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Why speed should be at the top of the decision making tree in a performance based approach to rehab with Jonas Dodoo (Speedworks) & Alan Murdoch (Speedworks - Bath)

Pacey Performance Podcast

There’s double the expertise on this week’s Pacey Performance Podcast as Rob is joined by Jonas Dodoo and Alan Murdoch. Jonas is Director of Speedworks Training and Head Coach at Loughborough University, whilst Alan is Head Coach at Speedworks and until recently was Strength and Conditioning Coach at Bath Rugby. On the podcast, they discuss what first led to them working together and the skills and techniques they’ve learned during the course of their professional partnership. This includes how they’ve pooled their collective knowledge by linking the often separate coaching worlds of rehabilitation and speed. There are also some excellent deep dives into exercise selection, shin roll, ACL rehab, and why they actively avoid bad psychology in any group of athletes they coach. This week’s podcast is the place to get up to speed with what Jonas and Alan are achieving - and how it could influence your own coaching regime in the near future. Topics discussed: How Jonas and Alan first started working together What they’ve learned by pooling their collective knowledge The transition from professional sports coaching to consultancy How they’ve amalgamated the two worlds of rehab and speed training Why speed training can influence decision making during athlete rehabilitation The ‘bum before back’ technique and making strength training more efficient Examples of how to integrate speed training into rehab The importance of correct exercise selection Shin roll, and why it is now such a big talking point for leading coaches The power of psychology, and avoiding harmful cliques developing in groups of athletes

1hr 28mins

1 Jul 2021

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Jonas Dodoo: Calibrating The Coaching Eye With Data

Resilient Performance Podcast

On today's episode, Jonas Dodoo joins Doug to discuss calibrating the coaching eye with data. 

1hr 7mins

10 Mar 2021

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Episode 50 Let's Talk Sprinting (With Jonas Dodoo)

Lee Taft Performance Podcast

Jonas Dodoo is one of the premier sprint coaches in the world delivered loads of amazing information during this podcast. He went deep into the phases of acceleration, why foot position, ankle stiffness, and timing are critical parts of being great at accelerating and staying healthy. And, he didn't stop at just these topics. Jonas delivered a lot of useful golden nuggets!


11 Aug 2020

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The Jonas Dodoo Interview Part 2- Developing World Class Speed

The Locker Room Podcast - Deely Sport Science

Jonas Dodoo joins us once again for Part 2 of this fascinating episode with hosts Ross Bennett and Ben Smalley. Jonas is the Head Coach of Speed Works and has years experience working with Olympic sprint athletes and in team sports such as rugby and football. In Part 2 they speak about transferring across speed from athletics into team sports, deceleration and Jonas gives tips on training speed for S&C coaches, sport scientists and technical coaches working in the applied sports field.  This episode is supported by RYPT - who offer the best software package for fitness professionals & gyms and gives you the ability to offer online programmes and support for your teams & clients. Their clients include DSS, Kerry GAA and Swim Ireland. Find out more at www.RYPT.app www.DeelySportScience.com


28 Jul 2020

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The Jonas Dodoo Interview Part 1- Developing World Class Speed

The Locker Room Podcast - Deely Sport Science

QPR FC Sport Scientists Ross Bennett & Ben Smalley are joined by world-renowned sprint coach Jonas Dodoo internationally renowned sprint coach Jonas Dodoo (@EatSleepTrain_). Jonas is the Head Coach of Speed Works, has an MSc in Coaching Science and has studied and worked alongside Olympics coach Dan Pfaff. Jonas has also worked with Olympic long jump champion Greg Rutherford and consulted for teams such as Arsenal FC and Bath Rugby Club. You can follow Jonas on Twitter at @EatSleepTrain_ or at www.speedworks.training The lads speak about Jonas' history and coaching experience, his sprinting philosophy and they go into detail on the mechanics of speed work and training. This episode is supported by RYPT - who offer the best software package for fitness professionals & gyms and gives you the ability to offer online programmes and support for your teams & clients. Their clients include DSS, Kerry GAA and Swim Ireland. Find out more at www.RYPT.app www.DeelySportScience.com

1hr 19mins

21 Jul 2020

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Acceleration principles, drive index, and optimising step length & step frequency with Jonas Dodoo (Head Coach at SpeedWorks)

Pacey Performance Podcast

In this episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast, I am speaking to Head Coach at SpeedWorks, Jonas Dodoo. This is an INCREDIBLE episode with Jonas Dodoo focusing on acceleration with sprinters and team sport athletes. We discuss Jonas' new app, Binary and also dive into the detail on all things acceleration. We could have chatted for hours but unfortunately, we had to stop somewhere and line up a part 2 to cover the rest; game speed, sprint typing and more on Binary. I have been lucky enough to spend a day with Jonas and can say first hand that he has a fantastic eye for detail and there is a reason he has coaches numerous sub 10s sprinters. ENJOY! If you enjoyed this episode with Jonas Dodoo, you may enjoy these episodes with Stu McMillan, Loren Landow, and Boo Schexnayder. In this episode we discussed... Who is Jonas Dodoo (background, experience and current role)? AccelerationAcceleration principles Kinetics and kinematics Optimising step length and step frequency Where to focus our attentionSprinters vs team sport athletes Drive indexPhysical qualities to support this Binary video analysisWhat is it? How will coaches use it in practice? Importance of shin angle and shin roll Jonas can be found on Twitter @EatSleepTrain_ This episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast is sponsored by Hawkin Dynamics, the team behind the worlds only wireless force plate system. Hawkin Dynamics can be found at hawkindynamics.com and you can follow them on Twitter @hawkindynamics This episode is also sponsored by IMeasureU. IMeasureU are a world leading inertial platform to precisely quantify body movement and workload metrics in the field. IMeasureU can be found at imeasureu.com and you can follow them on Twitter @imeasureu. This episode is sponsored by BLK BOX, leaders in performance training equipment & facility design. BLK BOX manufacture and distribute a full range of strength training equipment across Europe from their Headquarters in Belfast, Northern Ireland. BLK BOK can be found at blkboxfitness.com and you can follow them on Twitter @blkboxfitness and Instagram @blkboxfitness. This episode is also sponsored by Kitman Labs. Kitman partners with leading sports teams to achieve consistent success, on and off the pitch. Over 150 teams across the globe use Kitman Labs' Athlete Optimization System to simplify daily operations and rely on the company's unique analytics to uncover the factors that influence success. You can find Kitman Labs at kitmanlabs.com and on Twitter @kitmanlabs. Keep up to date with everything that is going on with the podcast by following on Twitter @strengthofsci or visiting strengthofscience.com. Enjoy PP

1hr 11mins

4 Jun 2020

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RRP 58: Jonas Dodoo Talks To Us About Getting Faster For Rugby 2

Rugby Renegade Podcast

Jonas Dodoo of Speedworks who has worked with various clubs and England Rugby talks to us about speed development for rugby, Dosing speed work for performance and injury prevention, isometrics, eccentrics plus tons more! #buildingmachines


27 Mar 2020

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#104 Jonas Dodoo & Mat Cook

Strength Chat

It was an absolute pleasure to have these two guys as guests on Strength Chat this week. In this episode, I spoke with the Head Coach and founder of Speedworks Training, Jonas Dodoo, and Speedworks Training Coach, Mat Cook. With working with Mat and seeing how he has developed under the mentorship of Jonas; it was great to have they both on the podcast together chatting about their thoughts on training and coaching. We spoke about a day in the life of a high-performance consultant and a look at the world of speed training. You can follow Jonas via the following links; Instagram: @eatsleeptrain_ Website:  https://speedworks.training/ You can follow Mat via the following links; Instagram: @matcookcoaching You can follow myself, Coach Cuthbert, via the following links; Instagram: @coach_cuthbert Facebook: Coach Cuthbert Training Systems Website: http://www.coachcuthbert.co.uk/ JOIN THE NEWSLETTER:  https://forms.gle/cNRo6b37mqiQPQ8M7 COACHING SERVICES http://www.coachcuthbert.co.uk/#PT


1 Mar 2020

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Episode 200- Jonas Dodoo- Projection, Reactivity, and Switching

CVASPS The Podcast

“The things that matter are always going to come down to movement efficiency.”“It all comes down to your body’s ability to project.”“Have you organized your body, your center of mass, and actually the timing of firing to make sure you go in that direction.”“We want it to be complicated. We can’t believe that running very fast is simple because when we try to do it as individuals we realize how difficult it can be, but everyone can get faster. Not everyone can be fast, everyone can get faster.”This episode of The Podcast is brought to you by Exxentric, the makers of the kBox and kPulley. Exxentric is the world leader in fly wheel training technology providing multiple pieces to fit your budget and needs to better serve your athletes. North American customers looking for more info should contact Andreas at andreas.ahlstrom@exxentric.com or 503-739-1391. All others, or to learn more about the kBox, kPulley and flywheel training, please go to their website at: https://exxentric.com/.Today we are joined by Jonas Dodoo to discuss training transfer if relation to speed development. After a brief intro Jonas dives right into what he sees that matters when it comes developing movement skills with athlete. This includes his idea of projection, reactivity, and switching, and the role of the weight room in assisting these three aspects of movement. This leads him to discussing the idea of transducing force as opposed to absorbing force. Next, Jonas talks about how this fits into the rehab world, and how it impacts how he works with these injured athletes to assist them to return back to competition. Jonas then runs down the rabbit hole of coaching and communication, and why he feels he has had some success within those subsets of our field. We then discuss the mental aspect of training speed, and where Jonas sees some limitations to the thoughts on this that are very prevalent in high level sport. Make sure it give him a follow on Twitter: @eatsleeptrain and Instagram: @eatsleeptrain_. We are hoping to provide the best possible content for strength coaches with each of our shows. If feel this could provide value for anyone else in the strength and conditioning field please feel free to share.Enjoy the content? Then you should check out The Strength Coach Network!We built The Strength Coach Network to provide you three ways become the best practitioner possible. First, each month we add a new lecture from one of the best practitioners in the world to help keep you and your staff up to date with what the best of the best are doing with their athletes RIGHT NOW! Secondly, the forum provides you a new avenue to connect with practitioners around the world to find a unique point of view from coaches all over the world when it comes to career advice, training ideas, or any aspect of our lives in coaching. Finally, you get exclusive discounts on all products CVASPS related, INCLUDING your seat at The Seminar! When you add those three in with our library of over 100 sensational lectures, including all of those from The Central Virginia Sport Performance Seminar, you have found your one stop shop for continuing education for you and your staff. Make sure you hop over today and get your first 48 hours for only $1 by using the link here: https://strengthcoachnetwork.com/cvasps/#StrengthCoach, #StrengthAndConditioningCoach, #Podcast, #LearningAtLunch, #TheSeminar, #SportsTraining, #PhysicalPreparation, #TheManual, #SportTraining,#SportPerformance, #HumanPerformance, #StrengthTraining, #SpeedTraining, #Training, #Coach, #Performance, #Sport, #HighPerformance, #VBT, #VelocityBasedTraining, #TriphasicTraining, #Plyometrics


27 Aug 2019

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#25 "Earn The Right" With Jonas Dodoo

Football Fitness Federation Podcast

Episode 25 of the podcast is with Director of Performance at Speedworks & Consultant in Multi Sport Jonas Dodoo.Jonas joined us to talk all things SPEED!We spoke about:-His focus with team sport players.-His approach to speed exposure.-The magic in the middle ground of open-chaos-The importance of projection& much much more!You can follow Jonas on twitter @EatSleepTrain_Check out his latest workshop via our website www.footballfitfed.comYou can follow us on:Twitter - @FootballFitFedInstagram - @FootballFitFedEmail - mail@footballfitfed.comPlease head over to iTunes and leave us a 5* review and short comment on which episodes you have enjoyed the most and why.


10 Apr 2019