are sold or find more at SusanWiggs.com. Finding a bra that fits, is comfortable, and cute or sexy… it feels impossible. I recently had an enjoyable bra shopping experience with the female-founded and led company Natori. They have everything from size A to G. Go to Natori.com and apply the code REFINED at checkout for 15% off at checkout. Be sure to use the hashtag #MyNatori on social media. We invest large amounts of money into our careers. But with things like love, we think “It’ll happen when it happens,” and with things like kids, we think “I’ll think about that down the road.” What if we were just as intentional about our reproductive health as we are our careers? Modern Fertility is an easy way to test your fertility with an at-home test at a fraction of the cost. Go to ModernFertility.com/refined for $20 off your fertility test.


16 Jun 2021

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Marriage and the Eucharist by Christopher West

CatholiCity Podcasts

Find out how two critical realities of Christian life are related when the world's top expert on the Theology of the Body lights a fuse to what the former pope's biographer called John Paul II's "theological time bomb." Presented with unbridled energy, humor, and searing insight. Ideal for pre-Cana, Adult Religious Education, RCIA, and Youth Ministry. Interested in more? See all our offerings here at CatholiCity.com

1hr 12mins

28 May 2021