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ITW:69 - Ophelia Chong & Chris Husong - Cannabis Consultants


On episode 69 of Puff Digital’s Into The Weeds Podcast Ben & Bubba welcome photographer Ophelia Chong and marketing consultant, Chris Husong. The group get reacquainted with Ophelia, who first appeared on ITW during the Venice Sessions, and learn how Chris got into the weeds.  You can find Ophelia on Instagram at @opheliaswims and Chris @chrishusong Follow @getintotheweeds 


17 Mar 2020

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#44: Intro to CBD, Chris Husong from Elixinol

The Foundation Of Wellness

This is episode 44. We sat down with Chris Husong to talk about CBD at the paleo f(x) conference in Austin TX. He's the VP of marketing and communications at Elixinol - a colorado based company committed to extracting & providing the highest quality CBD Hemp products in the world.Try Elixinol with this 10% off code: “first10” at https://elixinol.com/For those of you thinking What the heck even is CBD? here's a brief overview: Cannabidiol (CBD) is a plant compound derived from hemp that regulates our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS helps regulate important actions in the immune system, nervous system and all of the body’s organs - it’s literally the bridge between your body and mind that maintains your overall wellbeing. Once CBD enters our body, it attaches to ECS receptors in the brain, organs, and immune cells to quickly begin regulating the body’s optimal balance. When the mind and body is in this state of homeostasis, stress and anxiety levels lower, sleep improves, and pain + inflammation is reduced.In this episode we go into even greater explanation of what CBD is, why it's so beneficial for us, as well as proper daily dosage and the different delivery methods. We also chat about drug testing, what to look for when purchasing CBD products [full spectrum vs isolate, mg of CBD] and our personal experiences using CBD. Wait. Is CBD legal in the US? Take a listen to find out!! :)For professional Inquiries contact - Jessica Dogert, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist: jessdogert@gmail.com; or Marisa Moon, Certified Primal Health Coach: marisa@marisamoon.comDisclaimer: Consult with your doctor or functional medicine practitioner before trying any of the remedies or protocols mentioned in this episode. Jessica Dogert and Marisa Moon are not physicians or medical practitioners. This information and recording is for informational and educational purposes only.Points of Discussion: What is CBD?When was it discovered?Hemp vs marijuana - what's the difference?- hemp is higher in CBD- marijuana is higher in THCBenefits of CBDCan you feel the effects instantly?What is the endocannabinoid system [ECS]?Delivery methods- capsules, tinctures, topical, liposomal* *cbd + fat cells to make it more bioavailable - feel effects fasterApplication dose: take 2x per day 15mg AM 15mg PM, double dose to reach desired effect*CBD is processed out of body every 6-12 hoursLook for certificates of analysis - potency, pesticides, etcProduction process- full spectrum [contains terpenes] *entourage effect- isolate [not as effective]Will I pass a drug test?Farm Act of 2018- CBD is now federally legalGet social with Chris Husong + Elixinol:LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrishusong/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elixinol/Website: https://elixinol.com/Final Message: What a treat is was to have Chris Husong on our show. He's so knowledgeable about CBD and so passionate about sharing the news this incredible plant compound has to offer.Check out the Elixinol blog to educate yourself even further on CBD: https://elixinol.com/education/Jessica's site: https://www.jessicadogert.comMarisa's site: https://www.marisamoon.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/FoundationofWellnessPodcastInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/foundationofwellness_podcastIntro/Exit Music  - "Ukulele Whistle" by Scott Holmes


30 May 2019

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Chris Husong, Hemp Market Expert, Elixinol

Gut Check Project

Chris Husong is a market expert in the hemp industry. Accounting for the challenges of public perception, legal challenges, and the burdens of science to prove the claims for hemp benefits have all shaped the climate in which hemp is used today. Born in Texas, Chris moved with his parents a few times throughout the country, studied theology in California, worked in finance and telecom, and after confronting his own biases, discovered that the hemp industry needed legitimatization. Teaching the skeptics, directing messaging for correct use, and ultimately using education as the chosen tool for sales, Chris shared with GCP why the truth behind hemp is the only way to properly build its acceptance.https://elixinol.comFacebook: @Elixinol https://www.facebook.com/elixinol/LinkedIn: @Elixinol https://www.linkedin.com/company/elixinol/Twitter: @ElixinolCBD https://twitter.com/ElixinolCBD?lang=enInstagram: @Elixinol https://www.instagram.com/elixinol/KBMD CBDhttps://kbmdhealth.comhttps://gutcheckproject.comKBMD CBDhttps://kbmdhealth.comhttps://gutcheckproject.comWhy should you buy a $0.99 now the bag because it's no ordinary bag can save you 20% of three or more items you can fit inside some call that magic others say it's the eighth wonder of the world but whatever it is this the best way to save you 20% outbreaks filters wipers and more quality parts helpful people that snap a no no dissipating up auto parts store's loss was last minimum three exclusions apply conference 10 3119 well it's a gut check project this is episode number eight project we check our egos at the door and they get your health in check I'm here with your host Dr. Kenneth Brown I'm Eric Rieger Doug Brown I doing today I'm doing fantastic episode number eight holy cow I feel like we have the words flying through these episodes every time we come always a better guess today is no exception at all this is gonna be really exciting now is to be very exciting is your mind when you said episode number eight remember that show it is enough I don't want that to be the theme as well as Rabbi and it won't be today she was incredibly excited we have on today Christian song long term market experience within the hemp industry and he has me setting it is getting an incredible tale of coming from a world of high regulation in telecom and in banking and basically what the hemp industry means to America he's got lots of interaction stories and what it takes to make people understand the importance of hemp and how to accept the message of me what did you can you gather out of that amine Christmas we met at first two years ago yeah so my my initial meeting of Christmas two years ago that's we told the story before will repel your facts right and I walked by the lexical booth and another salesperson other than marketing person Christine Thiel grab me and the thing I remember most about that is Dave Christine and Chris all super tall like this is a really tall child apparently hip will make you taller I know you call me someone will be involved with that company so we could do some real basketball or something you know join the election all basketball team what you honestly if you're in listening to get your project today if you've ever wondered about hey look at him is new to me and I'm not really sure what to think that's that's okay today's episode is really kind incredible as Chris can walk through what it's like to to not just look at Hampton say minutes taboo that's taboo it's okay so many people started there and he's got a lot of experience in helping people understand the benefits behind him and what he can do to change their lives for what I love about this is that he comes from these industries are so regulated and she had to transform that into an industry that is so misunderstood you know when you look at that you look at his bio he only looks on website it says it is skilled in helping people and companies overcome their psychological creative and strategic barriers so that they can achieve the professional personal and creative goals so more than just be the chief marketing officer this guys can be my life coach break through all those barriers yet when Ken and Chris Chris's got a lot of a lot of expense he actually went to theological theology school in not in California but were to talk about that for sure yes that means because just think about the transition nearly everything he's gone through in and of course and he's either great guy can't wait from to join the show hit the bottom of the hour course that they were have KPD KB MD's corner where basically Dr. Brown will die do like he's been doing the last seven shows in address some recent research topics and get tiny previews about what to talk about your two minutes yeah so what we always like to do is try to have a bootable format here so everyone knows what to get it into the show so we know we have a fantastic guest I also want to talk about some recent science it's out there so we have forcefully graduate student that helps us out and she sent a really cool article about ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease the same disease that killed Stephen Hawking right I have a very personal tide of this because when my good friends Dr. Russell Veronica in San Antonio a gastroenterologist that I've trained with and with medical school with his father unfortunately passed away of this so I saw this article which to my knowledge the first one that actually looks at ALS and CBD ties in perfectly because we have Christmas song near chief marketing officer now we can't make disease claims what we can say is look it may help some of these different diseases where there really is no treatment and this is a really cool study that I wanted didn't and it's also even said that because today shows can be so incredible and that the way we learn how to balance real information and what we can legally say as a marketing person and then what the consumer can do with both of these angles to kind of piece these puzzles together much like the episode we had last time in stem cell oh yeah you know this fascinating cool stuff you like why don't more people know about this will Chris has to deal with that every day is like no we can say this we can't say this oh my goodness yes is be fantastic if we did this but we have to do it this way because his background I think is a perfect background coming from the super regulated industry to an area that is so gray that you really need somebody very disciplined like him to sort of take the reins and that's why think election all such unique company yet without question let's get some of the paying the bills out of the way and first off the bat love my tummy.com/spoony what could that be in reference to well I believe you're talking about my baby trying to I am trying to so we talk about how our transit was initially developed for bloating and digestive issues change in bowel habits abdominal discomfort what I am seeing a whole lot of which is really cool really getting into this practice of just coming up in the next few weeks that are professional triathletes we have different bodybuilders and things like that that we have slated to come in one of the things we do realize is that the polyphenols in trying to actually increase blood flow to the muscles so that you can have better performance in just about everything so the polyphenols go to your: where your own colonic archer will break them down into anti-inflammatory and basically antioxidant species so that you can recover from workouts and you can actually increase blood flow so not only is it good for bloating but I encourage everyone to go to love my Tommy.com/spoony put in the spooning code SP 00 NY and get 10% off I just answered you did bring up athlete hotrod teal is the only NSF certified for sport product out there indicated for bloating what is it me so if something is NSF certified for sport specifically it means that 1/3 party the NSF foundation has taken the product and they made certain that everything you mark on your package is truthful date they can be backed up that the claims that you have for your studies are verified and that every single product it makes up the composite award the product itself is clean if you're an athlete you don't have to worry that something you and a girl you're going to take with the NSF certified for sport moniker on it might contaminate a sample or might not do exactly what the ad the labeling says so NSF certified for sport is the same thing that Richard dietitians there with MLB NFL NCAA Olympics Olympics they look for that little mark to make certain that when they recommend a supplement or an over-the-counter supplement or aid to their athletes that it's on there so they know that it's a it's a clean product and John Teal features that endorsement that's also because a lot of companies don't have that we pay to play for that eventually I think that what we should have is a KB MD endorsement over here was just means that we like the product to say absolutely right some quick follow-up from from my last week show one of the coolest things as people began to take in Dr. Wade McCann as if he didn't check out episode seven go back and listen last week if you have any questions about stem cells the future stem cells what it's like to market stem cells in this FDA over regulating environment even know you have truth in your hands go back and listen episode seven but once Wade McKenna finished his his episode all week we received email I even got texts stem cells are good for hair growth stem cells can actually help me with my sciatica that I've been dealing with for a few years it's amazing what people don't know about stem cells and then how many people said I thought whenever I used quote unquote cord blood that I was using stem cells and it turns out that you're just not so anyway last week's feedback to getting feedback from last week I got a ton of feedback I actually got a ton of feedback people were I got a lot of calls people wanted to go I think a lot of people actually call me how to actually get into Dr. Wade McKenna's practice of which I think is also because when we have some real like that they can make it make a difference I mean when I sit there and think about this we are completely under utilizing everybody with analysts on the show so far photo bio modulation stem cells once you get into the science you like wow the site speaks for itself much like CBD yes science much like outrun to the science hold its own yeah and that's a cool sinks within a marketing gimmick it's none of this and that's what Chris is going talk about how do you how to stay above how do you stay above the bar where everybody else is trying to play a marketing game and usually want to get out there and help people that's remarkable whenever you look back and you does mention it photo by modulation with James Carroll and talking about stem cells last week with the Dr. McKennitt the parallels that were running here with the CBD industry or hemp industry and what the FDA basically is doing because the FDA is it it it playing all three of those we got truth and results so true and you just can't cannot see it's crazy but anyhow if and you can always go back and check any of our previous episodes you can always go to iTunes and search for gut check project so be sure to subscribe and share with the print so speaking of share with a friend sought a shout out and we need a little help from our audience here only give a shout out to my friend John Demoss who texted me and said while really liking your show when you do your Instagram post make sure that you have closed caption and Eric and I stared each other like great idea and we are complete newbies to this kind of thing so like how do we do that if you know how to do that please hit us up so that though we can start put in the closed caption or whatever it is on history now do you want even better if you're interested in sharing with us you would like to I guess audition to be our Instagram helper let us now go to KPMG health.com find connect shoot us an email in the form and I will holla back at you I promise we don't know what were doing with Instagram really want to know before next week because we've got the basically an Instagram start coming on the show and so we've got we had a really cool show next week also but today is the one that were focusing on so please iTunes you to YouTube you can also do the gut check project channel you can subscribe and share there as well that we are always here in the Sony studio you can always listen live it spoony.com so smutty.com iTunes get check project YouTube gadget project thank you so much subscribe and share so Dr. Brown let's head into KPMG corner what's on the corner today well let's talk a little bit about some personal stuff start this is kind of interesting I'm a little bit embarrassed about this what you know how when sometimes it's too close to you and you don't know what's going on well my mom unfortunately she fell hurt her shoulder about three months ago and she's been rehabbing Kent and I was just talking to her and I just went oh my gosh did I not send you CBD that are not and she owes no I don't know you know I tried something like that some hemp oil what she tried screws that endure anything else like okay let me send you something so I sent her some bottles with some vitamin D and sufficient oil because I believe in using these fatty acids to really help brain information in such large Dr. couple days ago and she was post be doing three more months of rehab and she goes okay and it's so exciting I don't have to go to rehab anymore my shoulder feels great it actually back to normal this is after you sent everything this is after center about two weeks of using the CBD and so she's Artie on trunk Hill always has been for quite a while but so after sending the CBD and now embarrassed because I'm like oh my gosh my own mom herself and that would be something owed to the patient immediately you just forget when it's too close and then my sister who's actually black belt in aikido and she's always been yourself open to students rose to banged up my mom gave her a bottle and she just texted me this morning said oh my gosh that works so well the key to this Morgan talk about this with Chris that there are differences in different types of CBD and what is out there how you market so my personal story is sorry mama should be given to to three months ago just was too close to it we got so much stuff going on and you know fortunately better late than never she's doing great yeah I know that's a it's of these brothers, interesting so you said in another we can touch on Chris but when James was on James Carroll from outdoor laser he talked about imitators right and then last week with the with Dr. Wade mechanically talked about imitators or people that don't administer stem cells appropriately or may not actually even be utilizing stem cells but saying that they are or putting in chemicals that will destroy destroy those that are not probably not to their own fault I just don't know enough about it because the reality is we talked about this is CBD industry and I'm I tell my patients this I said I would get into a loop of the science would explain a little bit we have this new brochure that explains a little bit and we get into the fact of what your end or cannabinoid system is how it links the nervous system and the immune system put you back in balance that is so simplistic because the reality is were going to see a field of medicine called Endo Kanab analogy and your Genesee specialist called Endo Canavan allergist's share I'm convinced of it sure any of you have a hepatology ST have the endocrinologists there is actually no reason why you would have an Indo Campanella just as we begin to learn more that CBD absolutely totally agree right it's about you anything going on in the personal life personal life at the boys I mean honestly the boys are doing great. During off-season basketball who ended up I know that seems like add the theme but that's that's really what they're into but I did go shoot with my youngest earlier this week and I learned that dad dad is the worst basketball player in the household now Matt can drain from all points of the court I'm just I'm no match anymore there faster than I am and now that he's basically 6 foot tall and 15 and gauges about 61 now in 1730 I just not much I can do with with either one of them so very much dominate brain I headed down to Kaleo FX this week though oh that's right you want one of my favorite conferences to be great conference it's a chemist think that immediate which is so busy just to go this week will unfortunately I have to go to Newark New Jersey and film a national commercial for archer until Roger entails time to take out her until the next level were to be doing some national commercial so I would love it really affects would love to be helping out at the election all booth pate BMD CBD booth trash and talk about trying to learn the on the entourage effect without an CBD but I don't fly up to New York in the true commercial which I'm a little bit nervous about the Wilson estate bowing on the head Keith Michelle Noris tune into your commercial as soon as it airs big shot today and they are the one to put on file with X they do a great job if you never been that appealing effects in Austin Texas it is what's your time you going to be introduced to a bunch of different things that could probably change her health and that's how we found CBD out and say I'm very partial to pill effects last year I give a talk and one over really well talked a lot of people had to be able to get their books it was really exciting you just it just fun to see a like-minded community I did the mojo 50 show this morning we're talking about sugar and the paler community does not really eat M&Ms those guys do M&M tasting Delphi lot M&Ms of failure effect listen if you have M&Ms you to balance it out with much until Fisher 100% totally so yeah you just have a great time hello effects I will make you feel better about you not been know to beat your sons because the only person that can warm Lucas up is my daughter Carla because both my wife and I are incapable of even even hit the ball back against those guys don't know probably know why it's super humiliating I I feel memo Mike is it embarrassing that the youngest person in the family is the only person I can warm Osama before matches and vice versa they want each other up it's really cool that's get down so I'd have any hits on the on the corner before Chris joins us will I do want to bring up one thing here I will bring up an article I was try to bring up one article to talk about just now woman talk about marketing Christmas songs it's about marketing a lot of people look at the big deal I want to tell everyone about this and so on I really like to look at disease specific states And the article that we can achieve that in the beginning here is an article related to the meta-analysis was published in the Journal of neurochemistry here this year just couple months ago and what it looked at is it did a meta-analysis which is a compilation of studies usually meta-analysis I have in the scientific literature are considered to be more robust picture taking a lot of studies putting them together and this is looking at ALS known as anti-atrophic lateral sclerosis Lou Gehrig's disease is a devastating disease and as I had mentioned earlier it actually took the life of my good friend Dr. Russ of Ron Ike whose guesser Alderson San Antonio and we actually saw his dad his father correct we actually saw this progressive disease and that's the deal about ALS eight what it does is if you're unaware of it I find it to be one of the most devastating diseases out there there's a book called Tuesdays with Maury that I read back many years ago they commit a movie about it also censures about the progress the progression of ALS and somebody that where there is a caregiver helping them out and you get a feeling about how it just slowly chips away and what it does this damages the nerves that control muscles so over time all of your muscles weaken to the point where they cannot contract eventually hitting the diaphragm so you can't read you lose the ability to speak because you can't control your tongue you lose the ability fine motor movement changes first because the small muscles go and you can't button things and it is just a debilitating but you keep your mind eventually you have some mind changes and they don't really understand why it is they believe there's a small genetic component but really what it is it's an excitatory issue with the nerves releasing too many of certain chemicals that eventually do not allow the do not allow the muscle to contract on the words and try to sting like muscle doesn't work so this was quite a while ago I've been in practice for 17 years Russ and I with both med school and fellowship together it was during residency so were talking 27 years ago 25 years ago I do know anything about CBD fat I know they must be in touch two years ago so this study came out red actually showed that they looked at mice and they looked at their ability to travel distance they looked at their grip strength that she put them through some sort of little American ninja course where they had them hang upside down on the net so like a Jacob's ladder, it was it was it was really it was fascinating that I made a run a wheel what they did is they they actually looked at those that had that were given CBD and those that were the control group and what they showed across the board in this meta-analysis is that those mice I'm sorry let me preface that the mice were genetically predisposed to have ALS so they all had a lot okay okay and what they did is that they showed that the mice that were on CBD could actually run further the mice could cling long-running that they actually increase the grip strength running real activity and they had improved survival and they did not have weight loss when they looked at all the studies something stood out to me that was very interesting they were all given CBD one particular study that they look that used a Madrigal inhibitor now what Maggio is is that's the enzyme that breaks down to AG one of your Dodgers and of cannabinoids in one of these days were to get into the deep science about the inner cannabinoid system gets all complex that's a drug it's in study and it's called KM L 29 so it's fascinating that the FDA's over here try to regulate right and in the background you've got drug companies try to develop drugs to manipulate the system if they can figure out that's awesome but is really interesting because the macro inhibitor was not as good as the traditional CBD and so what they found is that CD1 and CB to agonists in other words CBD significantly delayed the decline of motor function when compared to the control group and they showed a consistent 12 to 25 days longer of normal motor function in the mouse world what you doing is really improving that so right now there's no treatment for this they've got a couple drugs available one called real you tech and one called red Dick Reddick Have Not Even Sure That That Was around When Ross's Dad Was Sick They Said That It Could Potentially Slow down the Progression by a Month or Two While the Superexpensive Month or Two That's It I Member at the Time When We Went outside and Rushes Flying All over the Country Thing Is That Everywhere There Were Trying Everything They're Looking at Using Creatine and Different Things like That so Here We Have This Deal Where We've Got Eight Now You Can't Just Translate Mouse Models to Humans But It's Really One of the First Step in Trying to Figure Some Stuff out My Deal Is That We Know That CBD Helps in Many Different Ways and I'm Not Saying That This Is a Disease Claim I'm Not Saying That This Is Functioning and Will Help but It Certainly Can't Hurt and Might Help Right so When You Have a Very Specific Disease Group like ALS to Desperate Group with No Significant Treatment I Think It's Fascinating That These Guys Went to the Trouble of Putting Together This Mouse Data to Actually Try and Figure This out so Here We Have Grip Strength Upside down Running All of It Which Means That There Is Some Potential That This Could Actually Help This Very Devastating Disease and Is Very Small Group of People Because It's Rare but When It Does Affect You It Affects Everybody It May Affect One Person so the Number the Thing We'll Talk about Is When We Say Disease Oh This Is the Incidence of This Disease This Is the Prevalence of This Disease As Somebody Who Lost My Dad at a Young Age It Affects More Than Just the Person That Dies Share the Prevalence or the Incidence of the Disease Affects Everyone Around Them Right so I Think That If We Can Help Those People with ALS If You Know Anybody with ALS or Lou Gehrig's Disease This Is Something That May Be Showmen We Can Certainly Forward This Article to Anybody That Would like to so Include Any of the Studies That Utilize a Mouse AMI All All of the Drugs They Began and and and Started There to Try to Find out If This Is a Workable Model and Unfortunately with Today's Highly Regulated Environment He Can't Just Keep Going Forward but Were Trying to Help People Connect the Dots This That CBD Is Safe to Take and You Shouldn't Have Any Serious Side Effects Certainly by Consuming CBD It Just so Happens That in This Mouse Model We Saw These Improvements Draw from the Conclusions What You Will But This Is What I've Seen and I Mean I Think That Were Hinting In the in the Correct Direction I Just Think That It's You Know This Is Work Were Offering Hope Church When Scientists like This Do This You Just Offer Little Bit of Hope And It Is a Devastating Disease and We Just Want to See People and Just Offer Them Something an Alternative Right And If They Can Even If They Feel a Bit Better Well We Got 20 Seconds Left Here in Just a Moment We Are Going to Be Joined by Chris Who Song the Vice President of Marketing Communications Analytics and off a Hemp Industry Marketing Expert Is Going to Be Incredibly Silly Very Exciting and Super Excited Let's Do the Seal Here in about Two Minutes Dr. Kim Brown Here a Host of Check Project with Lycos Eric Rieger Eric Regency and Mojo Guys over There and Overhears Really Talk about Our 20 over Bloating I've Seen in My Practice That I'm Trying to Is a Whole Lot More Than Just a Floating Product Yes It Does a Whole Lot More Than Just Exploding Because of the Polyphenols That You Find Keen on Trying to Get Your Exactly Right the Polyphenols Are Those Molecules That We Find in the Mediterranean Diet It Makes Vegetables and Fruit Very Colorful What Are Some of the Things These Polyphenols Do Eric These Polyphenols Can Actually Stop and Nation Help You Have More Energy Thinking Have You Antiaging and Polyphenols Are Great Athletes It Sounds like It's Your Health: More People Than Just Loading Tell Me How It Is Taking out Front If You Want to Go so 2002 Capsules Three Times A Day Facing Me with You Aren't Bloated and Just Want to Polyphenol Intake Everyday Three Chances of a War for You to Love My Tummy.com/Are You Tired of High Cable TV Rates Sign up for Dish Today and Get a $500 Bonus Offer While Supplies Last Loss Locking Your Price for Two Years Guaranteed Call American – Your Dish Authorized Retailer Now 800-570-6630 800-570-6630 – 800-570-6630 Authors Required Critical Negation 24 Month Commitment Early Termination Fee Any Automakers Friction Supply Call for It Looks like You're Losing I Am I Losing Weight I Am Losing My Lost about 10 Pounds How Are You Doing It Funny Name but I Done It with Review Zone RAD Use Zone.com and the Stuff Works It's Unique It and All That the Molecule Bissonnette Found in That I Can Tell You Is It It so It Makes You Feel Full and He Keeps Your Mind Off of Wanting to Overeat and Also Boost Your Metabolism If You're Done and More Guy Try It Today It's Gonna Work for You like His Work for Brad and Countless Other People Read You Zone.com Are IDUs Zone.com Okay Welcome Back to the Second Half Hour Episode Eight of the Gut Check Project I Married Grigor Joined by Your Host Dr. Kent Brown and Now We Have the Vice President of Marketing Communications at Alexa and All Mr. Chrissy Song Chris Welcome to the Show Thanks for Having Me Absolutely Absolutely Better Radio Voice Than You and I Both Well Yeah Well You Guys Have a Better Face for One of the First Things He Chris Asked Where He Sat down and Said Do You Guys Do One Headphone or Two and Then Can Analogize That We Do We Do to Because We Didn't Know How to Do That so Anyhow I Just a Quick Reset Thank You for Joining the Show Thank You Again for Having Me Actually Catch a Project Is Brought to You by Arch on Teal As Well As KB MD CBD You Can findkbmdcbd@kbmdhealth.com and it just so happens that Chris may happen to know a little bit about KB MD CBD As Well Please Think Our Dialects and the Power Power by Licks and All so Chris You We Are Now in Dallas That's Where Our Studio Is Siam in Dallas Here with You Guys Thanks for Having Me I Grew up in Plano Just down the Road Just I Know That That's Also That's Where I Live Right Now Sam Right on Teakwood Okay All Right in the Middle Was Back When There Was Still Some Farmland in That Region Roads That Were Definitely Not Paved Back That Well While You Have Made Your Journey All the Way to Being a Market Expert but It Was You Got Zero Stress Remember I Was Told about Russ and His Dad yet Will He's Just Call Me Right Here Is Try to Call Him to Let Me Describe a Little Bit about about His Experience Home on Such a Crazy Timing to Rent a Van Fantastic What Will Look at That Set up Well in the Meantime While Were Getting the Call Set up Which This Be Our First Time We've Ever Had Live Taller All for You Chris That's Awesome Though Our Weight Much to Say Go Wildcats for Plano West Guy While Nice Nice Sticky Big Absolutely so from Plano You Are You Hello When You Plan to Graduate High School There No so I Was Born in the Fort Stockton Texas Home Right Now Where Judge Judge Roy Bean the Hanging Judge a Hanging Judge Meant to Write Also the Largest Groundhog Population in Texas That at the Time Did I Know That I Seconds Probably Pretty Pretty Have Been Doing down There but No I Moved to All over Texas with My Dad Is an Engineer for General Electric Okay so We Were All over the Place and Then Moved to California Right and I Graduated College out There and Jumped around All Sorts of Places since Then Is Your Degree in Theology Theology Yeah That's Right This Is Great for What I'm Doing Preaching about Hemp and CBD What May Think That I in All Honesty When You Find That There Is Actually Quite a Bit of Similarity and There's Going to Be A Lot of Congruent Messaging Well There There Is A Lot Of Congruent Messaging and and We Can Get Super Deep on It If You'd like but Overall Community, Theology or CVD Will Get the Loan Both of Them Get Real Deep on Both but That Because I Think Are Highly Connected I Think One of Them I Don't Know How Far You Want to Get into This Right Now but CBD Itself I Think It's Is One of the Main Things in the Unit Can Have Annoyed Systems and Allows All That Better Empathy Sure Which Is What Is Causing so Much Disregard and Disconnection in Our Society Right Now Right and If We Can All Take a Significant Amount of Quality CB and Improve Our Ability For Our Brain to Connect with People and and Not Have Social Anxiety And Connect to People Then Were Going to Actually Build Improve Our Culture and and Not Not Have All These Great Divides so I Would Assume That Probably Whenever You Are Studying Theology That That May Not Have Been Your Attitude Towards CBD or Hemp Products or That Was Even on Your Radar Though My Gosh Cannabis in CBD and Hemp Was Bad Sure You Know the Devils We Write Back Then and That It's Definitely Not Something That I Supported I Told My Kids Said No Don't Do Dumb Stuff Listen to Dad and Don't Do Drugs and Cannabis Was Definitely One of Those Things and I Had to Change My Tune Much Later in Life and My Mom Actually Group Cannabis and Marijuana While She Was Raising Us in Texas and Oklahoma and Back What Was Illegal She Was like One of the Original Member That Was – She Is Original OGE That so and You Know I I Being the Rebellious Teenager Decide I'm to Put Our Three-Piece Suit and Go Learn Religion and You Look down from My Port Perch on People and Obviously I Had to Humble Myself and Admit Mom Was Right the Whole Time That Is so Fascinating I Don't Want to Break the Story Whatsoever but I Think We Have Our First Because This Is Going All Dr. Russell Running San Antonio He Is Patched in And Russ Can Hear Us Morning Man This Is Also My Was That Obvious He Heard the Show This Morning Was Talk about You and Your Dad I Appreciate That That Means A Lot It Does so Russ Whenever You Found out That Your Dad Had ALS When When You Look at the Options That Were on the Table What and in You Being Physician What Did You Think of the Landscape and What Did You Think the Options Would Be For Him and Then Now Looking Back to What What Cans Talking about in Terms of CBD and ALS What I Mean I Lost My Dad You've Lost Your Dad Can Lost His Dad and You Know It's It's No Fun for Anyone Any Always Wish That You Had the Experiences of Technology Later What What Do You Wish You Could Take Back to in Time from What We Learn Now She Mentioned That My Dad Started Get Sick with ALS Back When Can Our Medical School Diseases Just Initiated This Really Is and They're Just Just Seated Man Who Was Pillar of Strength and It Just Wait, Wait Enough and Where They Couldn't Hold a Hammer He Could Climb a Ladder and the Most Devastating Part of That for Us Was When He Studied the Single Ball Ballparks in Ankeny and Carry on a Conversation and Eat Well Anymore Back Then There Was Nothing for Writers One of Those Diseases like Pancreatic Cancer You Got It Sorry I Just Not Then We Can Do and Then I Moved down Here to San Antonio Started Launching Residency and Fellowship and Hooked up with Carding Jackson Was a Neurologist down Here Amazing Woman Who Runs a Big ALS Clinic Here in South Texas and I Started Flying My Dad down Twice a Year and She'd See Him in an Even In Her Clinic It Was the Experimental Things of This Kind of False Hope Was Some Anti-Inflammatories There Wasn't Anything That Worked and There Are Days When It Looked like It May Be a Little Stronger and Days When He Wouldn't Now 15 Years Looking Back You Know That He's Been Gone There's Been so Much Advancement in so Many of These Neurologic Diseases and It's These Natural Types of Things That Seem to Keep Coming up As Potential Cures for This and Have Even Had an Opportunity to Have Him Try Something like This Back Then I Did My Right Arm for Combat and I Would Believe That You Don't Get Back That's I Think When You Talk about Suitable Were What Is Referring to Is the Ability to Swallow the Ability to Form Wet so I Remember When Your Dad Would Come Visit and We Would All Go to Your We Would Gather His Residence Would Go to the Pool And She Would Mumble Words That Only a Wife of 30 Years Could Understand and She Would Translate so He Was Still Completely with It Couldn't Communicate but That Kinda Shows Also the Bond That Husband and Wife Can Have Watching Your Mom Be Able to Understand What Your Dad Was Trying to Say Was Very Touching to All of Us In Talking with Him and That's the Part He Hated the Most You Got Your French Don't You Go out Yes and Cocktails Have a Dinner You Care Phone Conversation When You're like That Friends Don't Want to Hang out with You Anymore Because It's Hard and Embarrassing to to Say I Don't Know What You're Saying so There Were Times When My Dad Loved to Drink Beer I like to Drink Beer I Were Small-Town Nebraska I Would Grow up up There so When He Got to That Point in His Disease And He We Had the Decision to Finally A Peg Tube Feeding Put Two But into His Stomach to Swallow Much Anymore When You Come down Here and I Cannot Would Sit around and We Drink Beer and Dad Would Set Some up in Achieving Stringent Squared Together and It Was Awesome and and One of the Greatest Things I Remember Doing with My Dad Back and When He Got to Where He Couldn't Talk Was I Flew up and Picked Him up and Took Him up to Minnesota Went Fishing and Camping for Weekend We Sat around the Campfire We Just Drank until I Can Really Talk Either Loved It but That's What That Disease Did Nothing We Tried Were I Think That What Were Seeing Now with This Is That We Can Talk on the Mode of How Potentially the End of Cannabinoid System Works in These Neurotransmitters No Rust We Have Christmas Song on the Show Today Is the Marketing Director of Licks and All and He Was Just Tell yet He Was Talking about How His Mom Actually Was The Original OG Is Raising Her She Was Growing Marijuana and He Went to Theology School, Rebelled The Opposite Way like If You Are a Pastor You Really Grow Weed If You're Growing We Bellied Theology School You Find out You Know What You Go Back to the Things Parents. It Worked and It Made Sense Mom Was Right I Long Yeah Yeah I Mean I Joke That All the Time. I Grew up My Dad Was Yellow Country Music and Bud Light Not Solid to Rock 'n' Roll and Drink Out Of Date Now 50 and I Listen to Country Music Drink Bud Light Back Here at That Time That Often Did That Because You Find Those Things Were We Did Know Hey Rossiter – Neurology Practice Are You Incorporating Type of Natural Alternative Anything like That Big and Real High Population of People That Are Educated on the Younger Patient Population That I Have an Initial Internet Savvy and A Lot Of Them Come to Me Already Knowing A Lot about These Things and Having Read A Lot about These Things It's All out There When You Look Which Having Awesome so I Do I Have Acrobatic Doctors That I Work with I Have A Lot Of Patients on CD Oils Not Just for Things like This That Were Talking about but My Miles to Christ in Crohn's Patients with Chronic Nausea Patients My Chronic Pain Patients like Everything It Works for Some and It Does Percent Doesn't. Well I Want to See How It Was with What You Can Find Is That and What I Found Is That Not All CBD Is Created Equal And so with Some Things and so We Have Chris on Right Here and That I I'm Very I Think I Have a Similar Mantra Have A Lot Of Patience to Come into Being There Already Though I'd Artie Tried to Be like My Mom Tried Hemp Oil Which Probably Was Hemp Seed Oil Now That I Think about It in the Will and so It's like All Things You Know Not All Seabees Created Equal That's Working to Get into Today for the Rest of the Show Talk about This How Do You Market That How You Get the Word out That Just Because You Tried This Blanket Term CBD You Know You Gotta Really Make Sure That They Got a Certificate of Analysis and All That so I Want to Do If You Had Patients and It Didn't Work on Listing the Rest of the Show Because It May Be That the Power Dialects All Brand Is What You Really Need That's Exactly What We Need to Hear Some I'm Glad You Get Thanks for Involving Me and Bring Back Member My Dad and Mandalay Castle Being Vulnerable and Talking about That I Think It's Important for You Know I'm the Same Way Love Talk about My Dad It's Been You Many Years Now 30 Years since He Died so I'm Lucky Enough Still Have My Dad but My Fondest Memories Are Him Drinking Coors Light on the Boat Name for Court like Nebraska State Aire's Stepdaughter Russ I Was Met Together and That Means That We We with Some Real Lean Years Were We Were Broke Ass Med Student and Your Dad Will Visit And We Would Purposely Go to Bars with a Wood Offers like Specials like in This Bar It Will and You Don't Medical Whatever I'm Agreed As I Am Still a Bud Light like You Have but You Know Such Such Beers like 50% Was like I Was like Yeah Yeah Johnny Jerilyn $4.55 Dollars to Run I Got My Recall and in This Is Awesome That Your First Call Every Now and Certainly I Deftly Appreciated I Appreciate You Guys and Will Keep with the Man Thanks for All You Do Appreciate It I See Russ Well Chris to Talk about Beer Similar Talk about Boys You Know What I'll Say This I Remember Listening to a Podcast Were One of the Reasons Why Beer May Be so Popular Is Because the Hops and Actually Have a End of – You Have a Cannabinoid -like Molecule so My Understanding Is That That Was All Made up All Really Got Some Some Marketing Guy Used His Powers for Evil Instead of Good and That the Two Companies That Are And It Kinda Leaves What You're Talking about Not All Seabees Made Same Two Companies That Were behind Those Actually Had to Admit That There Was Those Studies Were Completely Phone No Kidding Yeah That Is Fascinating I Was Feeling and Have Chris Consider Just Burst Bubble to Be Dropping Some Truth Bombs Now That's Awesome What We Were Just Wrapping up so You To Get into the Hemp Industry Because Krista Talked about His Trek from from Fort Stockton to Plano out to out to California and Then You Spend a Little Time in Germany Germany Where I Did Learn A Lot about Beer Dealer Lot Is Three and Half Years on the High School There and Going to Prom and Castles and All Sorts of Fun Stuff That's a Little Different Doing for like We Did Were in Plano Where I Would've Would've Done It Sure Sure so Then after School You Then Get into Some Regulatory I Figured out This Beeper and Pager and Wireless Things Can Be a Big Deal so I Started Selling Cell Phones and Pagers and You Know Five Dollar Minute Type Technology in and Got into the Technology World and Got into When Sprint Was in One Market You Can Only Use Her Cell Phone in Fresno Okay and Then the Only Been Growing since Then Moved from There into the Finance World and Helped with A Lot Of Regulatory World and There and Open Market under A Lot Of Rules and Regulations and While I Was There I Met a Guy Who Is Doing Documentary on Campus and He Was Put Together All These Different Case Studies and All These Different Videos and Clips of These People That Have Been Healed by Campus and at That Time I Was like No Bunch of Stoners and You Just Want You with the with the Theology Background You Carry a Bias with These Going into These Other Careers Are More Open-Minded at This Point What Based on My Initial Upbringing by My Mom Who Is Very Open Minded I Was I Was Always Questioning Authority and Questioning Things and through That Entire Process Even Going through Theology School I Was Questioning Everything around Me You Know the Minute That and Again I Don't Know How Deep You Want to Get into Religion Here but the Minute That I Heard about Their Profit Care and Oh How They the Canonization of All of the Books and How They Got into the Bible I Started to Start Questioning A Lot More and You Know They Trying Teach You That the Bible Is 100% the Word of God and Then You Decide to Figure out That Is about 15 White Guys in a Room to Decide Which Books Are in the Bible and You Only but Little Doubt in Your Head Sure I Don't I Don't Know That 15 Guys Can Agree about Anything and Deftly When Trust Something like That That's Guiding so Many People's Lives Divided 15 Guys in Room so It's It's Definitely No Been Something I'm Always Open-Minded and Looking at Things and Questioning Things I'm Click to Decide and Slow to Change My Mind so I See Something That's Right and Usually Jump Right in and Stick with It May Be Too Long and Then Dismantled That up but I Learned My Lesson Sooner or Later Click to Decide Slow to Change My Mind That Is a That Is a Great Line This It's like You Make a Decision but You Don't Have To Make the Right Decision to Make Your Decision Right That A Lot Of Times I Mean We've Already It's That Little Cliché but Sure Enough Perfect Is Sometimes the Enemy of Good Brian and I like to Move Fast and Make the Decisions What I What I Believe in My Gut I Think That If More People Moved That Way Things to Get Done A Lot Faster in Love Things I Think Doubt Self-Doubt Challenges A Lot Of Us and from a Marketer And I like to Empower People to Make the Right Decisions and Given the Right Information That I Learned Early on in My Sales Careers That When People Tell You Know It's It's Primarily Because They Don't Have Enough Information to Say Yes the More Information We Can Give Them the More Education We Can Give Them Then They Can Move Forward So It's Just That Self-Doubt That Little Gut Thing That We Need to Move Them on Let Me Answer Question Measured Market Are One of the Things That I Have Run into with My Colleagues to Coworkers and Things Is That When Somebody Is so Entrenched in Their Belief They Get This Cognitive Dissonance Where It's Almost like There Is a Logical From Then on Transits and Religion Parallels That Tremendously If There's Anything That Has Cognitive Dissonance Is When Somebody Has the Religion and You like Look Just Saying That This Is like You Said It's 15 White Dudes in a Room You Know Maybe It's Not Everything I You Know There's A Lot Of Things I Grew up Catholic so I'm I'm I'm a Recovering Catholic and We Do Know There's There's A Lot Of Things I Look Back on Them like Ha Knows A Lot Of Things Were Really Good about It Right Discipline You Know Learning Empathy Learning These Different Things Learning to Be Held Accountable for What You Do There's Higher Good Buyer Doing All This of the Stall That There's Times That I Took Away from Theology and Take Away from Christianity and Many of the Religions That I've Studied but Absolutely One of the Things That Jesus Did Many Other of the of the Profits They Questioned Authority May Question Things and so It's Really Important That We Teach Our Kids Only Teach People to Question You Know Why Is CBD Bad by Wise Cannabis Bad You Know That Doesn't Make Any Sense and You Know If You Really Want to Get Deep on Some of the the Conspiracy Theories of How This All Got Legally Illegal We Could Get down That Road to Because It Is Crazy Will It Tell You What First of All Is Not All Right Thought Would Be Going off Right into A Lot Of Parallels That with This so What I Want to Ask You Is a Marketer How Do You Was a Marketer Overcome This Cognitive Dissonance so Primarily It's Education Right What What Sit in Front of Me and What Changed My Mind Is Facts I When You Look at Some Kid Or Some Mom or Some Dad That His Life Has Been Changed Because They're Taking CBD on a Regular Basis They Went from Not Being Able to Talk To Being Able to Talk No They Went from 300 Seizures a Day Two No Seizures but Those Type of Things You Can't Deny Right Something Is Working so If You're Able Then to Dig into Why Is That Not like Rafael Mitchell and Started Right He Went to Discover the Why We Get High Right Many Found in a Can-Am Annoyed System and Then He's Figured out There's More Than One Cabinet to New There's A Lot Of People Don't Know Who That Is Identical I've Read A Lot about Him Please Explain Who He Is Sort of the Godfather Godfather in the Can-Am Annoyed System and He's the One That in an Israel Went to Go Does Study Why THC Affects People And He Threw His Studies Found the Indo Cannabinoid System and the CD1 and CB to Receptors and Why We Get High and Started Been Digging into the Plant In Finding That There's Many More Cannabinoids and Found CB Juan and CBN and CBG and All These Things and He's Really the One That It Brought This to the Forefront for Everyone and Only Because Return for Why People Get Hot and Move Forward from There A True Scientist and Also Somebody Who Discovered Something That I Did Learn about Med School No Is 9% of Medical Schools Now Teach about That Night I'm Surprised It's Not Really I Think That's Higher Than What I Would've Said I Would've Said 0% It Said to Me It Still Shocking That Is That Low That It's Ever I Mean I Understand Coming from Medical Field Where You Were Taught about It so That Makes Sense Right but Even 9% of Sure All the Doctors out There How Much Impact Just This One Camp Mind Is Made Can You Imagine If 20% of Our Doctors Knew about How This Mean the Doctors That That I Talk to Every Day You Know They Run the Gamut Summerlike Yes All Day In Summer like Crazy I Lose My License Right and That's the Education Back to What Your Talk about How You Change the Minds What a Link Small Has Done and Work with People like You Is to Make Sure That Those Influencers of the Health and Wellness World Those Health Professionals out There Those Doctors Are Equipped with Education Because There to Make the Biggest Impact You Know I Can Go Sell a Bunch of This Online and All Search Ads up There and Click Send It There but What We've Decided to Is Focused Primarily on Helping Health Professionals to Learn about Our Product Because There Can Make Big Impact in the Community so That I Think That That Is All I'm Sorry about That I Think That's Paul Paul W Are Found When Joy Was Here She Was Describing Your You Paul Gabe Your Etiology Is Not so Much Just to Move Product It's to Educate the World so That This All Become Something Bigger Hundred Percent Hundred Percent Our Founder Paulino Is Pre-Much a Citizen of the World Now He Considers Himself One of Those Guys That That Doesn't Belong Any One Country That Belongs to the All of the World and He's Trying to Make Big Changes CDs Just One of Them You Know He's Been a Hen Pioneer since the 90s Right and Made the Very First Hemp Bar Because It Had so Many Omega-3's and Omega Sixes and Nobody Was Getting Those Essential Fats Right Now You Have To Get Them from Meat Is What They Were Trying so Need to Know You Can Get It from the Plants and You Can Start Getting Those Things Because You Could Lit so Many People Implant Diets Were Deficient And There Is No Reason Because We Had Hemp Constantly When I Met You and Chrissy Feel They Will Affect Two Years Ago I Knew Nothing Was in Two or Three Working up on the Third One Now Is at Three Bad Is Probably through Your Probably Right Because I Give a Lecture Last Year Yes Is Your Go to the Third Value about so What Happened to Me Was I Just Walked by the Booth and I Was Just That Christie Just Said You Discredited Love You Bunches That Happens When Everyone Christie Just Brought Everybody and She Such a Great Evangelist Shoot She Has but It Was Literally It's like I Don't Know What You're Talking about What I Did Your Enthusiasm Send a Case to My Office Area and I Gave Away the Whole Case You Can Take Any Blog I Talk about I Did Well but One Bottle and What I Found Is That I Guess Maybe Got to Get to 24 I Think I Had 22 People Come Back after the Bottle Run out the Big Bottle of 3600 It's I Want More Know It Okay Run Something And I Gave It to I Didn't of Insiders Ate the Cost and Elect Someone to See Unbiased Just Predicate Event Just Tell Me What You Think and a True Scientist but True yet so I Had like 22 of 24 People Come Back to What Okay Were on to Something Now I Need to Start Teaching Myself Now I Need to Really Start Educating Myself And It All Starts with That Starts with Just the Domino Effect And That's What's That's What I'm Doing Right Now Working to Be Talking A Lot about the Actual Science of Stuff and Disease States That I'm Helping Not Claiming But Supporting Supporting Exactly Just so You We Kind of Hit A Lot Of Different Topics Here but Said Some Things That We Can Carry over into the Next Hour That I Think the Listeners Are Really Liking at Your Approach Chris Which Is Basically You Said You'd You Should Become Double Challenging Dogma You and You Really Should If You're Going to Find Something That Doesn't Just Mean Looking at Hemp and Saying I Think It's Taboo but I Need to Find out More about It to See If I Can Change My Mind There's Also Incidents We May Say Hemp Is Everything but I Need to Make Sure That It's Everything That Everybody Says That It Is Absolutely and Then Then We Also Need to Talk about the Environment That Allows Us to Foster This Kind Growth Because There's a Reason If I Remember the Story Correctly That the Discoveries Made in Israel It Wasn't I Wasn't Able Only One Able to Have Those Kinds of Experiments Here to Find Indo Cannabinoid System in a Stateside Because Our Government Prevented That from Happening so the Fact There Were 9% of Med Schools It's Surprising That It's Grown That Much of the Same Time It Should Be Hundred Percent so We Can Get into Some Really Deep Topics in Terms of How Do We Carry This Message Forward How Do We Make It Available to More People How We Present the Facts of the People Know That You're Not Selling Them Snake Oil That You're Not Telling That You Know It It Fixes Broken Bones and Lowers Your Gas Bill Because It Doesn't Do Those Things Really Get Bored but Actually I Think Fixing Broken Bones Lowering Gas-Filled FDA and FTC Has No Problem with Those Claims but It Is That You and I Could Probably Make a Correlation to the Lower Gospel If I Wanted Regulator System Brings a Homeostasis You Don't Need to Turn up the Heater Comes to the Practical Application of a CBD Is Really Where Your Expertise Is Because You've Made This Journey Right You Made This Journey of I Don't Believe in It to This Is Incredible I Gotta Spread This News in the Right Way to Do so Would You Are Much More Well-Rounded Than I Was Anticipating This Is Really Cool You Got One of the Things You Get a Very Calm Nature but I Would Have This Nervous Energy about My Gosh I'm Sitting on This Just Amazing Thing Wire but As Everybody Get It But You Seem Very Meth Methodical about It I Should Say Well I Have I Do Have What Is Known As Very Laid-Back Nature People Been Thinking I Was High My Whole Life When I Want to Buy Weed from Me When I Didn't Have It so It's Just in My Nature but Absolutely I'm Very Thoughtful about How We Communicate This Because It's Important You Know There Is A Lot Of Weight To What Were Doing This Is a You Know Even Bigger Than the Internet Boom in the 90s and Skin to Change A Lot Of Things Now If You Think about It CBD And Him Could Replace the Entire Johnson & Johnson Catalog So That Hits on Something That We Can Deftly Take the Next Hour to Think That That the Listeners Have Got to Email about It Already That Specifically Want to Know How Can We Put Facts and Research behind Were Going to Do in the Next Hour We Can Deftly Talk about What It Is That a Medical Practitioner Can Do What It Is That a Consumer Can Do What Is in Allied Health Professional Can Do so They Can Better Spread The Message to Allow People That Are Suffering or Just Sibley Want to Improve Their Quality of Life and Him and Him Products to To Their Rather Daily Routine to See If They Can Basically Get a Better Balance so Homeostasis Homeostasis Act about Getting Back in Balance Well That Is Going to Wrap up This First Half-Hour with Chris He Saw Will Be Back Here about Four and Half Minutes Thank You Seems to This Is the Only 24 Hour Take Anywhere Platforms Dedicated to Food and Fun Clear Spoony If Our Townhall.com, or VP Biden 20th Democrat to Announce His Candidacy for the Parties Residential Nominating Widens One of the Most Recognizable Names in Politics the Most Experienced Candidate in This Field and at 76 Seats Second Oldest Face Questions about Whether His Age and More Moderate Record Are Out Of Touch with the Democratic Party Featuring the Younger and More Liberal Contenders Correspondence Agar Magali American University Political Science Professor James Thurber Says If He Hopes to Win Biden Will Have To Find a Way to Connect with Younger Voters He's Really Running against His Own Record to a Certain Age and He Has To Persuade a New Generation That He's Got the Right Ideas Help America and Them President from Writing on Twitter This Morning Welcome to the Race Sleepy Joe Russian Pres. Putin Says She'll Be Briefing Both Beijing and Washington on His Summit with North Korean Leader Kim Jong June Says Cam Expresses a Willingness to Give up His Nuclear Weapons If He Can Secure an Ironclad Security Guarantee First A Woman and Her Two Young Children Died on the Family Car Was Caught up in Floodwaters Rolling Plains of West Texas about 75 Miles Southwest of Fort Worth Storm Prediction Center Meteorologist Matt Mosher Says One of 21 to 2 Inches of Rain Is Falling in West Texas Although Some Areas Did See a Bit More Not That Normal Rainfall Amount over It Adds up over over Dating Week so It's Been a Pretty Wet Winter In That Area and so That's What Caused The Flooding Issues to Homes in the City Hall Office of Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh Been Rated by FBI and IRS Agents No Word on Exactly What They're Looking for Stocks Are Mixed on Wall Street This Morning Right Now the Dow down Sharply It's off 203 Points on the NASDAQ Is up 38 Points One of the stories@townhall.com 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Airline Tickets Flight to Date Alignment Harassment to Read or Anywhere Else You Want to Go and Pay A Lot Less Guarantee Quality International Travel Department Right Now Low-Cost Airlines 800 452 1075 800-452-1075 That's 800-452-1075 Okay Welcome Back Project Is Going to Be in Second Hour of Episode Number Eight I Married Grigor Join with Your Host Ken Brown Ducked Him around after All Just Here in Dallas or Plano Texas As Well As Song the Vice President of Marketing and Communication for Election All Will That Last Half-Hour Was Very Light Very in Writing Those Funds All Inroads Lead to the Truth but Everything Good Starts with a Peer Conversation of Beer in God Patient While I Have for All of Our Listeners If You Ever Listen to the Spinning Network Which Is the Host Network of Gut Check Project Be Sure and Check out Mojo 50.com and You Can Also Find the Morse Code Brenda Morse Hosts a Great Show on Their It Starts Every Day 1 PM Eastern That Is Brandon Morse of the Morse Code You Just Talk to Brandon Not Even 20 Seconds Ago in the Hallways You Return Back to the Shed I Did and I Was on Their Show This Morning at Say What Whatever He Is on I Want That Energy Just Truckloads of Energy He Does Tons of Writing Is a Copywriters Got Several Shows That Guy's Got a Good Beard Punishing My M&Ms Right Yeah Yeah I've Been You Know What I Got Beard and Good for Everybody I Think I'm on to 1/2 Years Growing This One Right Now in the Is All I Can Do I Went down to Skin Yesterday Does Not Back up What I'm Really 40 Years and One More Mention Here in Our Live at Reduced Going to Be KB MD CBD Minima Right Works for the Company Licks and All the Powers This and There's a Reason behind That the KB MD CBD You Can Find a KPMG Health.com Is Physician Recommended by the Physician and Sit across the Table for Me Right Now So We Can Get into Some Really Neat Topics in Terms of the CBD with This Man to My Right Mr. Chris Her Song and We Just Finished the Last Half Hour Talking about Essentially Finding the Truth and It Doesn't Have To Be All One Direction or All Another Direction It's Okay to Question Even Your Own Your Own New Revelations in Terms of What You Think of Him or What You Think Driving a Car Everything Should Always Be Open for Question Would You Say Chris Yeah I Think I Think Absolutely That to You to Find Your Truth and and Search for and Find out What Works for You I Mean We Were Just Talking Earlier How You When You First Met Us Got 24 Bottles of Our Product 22 People Came Back to Get It A Couple People Cited Didn't Report Being CBD Itself High-Quality CBD Is an Amazing Product I Think Everybody Should Be Taken Every Day but Some People Decide That You Don't Not Work for Them and That's That's Okay Well It's Really Interesting Because One of Things We Talked about Though Let's Get into from a Marketing Standpoint We Purposely Our Brochure What I Wanted to Address Was a Couple Things That My Patients Always Talk about Number One Why Did I Get Involved with That Number Two What Is Your and a Cannabinoid System Get Back in Balance One of the Things He Can Help and More Importantly Which Is My Favorite Panel Here Is Why Is the Powered by Alexa and All Brand Different from Other Brands That's in There Is so Many Good Reasons to to Work with Alex on Work Find a Quality CBD and There's Other Quality CD Companies out There but I Say I'm Partial to Alexa Now but It Is Important That You Know You're Mine and That's the Truth for Just about Everybody Mean I Became Vegan about Two Years Ago and Note the Reason I Did That Was A Lot Of the Same Reasons That You Guys of Been Talk about Your Fathers in Your Your Your Parents Is I Looked at My Dad and I Looked at My Mom and I Said I Don't Have Healthy Genes I Make a Change and in a Questioning What's Going on but I Needed to Make a Change in That's White and That's I Got into the Hemp Industry and I Need to Make a Change so I Had to Do Some Health Conversations and What That Did for Me It Got Me More Connected to What I Eat But I Get More Connected to What I Put My Body so I Look at the Labels Right I Look at What's Going on That's Why to Begin I Absolutely Think That That's What You Need to Do You Doing When You're Looking at CBD Where Did It Come from Who Made It Now Is It Organic What Country Did It Come from Doesn't Have a Certificate of Analysis Can You See That It's Clean Mean We Get to the Point Where Were Controlling the Grow Where We Control the Water Rights We Know Where the Water Came around Really so We Go Way All the Way down to Temps an Amazing Plant Right Yeah It It Basically Filters the Soil It Actually Is Good for the Environment but Let's Start from the Very Beginning Here so This This KB MD Health CBD Tell Me Where This Came from So Beginning to End so It Came Out Of Your Hair It Came Out Of Your Head Right. That's Right Then and What We Found Is You Coming to Us and Just Going Hey This Is Amazing This Is Working for RFR My Patients Is Working for My Client And I Need To Be Able to Provided in a Form Factor That Fits Your Protocols and We Were Just Excited about Beating to Partner with You on That Because We Want to Be Able to like We Talked about Earlier Is Educate People Right and You're Doing Such a Phenomenal Job of Educating People How to Better Run Their Lives and Heal Their Lives and Give Their Body Information to Heal Itself And What We Really Love Is That That CBD That You Work on Is Our 3600 Format It and We Been Using That Formulation for a Long Time and You You Put Some Formulation Changes to It That the Size Form Factor and Allowed It to Even Be Better and We Love That That Model We Go to Trade Shows All the Time Going to One This Week Pay the Effects Will Go to Autism One We Go You Guys Are Doing Autism 10 Yeah We Go Every Year Fantastic We Love Is Only I've Got Just for You so in the Future with Probably One Is Autism Autism Is Mid-May Mid-May Fortune Will Be Able to Do the Surgery A Lot Of Travel Coming up but Let Me Tell You What Working to Be Publishing Probably the Most Comprehensive and Scientific Review It Geeks Out I Mean to a Level That I Have To I Mean I'm Trying to Figure out How to Make It a Little Bit Easier but You Almost Can't Dance to the Point Where It's like You Need This Science That's the to Show the Most Educated Group of People That I Go and See Most of the Time Is Autism Group Right It's It Scientist Date Those Moms and Those Parents That Are Dealing with That Are More Educator and Cannabis and Diet and and Looking at the Details of What I'm Putting in My Body Than Anybody That I've Met and As Such and More Interesting No Group of People and What's My Favorite Part Is They Won't Let Us Leave Right We Get There Early We Leave Late Every Day Because They're Just Coming up and Saying I Need This Is Working for Me I Need This Is Working for Me What I Guess Was Two Weeks Ago When I Brought up the so like I Said Every Single Show We Do Some Sort of Science And One of the Articles That I Brought up Was Out Of Israel Where They Actually Looked at the Ananda Biden to AG Level Specifically Nana Might Be the One That's Always There Which Is an Endo Cannabinoid and They Showed In Autism Spectrum Disorder Almost Unequivocally Their Lower So the Deck Stacked against Him Right There You Need to Raise It up to Get Them to This Point so It's Almost like It Is a Essential Nutrient If You Are on the Autism Spectrum Disorder so I'm Very Passionate about That Myself Yeah and and I Am to Have in It It's Very Similar to Some of the Conversation We Are an Earlier about Social Anxiety and Social Stress and I Heard You Earlier before I Came on Talking about the My Study Where They Were Doing the Obstacle Courses and Things like That Right Quote on That Same Study They Were Also Noticing the Social Anxiety Change That Allowed This Because When They Felt They Had That They Didn't They Didn't Make It Right That Stress but the Ones on CBD Didn't That's One of the Reasons They Were Able to Continue to Move on Right so Some of That Social Anxiety That CBD Helps to Bring in the Balance Is Helped to Turn in the Autism Spectrum so with Me When You Said Did You Take a Bottle I Didn't Have a Particular Reason to Have Neuropathy I Didn't Have Something That Was There But My Family My Friends Noticed I Actually Probably Our M on the Anxiety Disorders Spectrum I Call It Because I Really Do I've Always Worried about Everything, but Now You Would Get A Lot Going on I Got Different Companies I've Got All the Stuff I'm like Wow I'm Handling It so Much Better Than I Ever Have in My Entire Life for the First Time You Drove More Than 4 Milesin One Direction I Did and You Know What I Questioned It Just like You Said Question the Dog Once I Tried Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road Don't Do That As Well That Was Certainly Will Not Change Recommendation I Want to Try to Change My Question This Dog Now so It Was Funny so My Most Subtle My Was Really Subtle Register Took a Long Time to Go Wait a Minute This Decking Needed to Never Been Normal before You Right Mean Really What You Have How You Recognize That Your Normal Is Abnormal for My Normal Was Abnormal and Then When I Think I Try to Do Quite a Bit of Mindfulness Meditation Daily and Try to Do It 20 Minutes or so and I Will Afterwards I Was Sitter Thinker Oh Wow That Event I Really Kinda Behaved over Emotional Chores That Overload and I Look Back like so Russ Is No Me Forever the Guy They Called in Dr. Dr. Veronica's Number Forever and You Don't like My Friends Kinda Get That They Get Ask at the Skill of Neuroses Is Little Little Whatever But Wow.What Looked like a Little Neurosis to You Was a Dock with His Feet Going like Crazy under the Water Trying to Keep It Together Now It's Just Easier for Me so like When I Have Patients Come in and the like Hey You Don't Get Some Anxiety Might Cool Me to like What Yeah Definitely and It Helps Me So Then People Will to Give It a Try I'm Vulnerable Enough to Say Hey I Do II Actually Do Quite a Bit Public Speaking Now but I Would Have Little Borderline Panic Attacks in the Beginning Doing That Still Do Little Bit You Know but It's Important What You're Sharon Sharon Rackley It's Not Issue That the Anxiety That You Have Right Its Mission When It Starts to Control Exact Right so You Definitely Have. I Mean I Had Anxiety Come on the Radio Show Right Who Knows Houses Going up and Absolutely That Stuff Happens but What's Amazing about CBD Answer Question Sure It's Not Going Hold Your Thoughts so Your Breathing into That Brown Paper Bag Where I Didn't Bring All of My CV with Me on the Way But Overall I Think That Where Were Going As We Were Talking about ALS and Autism in Different Things or People Using CD4 and It's Helping Them but To Your Point I Think CBD Is Going Make a Bigger Impact Once People Start You Need to Invest in Their Health Rather Than Their Sickness and It Gets Them to Be Able to Get to the Point That Their Imbalance on a Regular Basis I Give It to My Dog on a Regular Basis I Take Myself a Regular Basis Not Because I've Anything Specific I Need to Be Treated but I Know That It's Going to Help Reduce Inflammation's Can Help Reduce Stress to Help Me Sleep Better without Me You Live Longer And a Better Life I'm Gonna Bill to Relate to People Better and Bill Think Clear so That Type of Stuff Is Is Just As Important To Think about I Love How You Brought up Earlier the Empathy Oh My Goodness If We Could Have Something That Could Improve Empathy Will Begin I Could Look at You and I Could Go I Can Get Where You're Coming from I Don't Necessarily Agree with You but I Understand Your Emotional Tie to That One of the Things I Did All the Time Is You Know How Much to Take Something I Deal with in Medicine All the Time As You You Prescribed a Drug Someone to Take One Capsule Guy Didn't Work And so One of the Things I Had This Graphic Made Because I'm in the Process of Preparing a Webinar for the Electrical Salespeople I Had the Pleasure It Just so Happens That Small World There Is a Salesperson from Election All That Lives Right in the North Dallas Area Janet Lemke and so I Met with Him for a Couple Hours to Figure out What Do We Need to Do to Try and What You Want to Learn about Is What I Want to Do One of the Things That I Made I Had a Graphic Artist Make This and You Might like This so When People Say How Long Should I Take It and the Way That I Tell My Patients Is That It May Take Time It May Take Time to Fully Saturate Your Cannabinoid System Depending How Depleted You Are in Urine and Invited You to a G so I Think of It like a Sponge How Long Will It Take and How Much Will It Take to Fully Saturate That Sponge So When I Tell My Patients Is That I Really Want You to Commit to This for a Full Month Every Single Day And Once Again Probably 90% of the Time They Come Back and Want to Purchase More so Yes I Get It I Was One of Those People I Didn't Take It so When Kristi Was Trying to Promote It It Was like I'm Not I'm Not a Real Big Placebo Person Dragon Workers I Can Work and so Light and She's like You Feel Anything like That Not Really Three Weeks Later like Oh And Then Now I Start Reading about You Start Reading about the Full Fido Cannabinoid Spectrum and How That Works As an Anti-Inflammatory Possibly Anticarcinogens Always Are Things Which Is What You're Doing It Now You Look at Your Parents Go I Got Some Pretty Uphill Battle with These Genes Going on Hip and Stack the Deck in My Favor This Is a Micronutrient for the Absolutely and The Graphic Is Interesting to Me and I I Really Did Not Stir Some Good Ideas And I Think It's Something to Consider Because Saturating Reno Could Have Annoyed System Itself Sounds like It Sounds like a Scientifically Good Way to Say Something but I'm I'm Challenged with It and We Can Work through the Idea Because CBD Process Is Out Of Your Body Every 6 to 12 Hours It's Not like to See Where It Builds up in Your Body but What You're What You're Trying to Explain There Is Not That CBD Build up in Your Body but What You're Explaining Is That CBD's Is Doing Its Work in Allowing Your Endo Can Nab Annoyed System to Get into Balance so It's Doing the Work Is Not That Your Your The Sponge Is like Your Body Is Not Retaining All SEB Now You Got a Ton of CVD in Your Body Right so It's It's It's Definitely What People Need to Know If You Need to Continue to Take It Because It Can Allow Your Body to Him to Heal Itself It's Can Allow Your Body to Work on Those Things in Your but You Know That You're in the Family System Are Connected to and so the Way That I Try and Think about This Is the Way That I Communicate with My Patients in the Same Way That I've Always Done in My Practice That You Know Whatever Sits a Little The White Paper That Go to the Doctor the White That That Covers Bench Will I End up Using That As a Campus All the Time I Let RAI Draw Stuff out All the Time so When I Do Some like That It Is to Their Distress Visualize Okay I Need to Take It Longer One Goal in Trying to Accomplish Now Let's Talk about the Science That You're Talking about so Then You Start Listening and Reading Books and Reading A Lot Of Scientific Books and This Is Where Eric and I Talked in the First Half-Hour Were Truly Believe That This Is Going to Be a Field of Medicine Where It Can Have Its Own Field You Can Be an End of Canopy Knowledge Is Because When You Start Reading Some of His PhD's and What They're Doing on a Molecular Level So First I Was like Oh You Take CBD Unit Great to See Beauty and I Read Livermore Owner Note Actually Blocks FAH so That It Doesn't Degrade It Then You Remotely like It Technically Doesn't Even Do That What It Does Is It Prevents A Cell from Absorbing It to Degrade It And It Blocks That Aspect on the Subtle Level Okay so Now Were Getting to Really Deep Cellular Stuff Really Bottom Line Is You Take It Put on Your Tongue Let Your Body Figure out What to Do with Your Giving It a Micronutrient It's like an Adopted Jen Right after June Yes Are Absolute so Your Body Can Use It Weight Needs to Use Its Can Adapt Right so That's Why I Might Be Taking It for My Headache Right Now but It's Working on Some Mouse I Need to Continue to Take It so It Can Get to That Point Where the Other Things Are in Balance Work and Get That Headache That Pain Exactly and We Were Talking Lots of One of the Problems I've Seen in the Industry Is There Are Multilevel Marketing Thing so People Trying to Sell This and You Got All These Different Things Being Thrown at You And A Lot Of Times I've Noticed That People Want to over Science It so That They Appear Knowledgeable So That You Just Got All His Presence and Smart but I Learned a Long Time Ago That If You Can Explain Something Simple You Don't Understand 100% so If If You Feel Confused or Then You Don't Understand It and If Somebody Is Explain It to You They Probably Don't Know What They're Talking about That's My Take Away No Einstein Was a Great Example of That Right He Could Explain Amazing Things Really Simply and That's Is Basically His Saying I Didn't Make That up Right so He's the One That They Design Some Amazing Things That We Still Believe Today And He Figured out but He Could Explain It so the Average Fourth-Grader in Science Class like Myself Could Understand Right and That's the Same Thing That We Need to Be Able to Do Is Teach Health Professionals How to Explain CBD and How It Works and Make It Real Simple like a Sponge or an Adaptive Gender or Micronutrients of People Get What It's Doing What I Was Hoping to Do with Your with Relational Salespeople It Started out Almost Eric and I Were Trauma How to Do This or Did We Do This through Webinars and We Do This Because I'm Learning Also And I like to Go Did I Mean I Would like to Do a Huge Deep Dive so As Deep As You Want to Go I'm Willing to Go Welcome Back Which Is One Reason Why the Specialist When I Did Internal Medicine There's a Book This Big on Internal Medicine You like Wow That's A Lot Of Knowledge And Then You Realize That There Is a Series of Books This Big on One Specialty That's When You Realize Okay There's Just A Lot More to Learn. Learning Internal Medicine I Need to At Least Dive down into One Aspect and Even in My Own Aspect I Joke around That I'm a Lumen Allergist Meeting That I Don't like the Liver or Pancreas I Know about It but I'm Not Hepatology His or Her Pancreas Holly So There's People That Just Keep Diving down Further and Further so What I Wanted to Do Is Do a Webinar First Do a Webinar for the Electoral Salespeople Is What Jack and I Were Talking about That Bit You Almost like White Belt Level Then You Know I Used To Do Jujitsu's Was a White Belt Level Blue Belt That Black Belt Where the Black Belt Talks about These Molecular Aspects White Belt Really Is Just This Is You're Talking to Somebody so That They The Patient Back Telling a Doctor What to Tell a Patient Really Is What I Would like to See Because Many Times Especially in Texas Colorado Could Be Totally Different but in Texas Holy Cow My Partners Don't Know Any Nothing Nothing Well Coming from Texas I'll Tell You That That There There Is Smart and Quick to Pick up Anything As Anybody or Any Other State Myself but I Found Here That It's More about the Tied to the Legal Challenges That You Are Worried about Not That They Don't Understand or Want to Know about Cannabis but Their Believing That the Legal System Is Is Blocking the And since Texas Just Changed Laws Recently Were Really Excited about Removing Any Barrier for Anyone You Want to Be Worried about That but I Want to Go Back to the Topic of of Going Deep into CBD and You Were Talking about How It Works in an Inner Cannabinoid System and You Know the Studies That You've Done Because What We Provide for You Is a Full-Spectrum CBD Right And That's an Interesting Topic to Talk about and and Because When You Talk about the Multilevel Marketing When You Talk about Other Companies out There Knowing What Can a Quality Product You Get They Won't Talk about Full-Spectrum Then We Know What That Means Most of the Time and It's Really Important That You Understand That Not Just CBD Is What You Need to Get Right Right You Need All of the Parts of the Plant They Work Together in Unison to Open up the CB Wanted CB to Receptors When You're Talking about Eking out We Could Be Keith about Terpenes and Waxes and Flavonoids and Long Tail and Short Tail and All This Stuff and a Note Back into the Black Belt Stuff If You Really Want to Get down into That but We Need That All of the Parts in Unison to Work Together I Explained It Simply That You Know TBD by Itself like a Trumpet Right You Your List in the Summary Plan Gets on a Trumpet Your to Be Moved and Juergen Here and You Can Understand So That's like an Isolated Molecule CBD But a Full Spectrum Is like the Entire Orchestra Write All of the Parts of the Orchestra Can Work in Unison to Make That Much More Impactful Than Just the Guy in the Trumpet And That's What We Hope to Provide with Full-Spectrum Somebody That Is Also so You with with Alexa and All It Is Obviously a A Company That's Interested in the Education And Taking Basically the Hemp Industry to Higher Level They Are the Only Company Wanting to Do That Ken Did Choose to Work with the Lakes and Offer a Multitude of Different Reasons but Most of It Was Because of the Quality of the Product and There Are a Couple Other Great Companies out There Which Are Also Do the Same Thing but When You Look at a Rising Tide Raises All Ships I Kind of Think of the Reputable CBD Companies Is Kind of Really, Watching Each Other's Back and You Chose to Work with Ken Because You Wanted a Physician Recommended Branded Line That You Could You Could Unveil and Knowing the Date You Have These Handful of Cream of the Crop Companies If You Will Look Snowed Certainly Being One of Them What Y'all Doing to Kind of Safeguarding Marketing against Those Who Don't Mind What They Put on Their Label I Don't Mind If They Forge a COA Which Is There's a Certificate of Analysis or Or or You Have Someone Says I Didn't Really Respond to Hemp or CBD And It's It's Challenging It's It's Primarily 90% of What I Do All Day Is Is Try and Figure out Ways to Educate and Separate Us And the Good Guys from the Bad Guys Right We Work with the Hemp Roundtable We Work with the NHA We Work with the European Hemp Association We Work with All These Different Organizations Only to Help the Farmers Not Only to Help Group Together As an Industry and Have Each Other's Back Set Standards But Also to Work As Lobby Groups to Educate Individual State Governments Federal Governments on on What Is Good and What to Look for Because It's Not That Nobody Wants CBD to Be Everywhere It's That They Just Don't Know the Information Goes Back to What I Said There Only Say No Because They Don't Have Enough Information to Say Yes And Absolutely That That's Our Job Is Educating Doctors Educating People Educating Governments in Order to Make Sure That Everybody Understands the Beauty We You Mentioned a Physician Recommended Product Right Why Did We Do That We Do That Because Some People Don't Listen Unless You Got a White Lab Coat Right They Don't Listen We Know That That's Gonna Make a Change for People If We Put That on There We Work with Somebody like You Derek and Listen Sheriff Wright If I Just Had an Internet I Do Not Listen Right That Makes Sense We Never Got to Talk about That in the Next Half-Hour What Is It That We Can Do As a Community As Physicians and Allied Health Professionals to Basically Give Credence to That Only Two Prompts Really Quick to Looks Alone and Paul Because Joy Becker Was Talk about How Much Time and Money Let's All Put Towards the Hemp Roundtable Oh Yeah and You Guys Were Pivotal in Getting the Farm Bill Passed and Getting States like Texas to Adapt Absolutely and Him and Him and It Is Great and It's It's Great to See That's Paul's and Lick Saul's Mission Is Making Impact and Change Right by Making the Impact and Change Then Everybody like You Said All Title Rights And That's That's Awesome and but I Can't Believe It Was 1/2 Hours Went by We Got to about 20 Seconds Close at This Half-Hour If You're Listening to Get Check Budget Be Sure to Subscribe and Share Subscribe and Share Will yet the Next Half Hour Where We Were Going to Talk about Truth And behind the Marketing What People Can Do to Empower That Is a Physician Allied Health Professional I Was Saying Earlier and What You Can Do to Better Educate Yourself to the Marketing Materials Are So Awesome Stadium so I Want to Hear That Why Have Thousands of Aspiring Authors Teamed up with Christian Faith Publishing to Publish Their Blog Because Christian Faith Publishing Is an Author Friendly Publisher Who Understands That Your Labor Is More Than Just a Book We Provide Authors Freedom and Flexibility throughout the Publishing Process Professional Book Editing Award-Winning Design and Some of the Highest Royalty Structures in the Publishing Industry and Is Always You Will Retain 100% of the Rights to Your Book I Was Looking to Find a Company That I Could Trust One 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Alicante What Are Some of the Things These Polyphenols These Polyphenols Can Help You Have More Energy and Polyphenols Are Great Sounds like It's Good Health: More People Than Just Loading Go to Let My Family.com/And Welcome Back to the Last Half-Hour of the Project Episode Number Eight Everyone Is Racing Back to the Table Lots of People Want to Talk about CBD Marketing outside Apparently Is That Right That Is Exactly Stopped in the Bathroom and Had to Clarify A Few Points Really Stressed out about Joe Biden's Announcement Going on What Was His Announcement and Run and Run for President He Made It Official You Know Everybody Knew It Made 70s Six Years of Age Good Form down 50 on What I Want to Be Running for Something When I'm 70 It's Gotta Be the CVD It's Gotta Be What Is Joe Biden's on CBD Is That What You're Saying Right Now I Don't Know Much for Your Support Just to Try and Get All Partisans Involved Every Single Candidate Did You Hear That They Will Rourke Is Using Tons of CVD Yeah That's All It That's All He's Doing Is ACV Trump Heavy Heavy and See No Reason but Jim Kardashian Well I Let Set Let's Get down to It so and Received Two More Email Sibley Wanting to Know What Can I Do To Participate In Research About CBD Now Can You Obviously Directly Invested in Terms of Proving the Concepts behind CVD You Want A White Lab Coat to Basically Help Perpetuate That Message We Run into Issues like the FDA On How We Can Present That Message What Would Be the Best Steps Going Forward If Somebody Has an Idea And Obviously with Alexa Not Working so Hand-In-Hand with Autism One and Helping out People Who Have Alzheimer's and Helping out Just a Very Adding a Litany of Different Ad Attitudes and Diseases What Should Someone Do They Want to Get Engaged with Hemp or CBD Research Well for Us Were Always Looking for No Great Ways to Be Able to Empower People to Learn More about CBD so If You've Got No Clinical Study That You Need Support with You Know I Reach out to Dr. Ken Brown CV Things It's a Good Idea to Get Some Guidance on the Stuff That He's Done but Overall There's A Lot Of Good Studies out There I Would Be Working with Your Local Universities to to Get Those Done We've Done Some Work in Local Universities and Local Doctors on Specific Clinical Studies Are Found One of Our Medical Visors Dr. Blair Ms. Dunn and His Own Clinical Studies with PTSD in His Own Studies with Michael Patients and Died He's a Keto and Pay Leo Expert Definitely Is Doing His Own Studies There Sort Were Happy to Continue to Educate but We Found A Lot Of the Studies Are Just Those Guys That like to Geek out and Learning and Figure Things out like Dr. Ralph L Michelman and the You Get Some Good Quality CV Tested out and and before I Will Destroy Something Here and so This Is a Program That I Share with Our Graduate Student That Works with Us It's Called Mandalay And What It Does It Allows You to Organize A Lot Of Research Articles so That I Can Search by Key Terms of Wonder Were a Review Article or Something like That so This Is Just A Few of the Articles That We Have Gathered To Look at Some of the Blogs We've Done to Look at Some of the References That We Haven't Read One I Just Want to Do This Because When We Had Currently Guy Photo by Modulation James Carroll We Had James Carroll on We Did the Exact Same Thing on Photo by Modulation And There's Good Science Oh Yeah and You're Just like Why Don't People Know That She Liked Outs and Where Journals Such As Show This to Someone People Sit There and Go One of the Classic Things Are Run into with Doctors This Includes with AFTRA Materials Include CBD Is Because a Drug Rep Isn't Sitting in Front of Them Showing Them This Now Just Want to Show You This This Is I Just Typed in Our Mengele Database This Is Not Everything This Is Only the Articles That We Have Collected So As I Scroll through This Is All Scientific Journals That Have Been Published That We Have Either Referenced Looked at Or Have Some Sort of Tied 2000 Everything out There yet I'm Still Going So the Sum of Those Funny Things Really Try It Wait a Minute So There's A Lot Of These Articles like the Mouse Article – of the Night Nobody Will Ever Read That Aria Is in the Journal of Neuroscience and Just Little Passed over to Get Married That's a Fascinating Article Put These Little Mice through No Mice Ninja Test And Actually Showed Consistent Results That's an Important Article That You to Get out There Yeah but Nobody What We Will Make the News People Want Talk about It Is What It Is and Here I Got Thousands of Articles Here Just of Stuff That We Have Looked at Not Everything Else Itself and in the That Part Where Were Run around with One Arm and Leg Tied behind Her Back I Can't Claim Most of Those Things Right A Lot Of Those Were Done Here in the In the United States A Lot Of Those Were Done by Johns Hopkins Her Brother Is Is so the FDA Really Cracks down on Us Saying Anything Resembles a Claim Even with the Study Connected to It Right You Mentioned Earlier in the Previous Alfaro in Working with the US and Roundtable Were Really Really Monitoring Each Other Make Sure Not Making Claims Right and It's It's Only Not Because It We Couldn't Right Because You've Got A Lot Of People Your Cellular Your Parents or Friends or Your Patients I Could Make Claims but We Can't Even Have Somebody That's Used Our Product on Our Website Say How Great It Is Because the FDA Is Definitely on Top of It so As a Marketer We Have To Make Sure That What Were Saying Is Important What Were Saying Is Is Factual And What Were Saying Is Nowhere near Making Healthpoint Said You since You Also Are a Member of Different European European Council Strata What Are the Differences They Are in and the Reason Why Want to Bring It up Is Because in Canada for Instance Are Trying to Heal We Can Simply Just Cannot Say That This Is Indicated for IBS Stateside We Can't Do It Because It's Not a Drug But with All Tron Teal in Canada They They Not Only Allow It They Encourage It Because That's What the Clinical Studies Showed so What's It like Taking Him Into Another Part of the of the World to Talk about Growing Russian Word and 4243 Different Countries Now Throughout the World Relational's Brand Is in 4343 Different Countries Right Now and What Were Able to Do Is Work with Those Individual Governments I Was Just in Berlin Was in Spain We Just Opened up in New Zealand All of These Things Were Growing Really Fast but Just Never Thought Didn't Start Losing Great Question No Actually Paul Is from Australia Not New Zealand Different Country Feelings about the Same Size Population Is a Big City but It's Interesting Because Paul Started in Australia And Kemp Has in Order to Make It Legal There in 17 Years Later It Is Now Illegal for Him Food but Not CBD yet so I Thought It Actually Started There You Know We Were Selling CBD There Years Ago but Once We Decided To Work with Their New Medical Marijuana Laws and Their Their Cannabis Laws and Then We Stop Selling Our CVD There Were Working with Them to Help Because You Get Physicians Note To Get a Prescription to Get So They're Working on Will It Must Be Very Very Progressive Because I Love the Resort about New Zealand Is That We Ended up Doing a Webinar for the Ceiling Society of Functional Medicine We Had A Few Hundred People on There It Was Me Doing That Live in New Zealand It Was Really Cool That New Zealand Is an Amazing Place] Excited to Work with Them You Mentioned Canada Earlier We Can't Send Canada They Won't Let Us Import CBD into Canada Really That There They're Working Really Hard to Protect Their Own Hemp Industry Oh Okay and so They Won't Let Us Import CBD across That Line so They Admitted Presented to Industry Not Necessarily Perception of the Use of Well-Baby Itself It Gets Actually Little More Crazy Because Actually Marijuana Is Recreational Illegal and CBD Is Not And You Have To Get a Prescription for It in Canada So It's I Mean Right so so Again Back to What I Do Every Day Is Educate People Because Clearly There's A Lot Of Confusion so the Macaroni Is Legal but the Cheese You Need to Is That There Is No Minutes Right Now Know That Makes Total Sense of Recreational Marijuana Is Legal You're Going to Monetize One or the Other Macaroni and Cheese Was Awesome That I Don't Get the CPD. No Joke Well That's That's What's Going on and so the Same Thing with Europe You Know We We Just Launched out There in Europe and Working with Each Individual Country Germany Spain They're All Different And We over There and As We Started in Europe Licks All Started Importing CBD Oil from Europe into Right United States Because We Couldn't Grow Here Initially That Humans Do It Stems Installing Just Never Was the Same Though They Were All and You Could You Could Extracted It Was All Illegal Five Years Ago Here So yet You Could Import CBD but You Could Make It Here Which Again Crazy Right so We Got Great Relationships over There so Now We Do the The Oil for Europe over in Europe We Do the Oil for Everywhere Else Out Of Colorado without Marketing with Research in Europe and What's What's That like Versus the United States It's the Same As Far As They Wanting to Have Research We Can't Make Claims Churning over There Okay There Is Back-And-Forth on What They're Calling a New Dietary Supplement or a Novel Food That Your License That You Have To Get a Take like Two Years to Get One of Those Licenses in One of Those Registrations or Working with All Them the Each Individual Country to Figure out What's Best for Them It's Just Evolving Somebody Message Me This Is Interesting Because This Is Kind of Shows The Hypocrisy Colluded Processes so Would like to Know If There's Any Benefits for Recovering Drug Tax So All Is Why Think about That Is That the Pharmaceutical Industry Produced The Majority of God Not the Majority but Certainly Huge Millions 4 Million People I Think There's a Are Addicted to Opioid Opioid Trap Finally One of the Guys Just Went to Jail Right They Just They Just One of the File Pharmaceuticals Jeff Morrison of Her Opioids They Just Finally Arrested One of Them I Did Not Know That But When You Look at That's What I Would like to Do As a Physician Is Not Asserting the Claim but I Would like to At Least Present How It Can Help in Certain Disease States or Pulled This Data from Mandalay and Say This Is a Review This Is Where It's at Right Is out to Do That Because We Do Know That It Actually Does It Actually Has Been Shown to Be Beneficial in Giving People a Phobias And It's Fascinating Because We Have Another Industry Which Is Creating Problems and You've Got Countries Making THC Legal and CVD.Or Make It Harder to Get CBD Than THC Which Makes No Sense to a Fantastic Full Head of Hair How You Have Not Pulled It out by Now Well It Was a Different Color Thing Whatever Forgot That It Did Affect Me So What Happens What Happens Going Forward so You Yell or Part of the Him Counsel And You Try to Work As an Industry with Other Repeatable Companies to Make Certain It Start Overstepping Your Bounds but There's Got to Be Progress yet Be Able to Pull You Mean Five Years Ago We Were about Black Helicopters Coming down and You Know Taken Her Stuff concerning EA Was Coming in a We Were Taken Black Paste Importing It from Europe No in Here Putting in Tubes in Boxing and Selling It You Know in That It's All All in a Legal Interpretation of Which Works Well and It Wasn't until Just Now the 2018 Farm Act That Made Everything Federally Clear and the DA Will Stand down but up to That Point Mean It Was A Lot Of Lot of Confusion Goes on to Discover That We Had Joy Beckerman on Who Have Deep Detail but One Sentence of What the What the Farm Bill Did So for What Us Deftly Go Back to What Joy Had Read Because She Was so It's Rental and All That but What It Did for Us Is It Removed It from the DEA's List of Scheduled Trip Right That's What It Did for Us so Made of Federally Everybody School Sure It's a Big Step Huge Step Step so so Now the Challenges the Other Three Letter Word the FDA And Their Guidance To Everybody on Where It Can Go and How to Use It and What's Good and What's Bad and No Full-Spectrum Isolate Topical Adjustable Can I Go in Food Can I Put It in My You Know Can Make Marguerite Out Of It Those Type of Things Is Absolutely What They're Trying to Figure out Where Working with Them Flushing Margaritas Are Great with Its Yes What Was Gonna Say Though That in in Terms of Challenging Every Thing with the with the Farm Bill and Now You Say That You're Moving on to the FDA I Would Say That Looks Now Specifically Is Taking A Large Step Forward Because I Don't Think That Even Two Years Ago That You Would've Considered Having a Physician Recommended Partner Brand so Having That I Think It's Almost like That the Cracks There so We Know That underneath the Stone Dancers Going to Be down There Just like It Is with Anything What Else Will and Trust When I Talked with Jack Your Salesperson Is That He Said That There You Gave Everybody When They Talk to Them so the Most Important Thing Is You Can't Say Anything It's Going to Get Us in Trouble You Represent the Company You Have To Watch What You're Saying Even If Somebody Else Is Outselling You Even If Somebody Else Is Saying Something Else You Are Representing a Company That from the Beginning Has Been on the up and up That Has Tried to Do Things at the Highest Caliber and Wouldn't You Guys Really Continue to Do That You Hire People to Going to Continue to Do That and Hopefully Will Continue to Do It from a Different Angle Which Is Just on Gaelic Splenocytes over You Draw Your Own Conclusion There Are No Claims Just to Conclusion Absolutely and It Kinda Relates to What You Guys Were Saying Earlier When Disease and Death Affects Everything on.Just That One Person Entire Family If Something If Someone Salesperson Said Something Wrong Or Made a Claim Right or One of Our Partners Did Not Affect an Entire Ecosystem or the People so Making That One Sailor Or Getting into That One Place or You Know Just Bending the Rules That One Time It Could Impact Everybody Right and so Many People Are Just Clamoring for the Product Why Would We Want to Risk That Well It's Fascinating That You Guys Are Holding Yourselves Accountable to That Because The Parallel Latinos but Eric Is a Former Drug He Actually Did That and You Guys Made That Talk about FDA Regulation You Pay A Lot Of Money to Make Whatever Claimant Is That You That You Paid If You Get Caught Saying Something Else Then You Get Sent to Pfizer Headquarters You Get Sent to Decatur Headquarters Forever Always Say This of It Pulling the Curtain Back You Also Almost Completely Coached and in That Industry That Time On Where Those Small Thin Lines Are and Almost How to Throw the Subtle Hints and I Would Say That the That the Deck Is Stacked Somewhat against the Natural Solutions Market and Industry And in Favor of the Pharmaceuticals Because They They Kind of Know Where They Can Test Those Ballots How How Deep You Can Get into Trouble without Really Getting into Trouble Spelling Times Year Does a Large Pharmaceutical Company End up Settling with the Government for Multimillions of Dollars in Whenever You Break It down by How Much Money Is That Really It's Only a 1/10 of a Percent of Their of Their Revenue Profit So It's the Last I Saw Was like $150 Million with the Final and Open Companies in the I Saw That I Saw That on Line Item John Oliver Yeah They Broke It down on John Oliver's Last Week The Hundred and $50 Million He Said That Was 1/10 of 1% of Their Net Profits for the Year One 10th of 1% of Net Profits Was Revenue Was Revenue and Net Revenue All Right Now You Know You like That Would Sorry It Was I'm Really Bad at Math Though I Heard It Was 1/1000000 of a Billionth of the Net Net Revenue Over the Weekend and Swear It Most like a Pie Horrible with Miss A Lot Of My God I Didn't Mean Much to the Mall in the Grand Scheme of Things and You Don't Have the Sign Is a Couple Different Reasons Why There Is With Something Is Natural Is Not a Whole Lot of Intellectual Property Someone Can Protection Is Not the Same Amount of Investment for Someone to Come in and And Say That They're Going to Do This In the in the Industry Where Some like GW Can Say Well Gratis Will Isolate Look and Say That We And in a Course They Want to Squash Everything Else It Happens to Be In the Natural Space Is Actually a Better Product so How Does How Does a Company like Alexa and I'll Fight off Things like That Well What I Don't Know How Much I Want to Speak Towards GW and What They're Doing but What I Can Tell You Is That In in Many Parallel Industries and There's a Pharmaceutical Version and There's a Natural Lurcher Is an Over-The-Counter Version in the Pharmaceutical Version and Both Exist Right Now This CBD Industries Projected to Be Somewhere between 15 and $22 Billion You Know There's A Lot Of Room for A Lot Of People to Great A Lot Of Good Products Potato Pie and and I Think That That the There's a Huge Demand I Think That There Is Untapped Potential for People to Be Able to See It and You Didn't Feel the Effects and We Are Hoping to Help Lead the Charge Make Sure Everybody Gets a Significant Amount of Policy Beauty If You Felt If There Happens to Be Any Smear Campaigns against Hemp Industry As a Whole That You May Be Somewhat Wondering Who's Who's behind It in the House and How to Counter That Well I Think like We've Been Talking about Coyotes Are Theme Going through Years Is People Are Seeking for Truth in Education and Sometimes They're Stuck in a Camp One Way or the Other and It It It Challenges Them and They Get Defensive Know Because They Believe Something Their Whole Life No I Think Marijuana And Its Industry Did A Lot Of Work to Help the CV Industry Exist Sure and I Think Some of the People in That World At Times See the Hemp Industry Is like The the Note the Favored Son or Money Grabbers Are Things I Got in a No I'm Super Grateful for My Own Marijuana History My Mom Growing It and Know the Joy Being One of Our Regulatory Officer Starting the Very First Temp Storing and Helping to Found Normal and in Those Other Things Because It Allowed Us to Learn about Campus and Allowed Us to Learn about All the Parts of the Plant and There's There's a Trace Amount of THC in Our Product I'm Not Hating on Cannabis or Marijuana at All Sure) I Believe It's an Amazing Product but You Know Normal Was Designed Is It Is an Organization To Help People Get No Not Be Arrested and Get Offer for Lauzon and Not Being Incarcerated for Years and Years and Years for Possession of of the Medicine Of Marijuana at the Time and Now A Lot Of That Work Is Done So They Have To Staff the Shift Now to to Some Other Things and and They're Doing a Great Job of Doing That but Some People Mark Right There Hanging onto You Know so When Things Were One of the on Our Last Show with Dr. Wade McKennitt Was Pick Surgeons and Sell Expert the Coolest Thing That He Said Was That Unfortunately He Had a Split with His Business Partner There Still Is to Work Together but They're No Longer in Business Together and the Reason Is Because They Had He Had a Patent on His Own Product And Somebody Came out with a Superior Product And He Realized He Put His Ego on the Shelf and Said That's a Better Product Is Better for My Patients Even Though This Is Mine with My Name on It My Patent on It You Bring Something Better to the Table Do the Thing That's Right Which I Thought Was so Cool Pez That Requires a Really Big Honest Person to Go I Acknowledge That You Did Something Better and What Happens Is Lumpy to Hold onto Stuff like What Were to See Here in the Industry I I Think and You Know This Holdup More Than I Do but Work Will Start Saying That Okay so If You've Got This Brain Issue Then Morgan Increase the Murder or Working to Grow or Strain That Has Higher Mercy And It That's One of the Terpenes of Skin Allowed to Cross the Blood Brain Barrier More or This Particular One Your Peripheral Issues Let's Do a Little More Bay to Carry off Lane in It and You Can Start Seeing It Home down to the Point Where It's Going to Be Strains That Are Relative Now Once We Start Allowing THC in Texas That It Can Be a Whole Thing Where You Have Okay Little Bit to See Little Distributed Well above And It's Can Be a Whole Science It's It's so Brilliant Absolutely You Can Really Go out What Is It Exactly That You Have Got It Let's Try This Which Is One of the Reasons Why Think A Lot Of People Are Very Black-And-White like Why Did This It Didn't Work I Was Listening to a Podcast on the Scientist Talking about How They Showed That The Same CBD Strain Very Effective One Person Not Effective in Another And It's Probably Because the Turbine Content Which Allowed Some Permeability like the Sciences Where a Deeply It's a Biochemistry Soup That's Going on Absolutely and the Formulators in the Science Minds behind All This That You Know at Our Outlook Small And Many Other Companies Is Amazing and We We Just Released a New Product That's a Proprietary Tripping Profiles Already in Each One of His Eyes Bright and One Sacrum, That's Brilliant at That One to Help You Wake up in the Morning Wanda Recover in the Afternoon When Help You Sleep at Night All to Help Did Be Directed to Help You Move Forward in and Just Taken a Little Simple Singleserving Packets so Those Are Important Things That's Cool That Were Learning How to Do Oh Dude We Got to Go up There Yelling and Not to Not to Be Mistaken I Think That Even in Marijuana That States the Terpene Profile That Would Differentiate between Indica and CT They Did Not Write and It Is so or Gorilla Glue Number for Your Atomic Flower Number Six and in Those Type of Things It's the Different Strains Your People or Are Tied to Those Names Are Those Strange but It's Really Those Terpenes in Those Waxes and If You Can Help Your Those out Right and That the Challenge Though Questioning Everything Is How Do You Not Then Create Some Frankenstein Thing That Shouldn't Exist Sure Right You Know How You How You Make Sure so It's a Balancing Those Things the Nature of It All and like Were Staying with the Full Spectrum of Entourage Effective Every Part of It Working Together and Pulling One or Two Things out Right Is Is That Cool Is That Not Figuring That's the Father Is A Lot Bigger Minds Than Mine and How to Make Those Work but That's What Were Announcing so Eric and I Talked about This Multiple Times Because He's from Pharmaceutical Industry but I Did Find an Article Not to Bring up GW but Your GW to Try to Figure out What to Do with Her Isolate All over the Place There's Actually Studies in Ulcerative Colitis One Study That Was Published in the Journal of Some Obscure IBD Journal That Nobody Ever Heard about They Had like a 60% Dropout Rate Although It May Have Worked with the Had All These People Drop out and I Truly Believe It's Because When You Start Messing with Mother Nature and Taking Away These Other Molecules That Keep Everything in Check and Balance and Work Together Consistency Braces They Also Feel That Affect Initially Right No Seatbelt Feel Some Result Initially but Then It's Not Lasting `Is Your Body That Adapts without the Rest of the Products to Be in There to Help Work Together in That Entourage Back That's That's My Belief Do Think That with Both Marijuana and Hemp since They Were Taboo for so Long and in the Transition of Of the Agriculture Environment We Have Here Stateside Be Gone through Basically Bass Rising Weight And Other Crops That They May Have and Now They Were, Returning Back to Natural Growth That Hemp the Marijuana Both Will Not Be As Adulterated I Guess You Could Say And the Terms a Way That They Grow but I Think There's Markets for for Both It Really Has To Go to What You're What You're Trying to Achieve Sure If You Know What We're Trying to Achieve with Our Growth Method Is Outdoor Natural Right Organic near the Sun the Soil All of That Because We Believe That All That Fits into What You Take Right We Don't Grow Our Stuff in Light That Pervaded Me Know Control Greenhouse with Three of Them Stacked Deep But If If In Some Marijuana Instances There Doing That so They Can Create A Certain Strain in a Certain Way so They Get a Certain THC Level and in Those Type of Things so Each 1 Has Its Own Pl. in the ecosystem but what we're trying to create something complete different than that can use comment on that rather because what you dealing with theirs you were talking a little bit about how the KB MD This Particular Branch Batches Little Bit Different Canoe Telling What What What Are Doing Slow so What Were Doing Is Completely Organic Right so with Organic Materials There's Variations Right Your Corn Is Different Size and Was Last Year Different It's so What We've Done with This Year with Our Him Are Has a Much Higher Potency Of CVD Than It Did Last Year And Effort in Our First Go around This Year's Gotta Leave More Get Better at It And As We Grow It or Improving the Process so That Means Is It's a Little Bit Less Amber Will Be Made More Gold in the Extract When We Get Right so It Smells a Little Lesson Because a Little Less Chlorophyll And There so the Taste Is Little Bit Smoother But You're Able to Then Pass on Those Savings Are Able to Create Products That Are Not As Expensive As Is Most Products out There You're Able to Guarantee Those Consistencies Is What We've Done This Entire Time Is Make Sure That When You Get a Product like Ours There's an It Says 300 Mg Versus 900 Mg There Are 900 Mg CBN Right so Guaranteeing That Quality in the Potency and Impurities Is Paramount What We Do We Have a Limited Time with the One Thing I Want to Comment That in the Industry Itself There's Lots of Confusion about Pricing in Milligrams Will Have A Lot Of Patience to Come to Be the like Oh Will That Is Your Your Your Product or the 3600 Whatever You Know It's Too Much Money and We Look at It Were like Wow Your Paint Five Times As Much for the Amount of Milligrams That You're Getting Consumer Labs Actually Did an Analysis and Showed Little Licks and All Milligram per Milligram Is the Most Economical CBD That's Highest Rated Absolutely and I We Worked Really Hard Towards That Additionally I Think That the Industry Needs to Shift into Be Price per Serving Versus Price per Milligram Because of the Bioavailability Challenge That People Are Starting to Get into If The Product They Use with a High Quality MCT Was Much More Bioavailable Than Somebody That Uses Just the Final Coconut Oil And We Can Talk about Other Delivery Systems Where We're Increasing the Bioavailability of the Product so You Need Less Milligrams You Guys Just Have a Scientist That Works on This Right like We Should Have That on the Show and Just Talk about the Different Types of Bowsher Product That You Have That Be Really Cool and I Living Well in the We Don't Have a Whole Lot of Time Left but Even Election All Just Couple the Cart Back They Know That You're Working Still in Research on Other Delivery Systems We Can Can't Comment on Them Today Very Very Excited in Terms of Locating the Health Available Offer in Terms of a Physician Recommended CBD or Him Product Absolutely Chris You Have a Minute I Can't Thank You for Coming by Now Thank You Any Last Thoughts on the Tip Your Brain Here We Go down There to Represent KB MD and Election on the Booth That Were Gonna Be Selling A Lot Of CBD to A Lot Of People and and and Help and Then Redo Some Information from Those High-Fat Diets for Sure Who Love It Austin Texas Telefax This Weekend This Weekend Summarizing Our Catching Project YouTube Channel Get Your Project and I to Sketch a Project Please Subscribe and Share We Will See You Next Week Big Announcement Next Week Yes I This Is the Only 24 Hour Take Anywhere Platforms Dedicated to Food and Fun Clear Spoony And Now I Found from Geico Motorcycle It Took 15 Minutes to Take a Spirit Animal Quiz Online Please Be the Cheetah Please Be the Cheetah and Learn Your Animal Isn't the Cheetah But before Less Appealing Blog Fish Come on Let Insult to Injury You Could've Used Those 15 Blood Fish Minutes to Switch Your Motorcycle Insurance to Geico Geico 15 Minutes Could Save You 15% or More on Motorcycle Insurance

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25 Apr 2019

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3 | Chris Husong | ClubM | Luxury Cannabis

Kannaboom | CBD and Cannabis for Wellness

Is there a market for luxury cannabis? Yes there is! We chat with Chris Husong, co-founder of California-based high-end cannabis company ClubM.


18 Jun 2018

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PatiCakes & her "Buds"; Keiko, Toan, Charlie and RJ talk with Chris Husong, Co-Founder of ClubM, and Sales & Marketing Director at ElixinolChris is the most unlikely medical marijuana entrepreneur. As a theology school graduate and a member of the “Just Say No” generation, Chris’ personal journey of reevaluating his assumptions lead him to create a brand that celebrates creative contributions. ClubM is an elevated medical marijuana product available throughout California. Each month a box is delivered with a unique intention alongside carefully curated products designed to inspire. ClubM changes the game, with an invitation-only online membership that provides cannabis, and related products and events, in a way that is safe, secure and confidential. Not to mention fun and easy! http://www.joinclubm.com/www.hempradio.com We love hearing from you! Call us at 714.287.0329 or email us at PatiCakes@hempradio.com.Be Safe Be Smart Have a fabulous time!PatiCakes


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PatiCakes & her "Buds"; Keiko, Toan, Charlie and RJ talk with Chris Husong, Co-Founder of ClubM, and Sales & Marketing Director at ElixinolChris is the most unlikely medical marijuana entrepreneur. As a theology school graduate and a member of the “Just Say No” generation, Chris’ personal journey of reevaluating his assumptions lead him to create a brand that celebrates creative contributions. ClubM is an elevated medical marijuana product available throughout California. Each month a box is delivered with a unique intention alongside carefully curated products designed to inspire. ClubM changes the game, with an invitation-only online membership that provides cannabis, and related products and events, in a way that is safe, secure and confidential. Not to mention fun and easy! http://www.joinclubm.com/www.hempradio.com We love hearing from you! Call us at 714.287.0329 or email us at PatiCakes@hempradio.com.Be Safe Be Smart Have a fabulous time!PatiCakes


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Chris Husong joins us on the Guided Goals Podcast, and we're going to talk about breaking through road blocks. Chris is a media strategist and business advisor to large brands, TV shows, sports teams, speakers and authors. He loves to listen to dreams and help people reach them. Chris is a father, entrepreneur, speaker, consultant, tech geek, and a romantic. Chris shares his background, as well as common struggles, plus offers tips for entrepreneurs, businesses and writers to break through their blocks. The Guided Goals Podcast gives you the tools, direction, and resources you need to pursue your passion project.


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