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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jonathan Wasserstrum. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jonathan Wasserstrum, often where they are interviewed.

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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jonathan Wasserstrum. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jonathan Wasserstrum, often where they are interviewed.

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Jonathan Wasserstrum founder and CEO of SquareFoot commercial real estate start-up

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George speaks with Jonathan Wasserstrum the CEO of SquareFoot. SquareFoot is a tech-driven commercial real estate company that helps companies find their next office space by providing transparent access to inventory, brokerage services, and a flexible spaces. The New York City-based start-up, which was created in 2011, raised $16 million in 2019 in a Series B financing round having raised $29 million total since its founding. SquareFoot’s platform features over 300,000 office listings, with 5,000 new listings posted monthly. The company has executed over 1,300 leases to date. 

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Jul 10 2020 · 31mins
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Building Stronger Companies and Teams Through Workplace Flexibility | Jonathan Wasserstrum

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Jonathan Wasserstrum, CEO and co-founder of SquareFoot, talks to Frank Cottle about building a one-stop-shop for growing companies, and how workplace flexibility helps companies thrive by operating more efficiently, cutting cost, and building a stronger team culture.

Feb 20 2020 · 30mins

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Episode 4: Jonathan Wasserstrum, CEO and Co-Founder of SquareFoot

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In this episode, Hal and Richard talk about the differences between licensing and subleasing. At 2:50, Jonathan Wasserstrum talks about his company SquareFoot, the changing digital landscape of commercial leasing and the real value of commercial brokers.

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Feb 15 2020 · 26mins
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Jonathan Wasserstrum Founder & CEO SqaureFoot

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In the interview, we speak with Jonathan Wasserstrum Cofounder & CEO SqaureFoot.

SqaureFoot was founded in 2011, 60+ Employees and raised $29M. They are changing the way how companies find and rent office space.

In our conversation, we learn about his journey as a child growing up in Houston, moving to NYC, working at JLL, and starting SquareFoot with his friend and the many lessons he has learned along the way growing his company.
Dec 06 2019 · 30mins

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013 – Jonathan Wasserstrum of Squarefoot – Now It’s Time for Commercial

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Transparent commercial brokerage with proprietary smart tools…

The real estate industry is antiquated. For most people they think of the residential real estate first, and that’s lagging enough. But technology and innovation in the commercial real estate space? That’s twenty years behind residential. An exception to this is Squarefoot, an online brokerage platform that enables companies to find commercial properties without going space to space.

Jonathan Wasserstrum, Co-Founder and CEO of Squarefoot (”a team of trusted commercial real estate experts armed with our own technology to help guide you from initial inquiry to lease signing and beyond”), joins Thomas Kutzman and Scott Pollack in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser. Presented by Prevu.

In this episode:

  • The state of affairs of commercial real estate today, two decades behind residential real estate, comparative sizes of residential vs. commercial
    Enabling tenants to find space more easily
  • The problem being solved by Squarefoot is offering transparency and technology, as a listings platform,
  • Squarefoot’s biggest size deal ever, and the average size and company needs commercially
  • Playing a role in helping solve real estate problems
  • How Squarefoot clients can see the inventory
    Squarefoot aligns better incentives between broker and client, instead of commission based on deal size, a flat fee per broker, a different comp model, so its not about steering toward biggest commission.
  • Most brokers aren’t still at the same brokerage after three years, and at Squarefoot the rate is better than the industry average
  • First efficiency, not having to prospect, how inbound people search online and wind up on the Squarefoot site
  • Offering further efficiency via tech and products in the space and discovery, and a proprietary app
  • Looking ahead to the next level: agency business representing landlords
  • Commission structure in commercial vs. residential similar, and how many buildings average landlord own
  • A lack of interest from Squarefoot in competing against CoStar — being just a channel for tenants to find space and landlords to market the spaces, not a current interest in data.
  • Is Wasserstrum a technology guy or real estate guy?
    Ample Hills ice cream makes a special appearance
  • Are most companies actually tech companies?
  • 20% of market is moving every year, but it takes 5 cycles for everyone to go through a new change of process/tech, with commercial taking even longer
  • The need to ask “how do I do it better”
  • Anything that can help increase the top line, and decrease expenses, should be a welcome thing
  • A lack of Houston TX accent
  • Houston’s lack of zoning

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Feb 16 2018 · 51mins
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SquareFoot (feat. Jonathan Wasserstrum)

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Johnathan Wasserstrum is the CEO and co-founder Sqaurefoot. SquareFoot is the marketplace that connects businesses with their ideal space. By re-engineering the leasing process --- from initial search all the way through touring and lease negotiations, SquareFoot is fast becoming the go-to destination for commercial real estate leasing. Before co-founding Squarefoot, Johnathan was an RE200 mentor at Metaprop NYC and a fellow at the Startup Leadership program. https://www.squarefoot.com/ — Sponsors — www.taskbullet.com www.breather.com www.claralabs.com — Giants & Crowns — www.giantsandcrowns.com www.instagram.com/giantsandcrowns The Giants & Crowns Podcast is an interview driven series focused on unearthing stories from industry/cultural leaders while unpacking their learned lessons involving people, product, and process.

Jan 03 2018 · 42mins