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"Who do you Think you Are?" (episode #29) - Andrea Arlington

Who Do You Think You Are...?

Warning - this episode contains explicit language.What an absolute delight it was to spend time with the amazing, intuitive, colourful, inspirational, stylin' Rev. Andrea Arlington! An author, coach, minister, mom, former reality TV star, friend, and more, Andrea's response of "I am more non-physical than physical" was the jumping off point for a thoughtful, honest, and insightful conversation filled with bravery and vulnerability, and laughter.As we talked about how to live from the Quantum (infinite possibilities) while still being rooted in our seemingly physical reality (life), we talked parenting, the power of choice, how everyone wants to feel loved and like they belong, and about seeing the innate perfection of everyone - no matter what their behaviour. Andrea told us how our words are like magic wands and that it's so important to choose and use them wisely - that everything we think and say is what ultimately creates the reality we experience.Andrea also talked very poignantly and candidly about how her experimentation with psychedelics at a very early age were her "initiation" into the realm of energy and spirituality, even though she didn't realize it at the time. She also talked about her close relationship with her younger brother, who died at the age of 17 from an accident involving alcohol and other drugs, and how he continues to be one of her spiritual guides to this day.Andrea also introduced us to a few of her favourite books over the years, and the profound value and gift of gazing into your own pupils. We also talked about how much we both love Kenneth Soares and the mind-shifting power of affirmations!We talked perception, soul tribes, calling on the non-physical for guidance, addiction, recovery, compassion, her love for her daughters, her grandkids, Pink Floyd, reality tv, and ministry. This, and so much more...!Plus, there's the super fun Rapid Fire Question Round at the end!A new episode posted at least twice a month!Background Illustration - sakkmesterke@123rf.comMusic - Vasco Lourenco@123rf.comJoin Lesia's Soul Excavation community at https://www.lesiakohut.com . To learn more about and get in touch with Andrea, and/or to sign up for her Life Reset Program or the free group coaching calls on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month: https://www.andreaarlington.com/ .To follow Andrea on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/andreaarlin... .Join Lesia's Soul Excavator Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/LesiaKohutSE .Thanks for watching! Thank you for subscribing! Thank you for your time and presence! Now go ahead and post a comment below!And let us know, who do you think you are. . . ?With Infinite Love & Gratitude,Lesia

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25 Sep 2021

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The Stayhealthy Experience #46 - Andrea Arlington

The Stayhealthy Experience with Robert Ferguson

Life Coach, author and reality television star Andrea Arlington stops by The Stayhealthy Experience. Robert Ferguson and Barbara Kris talk life, communication, parenting, sobriety and health with Andrea.

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24 May 2021

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Ep. 110 Ego States and Setting Boundaries in Family Systems with Andrea Arlington

Recovering From Reality

Today I am sitting down with my Mom, Andrea Arlington. Andrea's journey led her through decades of living with loved ones who suffered with addictive patterns from heroin and alcohol to sex and other substance use disorders, she also suffered with multiple forms of both addictive and co-addictive patterns herself. When her 3rd marriage failed, she took a hard look at her life, came to understand she would never find inner peace and happiness unless she took a deep dive into her own recovery. She became educated, mentored and coached by the best of the best in the mental health, relationship, recovery and treatment world. She learned proven tools and strategies, acquired numerous certifications, in communication, complimentary masculine/feminine relationship strategies, in the recovery and treatment field and as a licensed minister. Now Andrea uses her training and experiences with it all, to create a very fulfilling career as a family recovery and relationship coach for parents, couples and families. (Bio via andreaarlington.com) We dive into the following topics… - How the boundaries I set with my Mom changed our relationship for the better - Why we use an approach of connection not control - Family systems and how ego states can impact these relationships - How to communicate and set boundaries so you can live your best life! - How unmet needs can fuel unhealthy behaviors and relationships - Why people become narcissistic and how parenting impacts this - The 4-types of child archetypes and how these present in adults - and so much more! This episode is brought to you by Organifi. To purchase high-quality, plant-based nutrition, head to organifi.com/reality for 15% off any item in store! This episode is brought to you by Athletic Greens. Visit athleticgreens.com/reality to get a FREE year supply of Vitamin D and 5 free travel packs! This episode is brought to you by minted. Get 20% off your first order of unique save the dates and invitations by going to minted.com/reality! If you or someone you know needs addiction treatment please visit www.alorecovery.com Follow Alexis (@itsalexishaines), join our Facebook group, and follow @recoveringfromreality on Instagram to stay up to date on all things RFR! You can also enroll in Alexis’ Life Reset Course at liferesetcourse.com to learn the exact, tools to recover from limiting and self- sabotaging beliefs, thoughts, emotions, feelings and behaviors and replace them with new ones that will set you up for the life you deserve and are fully capable of as you integrate the learnings and tools in your life. Produced by Dear Media

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8 Feb 2021

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Andrea Arlington: Families United for Recovery

A Sober Girls Guide

This conversation with Andrea Arlington is EPIC! She shares her insight and experience on how to deal with children, family members and relationships in general and how to heal and help your loved one heal as well. This episode is so moving and hit home for me. Andrea's words of wisdom are life-changing and are sure to evoke compassion from within.


27 Feb 2020

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Andrea Arlington Shows Up For Reality

Showing Up With Asher Gottesman

Showing up for friends and family with addiction is tough. No one knows this better than former reality star and founder of Families United For Recovery, Andrea Arlington. You might remember her from Pretty Wild on E! (Leslie Mann played her in the movie The Bling Ring) or her daughters Alexis Neiers Haines and Tess Taylor. Today, Andrea is a completely different person than you probably remember her to be. With two daughters in long term recovery from heroin addiction, Andrea shares her own story of leaving home as a teenager to become a model, having a brother who was an addict, and feeling like she didn’t belong. She opens up to Asher about guilt, shame, how Brene Brown changed her life, the dangers of being a people pleaser, numbing out, healthy boundaries, feeling like a bad mom and how her son-in-law’s brutal honesty was exactly what she needed to change. Today, Andrea is a Daring Way Facilitator, ICF, PCC Life Coach, a better mother, grandmother and inspiration to others. Asher talks about how he had some of the same maladaptive behaviors and what lead him to change, as well as why drugs and alcohol are a short-term solution to a longer-term problem. If you connected to this episode, please show up for us—give the podcast a 5-star rating and review on Apple Podcasts. Follow Asher on Social Media https://www.instagram.com/theasherg/ https://twitter.com/TheAsherG For more info, visit http://www.ashergottesman.com Connect With Andrea Arlington https://www.andreaarlington.com/ https://familiesunitedforrecovery.com/ https://www.instagram.com/andreaarlington/


4 Feb 2020

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Coming Clean Podcast - Episode 25 Andrea Arlington : Families United In Recovery

Peter O. Estévez Show

In todays episode here at the Coming Clean Podcast we go deep into the story of Andrea Arlington. We are super excited about this episode!Andrea Arlington is the Founder of Families United for Recovery, a Certified ICF Life Coach (International Coach Federation), Specializing in relationships and Family Recovery. She is also non-denominational Minister, Mother and Grandmother. Andrea’s experience of having two daughters who are in recovery from IV heroin use and other substances, the loss of her younger brother due to IV Drug and alcohol use and having multiple marriages fail largely due to substance use disorder, led to her passion for helping families recover.  She does not want one more parent or family to suffer as her own parents and family did from the loss of her brother Ben and the trauma that she lived through as mother and wife to those who suffer with SUD and other addictions. Andrea is also a Certified Transactional Analysis practitioner, a practitioner of Non-violent communication, and an ASR Educator specializing in complementary communication techniques for enhancing intimacy in relationships. She is in the process of becoming certified in Brene’ Brown’s, Daring Way™ program. Andrea offers live group coaching for families in Malibu, California and on the ZOOM platform, as well as private coaching. 

1hr 36mins

4 Feb 2020

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#150 All in the Family Healing with Maegan, Bobby, and Andrea Arlington

The Addictionary Podcast

#150 All in the Family Healing with Maegan, Bobby, and Andrea Arlington. Maegan & Bobby ARE BACK with a new episode and long-awaited return from their hiatus with guest Andrea Arlington, mother to Alexis Neiers from the E! hit reality show Pretty Wild. Andrea is a Certified ICF (International Coach Federation), Life Coach specializing in Family recovery and relationships, Certified BALM Family Recovery Coach, and Certified Transactional Analysis Practitioner. She is also a Certified ASR (Androgynous Symantec Realignment) Educator specializing in complementary communication techniques for enhancing intimacy in relationships, a non-denominational Minister, Grandmother, and founder of Families United for Recovery. Andrea, Maegan, & Bobby talk about the differences between compassion and enabling, how they each experienced healing in their families, what conditions needed to be present in order for change to happen, Brené Brown, and lots more! Find out more about Andrea's work by visiting https://familiesunitedforrecovery.com.Follow Andrea on IG @andreaarlington. Next week, Maegan & Bobby get back to basics and share what has been going on in each of their lives and reasons for the hiatus. WELCOME BACK EVERYBODY! Tune in next week for more. Help us spread the word about our podcast and tell one friend to check us out! Email us at theaddictionarypodcast@gmail.com Follow our show! Website: http://www.theaddictionarypodcast.com IG/FB: @theaddictionarypodcast Twitter: @addictionarypod YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz8d73iH6MOZcTHQEXxTHlw Leave us a 5-minute voicemail with your questions/comments or share some of your story and we will play it on the show! Find the recording button by visiting www.theaddictionarypodcast.com now. The Addictionary podcast’s new intro song is called “Here We Are Again” from the album, Spare Change, by Stiz Grimey. Purchase a copy now at www.stizgrimey.com. The Addictionary podcast and related content shared by the hosts and guests is intended to provide information and/or entertainment only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Seek the advice of your physician or another qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Do not delay medical consultation or substitute a medical professional’s opinion because of what you heard on this podcast. For questions or concerns about any medical conditions you may have, please contact your doctor. This podcast and its hosts do not provide crisis support for mental health or addiction. If you are in distress, visit your closest emergency room or call 911.  United States resources: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255) for 24/7 free and confidential support for people in distress. PRESS 1 for the Veterans Crisis Line. SAMHSA's Crisis, Mental Health, Addiction Resource Center: https://www.samhsa.gov/find-treatment SAMHSA National Helpline 1-800-662-HELP (4357) for mental health and addiction treatment referral and information, 24/7. For a list of specific and comprehensive worldwide mental health and addiction resources, visit http://www.cocoonais.com/mental-health-hotlines-worldwide/


24 Dec 2019

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Ep. 45 Call-in Show with My Mom Andrea Arlington

Recovering From Reality

In this week’s episode, I am joined by my mother, Andrea Arlington, to take some of your calls and questions.  We had amazing discussions with our callers, ranging from topics like manifestation, setting healthy boundaries in family relationships, and how to cultivate open communication with our loved ones suffering from addiction.  Produced by Dear Media


25 Nov 2019

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Ep. 19 And So It Is w/ Andrea Arlington - Recovering From Reality

Recovering From Reality

In this episode, we are sitting down with Alexis’ mom, Andrea Arlington to talk all things early childhood, manifestation, and family recovery.  Alexis asks Andrea some juicy questions, and she dishes on dating as a single parent, if she regrets Pretty Wild, and what her spiritual practice/recovery looks like today.  They also serve some hard truths about family dynamics. So if you’ve ever wondered what Alexis was like as a child and in early recovery, this is the episode for you! Read more about this episode on our blog Connect w/ Alexis here Connect w/ Andrea here or her website: Families United for Recovery If you or someone you love needs help, go to alorecovery.com #ANDSOITIS


8 Jul 2019

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How positive communication techniques help your loved ones recovery with Andrea Arlington

Mainstream Mental Health

Topic: How positive communication techniques help your loved ones recoveryWebsite: www.FamiliesUnitedforRecovery.comSpeaking Points:Building on well-researched, science based and gentle models of family recovery using positive communication as mini-interventions, I teach parents to use scripts that include language which creates trust, feelings of empathy and compassion and builds connection with our loved one.1. Begin with an affirming/connecting statement. ie: "Honey, I'm so glad to see you this morning." with a warm tone, eye contact and body language. The alternative, not being able to see them due to tragedy, or incarceration, or being homeless makes this statement true, even if you're angry or upset with them. Say it like you mean it and make it count!2. Make an appointment. ie: "I would like to discuss what happened last night, when would be convenient/comfortable for you for you?3. Be Brief - You will lose them if you go on and on. It helps to script your ideas out and practice in front of a mirror or with a partner.4. State facts, -be specific, no opinions, no labels5. Be positive/solution focused- Positive means asking for what you want instead of focusing on what you don't want to. Be supportive and encourage do-able actions instead of being critical and complaining. Being solution focused decreases defensiveness and rebellion and encourages connection and motivation. Instead of, "Stop missing classes", "Make sure you get to class on time."6. Label your feelings - Express your feelings in a way that does not create a negative emotional response in them. There's a huge difference from saying I am so angry at you and you terrified your younger brother, and I'm really frustrated right now and really worried about what I'm seeing.7. Offer an understanding statement - Try reflecting back to your child what they have shared with you about their situation so that they feel heard and understood. This builds empathy which decreases shame and helps create connection.8. Take partial responsibility - Take partial responsibility if possible. This does not mean admitting fault or taking blame but it communicates that we're also working on ourselves and that were in it with them. It takes the focus off of blaming and shows your child that you're interested in moving towards solution as a team.9. Offer to help - Ask them what they think needs to happen next, if they would like help and potentially offer to brainstorm ideas that might be helpful.These steps help keep Truth on the Table, keep healthy conversation and connection happening. This keeps everyone out of denial about what is happening on a daily basis and when handled in a respectful, kind and loving way can help motivate your loved one to choose to reduce substance use or enter treatment.


12 Apr 2019