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"Selling yourself without selling your soul" with guest, Ryan Gregg

Moments of Clarity with Tiffany

Show date 5/12/2022


20 May 2022

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SE02/EP4 How to Stay True to Yourself as An Artist w/ Ryan Gregg

Brand Identity Design

During this episode, we'll cover the key steps you to need to take to succeed in the Entertainment Business as a part of “The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship" series. Join us!  Buy Ryan's Album "Revelry" by The Shady Street Show Band- https://theshadystreetshowband.bandcamp.com/album/revelry Spotify Link for Album "Revelry"- https://open.spotify.com/album/0Rksx8Nia0FGqh0Yecdu52?si=613yliyKSjKiYeBlfVm1OQ Ryan's Website- www.ryangreggmusic.com Ryan's Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/ryangreggmusic/ Sponsor Link- https://www.momentsofclaritywithtiffany.com/advertise/ Sponsor Link- https://www.thepowerhouseexecutive.com/accelerator CSR Link: Summer and Bill's PurpleStride Pancreatic Cancer Fundraising Page- https://secure.pancan.org/site/TR/PurpleStride/PurpleStride?px=2890227&pg=personal&fr_id=2337 Book your Brand Strategy 📞- https://calendly.com/iamjdesigns/strategy Jaison's Link Tree (Hire a Logo Designer)- https://linktr.ee/Iamjdesigns Become a Guest on our show- https://iamjdesigns.co/guest Show some ❤️ by Supporting the "Brand Identity Design" Podcast- https://www.paypal.me/iamjdesigns Music By The Shady Street Show Band "Should've Known" - Spotify Link- https://open.spotify.com/track/6aGcxORTqub3cUkbfVuoi2?si=23d23f6ede8b4913 Music By The Shady Street Show Band "My Ticket Reprise" - Spotify Link- https://open.spotify.com/track/5Yv0aOIcJMGASoGTeQilEO?si=ac9565a533f44bdb Music By The Shady Street Show Band "Curtain Call" - Spotify Link- https://open.spotify.com/track/6kUnZ2kPS9JLgMVc7Q57Wh?si=a9696e75acce40ce Music By The Shady Street Show Band "The Nut Song" - Spotify Link- https://open.spotify.com/track/0aw1yPBUz1MyDBMusWmqYU?si=889287e8c1444982 #entrepreneurship #talk #stayingtrue

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20 Apr 2022

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Dr. John with Ryan Gregg and Chris Covert

I Love Rock & Roll Podcast

Ken is joined by Chris Covert and musician Ryan Gregg to discuss the life of Mac Rebennack, AKA Dr. John. How did an act of violence force him to transition from guitar to piano? Why did he decide to adopt a voodoo persona for a one off album that he was never able to shake? How was he able to be both the ultimate front man and side man at the same time? This is a good one, listen up!

1hr 18mins

12 Oct 2021

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1hr 14mins

28 May 2019

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Cloud Run with Steren Giannini and Ryan Gregg

Google Cloud Platform Podcast

Mark Mirchandani is our Mark this week, joining new host Michelle Casbon in a recap of their favorite things at Next! The main story this episode is Cloud Run, and Gabi and Mark met up with Steren Giannini and Ryan Gregg at Cloud Next to learn more about it. Announced at Next, Cloud Run brings serverless to containers! It offers great options and security, and the client only pays for what they use. With containers, developers can use any language, any library, any software, anything! Two versions of Cloud Run were released last week. Cloud Run is the fully managed, hosted service for running serverless containers. The second version, Cloud Run GKE, provides a lot of the same benefits, but runs the compute inside your Kubernetes container. It’s easy to move between the two if your needs change as well. Steren Giannini Steren is a Product Manager in the Google Cloud Platform serverless team. He graduated from École Centrale Lyon, France and then was CTO of a startup that created mobile and multi-device solutions. After joining Google, Steren managed Stackdriver Error Reporting, Node.js on App Engine, and Cloud Run. Ryan Gregg Ryan is a product manager at Google, working on Knative and Cloud Run. He has over 15 years experience working with developers on building and extending platforms and is passionate about great documentation and reducing developer toil. After more than a decade of working on enterprise software platforms and cloud solutions at Microsoft, he joined Google to work on Knative and building great new experiences for serverless and Kubernetes. Cool things of the week News to build on: 122+ announcements from Google Cloud Next ‘19 blog Mark’s Favorite Announcement: Network service tiers site Michelle’s Favorite Announcements: Cloud Code site Cloud SQL for Postgres now supports v11 release notes Cloud Data Fusion for visual code-free ETL pipelines site Cloud AI Platform site AutoML Natural Language site Google Voice for G Suite blog Hangouts Chat in Gmail site Kubeflow v0.5.0 release site Interview Cloud Run site Knative site Knative Docs site Firestore site App Engine site Cloud Functions site GKE site Cloud Run on GKE site Understanding cluster resource usage site Docker site Cloud Build site Gitlab site Buildpacks site Jib (Java Image Builder) site Pub/Sub site Cloud VPC site Google Cloud Next ‘19 All Sessions videos Question of the week If I want to try out Cloud Run, how do I get started? Get started with the beta version by logging in site Quicklinks site Codelab site Where can you find us next? Gabi is at PyTexas Jon and Mark Mandel are at East Coast Game Conference Michelle & Mark Mirchandani will be at Google IO in May Michelle will be at Kubecon Barcelona in May


17 Apr 2019

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Colony of Heaven: Phil 3: 12-17 - Ryan Gregg

Northwest University Podcast

The church in Philippi was a community of Jesus followers situated in the Roman empire yet called to be a radically different type of people than Rome. Followers of Jesus today, like the followers of Jesus in Philippi, have to learn how to be a new sort of Kingdom and community while living in another kingdom and community. Paul, who planted this church, called the followers of Jesus in Philippi and, in many ways, calls all followers of Jesus today to be a “Colony of Heaven.”


23 Apr 2018

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EP. 104 | Pharmacogenomics 101 | Meet Ryan Gregg, Ph.D. is a Medical Science Liaison at OneOme

DocPreneur Leadership Podcast

Ryan Gregg, Ph.D. is a Medical Science Liaison at OneOme. He obtained a B.S. with Honors in Forensic Chemistry from the University of Mississippi, and a Ph.D. in Pharmacology from the Center for Substance Abuse and Research at Temple University School of Medicine. Ryan has a diverse background of experience in pre-clinical and clinical research in psychiatry, hematology, pain, and oncology. His role at OneOme centers around provider education and training on the utility and benefits of pharmacogenomic testing for the Northeast and Southeast United States, as well as working with physicians, pharmacists, and nurse practitioners to implement pharmacogenomic testing into clinical practice. OneOme’s RightMed® pharmacogenomic test helps healthcare providers with timely, evidence-based prescription decisions by combining a patient’s genetic profile and current medications in an interactive report that easily integrates into current practices. OneOme’s RightMed test covers cardiovascular disease, cancer, chronic pain, diabetes, psychiatric conditions, and more. The OneOme platform was co-developed and exclusively licensed from Mayo Clinic to bring pharmacogenomics into routine clinical care. This Podcast Is Recorded By The DocPreneur Leadership Podcast/Produced/Hosted by Concierge Medicine Today, LLC. Intended Audience and/or Use: The content, products and/or services offered or discussed herein are here to educate physicians, healthcare business leaders and/or healthcare professionals and is not intended for the general public (Please see full Disclaimer below). In no event is this information considered medical, legal, financial, accounting or other professional advice (Please see full disclaimer below). Concierge Medicine Today, LLC., our sister publication(s) and/or Podcast(s) use our best efforts to gather the information that is available and use it effectively to help educate Physicians about new and exciting innovations in healthcare. Concierge Medicine Today, LLC., our representatives, agents or employees accept no responsibility or liability for the claims made by the Physician(s) interviewed or our guests. Once again, If you have any questions about these topics, evidence cited, physicians, their services, etc., please contact the doctor or doctor’s office directly. The views expressed herein are those of the Physician; they do not necessarily reflect the views of our organization or Representatives. Please note, if you have any questions about our interviewed guests, physicians, business leaders, etc., their services, insights, etc., please contact them or that doctor or doctor’s office directly. The editors, publishers, distributors, hosts, Concierge Medicine Today, LLC., its related, affiliated or subsidiary companies or employees/representatives, stress that since the details of an individual’s personal health situation are fact-dependent, you should seek the help of a competent professional, attorney, licensed physician in good standing and/or financial/tax professional. None of our representatives or affiliated companies of Concierge Medicine Today, LLC., shall be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages or financial costs arising out of the use of any of the physicians thoughts or advice on this article, journal or podcast(s) (See Full Disclaimer Below). Full Disclaimer: This interview, the hosts, guests, producers, it's agents/authorized representatives and/or affiliated companies, are not providing medical, financial and/or legal advice. 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Any products, actions or services mentioned are at your own risk and you agree, consent and understand the risks associated with using those products/services and indemnify and hold harmless Concierge Medicine Today, LLC., its publishers, authors, editors, guest posts, interviewed guests, physicians interviewed, hosts, guests, sponsors, affiliated representatives, affiliated companies of Concierge Medicine Today, LLC., etc., directly and/or indirectly, against any damages, losses, liabilities, judgments, costs or expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs) arising out of a claim by a third party relating to materials you have heard about, used, purchased, read, posted and/or other actions taken by you on any Concierge Medicine Today, LLC., Site(s) and this podcast. 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12 Oct 2017

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Office 365 Developer Podcast: Episode 035 on OneDrive consumer APIs with Ryan Gregg

Microsoft 365 Developer Podcast

In this episode Jeremy Thake talks to Ryan Gregg about the new announcements around the OneDrive Consumer API.Weekly updatesNew C# support in API Sandbox Office 365 Discovery Service Sample with Cache implementation Developing Native iOS Apps using the Office 365 SDK for iOS by Richard DiRezega Opening a document with Office Mobile from your own application by Stephane Cordonnier Show notesBlog post about the news Get started at the OneDrive Developer Center aka.ms/onedriveapi Try out the Interactive SDK Keep up to date at the OneDrive blog Keep up with Ryan’s blog Give feedback on the OneDrive UserVoice Ask questions on Stack using [onedrive] See more about OneDrive at Microsoft Ignite conference Got questions or comments about the show? Join the O365 Dev Podcast on the Office 365 Technical Network. The podcast RSS has been submitted to all the stores and marketplaces but takes time, please add directly with the RSS http://feeds.feedburner.com/Office365DeveloperPodcast.About Ryan Gregg Ryan Gregg is a principal program manager on the OneDrive team. He’s a been with Microsoft for 10 years and has built developer experiences for Outlook, Office and OneDrive during that time. You can find Ryan’s blog at blogs.msdn.com/b/rgregg and on Twitter @ryangregg.About the host Jeremy is a newly appointed technical product manager at Microsoft responsible for the Visual Studio Developer story for Office 365 development. Previously he worked at AvePoint Inc., a large ISV, as the chief architect shipping two apps to the Office Store. He has been heavily involved in the SharePoint community since 2006 and was awarded the SharePoint MVP award four years in a row before retiring the title to move to Microsoft. You can find Jeremy blogging at www.jeremythake.com and tweeting at @jthake.


26 Feb 2015