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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jenn Chen. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jenn Chen, often where they are interviewed.

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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jenn Chen. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jenn Chen, often where they are interviewed.

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TIL 188: A Journey to Biblical Counseling (a testimony from Dr. Jenn Chen)

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On this edition of Truth in Love Dr. Dale Johnson ask Dr. Jenn Chen about her testimony from secular psychology to biblical counseling.
Jan 07 2019 · 13mins
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120 : Social Media 101 w / Jenn Chen : The most critical elements for coffee companies to consider to have a great on-line presence

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Social media is a vast landscape filled with both great and terrible representations of people's brands. At best we enhance a customer's view of us and create an even bigger fan -At worst we introduce confusion, boredom, or anger into the relationship and drive people away. In order to give customers a truly excellent representation of your business on-line you need to know the fundamental best practices that lay the foundation for success. In today's episode we chat with coffee marketing professional, Jenn Chen

Jenn guides us through several critical areas that we need to be on top of with our company's social media. When should you outsource? What are the absolute no-no's of social media? How do you engage with people online? All of these and more are answered by one our industries brightest and most sought after media pros. 






Airline Study

Brands That Take a Stand

When to Outsource Blog Posts

Oct 31 2018 · 55mins

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TT NYC: "Get Woke on Power" | Jenn Chen (Coffee Marketer)

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If New York was all about diversity and bias tackled from
a variety of different angles, Jenn Chen’s talk, “Get Woke on Power”, was an
important primer in the massively complex topic of power and power dynamics,
which underscore every interpersonal interaction we have on a daily basis, for
better or for worse. Using shared, anonymised stories about how power dynamics
have affected the tellers’ coffee careers, Jenn has identified three main areas
of potential difficulty in navigating the use and possible abuse of power in
the daily life of coffee professionals living and working in consuming


Misusing power doesn’t just lead to decreased emotional well-being—it impacts the physical and financial well-being of those working in
coffee, too. Jenn’s talk is more than a call for awareness, it’s a call for
action: whether it’s roasters considering the power producers have to control
the stories being told about them to larger institutions stepping in to help take
on employers who misuse employees, there is a never-ending list of areas in
which we can “get woke” in regards to power.
Nov 07 2016 · 30mins
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Episode 28 - Social Media with Jenn Chen

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We're very excited to welcome the wonderful Jenn Chen to the show to chat about coffee and social media. Jenn is a freelance coffee marketer, the digital marketing manager for acaia, as well as a talented photographer, writer, and donut connoisseur.

What We're Drinking

  • Jenn Chen: Kenya Kaigwandi from Greenway Coffee on the Chemex, V60, Bonmac, and Clever
  • Bryan Schiele: Kenya AB Githima from Steadfast Coffee on the Chemex
  • Brian Beyke: Ethiopia Derar Ela from Presta Coffee on the GINO Dripper


About Jenn Chen:

Nov 19 2015 · 46mins
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Acaia Scales Marketing, Social Media, & Sponsorship Guru - Jenn Chen | BGA Camp 2015

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Here's another one recorded at BGA Camp 2015 in Tucson! Jenn talks about Acaia's amazing scales, company history, and why she showed up at Barista Camp 2015. Recorded in a crowded room across from the cutest Corgi ever.
Oct 04 2015 · 24mins