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AREI 5: Generosity Without Bounds with Yonah Weiss

The Adventures of a Real Estate Investor

Networking will always be a part of real estate. Sometimes, being successful in networking comes down to using the right platform. In this episode, we talk to Yonah Weiss, a cost segregation expert, investor, and the business director of Madison SPECS. Yonah shares how you can use LinkedIn to grow your network and connect with other people deeper. He also shares his thoughts on networking in the real estate industry. Yonah talks about the CRE LinkedIn Challenge, a challenge he created to help people connect with other people and share their journey to the world. He also talks about cost segregation and why it’s an important strategy in real estate investing. Join us and learn how you can grow your network and create great relationships in real estate! [00:01 - 04:16] Opening Segment We introduce Yonah to the showHow Yonah started in real estate[04:17 - 13:55] LinkedIn as a Powerful Tool in Business and MarketingYonah talks about the CRE LinkedIn ChallengeHow the challenge helps you engage with other peopleGiving back to the communitySharing your journey with others through LinkedInLeveraging the platform to get to know other peopleWe’re all in the marketing businessGrowing your connections[13:56 - 19:57] Networking in Real Estate has a Unique Aspect to ItYonah’s approach in networkingYour network is your net worthNever stop building your networkYonah on networking in real estateWhy real estate is a “team sport”Helping each other in real estate[19:58 - 23:49] Talking Cost SegregationYonah talks about cost segregationIts impacts and benefitsThe biggest attribute of real estate investing[23:50 - 27:58] Asking Yonah the Four Adventurous QuestionsWhere Yonah wants to travelOne thing on Yonah’s bucket listHow he can leverage real estate to achieve thatYonah’s advice to aspiring passive real estate investorsJust do it!The importance of starting sooner than laterThe impact Yonah wants to leave[27:59 - 29:45] Closing SegmentCost segregationTweetable Quotes:“Your network is your net worth. I truly believe that. There’s a lot of different interpretations of what that means. But to me, it means you can never stop building that, because you never know how impactful one connection, one person will have in your life... It’s not about numbers building or how many people that I know, but how deep those relationships can go…” - Yonah Weiss“Just do it. Do it sooner than later, because the longer you wait, the more opportunities you’re gonna miss… The returns that you’re getting, to be able to reinvest that, will help you get to wherever your financial goals are quicker, the sooner you get involved.” - Yonah Weiss on aspiring real estate investorsResources mentioned:https://www.yonahweiss.com/Connect with Yonah on LinkedIn, FacebookPLEASE SUBSCRIBE & LEAVE AN HONEST REVIEWCheck out Adventurous REI and our social media channels


3 Jun 2021

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Yonah Weiss - Tax Benefits in Real Estate

Breakaway Wealth Podcast

Join us as Jim Oliver welcomes Yonah Weiss, an Israel-based cost segregation expert, as they discuss the multiple tax benefits in owning real estate.  Yonah Weiss is a self-described "powerhouse" with property owners' tax savings. Through cost segregation, Yonah has assisted clients in saving tens of millions of dollars.  Yonah is a Cost Segregation Expert at Madison SPECS, which has done over 14,000 cost segregation studies covering all 50 states. The result of this effort is a whopping savings number, currently totaling over $3 billion. If you’d like to learn more about cost segregation, the various tax deductions real estate brings, or how to build your online presence through LinkedIn, visit  Yonahweiss.com or listen in on his podcast Books Mentioned in this Episode: Thou Shall Prosper by Rabbi Daniel Lapin The Way of God: Derech Hashem by Moshe Chaim Luzzatto Connect with Jim Oliver: Facebook: CreateTailwind & Jim Oliver Website: https://createtailwind.com/ YouTube: CreateTailwind LinkedIn: Jim Oliver


27 May 2021

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Being Orthodox & A Social Media Cost Segregation Phenomenon with Yonah Weiss

The S2 Show

On this episode, we are chatting with Yonah Weiss who is a Linkedin Social Media Phenomenon and a legendary Commerical Real Estate Cost Segregation Expert . Yonah is the Director of Business at Madison SPECS a New Jersey Based company with a focus on saving Property Owners Millions in Taxes - as well as the host of Weiss Advice podcast. In this episode, Yonah and I get personal about his life and discuss how he got into the real estate industry and what religion and traditions have done to improve his business life and how the concept of Shabbat is a lesson for everyone on how to prioritize your work life balance. As a prior teacher in Isreal, Yonah has the skill of being true to who he is and through that- -  he builds trust with his audience which is a gift he shares with all new comers in his industry through his commercial real estate Social Media challenges.  If you are looking for ways to grow yourself and your business as a person in real estate you will gain valuable insights from this episode and by following Yonah’s direction. Social media Follow The S2 Show on IG:https://www.instagram.com/thes2show/​​Reach out to Stephanie directly at: info@thes2show.comCheck out our website to meet the team, view show notes and transcripts: www.thes2show.comMentioned in the Episode: Yonah’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cost-segregation-yonah-weiss/Weiss Advice: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/weiss-advice/id1515387561Madison SPECS: https://madisonspecs.com/cost-segregation-quote/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=branded&keyword=madison%20specs&gclid=CjwKCAjwj6SEBhAOEiwAvFRuKOI_269sOCCQ35lewwak2W3R88PDkCPecj-1z2jFW3VcVdY0OHI3phoC07sQAvD_BwE


26 May 2021

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Episode 14: Tax Mitigation & Cost Segregation with Yonah Weiss

Dealmaker Diaries Podcast

Yonah is a powerhouse - with property owners' tax savings. As Business Director at a national cost segregation leader, Madison SPECS, he has assisted clients in saving tens of millions of dollars on taxes through cost segregation. ​ Over the past 15 years Madison SPECS has done over 16,000 cost segregation studies covering all 50 states, resulting in over $3 BILLION in tax savings. In this episode we covered: How does one know if their property is a good candidate for a cost segregation study? What does one look for in a cost segregation firm? Should one always get an upfront estimate first? Is one able to capture some of the benefits of cost segregation retroactively, if they've already held a property for a long time? Looking at the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, does the change in the Act allow property owners to take their depreciation deductions much faster. Is this temporary, or a permanent change in the law? How does any of this impact an investor’s personal income taxes? Tune in for a very engaging conversation! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/donald-thomas6/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/donald-thomas6/support


30 Apr 2021

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Episode 12: Yonah Weiss: All about saving on Taxes with Real estate

The Real Path to BYOB(Be your own Boss)

Key Point Summary·        All kinds of deductions that you might have if you have a mortgage is mortgage expenses deduction. Often, when you do real estate tax savings, the topic is all about this thing called depreciation. ·        The IRS allows you to take a tax write-off tax deduction based on the concept your property will go down in value as time goes on. The day you buy a property is the purchase price spent on buying, even if you only put down a certain down payment. The whole purchase price is taken and then divided by 27 and a half years. That's the amount of time the IRS says that multifamily properties depreciate.·        When you're talking about the tax benefits of tax deductions, that's the biggest one. It's basically a free deduction that you're able to lower your tax liability by a huge chunk every single year just by the fact that you bought the property.·        Yonah says that there's no difference between single-family to multifamily. The only difference is that when you get into other commercial properties besides multifamily, instead of being a 27 and a half year depreciation schedule, it's a 39-year depreciation schedule.·        The purchase price determines how much depreciation you can take over the ownership. It goes down to take off the land value, which is deducted, which can sometimes be turned by an appraisal with the appraised land value or county property taxes.·        Yonah says that the deposition is applicable for new construction but only if it is new construction to hold meaning as a rental property. It only begins once you place it in service, so your tax deduction only starts once the construction is fully completed.·        According to Yonah, it's really just an advanced form of depreciation where we take the cost and instead of taking the whole thing as a lump sum and dividing that by 27 and a half years, the IRS says that you can segregate those costs into different categories that depreciate things in your building as you depreciate on different varying levels. ·        Yonah says you can take a huge chunk of the cost over a five-year deduction period instead of lumping it all together and just taking a little bit each year.·        Cost Segregation benefits those who are just trying to call the property for a smaller duration of time to get that advantage in the years that they hold stuff taking it over.·        Suppose you are a real estate investor who buys multiple properties, continuously investing, and buying more and selling maybe. In that case, you can really benefit from this no matter how long you're holding it for. Because depreciation for one property can be used to offset your income from all of your properties. It's a strategy that couples with the overall business strategy of investing.·        Rental income is considered passive income. A huge amount of depreciation is passive deductions. Your passive deductions are used against your passive income and it's lumped together. If you have one or multiple properties, all of your passive income is locked all together in one bucket, including all of your depreciation.·        Yonah says that everyone's greatest goal is to take advantage of the passive sides of the income.·        Passive deductions can only be used against your passive income. The exception is that when you're considered a Real Estate Professional. You or your spouse can qualify for the status but only one of you is qualified. Once you have this qualification, you now don't have that limitation. The passive deduction is only used against the passive income. You can use the passive deduction


30 Mar 2021

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RCRE - How to Network in Real Estate with Yonah Weiss

Jake and Gino Podcast

Mike Taravella and Will Coleman interview Yonah Weiss of Madison SPECS. Key Information: Keys to Networking: Get to know someone, understand their goals and aspirations. Find a way to help them achieve those goals if you are in a position to do so. Start by helping one person a day. Make an introduction, share ideas, or connect with them useful resources. Utilize social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Focus on mastering one platform before you move to another.  Create a community of likeminded people to discuss topics relevant to your industry. Expert Pro Tip: “Find a tribe of people who have similar goals and share ideas together” Contact Information: https://www.yonahweiss.com/ Yonah Weiss – LinkedIn To register to invest with us: https://invest.randpartnersllc.com/invexp/accounts/login/ Rand CRE's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/randcre Rand CRE's Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/randcre Rand CRE's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/randcre


3 Mar 2021

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129 Yonah Weiss: How to Use Social Media to Market Your Unique Brand

Construct Your Life With Austin Linney

Yonah Weiss: How to Use Social Media to Market Your Unique Brand Meet Yonah Weiss, a cost segregation expert, commercial real estate investor, host of the Weiss Advice podcast, and has saved millions of taxes for property owners. He believes in the power of networking which is why he interviews successful people in life and business. In this episode of Construct Your Life with Austin Linney, Yonah shares his journey from a school teacher who wanted sustainable income to the cost segregation expert he is today. He explains the cost segregation strategy and what it means for real estate investors. Listen in to learn about the power of social media in marketing your brand through content marketing plus scaling relationships. “When you find something that is such a little-known tool that can be so beneficial, the best way to help people is to get as many people to know about it as possible.”- Yonah[10:33] What You Will Discover: [5:00] Tips on how to exercise emotional intelligence when handling the person on the other side of the line during a cold call. [8:24] How educating people on a little-known subject automatically makes you an expert in the area. [12:29] Understanding the cost segregation- income tax deduction strategy. [15:51] The power of creating content on social media to establish your brand. [21:24] Take your time to observe others on social media to see what works for you and to scale relationships.  [30:36] How to shift your mind, time, and energy to be in the space as a success. Relevant Links: Website: https://www.yonahweiss.com/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cost-segregation-yonah-weiss/ #podcast


13 Jan 2021

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The Passive Income Attorney Podcast

On this episode The Passive Income Attorney, Seth talks to Yonah Weiss. Seth and Yonah discuss the tax benefits of investing in real estate, both passively and actively, as well as how you can save thousands on your taxes, even while working a W2 job.


4 Jan 2021

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047: Cost Segregation & Eliminating Your Taxes with Yonah Weiss

Make Money, Make Sense in Real Estate with Danté Belmonte

Cost Segregations are one of the most power tools we as real estate investors are given by the government to minimize our tax obligation. Who wouldn't want to pay zero in taxes?! Well...we tell you how. Taking accelerated depreciation is a massive tax and business strategy to maximize your cash flow from your property or syndicated investment. Listen to this weeks episode with Cost Segregation expert Yonah Weiss as we give you the in's and out's on how the Cost Segregation can help you and your investors with your duplex or 150 unit building!  To learn more about Yonah or to connect visit yonahweiss.com We hope you were able to take some value away from todays episode. To learn more or connect with Danté visit victorycapgroup.com 


3 Dec 2020

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E170: Cost Segregation 101 - Yonah Weiss

The Investor Mindset - Real Estate Show

This week I have Yonah Weiss on the show, a cost segregation specialist, and we dive deep into this amazing way of minimizing or even eliminating your income tax. Don’t miss it!👉👉 Get The Passive Investing Playbook - https://theinvestormindset.com/passiveSo what is cost segregation? Well, it's an advanced form of depreciation and depreciation is a tax deduction that any property owner gets when they buy a property. This means that you can take the cost of the property (aside from your personal residence) and take it as an income tax writeoff. As this typically happens over a long period of time, we can reallocate that cost to different components that depreciate at faster rates. This means taking larger tax reductions in earlier years of ownership. So this is something fundamental that you really want to be doing as an investor to save a lot on your tax returns. Yonah is a powerhouse with property owners' tax savings. As Business Director at Madison SPECS, a national Cost Segregation leader, he has assisted clients in saving tens of millions of dollars on taxes through cost segregation. He has a background in teaching and a passion for real estate and helping others. He’s a real estate investor and host of the new podcast Weiss Advice. Hit subscribe to join the community and build your investing knowledge today! KEY TAKEAWAYS1. What is cost segregation: It's an advanced form of depreciation. Depreciation is a tax deduction that any property owner gets when they buy a property. This means that you can take the cost of the property (aside from your personal residence) and take it as an income tax writeoff. As this typically happens over a long period of time, we can reallocate that cost to different components that depreciate at faster rates. This means taking larger tax reductions in earlier years of ownership.  2. Real estate is an amazing way of minimizing or even eliminating income tax.  3. On average from 25% - 50% of the purchase price can be reallocated in cost segregation depending on what type of asset class it is.  4. Depreciation starts when you buy a property and it's based on purchase price.  5. On a major renovation project, only the renovation cost can depreciate at a faster rate and not the purchase price. The depreciation also only starts when the property is rent ready.  6. It typically takes a few weeks to turn around the cost segregation study.  7.  An engineer is needed to carry out the study and it's for this reason that someone like an account can't do the job for you.  8.  For people that aren't real estate professionals, you can still benefit from depreciation but only on the passive income you earn and not on your regular income. The main beneficiaries of this technique are going to be real estate professionals as they can use depreciation across all their income.  9. As a passive investor with multiple investments, the depreciation from a property can spill over and be used to offset income from other investments as well.  10. If the property is refinanced then the money you receive as an investor will be tax free.  11. Bonus depreciation means that once you've allocated assets to faster depreciation schedules, you can take 100% of the depreciation tax deduction in the first year instead of spreading it out.  12. A depreciation recapture tax means that you're taxed on the amount of depreciation that was taken over the investment period. It doesn't mean that you have to pay back everything you've saved in the process.   BOOKSThe Passive Investing Playbook - https://theinvestormindset.com/passive LINKShttps://www.yonahweiss.com/https://www.linkedin.com/in/cost-segregation-yonah-weiss/Learn more about investing with Steven at https://theinvestormindset.com/investJoin the MultiFamilyMBA and get exclusive free training: https://theinvestormindset.com/mfmba


26 Nov 2020