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Finding Jesus in the Storm - John Swinton (2021)

St Paul's Cathedral

When Jesus says I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full, he doesn’t say that means it will be without suffering. Fullness of life speaks of joy, hope and resurrection, but life in all its fullness is not life without pain or disappointment: Jesus’s own life wasn’t. Listen to John Swinton and Paula Gooder's profound and wide-ranging conversation reflecting on John's latest book 'Finding Jesus in the Storm', drawing on many years of experience of working with people with mental health challenges. It ranges from the importance of lamentation, how we can find joy in times of suffering, what it means to have Christ-like friendships, to the value of a rich spiritual life, and also reflects on how we can make churches places of welcome and safety for people with mental health challenges, how important good listening is and how we can all learn from people who are experiencing challenges in mental wellbeing.John Swinton is Professor of Practical Theology and Pastoral Care at the University of Aberdeen and Founding Director of Aberdeen’s Centre for Spirituality, Health and Disability. His latest book is Finding Jesus in the Storm (SCM Press 2020).Paula Gooder is Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral and a leading Biblical scholar. Her latest book is 'The Parables', in her Biblical Explorations series.


23 Feb 2021

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Professor John Swinton "The Spiritual Lives of Christians with Mental Health Challenges”

Duke Theology, Medicine, and Culture initiative

The Theology, Medicine, and Culture Initiative at Duke Divinity School and the Trent Center for Bioethics, Humanities & History of Medicine at Duke held a seminar on September 4, 2020 with John Swinton, RMN, RN, PhD, professor in Practical Theology and Pastoral Care and Chair in Divinity and Religious Studies at the University of Aberdeen. His talk is entitled, "The Spiritual Lives of Christians with Mental Health Challenges."


25 Sep 2020

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Bonus Interview from 'Trauma and Friendship' Episode: Dr. John Swinton

Being Church in the Time of COVID

Dr. John Swinton is a registered nurse and Chair in Divinity and Religious Studies at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. This bonus episode features the full-length interview with Dr. Swinton discussing the importance of love, empathy, and friendship in the midst of a pandemic. He invites ministry leaders to consider the disorientation and confusion of this season through the lens of the passion of Jesus. Portions of this bonus episode were first shared in the episode entitled 'Trauma and Friendship'. 


15 Sep 2020

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Conversations on Hope, Episode 1: Professor John Swinton (7-min)

Conversations on Hope

In this debut episode of a new series of short videos, Glenn Packiam interviews John Swinton, Professor of Practical Theology and Pastoral Care at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. Swinton was given the Oskar Pfister Award by the American Psychiatric Association for making an outstanding contribution to religion and psychiatry in 2018. His latest book is called, "Becoming Friends of Time: Disability, Timefulness, and Gentle Discipleship". In this conversation, Swinton describes his view of Christian hope, how his work relates to hope, what a song of hope is, and the power of music for those suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's.


23 Jun 2020

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Episode 1: John Swinton

Sanctuary Mental Health Podcast

Practical theologian Rev. Dr. John Swinton talks about faith, mental health, and all the ways in which our culture, particularly Church culture, can exclude those whose voices, whose songs, and whose lives don’t fit the "standard format." He offers up some new ways of seeing in which difference and disability are welcomed, embraced, and understood as a valid way of being fully human and fully alive to the possibilities of God.


21 Jan 2020

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Compassion – John Swinton

Pattern Podcast

John Swinton joins us from his sabbatical in Australia to share his thoughts and insights on compassion. John was a nurse in the mental health sector and now is a professor at the University of Aberdeen. He has a beautiful vision for living lives of compassion fuelled by his life long work and friendship with those affected by mental health.


16 Oct 2019

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John Swinton: The Speed of Love

Everything Happens with Kate Bowler

The quality of time depends on our abilities and disabilities, possibilities and limitations. In a world of speed and productivity, Kate speaks with disability theologian John Swinton on how slowing down deepens our ability to love.CW: Chronic illnessFor show notes, the transcript, and discussion questions: https://katebowler.com/podcasts/john-swinton-the-speed-of-love/ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


2 Jul 2019

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#061 I have never met a mentally healthy person—with Dr. John Swinton

Regent College Podcast

We had the opportunity to talk with one of the leading theologians on the topic of mental health and dementia. We talked about disability, hearing voices in our heads, our concepts of normality, and so much more. Don't miss it. See you on the other side.If you are interested in the Sanctuary course:https://www.sanctuarymentalhealth.org/sanctuary-course/To be a part of the Free Evening Public Lectures, click on the following link:https://www.regent-college.edu/lifelong-learning/public-lecturesTo learn more about Regent College and all of its courses visit:https://www.regent-college.edu/


7 Jun 2019

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Loving Our Neighbors Well with Mental Health Challenges - Special Guest: Dr. John Swinton

Jude 3 Project

On this episode, Dr. John Swinton discussed how we can love and care for our friends and family with mental health challenges.


7 Dec 2018

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EE018 - Batman, The Shadow and Economics with John Swinton

Everything Economics

More superheroes! In this episode, Tahlia talks to John Swinton who contributed to the book, Superheroes and Economics, analyzing Batman and The Shadow. They are both vigilantes but have incredibly different strengths and weaknesses, so how do they compare in the delivery of justice? Follow Tahlia: https://twitter.com/tahliamurdoch Follow Everything Economics: https://twitter.com/everyeconomics Follow the Cave Goblin Network: http://twitter.com/cavegoblins Find more podcasts and friends of the network at https://cavegoblins.com


19 Nov 2018