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How to Grow Your Business by Investing in Yourself! with Tony Stephan

Healthcare Business Radio

Do you invest money into your personal development?Second, Do you buy fancy cars and fancy bags instead of investing back into your business?In this week's episode, I will be joined by Tony Stephan. Tony has 5,000 members in his free Dietitian Nutrition Coaching Online Support Facebook Group, 650 Students enrolled in his Dietitian Nutrition Coaching Certification, 50 enrolled in his I Believe Mentorship. He is a Registered Dietitian and the owner/founder of the I Believe Mentorship & Tony Stephan Fitness & Nutrition LLC. His God given mission in life is to help people other RD’s and nutrition experts connect their formal education, to the real-world application of owning an online nutrition coaching business. In this episode, we talked about What motivated Tony to take the leap in hiring a coach? What impact did that have on him? We can generate more money but we cannot generate more time on this earth. Embracing your fear of failure will 10x your business. Why should healthcare Entrepreneurs invest in real estate and when is the right time to start? Your income will never exceed your personal development. Why you should invest back into your business? Additional information:If you are tired of trying to figure out this game of business, marketing, and sales, all on your own, and  you are ready to just implement what's already proven to work, rather than reinventing the wheel head over to healthcarebusinessradio.com/insider right now and there you will find over $7,000 worth of trainings, resources, and coaching available only for listeners of this show.https://www.healthcarebusinessradio.com/insider


13 Jul 2021

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Balancing Business And Family Life ft. Nicole Olen With Tony Stephan - Dietitian Nutrition Coaching Podcast Ep. 121

Dietitian Nutrition Coaching Podcast

In this episode of the Dietitian Nutrition Coaching Podcast, RD Tony Stephan and RD Nicole Olen discuss balancing business and family life, getting started in private practice, and so much more.


23 Jun 2021

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5 Sales Tips To Help People In 2021 With Tony Stephan - Dietitian Nutrition Coaching Podcast Ep. 113

Dietitian Nutrition Coaching Podcast

In this episode of the Dietitian Nutrition Coaching Podcast, RD Tony Stephan is joined by co-host Olivia Kitz. Tony and Olivia share the top take aways from the latest I Believe Mastermind Retreat in Tampa, Florida. They also share 5 sales tips that you can start implementing right now to create more impact with your clients!


13 Jan 2021

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2021 Industry Trends and Predictions With Tony Stephan- Dietitian Nutrition Coaching Podcast Ep. 112

Dietitian Nutrition Coaching Podcast

In this episode of the Dietitian Nutrition Coaching Podcast, RD Tony Stephan is joined by co-host Olivia Kitz. 2021 is here, and there are new dietetic industry trends and predictions for the new year. This year will be revolutionary for online nutrition coaching businesses. Tony and Olivia lay out the road map for what registered dietitians need to do to be a step ahead of the pack with their business in the upcoming year.


1 Jan 2021

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The Sirtfood Diet ft. Olivia Kitz With Tony Stephan - Dietitian Nutrition Coaching Podcast Ep. 107

Dietitian Nutrition Coaching Podcast

In this episode of the Dietitian Nutrition Coaching Podcast, Tony discusses a dietitian's perspective on the Sirtfood Diet with RD2B and Dietitian Nutrition Coaching Certification Success Manager, Olivia Kitz. Tony and Olivia break down what the diet entails, how to address this diet with clients, and whether or not they think it is dietitian-approved. Tony and Olivia discuss what to look for when researching different diets, the questions you should be asking yourself and your clients, and how to decide whether or not the diet is for you. 


30 Oct 2020

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The Power of a Coach with Registered Dietitian Tony Stephan

Scheer Madness

Tony Stephan is a Registered Dietitian, owner and founder of the I Believe Mentorship, which helps nutrition experts connect their formal education to real world application and owning their own business.  Tony has been featured on Fox and NBC News, with articles featured in Women’s Health, Reader’s Digest, and the Huffington Post. He also has his own nutrition entrepreneurship podcast, called the School of Success with Tony Stephan.On this episode of Scheer Madness Tony shares his journey to becoming an entrepreneurial dietitian and high paid coach, how he risked everything and even went into debt to follow his dreams, and the importance of having a coach to save you time, energy, and money in the long. Tony's Website Follow Tony on Instagram❗️Optimize your body and mind with Rachel Scheer’s Health is Wealth App. Plan and track your nutrition, fitness, and morning/evening routines or take courses in gut health, hormones, weight-loss, muscle growth, and more..Available in the App Store and Google Play. 


8 Jun 2020

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Plant Based Nutrition Coaching ft. Ashley Kitchens With Tony Stephan – School of Success Ep. 98

Dietitian Nutrition Coaching Podcast

Can you be successful with plant-based nutrition coaching? Ashley Kitchens is a client and friend who I’ve worked with for over two years and she has built her online nutrition coaching business which exclusively works with plant based clients to $12,000 per month. Ashley shares the struggles she went through in the beginning of the building her business, how she persevered, and she shares the secrets to success that you can model if you want to do plant-based nutrition coaching as well.  Connect with Ashley on Instagram at @plantcenteredprep Join our FREE Facebook community for RD’s here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ibelievementorship/?epa=SEARCH_BOX Want to learn more about our RD coaching program and receive FREE trainings? Go here: https://dietitianbusinesscoaching.com https://tonystephandietitian.com/dietitian-nutrition-level-1/#


4 Jun 2020

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016: Building a Six-Figure Virtual Private Practice - Tony Stephan

The Unconventional RD Podcast

Want to build a virtual private practice but feel totally intimidated about where to start? Not sure if it's REALLY a viable business model? Well, dietitian and mentor Tony Stephan has some incredible advice in this episode, including: How to move beyond selling one-hour appointments How to find your niche & support yourself early on An easy to understand framework for pitching ongoing services What to do if you're convinced your audience won't buy high-ticket offers Why building REAL connection with people matters This episode is chock full of fun tidbits and relatable stories I know you'll love!  Looking for more tips and a community of like-minded peers? Join The Unconventional RD Facebook Community on Facebook. Find the show notes for this episode at: www.theunconventionalrd.com/episode016 Need help setting up your website? Join our FREE "How to Start a Website" tutorial.

1hr 3mins

20 Apr 2020

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Dating Feat. Tony Stephan

First-Gen Views

In this episode featuring a new guest, Tony and I go over several topics that fall under dating and relationships. We share some stories that reflect our point of view and also discuss how our friends and family have influenced us when navigating the dating world. Share your thoughts: @AforAva_ Listen to Tony Stephan's podcast 10 Years and Counting: https://anchor.fm/sarcastony #FirstGenViews --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/firstgenviews/message


10 Apr 2020

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Tony Stephan: Get a Mentor NOW - 142

Empire Show

Do you have a mentor? On this episode of Inside Look, one of my coaching clients, Tony Stephan, stops by to let us in on what he’s learned throughout our years of knowing each other and how he has started to help other entrepreneurs do the same! Stephan says that one of the best decisions he made was getting coaching from a mentor. That has given him the tools and the edge he needed to rise above the rest and become an authority in his industry. “You can have anything you want in this world, as long as you’re willing to go get it.” “I was more afraid of taking these dreams, these goals, and these ambitions I have to the grave, than I was afraid of failure.” “As long as I never quit, I’m never going to fail.” “For every new level, there’s a new devil.” - Tony Stephan Here’s what you’ll discover: 03:07 - Why Stephan chose to trust Bedros 08:17 - Keep going even when you’re sore 10:08 - What Stephan had to learn at a young age 16:36 - You have to step up if no one else will 19:44 - Come with a giving hand 24:04 - Look at debt like an asset 29:15 - There is value in the inefficiencies of business 35:47 - Don’t just try to extract money from clients “People will always buy from someone who is considered an authority in their industry.” “If I understand your pain, I might be able to solve your pain as well.” - Bedros Keuilian -- Follow us on Instagram: @bedroskeuilian / @tony_stephan_ Buy Man Up and get Bedros’ High Performance Leadership Course for FREE: https://manup.com/ Visit: https://tonystephandietitian.com/ Subscribe to My Channel for weekly videos: http://www.youtube.com/bedroskeuilian/?sub_confirmation=1 Youtube:https://youtu.be/6v-_xvG48CM


30 Mar 2020