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Ep 36 Profit First with Megan Dahle

Profit Answer Man: Implementing the Profit First System!

Hi, I'm the Profit Answer Man Rocky Lalvani! I help small business owners simplify their financial reports so that they can make more informed business decisions with fewer hassles. We utilize the Profit First system created by Mike Michalowicz Schedule your free, no-obligation intro call: https://bookme.name/rockyl/lite/intro-appointment-15-minutes Bio: Fifteen years into Megan Dahle's corporate accounting career, a business owner reached out to Megan privately because he was concerned one of his partners was taking more than their fair share. After a cursory look at the books Megan discovered that the partner had, in fact, taken over $400,000 out of the business without the other partners knowing.    This sensitive project was the launching pad for Megan. She is now a Consulting CFO who creates lightbulb moments inside her client's businesses. She makes the numbers easy to understand and, more importantly, easy to use so that her clients learn how to grow a stronger, cash-generating business that produces long-term wealth. Megan's clients go from nervously checking their bank balances to understanding their business finances to give themselves a serious competitive advantage, so they can confidently build the business of their dreams.   LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/meganmdahle/   Facebook Profile: https://www.facebook.com/megan.tylerdahle/   Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/MeganTDahle More about making profitability simple: http://profitcomesfirst.com/ Questions: questions@profitanswerman.com Email: rocky@profitcomesfirst.com Profit Answer Man Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/profitanswerman/ My podcast about living a richer more meaningful life: http://richersoul.com/ First 2 chapter of Profit First: https://mailchi.mp/1bf6b892deda/profitfirst Music provided by Junan from Junan Podcast Any financial advice is for educational purposes only and you should consult with an expert for your specific needs.


8 Dec 2020

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552 Numbers Tell The Story: Entrepreneur Megan Dahle on How to Grow Your Revenue Profitably and Predictably

Wings of Inspired Business

Megan Dahle started her Consulting CFO business after 15 years in the corporate accounting world to help business owners have “light-bulb” moments. She makes the numbers easy to understand and use so her clients can grow stronger, cash-generating businesses and rest assured that they know what’s coming up the road. Listen to learn how to avoid the common mistakes most entrepreneurs make, and join the conversation on the Podopolo podcast app.


11 Nov 2020

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The Missing Half of Goal Setting, With Megan Dahle

Business Creators Radio Show With Adam Hommey

Every business owner needs to be able to answer these three questions: Where are you? Where do you want to go? How are you going to get there? In the world of small business, many entrepreneurs are running on the same hamster wheel. They’re working their tails off to bring in more revenue, but that never seems to translate to actual growth, stability, or money in their pockets. After 16 years in the accounting world, Megan Dahle has seen it all. And she’s learned one very valuable lesson that most business owners don’t realize. The answer to their problems lies in the numbers. Joining Adam for this uplifting episode, Megan shares very valuable information to help you transform your business into a money making machine! Discover: Why the answer is in the numbers; What numbers we’re actually talking about; How your financials can paint a clear picture about your business; And so much more! If you’re ready to get off the hamster wheel, don’t miss this episode!The post The Missing Half of Goal Setting, With Megan Dahle first appeared on Business Creators Radio Show with Adam Hommey.


3 Nov 2020

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199: How To Love Your Business Financials To Create The Life You Want - Megan Dahle and April Beach

SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast

You either love or hate to talk about money in your business. In fact, most entrepreneurs run and hide when it comes to financial ledgers. But on today's show, we're gonna make you love the money and control it. Getting your money right in your business is the best feeling ever, and the first step to getting a company that's going to scale, grow, and give you what you really want in business and life.   This week we're diving in with guest expert, accountant and CFO Consultant, Megan Dahle, and talking about where you are now, understanding where you want to be, and making sure you're on the right path to get there. We do this by teaching you the simple three numbers you need to know that will give you the power, confidence, and control you seek. At the end of this episode you will: Understand why you need to name your money Get clarity on the dangers of reinvesting every dime into your business Know the most important number that you really need to pay attention to Get a simple routine to look at your numbers without being scared To learn more, visit the show notes Get Connected! SweetLife Company: Business Consulting for EntrepreneursSweetLifePodcast on InstagramSweetLife Podcast & Co. on Facebook SweetLife Insiders Community


2 Nov 2020

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Ep35 - Master Your Numbers w/ Megan Dahle

Builder vs. Buyer

For many small business owners (which is most of us in the construction industry) the financial side can be a big scary beast that's drastically underfed. Megan Dahle in a master when it comes to financials. She joins me on the podcast to discuss strategies and tips for small businesses in the construction industry to take control of their numbers. Get in touch with Megan through her website: megandahle.com


28 Oct 2020

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Megan Dahle How a Cash Forecast Changes Everything

Denise Griffitts - Your Partner In Success™ Radio!

Lightbulb moments are Megan Dahle's favorite thing. When clients finally SEE what the numbers mean, it’s like watching a video where colorblind people put on those special glasses and can see color for the first time. It’s magical!Megan (who has a minor in Interior Design) earned her Masters of Professional Accountancy after falling in love with how numbers became so tidy within accounting systems. For her, it just clicked. But what she discovered when translating financial information to others is that they couldn’t see the picture in her head that the numbers created. So she needed to find ways to paint that picture for them, and Getting Your Money Right was born.Megan will share:"Offense" vs "Defense" in businessThe question "What do I need to know?" and how business owners can use itCash forecasts help you sleep at nightCreativity, Grace and Courage - her favorite valuesThe other half of goal-setting Find Megan Dahle on the web:Website | Facebook | LinkedIn

1hr 3mins

16 Oct 2020

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California Assemblywoman Megan Dahle | Rolling up her sleeves and getting to work.

Parrish The Thought

My guest today is the mother of 3, wife of one, business owner, farmer, and all around great human. California State Assemblywoman, Megan Dahle. As a Republican, she represents the 1st State Assembly district which covers 9 rural counties in Northeastern California. Specifically, Modoc, Lassen, Shasta, Siskiyou, Nevada, Sierra, Plumas, and parts of Butte and Placer. We go in-depth on the why behind her campaign to run for her husband, California Senator, Brian Dahle's vacated seat in 2019, the challenges and triumphs of being in office in these turbulent times. Connect with her on the following social media platforms and legislative pages: Facebook, Instagram, CA Assembly District 1 --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/parrishthethought/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/parrishthethought/support


24 Sep 2020

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Turn Your Business Into A Healthy Cash Machine with Profit First and Megan Dahle, CFO hosted by Nikole Haumont - Episode 043

Time2Fly Podcast

Megan Dahle helps creative entrepreneurs fall in love with their numbers, thus strengthening business owners’ decision-making chops. By making their data visual in an engaging, relatable way, Megan’s clients begin to lean on their data to grow a healthy business. With a Masters of Professional Accountancy and extensive creative experience in the arts, marrying data and visual appeal is a natural fit for Megan. After working in the private sector as an accountant and controller for over 15 years Megan decided she could have a bigger impact by helping small business owners find the keys to successful business practices within their own financial statements. She became a Certified Profit First Professional in 2018 to add greater impact for her clients. Currently Megan coaches small businesses how to grow into healthy cash machines. By first implementing Profit First to build a fortress around what is working in a business, clients are trained to use their data to explore the right opportunities for growth using financial models and fast action for the greatest impact. When not helping clients have a “huge and immediate impact on [their] bottom line,” Megan can be found teaching Profit First to anyone who will listen, coaching First Lego League Robotics, planting native flowers in her gardens, or playing bridge. Website*: megandahle.com Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/MeganTDahle/ LinkedIn Link: https://www.linkedin.com/in/meganmdahle/ Buy the Book: https://amzn.to/2NavSmu Sponsored by: Shield Bar Marketing - Saving business owners time, money and frustration when it comes to website and graphic design. Learn more at http://shieldbar.com Music courtesy of Daniel Hoshor - AwakenedYouth.co


1 Oct 2019

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#14 - Profit First with Megan Dahle

Underneath the Clothes

How many of you actually like looking at the numbers in your business?  How many of you understand those numbers?  And, how many of you think you are truly paying yourself what you are worth?  Yikes! Tough questions, I know. But if the word “numbers” makes you shudder and want to escape into the land of chocolate and blissful unawareness, then stick with me on this one because Megan Dahle is about to shatter everything you ever thought you knew about sales, profits, and expenses. Megan is a numbers girl, as you will find out in this episode. Growing up, she helped her mother with the books in her business, and since then her talents have only multiplied. (Pun intended 😊.) Megan has a master’s in accounting, is a highly sought-out virtual CFO, and a Profit First professional. She is also a business owner who has seen her own numbers go from down to up, so she can relate on a personal level with her clients. I brought Megan on the show to tell us all about Profit First and how it can empower you to not only understand your money, but to manage it in a way that leads you to reaching your goals.  She shares about the mindset shift Profit First uses to get business owners to think of their profits FIRST, and how it's possible to pay yourself a salary that matches the talent and time you put forth while operating a business that fits inside of your expenses. When I started using Profit First at Chelsea’s Boutique, for the first time in almost a decade of business, I actually started paying myself a real salary AND was able to put away $50,000 in savings for a down payment on our new home. Cue all the champagne bubbles! The bottom line is this: Your money does not have to be a monster. It really can work for you, and I am proof of that. Listen as the lovely, witty, and extremely talented Megan Dahle talks about how every business owner can use Profit First. Episode Links: https://megandahle.com/ Profit First: Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine by Mike Michalowicz: https://mikemichalowicz.com/ Sign up for my weekly playbook tips for actionable ways to help you run your business, instead of your business running you! Sign Up Here


17 Sep 2019

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Megan Dahle - Candidate for State Assembly

All Redding Podcast

In this episode, your local AllRedding host, Joey Gartin of WebDrvn, interviews Megan Dahle, candidate for California State Assembly.  Megan & Joey discuss several topics California voters are currently facing and are interested in, to include: - Helping Small Business Succeed - Increasing Water Storage - Reducing Crime & Homelessness - Proper Forest Management - Improving Education Results ... and much more. AllRedding.com | Explore Your City. Live Local. AllRedding.com is your local online source for all things Redding and surrounding areas. Our goal is to connect people with businesses, events and stories within our community that will make you proud to live in Redding, California! #allredding www.allredding.com Interview by: Joey Gartin, WebDrvn Marketing Engineer https://webdrvn.com/ 530-319-5394 All Redding Explore Your City. Live Local. https://allredding.com


14 Aug 2019