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How to Make a (SUPER) Boring Topic Interesting and Fun on YouTube with Gabby Wallace of Go Natural English

The YouTube Power Hour Podcast

I love having a diverse group of guests on my show, but this episode features another YouTube Power Hour first! I have never had anyone on my podcast whose channel is totally devoted to teaching languages! Gabby Wallace is a TEDx speaker, self-development junkie, life-long entrepreneur and founder of Go Natural English, an online language training company that she started while teaching English abroad in Japan in 2011. She loves helping people from all around the world transform into fearless, confident communicators. 📝 Click HERE to check out the show notes! Love the podcast? Got some feedback you want to share? Want to request your favorite YouTuber?  Fill out the YTPH listener survey HERE  👉🏼 Click HERE to download my FREE GUIDE to creating IMPACTFUL content during the Covid-19 pandemic! 👩🏻‍💻 If going from zero to 100k YouTube subscribers is something you want to experience for yourself, then consider taking the first step by watching my FREE Road to to 100k Masterclass. 💗 Ready to explode your channel? Join the Zero to Influence Bootcamp waitlist CONNECT WITH ERIKA: ✨ Instagram: @beautyandthevlog ✨ YouTube Channel: Beauty and the Vlog TV ✨ Website: www.erikavieira.net ✨ Beauty and the Vlog Facebook Group


20 Aug 2020

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233. Online Video Success Secrets with Gabby Wallace

Coaches Cartel

Do you want to explode your business by "cracking" online video and YouTube? There is no doubt... Online video is powerful, and YouTube being one of the top search engines, and mediums that can highly engage and attract the right type of cusomters to you - Has hgue potential for you and your business... when done right! This is why I bring on good friend Gabby Wallace that is walking-the-walk and has the proven track record and insights to help you start and grow your following.  AND have it turn into more clients. In this episode we delve into: Why you need to be using online video... and how easy it can be to start. How to use YouTube to build your online or in-person fitness business. How to attract the type of customers you want so you're NOT wasting your time creating videos that don't grow your business. The simple steps that you can start from today to catapult your following and client numbers. FREE: Join the Fitness Business Success Circle to access the training guides and join the other coaches here - http://www.coachescartel.com/freegroup


22 May 2020

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200. Gabby Wallace on Why You Should View Content Creation as a Craft

Should I Start A Podcast

In the online entrepreneurial world, the word “content” gets thrown around quite a bit. What is content? It’s the words we write, the videos we film and the audio we record and put out into the world. But it’s also so much more than that.  Welcome to Should I Start A Podcast where each week Ronsley Vaz, with the help of a star-studded entrepreneurial guest lineup, explores why you should start a podcast; build an audience, and how to keep them hungry for more. If you’re thinking about starting a podcast or simply looking for a better way to get your message out to your audience, then this is the podcast for you. In this episode of Should I Start a Podcast, Ronsley speaks with Gabby Wallace, creator of the massively popular YouTube channel Go Natural English. Gabby started out as an ESL, or English as a second language teacher years ago and fell in love with teaching. But after a while, she longed for a career that allowed her a bit more freedom to travel.  In 2011, Gabby started her YouTube channel, which she puts out as a podcast now as well. Over the years, she spent more and more time “improving her craft” as she says. She now is able to share her passion for teaching English to her 1.76 Million subscribers, with 55 million total views on her videos. This immense following has made Gabby realize that content creation is an art form. And with any art form, you have to put in the work and dedication in order to evolve as an artist. Ronsley and Gabby discuss the habits she sets for herself in order to develop her craft and continue to grow her channel. They also dabble in how influential your audience can be in how you shape your content, how to stick to a schedule when you work for yourself, and why you should just get over your fear and put yourself out there. Also within this episode: Why Gabby defines herself differently depending on who she’s talking to Why despite your fears you should always hit that Publish button Why your content isn’t about you How a lack of deadlines can put a damper on your content creation Gabby’s production process How to challenge yourself through content Why you shouldn’t be afraid of competition Resources: Watch Go Natural English  Listen to the Go Natural English Podcast  Go Natural English Website Gabby Wallace on LinkedIn


2 Apr 2020

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PH - 97 | Gabby Wallace | Why You Should Start Now

The Path Hunters Podcast with Paul Lam

Gun To Your Head: From Gun Point to Car Crash: Real Life Stories of Overcoming Adversity Ebook!  Hey Path Hunters! Today's guest I have an awesome soul, Gabby Wallace a Youtuber with 350,000 subscribers. Gabby creates online courses helping adults learn English as a second language all across the world. Launching her English learning channel in 2011 she is a passionate digital nomad that has an amazing journey. By saying no to the norm, and choosing her own path, she took off early in her journey to teach English in Japan  Side Hustle Gabby was explaining that during her time in Japan she knew she really wanted to strike off on her own and decided to invest her time into her Youtube channel but during the first few years of it, she wasn't making any money and didn't know if she'd want to pull the plug on it or not but something deep inside her told her to keep going. It was about 2014 when she started gaining more momentum, the money started coming in. I love what Gabby did for this because she continued to work her job in Japan as an English teacher while at the same time creating a side hustle making sure that her side hustle was generating the same amount of money for her to leave. Start Now A great lesson that Gabby mentioned was that most people think Youtube right now is saturated and everything's been said but that shouldn't stop you from creating your own channel because you'll be able to learn from those who are already doing it before you. She mentioned that she witnessed other YouTubers grow at a monumental rate because they've learned from those who are already doing it and learning all the mistakes as well. A great lesson to start now, and even though it may seem saturated or crowded you should still start anyways! Gabby it was amazing chatting with you for the Path Hunters Podcast, I appreciate you for taking the time to chat with me. Until next time!! With gratitude! Follow Gabby Website | Facebook | Instagram |Youtube You may also like these episodes:PH - 78 | Dan Schwartz | How To Achieve Your Dreams PH - 88 | Sean Croxton | Why Greatness Is A ChoicePH - 60 | Philip Mckernan | How To Be Truly Vulnerable PH – 63 | Chris Guillebeau | The Art Of Non-Conformity    Sponsor >>>Foursigmatic.com/pathhunters  Check it out and use the promo code Pathhunters and get 10% OFF your order!<<< Did you enjoy the podcast? Let me know! One of the best ways is to leave a 5-Star iTunes Review</


29 Aug 2017

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Ep. 219 ~ How to Get 300,000+ YouTube Subscribers ~ Gabby Wallace

The Business Method Podcast: High-Performance & Entrepreneurship

Today listeners, we have a good friend of the show and YouTube master Gabby Wallace joining us. Gabby is the founder of Go Natural English and has used YouTube to market and catapult her business in the past few years. Currently, Go Natural English has 300,000+ subscribers and has grown by nearly 10,000 from the time we recorded this, to the time we published the episode.Gabby shares some really great information about growing a YouTube channel. She and I discuss the growth of her content and herself as a YouTuber. We dive into equipment, handling comments and interaction. Gabby shares her strategies for branding and creating a YouTube funnel. And then we wrap up by listening to some of the mistakes Gabby shares so others can avoid.If you have a YouTube channel or thinking about using one for business, check out this episode!“Approach YouTube with a very giving mindset…I think it’s a mistake to see YouTube as a commercial or infomercial.” Gabby Wallace“The marketing led to the business, not the other way around!” Gabby Wallace02:06: Gabby’s Story06:12: Gabby’s first video content vs. her video content today07:45: Recommended Equipment for Video Recording09:14: Handling YouTube Comments12:46: Videos and Content that Creates Greater Interaction on YouTube15:15: Gabby’s Strategy for Branding on YouTube17:29: Gabby’s YouTube Funnel21:13: Mistakes to Avoid on YouTube“I don’t believe in that type of competition, or competitive attitude (in business). I think we can all be more successful if we collaborate in a strategic way!” Gabby WalliceHonorable Mentions:TubeBuddy Softwarehttps://www.tubebuddy.com/Contact Info:https://www.youtube.com/user/GoNaturalEnglish http://gonaturalenglish.com/ http://gabbywallace.com/Subscribe to our podcast on iTuneshttps://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/entrepreneur-house-live-in/id1069958541?mt=2


30 May 2017

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7 Massive Audience Growth on YouTube with Gabby Wallace

Online Course Masters

Gabby Wallace has created an online learning empire with over 250,000 YouTube subscribers, and a converting sales funnel to her self-hosted courses. She shares her online course story with us in the show. Visit http://onlinecoursemasters.com for show notes and more online teaching resources.


20 Feb 2017

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031: Using YouTube to grow your audience and business - with Gabby Wallace

Entrepreneurs in Motion

Gabby Wallace has built a YouTube channel with more than 250,000 subscribers - and it generates tons of leads and customers for her online courses. Today, she talks about her humble beginnings, how she grew her channel, and how you can optimize yours. Highlights: Gabby's first (horrible) video - and why she posted it anyway (3:05) How Gabby grew her channel to 250,000+ subscribers over several years (5:15) Gabby's template for quick and easy video recording (7:30) Why competition doesn't matter on YouTube (9:45) What her video production process looks like now (13:40) Quick-win tips for optimizing an existing YouTube channel (16:15) Show notes: http://www.entrepreneursinmotion.com/gabby


15 Feb 2017

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33: How Gabby Wallace Makes Money Teaching English On YouTube

Do You Even Hustle?

Gabby Wallace went from teaching English in a classroom to over 200,000 subscribers on YouTube. On our show, she shares some of her BEST tips on how to grow an audience and start a YT channel even if you have $0 to spend on advertising.


26 Jan 2017

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The Big 100! A Live Meetup Event with guests Rashan Casseus & Gabby Wallace

The Busy Creator Podcast with Prescott Perez-Fox

That went quickly! Listen in to our live event where we commemorate 100 episodes of The Busy Creator Podcast and remark on the journey. This event was a crossover with the New York City Podcast Meetup, recorded at Small City Co-working space in Brooklyn. Joining Prescott on stage are musician Joaquin Cotler (@ShinyIslands), UX designer Rashan Casseus (@rcassues) & video publisher/entrepreneur Gabby Wallace (@GabbyAWallace). Together we discuss daily practice, creating projects and nurturing them over time, and our own experiences with podcasting. Get The Episode Download The Busy Creator Podcast, episode 100 (MP3, 1:07:53, 32.7 MB) Download The Busy Creator Podcast, episode 100 (OGG, 1:07:53, 35.9 MB) Subscribe to Get New Episodes Subscribe to The Busy Creator Podcast on iTunes, on Google Play Music, on Android, on iHeart Show Notes & Links Small City co-working space in Brooklyn Joaquin Cotler, musician, journalist, composer of The Busy Creator Podcast theme song Paul Shaffer, Clark Terry, Questlove — late night talk show band leaders through the years New York City Podcast Meetup Joaquin has appeared on The Busy Creator Podcast episode 41 John Lee Dumas & Kate Erickson, guests on TBC episode 50 "It's a great time to go to Puerto Rico if you already have a lot of money." —Joaquin Cotler Tweet This Creighton Mershonn & Jessi Arrington, proprietors of Small City and past guests on TBC ep 92 Vector Media Group, our default host of the NYC Podcast Meetup Nick Spriggs, partner at Vector, guest on TBC ep 91 New York City Podcast Meetup is one year old New York City Podcast Meetup on Twitter New York City Podcast Meetup on Facebook Prescott removed Facebook from his phone, sleeps better  The Busy Creator Podcast made it to 100 episodes — they’re all here Jonathan Coulton, and his Thing A Week podcast project JoCo Cruise, featuring Aimee Mann, et al "Busy is a four-letter word." —Prescott Perez-Fox  Tweet This “Busy Beaver” is an English-language idomatic expression MIT’s mascot is Tim the Beaver, nature’s engineer Tim The Beaver Buzz The Busy Beaver is the mascot of The Busy Creator Podcast, but not modelled after Prescott #HumbleBrag, a definition The Busy Creator Podcast started as bi-weekly, went up to weekly, then returned to bi-weekly Bi-Weekly vs. Fortnightly vs. every-other-week, semantics TBC by the numbers: 3 years, 106 episodes (including B-Sides), 98 unique guests, 15 single-topic episodes, 4 monologue episodes TBC by the numbers, best single day downloads: 567, 11 January 2017 TBC by the numbers, best monthly downloads: 10,148, November 2016 TBC by the numbers, lifetime downloads: 103,279, as of 16 January 2017 Marc Maron’s show received nearly 750,000 downloads in 24 hours when he interviewed President Obama Casper Mattresses, not a sponsor #TBC100 and #NYCPodMeet to see photos from the event Rashan Casseus, NYC native, FIT Grad, currently a Senior UX Designer Rashan & Prescott met at a fan meetup for Keith and The Girl R & P participated in The Cinnamon Challenge The Ice-Bucket Challange, The Mannequin Challenge, etc. Ice Bucket Challenge Emeril Lagasse "I make digital tools easier to use." —Rashan Casseus Tweet This "UX is the thought process of how a human being gets from point A to point B." —Rashan Casseus Tweet This MailChimp, and their mascot Freddy Disembodied Monkey Hand, the name of Joaquin’s new punk band Microcopy, the words around the site on buttons, short messages, etc. Eat24, and their “hungry” shopping cart 90Elm, Rashan’s cousin’s t-shirt company User Stories, User Interviews — tools of planning a site Sayba Naturals, Prescott’s mother’s soap brand Squarespace, also not a sponsor "Websites are never finished, they are only abandoned." —Prescott Perez-Fox, paraphrasing Leonardo da Vinci Tweet This "Your website is done when you run out of time, or when the client says 'I want it up now'." —Rashan Casseus Tweet This Museum of Arts and Design, NYC Gabby Wallace, YouTube producer, teacher, online marketing coach — hates headphones!  Keith Richards Gabby defines herself as a creator. Simple. "I create something every day. Most day, many things." —Gabby Wallace Tweet This Prescott & Gabby met at Podcast Movement 2014 Gabby was a podcaster, has moved back to YouTube. GoNaturalEnglish, a video show to learn to English Friendtor, teaming up with people of complementary skills Adrienne Stortz, Katie Quinn, cooking video producers in Brooklyn Matt Cremona, woodworker "I reject all that quality and editing because it takes forever!" —Gabby Wallace Tweet This Keytar Gilmore Girls, and the revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Gilmore Guys podcast The Town Troubadour from Gilmore Girls Joaquin attended CUNY J-School, earning a Master’s in Multimedia Journalism Atavist, easier to use than Squarespace or WordPress Roots on The Record, Joaquin’s graduate project speaking to musicians and  Marian McPartland’s Piano Jazz Marian McPartland, 1918–2013 The Nerdist Podcast Alicia Witt, and her episode on The Nerdist The 101, traffic magnet in Los Angeles Studio 360 Kurt Andersen Ashley Milne-Tyte, previous guest on TBC ep 8 WBAI, the liberal talk station which plays Latin Jazz Ray Barretto "Way more fun than playing music is listening to other people play." —Joaquin Cotler Tweet This The Busy Creator Podcast is switching from bi-weekly publication to a seasonal format 9 Habits of Highly Creative People Zapier, upcoming episode for season.next Hulse Durrell, upcoming episode for season.next Vancouver Olympics New brand and website for The Busy Creator coming in the spring SASS (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets), better than CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) Rashan Casseus on Twitter Rashan Casseus on Facebook Rashan Casseus on Instagram Rashan Casseus on LinkedIn Gabby Wallace on Twitter Gabby Wallace on Facebook Gabby Wallace on Instagram Gabby Wallace on LinkedIn Gabby Wallace on YouTube Joaquin Cotler on Twitter Joaquin Cotler on Facebook Joaquin Cotler on Instagram Joaquin Cotler on LinkedIn Joaquin Cotler on YouTube Tools Jira Slack Squarespace Google Docs Atavist Techniques Name buttons on websites in an intuitive way; say “conclude” or “done” Consult a designer even when using a templated system like Squarespace Take team outings as a way to get to know each other Post a common planning document to keep your team accountable Share your core message; if you don’t have it defined, go back to square one Mix your “main bit” with casual, less rehearsed pieces When discussing an “album”, call it a “record” to be more generic Habits Keep your skills up with family and community projects Find the intersection of your creation and what people need Post helpful content and videos; people will ask for your help Constantly learn from others via podcasts, videos, blogs, books, etc. Return to a consistent format to avoid rehearsal SaveSave

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17 Jan 2017

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How to Build Influence on YouTube – with Gabby Wallace

The NextFem Podcast | Real-Talk with Successful Women

In this episode, Gabby Wallace shares the biggest obstacles between zero and 260K+ subscribers, why great content alone is not enough in order to succeed, and the surprising way you can become a breakout star without having to be original. Gabby is the founder of Go Natural English. Her popular YouTube channel helps over 260,000 people […] The post How to Build Influence on YouTube – with Gabby Wallace appeared first on NextFem.


26 Dec 2016