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Is the Priesthood Biblical? (Dr. John Bergsma)

The Catholic Current

We welcome Dr. John Bergsma from Franciscan University to explore the biblical roots of the Priesthood. Jesus and the Old Testament Roots of the Priesthood Is the Priesthood Biblical?


23 Apr 2021

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#10037 The Biblical Roots of the Priesthood - John Bergsma

Catholic Answers Live

Christ established the priesthood and there’s biblical evidence for it.Questions Covered:19:09 – Could you elaborate on how the modern Jews might interpret your words about the priesthood? What is the best way to reach them? 29:40 – Can you talk about “temple theology”? Is this something Catholics should be looking into? 34:23 – Didn’t Jesus expect the priesthood to change over time? I think Catholics are stuck like the Pharisees were. I think women should be priests and men should be able to marry and be priests. 48:46 – Hebrew 10:11 is used against Catholics saying that Catholics are committing sacrifices. How can I explain that this was the Levitical priesthood, which is different from the priesthood in the Church? 52:10 – Why don’t modern Jews, or other Jews since Christ, see that Christ is the Messiah and the anointed one? …

30 Mar 2021

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#397 – Overcoming Old Testament Anxiety Syndrome (with John Bergsma)

The Counsel of Trent

Do you feel apprehension about sitting down to read the Old Testament? Franciscan University professor John Bergsma explains why we often feel that way and how we can overcome “Old Testament Anxiety Syndrome”.


2 Feb 2021

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#321 Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls - John Bergsma

Catholic Answers Focus

The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls changed the way modern scholars view Judaism in the time of Jesus. John Bergsma, author of Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls: Revealing the Jewish Roots of Christianity, joins us to explain some of the ways the scrolls shed light on the gospels.Cy Kellett:Hello, and welcome to Focus, the Catholic Answers podcast for living, understanding and defending your Catholic faith. I’m Cy Kellett your host. One of the things we have to defend our Catholic faith against is the idea that modern scholarship debunks the Gospels, or somehow shows them not to be leg…

27 Jan 2021

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Dr. John Bergsma - How to Have Joy

Cafeteria Catholics



28 Sep 2020

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08/03/20 Dr. John Bergsma (JHT01708)


Former Christian Reformed Minister and acclaimed Bible scholar Dr. John Bergsma shares how studying Scripture led him to the Catholic Church. Marcus Grodi hosts.


4 Aug 2020

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17 Jul 2020 – ENCORE: John Bergsma – The Dead Sea Scrolls (Pt 2)

Hands on Apologetics


18 Jul 2020

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067: An Evangelical Bible Scholar Becomes Catholic (w/ Dr. John Bergsma)

The Cordial Catholic

In this episode of The Cordial Catholic Podcast, I'm joined by theologian and author Dr. John Bergsma to talk about his incredible conversion to the Catholic faith. Raised in the Reformed church, Dr. Bergsma was steeped both in biblical studies and in the doctrines and beliefs of his particular denomination. In this discussion, Dr. Bergsma explains how he began to see the cracks form in his Reformed Protestant worldview once he began pastoring a church. When he tried to determine which church – of all the Protestant denominations – looked most like the Early Church he was surprised to discover it was actually Catholicism! This is a great interview and a great example of an intelligent, empathetic, and spiritually energized disciple of Christ reading the Bible, studying the history of the Church, and, of all things, becoming Catholic as a result! For more from Dr. John Bergsma visit his website. Check out his fantastic conversion story, in book form, in Stunned by Scripture: How the Bible Made Me Catholic.For more, visit The Cordial Catholic. Send your feedback to cordialcatholic@gmail.com. For more information about sponsoring the show, keeping this podcast going, and helping me to continue to deliver quality content please visit the Patreon page.  Even $1 or $2 a month can go a long way to helping make this podcast sustainable and will give you access to a special Patron-Only podcast featuring behind-the-scenes content and early access to upcoming material. If you can give $5/mo or more you'll also be entered into monthly draws for fantastic books hand-picked by me.If you'd like to give a one-time donation to The Cordial Catholic, you can visit the PayPal page.Thank you to those already supporting the show! Producers Post-Roll: Stephen, Eli, Tom, Kelvin, Susan, and Eyram.Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/cordialcatholic)

1hr 31mins

8 Jul 2020

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006: Bible Basics with John Bergsma

The Art of Catholic with Matthew Leonard

Matthew Leonard interviews Dr. John Bergsma about his conversion to Catholicism, as well as discussing an overview of all of salvation history.


15 Jun 2020

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08 Jun 2020 – John Bergsma – The Dead Sea Scrolls (Pt 2)

Hands on Apologetics

Today's Topics: 1) Finding the Fallacy: Appeal to Ridicule Meet the Early Church Fathers: Firmilian of Caesarea 2, 3, 4) Interview


9 Jun 2020