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Writing a World-Changing Book with Cynthia Morris

The 21st Century Creative

Today’s guest on The 21st Century Creative is Cynthia Morris, a coach for creatives who shares insights on the book-writing process, based on her latest book The Busy Woman’s Guide to Writing a World-Changing Book. So if you are contemplating writing a book – whether it’s your first one or your twenty-first – there is […] The post Writing a World-Changing Book with Cynthia Morris appeared first on Mark McGuinness | Creative Coach. CommentsIn reply to Diane Reesor. Hi Diane, Thanks for taking the ... by Cynthia L MorrisIn reply to Diane Reesor. Thank you Diane, I'm especially ... by Mark McGuinnessSo much thought provoking information in this Podcast. The idea ... by Diane ReesorRelated StoriesEvery Creative Project Is a Revolving DoorThe 21st Century Illustrator with Krystal LaukThe Adventure of Writing with Emily Kimelman

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10 Aug 2020

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Lets Talk About Racism with Dr. Cynthia Morris Kallam, Behavioral Scientist

HealthCare UnTold

The impact of both the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter Movement on Communities of Color.Her research on Maternal  Health throughout the history of African Americans in the Untied States.The importance of protest in addressing systematic racism.The importance of talking about racism  throughout all communities.


5 Aug 2020

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Conversation with Cynthia Morris


Cynthia is an author, artist and coach who shares her love of creative process, the joy in witnessing human transformation through words and how she hopes to make a difference. We also talk about the dating life, getting married for the first time at the age of 50 and that crazy way we often find everything we want and need is right in front of us. You can learn more about working with Cynthia, her books and virtual workshops at www.originalimpulse.com and explore her art on Instagram @cynthiamorrisVisit https://ourstoriestoday.com/share-your-story/ if you believe YOU or someone you know should be featured in an upcoming episode!


30 Jun 2020

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Episode 151 - Do it without having to prove you're good! Encouragement for the writer's life with Cynthia Morris

The Creative Writer's Toolbelt

This episode can be summed up with a single, wonderful word: encouragement! My guest is the author, artist, and coach Cynthia Morris, and in this episode we discuss the fears writer's feel, the need to be kind to ourselves, and how we should sneak up on ourselves to write something great.

1hr 10mins

29 Nov 2019

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EP 245: Coaching Yourself To Stick With It With Original Impulse Founder Cynthia Morris

What Works

Cynthia Morris is the founder of Original Impulse. She coaches writers, artists and entrepreneurs to get out of their own way so they can finish projects that matter. She's also the author of The Busy Woman's Guide To Writing A World-Changing Book. Cynthia and I talk about her 20 year journey of business ownership, creative exploration, and coaching. I ask her about the lessons she's learned along the way and how she's kept the business going for over 2 decades. Pay close attention to the commitment she made to taking risks and the willingness to do the hard creative work she asks her clients to do. The post EP 245: Coaching Yourself To Stick With It With Original Impulse Founder Cynthia Morris appeared first on What Works.


22 Oct 2019

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Cynthia Morris: A Coach for Creatives on Writing—And Finishing!— Your World-Changing Book (#16)

This Epic Life

Have you ever wanted to write a book? Do you just know there’s one, maybe more books floating around inside of you? What would publishing your book represent for you, your ideas, and your creativity? So far in my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve found writing to be THE core creative practice in designing and running my business. When we’re not writing marketing copy, we’re writing proposals, talks, or contracts. Cynthia Morris has coached so many creative people over the last 20 years to get back to the hard, focused work of finishing. What I love about Cynthia’s journey is that she has also practiced everything she coaches on. Every time I start resisting my writing practice, I return to Cynthia Morris and her website Original Impulse. Whenever I’m taking on longterm creative projects, Cynthia is the first person I call. Her processes for getting back into relationship with your projects have been refined over decades, and they work. We workshop some of these in today’s conversation. In 2012 Cynthia launched her novel Chasing Sylvia Beach— after writing it for 13 years, through 17 full drafts. Celebrating her huge achievement is something I’ll never forget. Since that time, I’ve watched her evolve into a highly-prolific visual artist, and hand-lettering master. Her hand drawn cards hang on the walls of our home, and she leads workshops in Paris teaching others how to “Capture The Wow.” In our conversation we break down her 8th, and brand new book: “The Busy Woman’s Guide to Writing a World-Changing Book.” We also get into the impact of Cynthia’s deep yoga practice (she’s averaged 5 trips to the yoga studio per week over the last 23 years). Are you ready to be inspired to finish? Are you ready to celebrate publishing your next big creation? Cynthia Morris is going to coach us in getting there. This Epic Life presents Author, Artist, Yogini, and Writing Coach Cynthia Morris. You will learn in this conversation: We uncover the many correlations between a writing practice, and meditation practice. This was a powerful discovery for us both, because we probably met in this life to share those gifts with one another. How so many creatives and entrepreneurs get stuck in a loop of their own creativity versus the work it takes to finish something. The secrets and best-practices Cynthia puts to work in her own writing practice (which resulted in her latest book) The power of an “insertion point” in creating momentum. Some powerful reflections on staying on integrity with ourselves, and honoring our commitments. Lots of laughs about many random, funny things. lol. READ CYNTHIA’S LATEST BOOK Her latest book is The Busy Woman’s Guide to Writing a World-Changing Book. Read about the book here | Order on Amazon About Our Guest Author and Certified Coach Cynthia Morris helps writers, artists and entrepreneurs focus, follow through, and finish their creative work. In 1999, she founded Original Impulse to help people become the writers they’ve always wanted to be. Cynthia has published seven non-fiction books and a Paris historical novel. She speaks globally on writing and the creative process and has presented in London, Antwerp, Paris and Italy, Costa Rica and Panama as well as the World Domination Summit, Rocky Mountain Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, the Denver Woman’s Press Club and more. In her online workshops and 1:1 coaching, she helps writers get their words out, stay committed to their projects, and cross the finish line with books in hand. Her latest book is The Busy Woman’s Guide to Writing a World-Changing Book.  Read about the book here | Order on Amazon Connect with Cynthia Facebook Hire Cynthia to help finish your book! Originalimpulse.com >> Create your writer’s life The Devoted Writer >> Cynthia’s signature program to solidify your writing habit with the support of a highly-engaged community. Cynthia on LinkedIn Instagram HEAR MORE, SUBSCRIBE! Incredible leaders + creators, how they live, and how they contribute to the world we deserve. Our show explores 3 powerful permissions with guests and listeners: Permission to Chill, Permission to Feel All the Feels, and Permission to Glow in the Dark. Emceed by yogi, Dad, and executive coach KC (Kristoffer Carter). Learn more: thisepiclife.com Access all of our episodes: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher


20 Aug 2019

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223 Write a World-Changing Book with Cynthia Morris

Her Rules Radio

Have you ever been told that you have a book inside of you just waiting to get out? Today’s show addresses why that might be true! We’re talking to a dear friend who is making it her mission to bring out the writer in everyone! Cynthia Morris is a coach to writers, artists, and entrepreneurs to help them bring their ideas into form. For over 20 years, she’s helped thousands get beyond their excuses to create works that matter. She’s written 8 books herself, including a Paris historical novel about Sylvia Beach. You can find her books at www.originalimpulse.com. On today’s show, we’re talking about her latest book, The Busy Woman’s Guide to Writing a World-Changing Book. This is an inspirational book by a woman about our creative process. Cynthia talks about the mindset piece of writing, along with the nuts and bolts of structure, tools, and prompts. She explains how the Renaissance woman of today needs both structure and flexibility and how to write a book on schedule, no matter how busy you are. You can read the full show notes at www.alexandrajamieson.com/223


12 Jun 2019

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Let Your Artist lead And Capture The Wow with Cynthia Morris

Urban Curiosity

I’m delighted that today our guest is Cynthia Morris, an acclaimed creativity coach, author and artist living in Denver, Colorado. Cynthia believes that we all have the impulse to create. She coaches writers, artists, and entrepreneurs to make their creative dreams an exciting reality. Through her company, Original Impulse, Cynthia leads creativity workshops in the US and in Europe. She is also the author of the Paris novel, Chasing Sylvia Beach and the how-to guide, Create Your Writer’s Life. Cynthia has also published several eBooks on creative travel, most recently, Visit Paris Like an Artist. Her newsletter, Impulses, has been published since 2001, inspiring people across the globe to be more creatively expressed.


15 Aug 2017

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Cynthia Morris: On Original Impulse

The Messy Middle

Cynthia Morris is a creativity coach, the author of the novel Chasing Sylvia Beach, Create your Writers Life and The Graceful return.   She is also one of the few coaches for Jonathan Fields Good Life Project.  She has both a depth and playfulness about her that I love.  We share a love of creative journey and watercolor, and she is working on creating her first illustration book. I absolutely loved getting to talk with Cynthia who shared so much with me about her own messy middle spaces, overcoming them, stepping into them and why she thinks they are so important.   There are some people you immeditely have  a connection with and Cynthia immediately put me in a place of ease as if we’ve known each other for years.  Show Notes: Original Impulse: Who are you and how does that express itself. What are your original gifts that are satisfying to you. Creativity is on our heirarchy of needs. Seeking to help people come to a good relationship with their creativity. How can we not be at battle with their creativity. Sticking with writing a book that took her 13 years. Talk about being in the middle space and the power of seeing something through Commitment points: where you recommit, am I still in it? And why? There are gifts in the process, but often you don’t get them until you finish. Celebrating Big Moments www.originalimpulse.com instagram @ cynthia morris Chasing Sylvia Beach 


18 Jul 2017

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Ep. 15 - Hidden Treasures: Your Imagination (Part 2) Launching an Idea with Cynthia Morris

Business Victories Podcast

Cynthia Morris is here to liberate your creative genius. Enjoy this conversation where we discuss how to launch your ideas into reality. Learn more about Cynthia's work at: www.originalimpulse.com


23 Jun 2017