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123: With 'Mrs D' Lotta Dann

Alcohol Free Life - Janey Lee Grace

Janey interviews the author of Mrs D is going without Lotta Dann on the new book The Wine O Clock Myth.  We discuss the whole women and drinking thing, and the 'mummy wine culture'.  We also feature a new alcohol free ready made cocktail drinks brand Sir James 101 and we have a competition to win a giftset Enter here  Check out their great selection at www.sirjames101drinks.com A reminder that the 'Selfcare in Sobriety' Champneys retreats are hopefully going ahead in Herts, The Sober Club is open for new members, and of course if you haven't already please get a copy of Happy Healthy Sober and leave a good review! You will find blogs, resources and info at The Sober Club Please follow Janey @janeyleegrace and we welcome feedback and always reach out if you are struggling


2 Apr 2021

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Love Sober Podcast 115 Guest:Lotta Dann 29/01/2021

Love Sober Podcast

Episode 115 This week we had a brilliant chat with the wonderful Lotta Dann. Lotta Dann has a degree in broadcasting and communications and a master’s degree in film, television and media studies. She worked for over twenty years as a TV journalist and producer while also developing a nasty addiction to alcohol. She got sober aged 39 with the help of an anonymous blog called 'Mrs. D Is Going Without' which eventually became a best-selling memoir of the same name. Another memoir, 'Mrs D Is Going Within', came next and she has just released her third book, 'The Wine O'Clock Myth: The truth you need to know about women and alcohol' which is an exploration of the alcohol-centric culture we live in and the impact it's having on women. She manages the large online community Living Sober (www.livingsober.org.nz). So grab a cuppa and let’s chat. Love K & M You can follow her here:Instagram @mrs_d_alcoholfree Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mrsdisgoingwithoutTwitter @mrsdalcoholfreeIf you would like to support the podcast you can via https://www.patreon.com/join/lovesoberpod We were also listed in the Top 20 Sober Mom Podcasts https://blog.feedspot.com/sober_mom_podcasts/  how fab! You can join us via links below: https://www.lovesober.com https://www.lovesober.com/community-1 https://www.lovesober.com/courses https://www.the-coaching-academy.com/cart/index.asp?uid=1603813594565 #reasonstolovesober #lovesoberpodcast #lovesober #loveyourselfsober #sober #soberlife #hangoverfree #sobriety  #recoverycoach #sobermovement #sobercurious #alcoholfree #recovery #sherecovers  #sobercoach #greyareadrinking #grayareadrinking #mentalhealth #motherhood #wineoclock #sobermums #selfcare #womeninrecovery #sobercommunity #lottadann #missdgoingwithout 


29 Jan 2021

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#10 - Lessons from Overcoming Alcoholism with Lotta Dann

Authentic Connection

In this episode of Authentic Connection, I speak with Lotta Dann who is a recovered alcoholic and author of 3 books; the memoir ‘Mrs D is Going Without’, ‘Mrs D is Going Within’ as well as the book I read, ‘The Wine O’Clock Myth’. She currently spends her time educating and supporting people in getting sober through the website Living Sober.We talk about;How after 20 years of drinking and not seeing it as a problem, it was lying to her family that was the last straw. She realised that the problem wasn’t her, it was the alcohol, which gave her the strength to decide never to drink again. (This is now 9 years ago!).Sharing her own story and experiences when getting sober helped other people. Alcoholism is a hidden problem, people can easily look like they’re holding it together, but within they are a mess. Hearing people going through the same journey is powerful.Why is it so difficult for us humans to be authentic?Is the modern world set up to favour extroversion?Lotto used alcohol to allow herself to be an ‘a-grade emotion avoider’. She’s not just an aging party girl who relies on alcohol, she was using her habitual drinking to suppress uncomfortable emotions.Being sober is actually all about embracing your emotions.Marketing, our environment and social conditioning sets us up to believe we need alcohol to relax. Our environment means that it’s very isolating for those who are truly struggling with issues of addiction.We talk about the health impacts of alcohol. For example, there’s no doubt that breast cancer is linked with alcohol consumption. Although, it’s important to be clear that because it’s set up in our environment and social conditioning, we can take the blame off the individual, but that doesn’t mean its not within our control.Staying sober is Lotta's way to stay connected with herself. She loves good conversation with others and getting out for walks in nature with her dog.We chat about the brain neurochemistry side of addiction and drinking alcohol which is satisfying as it makes sense (and again, takes blame off the individual). Lotta’s lessons from long-term relationships; strong boundaries and knowing when to say no.


28 Oct 2020

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Sunny In Seattle - 10 - 23 - 20 - Lotta Dann

Alternative Talk- 1150AM KKNW

My guest is author Lotta Dann (also known as Mrs. D). Join Sunny as she returns to the show to discuss her latest book, The Wine O’Clock Myth. If you have ever questioned your relationship with alcohol, if you ever think you drink too much, or if you’ve suspected that alcohol is not all it’s cracked up to be, you won’t want to miss Lotta’s inspiring story and latest book!


23 Oct 2020

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Lotta Dann and The Wine O'Clock Myth

The Bubble Hour

Lotta Dann talks about her latest book "The Wine O'Clock Myth," which takes a look at the way alcohol seeps into all aspects of life and why we need to take a strong stand against the persuasion of the alcohol industry. Lotta's blog is Mrs. D is Going Without. She is the author of two other books as well, Mrs. D. is Going Without and Mrs. D is Going Within. Lotta runs an online recovery community called Living SoberHost Jean McCarthy's blog is UnPickled and you can find her books here.


19 Oct 2020

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Ep. 26: The Wine O’Clock Myth with Lotta Dann

The Hello Someday Podcast

My guest today Lotta Dann, recovery advocate, blogger and author of three books: the best-selling memoir Mrs. D is Going Without, her second book Mrs. D Is Going Within, and the just released The Wine O’Clock Myth.  Lotta’s personal memoir of drinking, quitting drinking and living alcohol-free in a drink-filled world is witty, funny, and uplifting. Many memoirs are raw and gritty, but Mrs. D Is Going Without is both charming and real. I loved her book and completely related to Lotta’s experiences in early sobriety.  Today Lotta and I talk about The Wine O’Clock Myth, and why alcohol occupies such a privileged position in our society. It’s almost universally represented as a magic elixir to all our problems which makes life both fun and glamorous. And the fact that alcohol also negatively affects the lives of people is practically invisible in conversations about or representations of drinking. In this episode, Lotta and I discuss: The truth that if you are struggling to moderate drinking, you are not alone and you are not the problem: alcohol is the problem. The way the liquor industry has targeted women and the damaging 'Wine Mom' social media culture. The importance of reframing the treat and reward concepts we’ve been taught (and internalized) around wine. That drinking is our treat at the end of the day and a much needed reward for hard work. Why after the initial hit of dopamine wine is a depressive substance that is numbing and cuts you off from yourself and the people around you. How to find other rewards and ‘sober treats’ that will nourish and ground you and that will actually make you feel better. How to intentionally create a social media feed that inspires you to see all the awesome ways to enjoy life without alcohol rather than one that glamorizes drinking at every turn. Why it’s critical to tap into a positive sober support community that shares the full picture of drinking - not just the one marketed to you. One that highlights both how good life can be without alcohol and shares truthfully the messages you will not see in popular culture, marketing or your social media feed - that drinking isn’t always harmless and fun. It can be dangerous and suck a lot of women (and men) into an unhealthy and unhappy cycle. About Lotta Dann Lotta built a successful career as a TV reporter, producer, and director, while simultaneously developing a remarkable aptitude for drinking a lot of alcohol. Lotta began an anonymous blog called “Mrs. D is Going Without” when she was first stopping drinking  - as a way to work through her thoughts and feelings, and keep herself accountable when she was starting her journey without alcohol.  On her third day sober she writes her first ever blog post to herself  - in it she tells the full story of her final night of drinking and how she’s had enough of this boozy madness.  And then she writes I’ve reached a tipping point and from now have decided to remove alcohol from my life.  I’m scared. It’s going to be hard.  Our family all drink. Our friends all drink. And I’m going to try to do this without any outside support. Just this blog.  So stay posted and I’ll let you know how I get on.  Love, Mrs. D xxx Through her blog she found like minded people in the sober blogosphere, and they supported each other and cheered each other on and commiserated through the process.  Eventually Lotta turned her story and blog into a best - selling memoir of the same name - Mrs. D is going without. She worked to found Living Sober - a website in partnership with the new zealand government that takes the powerful aspects Lotta found in online recovery and makes it available and accessible to thousands of people in a place of tolerance and kindness, understanding and support.  Lotta wrote her second book Mrs. D is going within - touching on mindfulness and the tools she uses to navigate life from an emotionally healthy place after putting down the wine bottle.  And her new book, The Wine O'Clock Myth, Lotta takes an in-depth and eye-opening look at women's drinking habits. Written through the lens of her own story and her work in the field of addiction and recovery, Lotta explores the privileged position alcohol holds in our society, the way the liquor industry targets women and the damaging 'Wine Mum' social media culture.  She reveals the damage alcohol is causing to women physically, emotionally, and socially, and the potential reasons why so many women are drinking at harmful levels.  Lotta now lives sober with her TV-journalist husband and three sons in the hills of Wellington, New Zealand. Shownotes: www.hellosomedaycoaching.com/26 Grab your  Free Sober Girls Guide To Quitting Drinking Get the guide on How to find and join my Favorite Private Sober Facebook groups Get the Guide to The Best Quit Lit For Women (Including Lotta Dann’s Mrs. D is Going Without) Connect with Lotta Dann The Wine O'Clock Myth: The Truth You Need To Know About Women and Alcohol: https://www.amazon.com/Wine-OClock-Myth-Truth-Alcohol/dp/1988547229 Mrs D is Going Without: A Memoir: https://www.amazon.com/Mrs-D-Going-Without-Memoir/dp/1877505390 Mrs D is Going Within: https://www.amazon.com/Mrs-Going-Within-Lotta-Dann/dp/1877505862 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mrs_d_alcoholfree/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mrsdisgoingwithout Lotta Dann's Blog: http://livingwithoutalcohol.blogspot.com/ Mrs. D's Blog on Living Sober: https://livingsober.org.nz/category/mrs-ds-blog/ Connect with Casey McGuire Davidson Website: www.hellosomedaycoaching.com Instagram: Casey @ Hello Someday Coaching (@caseymdavidson) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HelloSomeday Listen to more podcast episodes to drink less + live more.

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15 Oct 2020

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TTG + Lotta Dann: Author of 'The Wine O'Clock Myth'

Halfternoons with Those Two Girls

Lise and Sarah couldn't quite put their finger on why cries of "IT'S WINE O'CLOCK!" sat uncomfortably. Enter Lotta Dann's new book exploring the truth about women and alcohol in today's society. It's a must-listen! See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


13 Aug 2020

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Lotta Dann: The truth about women and alcohol

Saturday Morning with Jack Tame

We’re four days into Dry July, where people pledge to go without the booze for a month. It’s become common-place in the past few years, and it’s been extended to people who only want to commit to being dry-ish, and even those who only want to do part of the month.  One person who knows all about the struggle, and benefits, of giving up the booze is journalist and blogger Lotta Dann. She quit drinking in 2012, started a blog and online community to focus on the issue, and has written three books on he issue. The most recent focuses specifically on womens’ drinking, called The Wine O’Clock Myth.  LISTEN TO AUDIO ABOVE


3 Jul 2020

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Episode 41: Mrs. D Is Going Without with Lotta Dann


Lotta Dann used to describe herself as a "boozy housewife." For two decades she drank alcohol steadily and heavily. In 2011, alarmed at how her drinking was escalating, she started the anonymous blog 'Mrs. D Is Going Without' and eventually wrote her way into recovery and community.In this episode of the SHE RECOVERS podcast, Erin talks with Lotta about what she has gained in recovery, as well as areas where she still struggles, including her "ongoing battle" with flour and sugar. They also discuss how the current Covid-19 lockdown has created conditions that are both perfect and incredibly challenging for those living in and just beginning recovery. Lotta shares her belief that in this moment of collective grief, showing kindness to ourselves and each other is more important more ever.Online community website Living Sober here.Mrs D Is Going Without Blog here.To visit the SHE RECOVERS website, click here.SHE RECOVERS Facebook Page, click here.SHE RECOVERS Instagram Page, click here.

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21 Apr 2020

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Season 1 Episode 19 with Lotta Dann

The Sober Experiment Podcast

Lotta Dann drank alcohol steadily and heavily from the age of 15 to the age of 39. She got sober in 2011 with the help of an anonymous blog called 'Mrs. D Is Going Without' and her memoir of the same name was published three years later. Her second memoir, 'Mrs D Is Going Within', came next and she's soon to publish book number three entitled, 'The Wine O'Clock Myth: The truth you need to know about women and alcohol'. She writes about alcohol, addiction and recovery from her home in Wellington, New Zealand, where she also manages the community website Living Sober (www.livingsober.org.nz) Click on the following link to find out more of what we are up to, you can sign up to our newsletter, join our Facebook group and subscribe to our YouTube channel - linktr.ee/soberexperiment


11 Apr 2020