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Unfit: The Psychology of Donald Trump / FIlm School Radio interview with Director Dan Partland

KUCI: Film School

In his thoroughly documented and clarion call to action, Dan Partland’s latest documentary, #UNFIT: The Psychology of Donald Trump, provides a platform for a number of prominent mental health professionals to present their observations on camera as part of their ethical "Duty to Warn" the public of imminent danger presented by President Donald Trump. After years of empirical observation these leading mental health professionals, discuss DSM-5 disorders, their danger, and the doctor’s own Duty to Warn, They introduce the syndrome known as malignant narcissism and explain how it is responsible for some of history’s cruelest kinds of inhumanity. They liken it symptoms to the behavior of the most powerful human being on earth, a man with the capacity to launch several thousand nuclear weapons on his command, Donald Trump. Medical doctors and mental health professionals go on camera, on the record, for the record - it's an eye-opening discussion, analysis, and science-based examination of the behavior, psyche, condition, and stability of President Donald Trump. #UNFIT also examines Trump's effect on our citizenry, culture, and institutions. Director Dan Partland joins us for a spirited conversation on Trump’s constant perversion of truth, his appeal to tribalism, and the way he has undermined the pillars of civil society, a free press, and an independent judiciary.For news, screenings and updates go to: unfitfilm.com

4 Oct 2020

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Dan Partland – Director of #UNFIT the documentary


Dan Partland is a talented documentary filmmaker who directed and produced an important film you must see now: #Unfit (link below). The first half is medical doctors, mental health professionals and leading Republican influencers talking on the record about the behavior, psyche, condition, and stability of Donald Trump. The second half of the film looks […]


23 Sep 2020

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Unfit: The Psychology of Donald Trump – by Dan Partland

In Deep with Angie Coiro: Interviews

Show #267 | Guest: Dan Partland, director and producer | Show Summary: The American people divide into three groups. One group is certain there’s something deeply wrong and deeply dangerous with Donald Trump. A second group is concerned but unsure. The third group of our citizens cannot be persuaded that he’s a danger to our lives and country. This hour won’t do much for that last group. But for groups one and two, a new documentary will be of deep interest: Unfit: the Psychology of Donald Trump. Angie talks with the show's director and producer, Dan Partland. Dan is a Multi-Emmy winner of documentary and non-fiction TV, whose work includes series such as A&E’s Intervention, The Sixties on CNN, and American Race with Charles Barkley for TNT. Dan's work also includes landmark films of the independent cinema such as the feature documentary A Perfect Candidate along with Sundance winners Welcome to The Doll House and The Ballad of Ramblin' Jack.


12 Sep 2020

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Aunty Shitshow (feat. Dan Partland)

The Daily Beans

Today, a federal judge allows a lawsuit into Trump’s Inaugural Committee to go forward, the US Treasury sanctions Rudy Giuliani’s Biden information source, Derkach, for being a Russian agent, another Russian is indicted this time for mail fraud in the Russian election interference Project Lahkta, a unanimous three judge panel ruled that President Trump's order to exclude undocumented immigrants from census numbers for apportioning congressional districts is unlawful, should Bob Woodward have released the Trump tapes earlier, and Microsoft says Russian, Chinese and Iranian hackers are targeting the 2020 presidential election, plus the good news with Aimee Carrero (@aimeecarrero)Check out our guest:Dan Partland of Duty To Warn 🔉 (@duty2warn)unfitfilm.comCheck out our sponsors: Download Best Fiends FREE on the Apple App Store or Google Play. That’s FRIENDS without the R – Best Fiends! PlushCare makes it easy for me to get the excellent care I need, when I need it. They can do the same for you. Start your free 30 day trial today. https://plushcare.com/dailybeans/ Magic Spoon - a cereal that tastes so delicious you won’t believe it’s made without all the sugar, carbs or guilt. magicspoon.com/dailybeans use the code DAILYBEANS for free shipping. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

1hr 16mins

11 Sep 2020

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'BradCast' 9/3/2020 (Nicole Sandler w "Unfit" Director Dan Partland

The BradCast w/ Brad Friedman

Independent investigative journalism, broadcasting, troublemaking and muckraking with Brad Friedman of BradBlog.com


3 Sep 2020

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Center Stage with Mark Gordon

Award-winning filmmaker, Dan Partland talks about his latest film #UNFIT: THE PSYCHOLOGY OF DONALD TRUMP. The film features a group of mental health professionals who have studied Trump's behavior over the last several years and present a compelling case that Donald Trump is a malignant narcissist and unfit to be President of the United States of America.


3 Sep 2020