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Gregory Zuckerman - Wall Street Journal Special Writer and Bestselling Author

Jews Shmooze

Gregory Zuckerman has been a Special Writer at The Wall Street Journal for over 25 years and is a three-time winner of the Gerald Loeb award — the highest honor in business journalism. He’s also written 5 books on a variety of topics which have won a number of awards and been translated into additional languages. At the Journal, Greg writes about big financial firms, personalities and trades, hedge funds, the energy revolution and other investing and business topics. Previously, Greg was the lead writer of the widely read “Heard on the Street” column and covered the credit markets, among other beats. Greg appears regularly on CNBC, Fox Business, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg Television and various television networks. He makes regular appearances on National Public Radio, BBC, ABC Radio, Bloomberg Radio and radio stations around the globe. Greg gives speeches to business groups on a variety of topics. He has spoken to groups in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Dallas, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Calgary, Montreal and Niagara Falls. Check out his full bio and his amazing books at: https://www.gregoryzuckerman.com/ Keep up with the podcast on Twitter @Jews_Shmooze and to sponsor an episode, reach out to JewsShmoozeMarketing@gmail.com


19 Oct 2022

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#34 Gregory Zuckerman - How Covid-19 Vaccine was Made in One Year

Bold Conjectures with Paras Chopra

I interview Gregory Zuckerman, who is a journalist with The Wall Street Journal and author of several award-winning non-fiction books. His book on The Man Who Solved the Market profiled Jim Simmons of Renaissance Technologies which is perhaps the most profitable quant fund ever. The book was the #1 best-seller on the NY Times list and won the 2019 FT/McKinsey book of the year award. His most recent book - A Shot to Save the World is a behind-the-scenes account of how covid-19 vaccine was developed and launched within a year of the pandemic’s start. This achievement is unprecedented in history as vaccines generally take many years and sometimes even decades to get developed. What did we do differently this time? Well, that’s the topic we’re going to explore today. == What we talk about == 0:00 - Introduction 1:15 - How do you select the topic to write a book on? 4:15 - Do you seek a challenge in finding out what does not exist in the public view and getting it out in the public? 6:10 - Can you give a high-level history & timeline of the covid-19 vaccines? 10:56 - What is that startups (and not big corps) ended up creating the vaccine? 16:41 - What did you observe about human nature during vaccine development? 21:06 - Is it ethical to make a profit during the times like pandemics? 24:30 - Academics do all the fundamental R&D but they don't get to share the profit. Is it fair? 27:27 - What are the three types of vaccines basis on how they are different? 34:20 - Is the adenovirus approach different from previous approaches? 35:24 - In terms of vaccines do you prefer putting investment in one project or this diversity is helpful? 40:02 - Do you think there was anything we could have done to accelerate the clinical trials? 42:00 - What are your views on what led to the anti-vax movement, particularly in the US? 47:31 - Are we better prepared to handle the next pandemic? 48:52 - The journey of writing this book 53:08 - Did you have several endings in mind about how the vaccine approval would have turned out? 56:39 - Closing of Podcast


31 May 2022

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#78 Gregory Zuckerman | Jim Simmons - The Man Who Solved The Market

Soul Searching

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27 May 2022

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The Man Who Solved the Market — Gregory Zuckerman

Real Talk: The Charles Mizrahi Show

Subscribe to Charles' Alpha Investor newsletter today: https://pro.banyanhill.com/m/2054150He came from academia — not Wall Street. Yet he founded the greatest trading firm in history and pioneered the era of the algorithm. Award-winning journalist Gregory Zuckerman tells the story of Jim Simons — an elite mathematician-turned-investor — in The Man Who Solved the Market. And in this episode, Zuckerman sits down with host Charles Mizrahi to discuss how Simons revolutionized trading.Topics Discussed: An Introduction to Gregory Zuckerman (00:00:00) Mathematician to Investor (00:8:13)Learning Curve (00:15:32)Academic Investors (00:21:27)Hitting Stride (00:27:29)Cone of Secrecy (00:33:44)Gut Instinct (00:40:14)Greater Good (00:49:31)The Next Jim Simons (00:51:23)Guest Bio:Gregory Zuckerman is an award-winning journalist and bestselling author. In addition to being a special writer for The Wall Street Journal and three-time winner of the Gerald Loeb Award, Zuckerman has written several books that span business and science. His penultimate book (below) tells the story of Jim Simons, mathematician and billionaire fund manager.Resources Mentioned:· The Man Who Solved the Market: How Jim Simons Launched the Quant Revolution· The Greatest Trade Ever: The Behind-the-Scenes Story of How John Paulson Defied Wall Street and Made Financial History· The Frackers: The Outrageous Inside Story of the New Billionaire Wildcatters· A Shot to Save the World: The Inside Story of the Life-or-Death Race for a COVID-19 VaccineTranscript: https://charlesmizrahi.com/podcast/ Don't Forget To... • Subscribe to my podcast! • Download this episode to save for later • Liked this episode? Leave a kind review!


29 Mar 2022

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Influencers with Andy Serwer: Gregory Zuckerman

Influencers with Andy Serwer

In this week's episode of Influencers, Andy is joined by ‘A Shot to Save the World’ author, Gregory Zuckerman, as they discuss the development of the COVID-19 vaccines and what the future holds for mRNA technology. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


27 Jan 2022

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Nachum Segal and Author Gregory Zuckerman Discuss "A Shot To Save The World"

JM in the AM Interviews

13 Jan 2022

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Gregory Zuckerman on the Crazy Race to Create the COVID Vaccine


In the race for a COVID vaccine, how did a couple of companies who had never produced a successful vaccine make it to the finish line so quickly? Gregory Zuckerman talks about his book, A Shot to Save the World, with EconTalk's  Russ Roberts about the daring, deranged, and damaged visionaries behind one of science and medicine's great success stories.

1hr 22mins

10 Jan 2022

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#22 Gregory Zuckerman - The man who solved the markets & lessons from the titans of finance

Opto Sessions: Stock market | Investing | Trading | Stocks & Shares | Finance | Business | Entrepreneurship | ETF

Meet the one and only Gregory Zuckerman. Greg is a Special Writer at The Wall Street Journal where he talks about big financial trades, firms, and the titans of wall street.Gregory has released 5 books which include The greatest trade ever: How hedge fund manager John Paulson bet against the markets and made $20 billion and also his latest popular release The man who solved the markets: How Jim Simons launched the quant revolution. In our conversation we dig into detail on how Ren Tech was able to make 66% a year over a 30 year period, making it the most successful hedge fund of all time. We also touch on what Greg believes to be the common traits that make the titans of wall street as successful as they are. Enjoy. ...Thanks to Cofruition for consulting on and producing the podcast. Want further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter: https://www.cmcmarkets.com/en-gb/opto/newsletter


20 Aug 2020

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Gregory Zuckerman, Author and Special Writer for the Wall Street Journal, Discusses His Latest Book

Operational Leaders

Gregory Zuckerman has spent more than twenty-five years covering some of the biggest stories in the private fund industry.  Along the way, he developed a keen interest in the incredible investing prowess of Jim Simons and his firm Renaissance Technologies.  And Greg wanted to write a book about it.  Though reluctant at first, Simons and dozens of current and former Renaissance employees eventually gave Greg unprecedented access.  The result was his latest book and New York Times Best Seller, “The Man Who Solved the Market: How Jim Simons Launched the Quant Revolution.” In this episode, Greg talks about the process of writing the book, some of the biggest surprises and hurdles he encountered along the way, and the reaction he’s gotten since its publication.  He also talks about his own career and shares some of his insights about the broader private fund industry. To learn more about the book and obtain a copy of The Man Who Solved the Market, please visit Greg Zuckerman’s website.


21 Jul 2020

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140 Gregory Zuckerman, How Jim Simons solved the market

Alain Guillot Show

https://www.alainguillot.com/gregory-zuckerman/ In the world of finance, many of you have heard of Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, Ray Dalio, Steve Cohen, or George Soros. They are legendary. But what would you think if I tell you that there is one secretive hedge fund manager who blows all of those legendary investors out of the water? The name if the investor is Jim Simons. To put things into perspective Warren Buffett's average rate of return is about 20% per year. Well, Jim Simon's average rate of return is about 60% per year (after fees). To tell us more, Gregory Zuckerman, an investigative journalist from the Wall Stree Journal, wrote the book "How Jim Simons Solved the Market."


4 Jun 2020