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S4E12: Will Mateu on setbacks, resilience and never giving up

The Momentum Life Project

Regular listeners may remember Will Mateu from back at the beginning of Season 4 talking about his bid to become the next Australian Ninja Warrior. Since he appeared on the show, things haven’t gone quite to plan, so he’s back talking about setbacks, resilience and how to find the strength to keep going when everything seems against you. Having already had to withdraw from the show a previous year because of an injury he had come back fitter, stronger and more mentally ready than ever. That was, until he managed the same injury, training on the same obstacle! We chat to Will half way through his phase 1 recovery time, post-operation and hobbling around on crutches. Is it time to give up the Ninja Warrior dream? What does he say when people tell him move on and do something else? And how has he approached his recovery this time compared to last? This is the last in the current season of the Momentum Life Project. We’ll be taking a short break over the Christmas/New Year holidays and back early 2020 for season 5 which is in full planning mode at the moment and is shaping up to be better than ever! ….because remember, global change starts with individual momentum


12 Dec 2019

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S4E6: Will Mateu - on how to become a ninja warrior

The Momentum Life Project

This trilingual Cuban New Yorker who originally wanted to be a psychologist, has worked in the financial services industry for many years, starting out on the trading floor. But don’t be fooled, he is definitely not your typical ‘corporate suit’ and has also been an actor, and made it on to Australian Ninja Warrior. In this episode we delve into why Will believes that growing up in the melting pot of New York city culture gave him a unique perspective on his own self-awareness and of how to appreciate that not everyone views things the same way. Now knowing his CliftonStrengths profile has created a language around that understanding, which he uses to his full advantage to be able to excel in every role that he takes. We discuss why not believing in yourself and having limiting doubts in your own ability is the number one factor why someone ‘doesn’t make it’ or achieve their true potential and how imposter syndrome really does lead to self-sabotage. Will believes strongly in the mindset that breaking down large goals into smaller milestones means that even if you don’t get to the ultimate end, you’ve been on a journey, and you’ve grown as a person throughout the process and how he’s used this process to recover from injuries and to approach the training for Australian Ninja Warrior. A fascinating chat, with a fascinating person who has successfully blended many, seemingly disparate areas into a unique career and approach to life. ….because remember, global change starts with individual momentum PS - Will mentioned many different CliftonStrengths terms throughout the episode - if you’d like to know more about CliftonStrengths and what some of these words really mean - shoot me an email! kerry@themomentumarchitects.com


16 Oct 2019

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