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Perry Nickelston: The Vagus Nerve and Lymphatics

Optimize Your Capacity Podcast

We are lucky to have chiropractor, manual therapist, and movement expert Perry Nickelston on the show. We review patient management principles, the vagus nerve, and briefly dive into the lymphatics.  If your clients struggle with chronic pain or you seem stuck with care, this podcast is a must listen.  Thanks Perry!


5 Sep 2021

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Dr. Perry Nickelston: Understanding the Relationship between Your Brain and Pain

Align Podcast

Have you ever wondered exactly how your thoughts effect your body? Everything that happens in your mind; thoughts, feelings, expectations, hopes, fears, desires, guilts, are all tied to the manner in which you occupy your physical vessel. The brain is not designed for accuracy, it’s designed for survival. Our minds can sway our pain because its main goal is to survive, rather than to thrive. We discuss the ways our brain can control our pain and actions through our thoughts. The human body is under no obligation to make sense to us, but we can always try to understand it. The human body is complex, but it’s not complicated.  Dr. Perry is the founder of ‘Stop Chasing Pain’, a podcast that is a resource to help take care of your mind and body, and stop running after pain, and instead get to the root of the problem. He is a master in the world of biomechanics and general healing of the mind and body. Dr. Perry’s strategy with his patients is treating individuals rather than their diagnosis. Every person has a different story, someone who shares the same issue as another, will need a completely different treatment, because they have a completely different past. 3:14- Dr. Perry Nickelston Son and Family Life 7:59- Do you think there is a certain ‘code’ to the way trauma are passed down and manifest in our bodies? 13:50- Life is Supernatural, How to Trust the Healing Process 19:52- Explaining pain and your brain 29:46- Diagnosis’ becoming labels and the negative effects of manifestation 34:25- Chronic Back Pain has nothing to do with your back 39:20- How creating good energy for your body is dire for healing 42:19- the relevance of your past to your current health 49:38- What drives the brain? 53:53- Treating people, not diseases 1:00:08- Pain and suffering is how you learn lessons 1:14:14- What do different pain areas mean? 1:21:26- Changing the subconscious to conquer pain 1:26:33- Every system in the body works together 1:29:54- Trusting the process after trauma 1:36:01- The effectiveness of simply moving your body To learn more about Dr. Perry: Website: www.stopchasingpain.com/ Instagram: @stopchasingpain Related links: insidetracker.com/align for 25% OFF the entire Insider Tracker store drinkLMNT.com/align for a FREE sample pack of LMNT RECHARGE www.magbreakthrough.com/alignpodcast and use ALIGN10 during checkout to save 10 percent.

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30 Jul 2021

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What is the lymphatic system and why you need to care with Dr. Perry Nickelston

Age Thoughtfully with Marissa Kennerson

Whoa! What a dynamic, knowledgable and KIND guest we have this  week in Dr. Perry Nickelston!Perry Nickelston, DC, NKT, FMS, SFMA, is a Chiropractic Physician with primary focus on Performance Enhancement, Corrective Exercise, and Metabolic Fitness Nutrition and trained fromThe American College of Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders. He is an expert in myofascial, orthopedic, medical and trigger point soft tissue therapy. A member of the Board of Directors and Medical Staff Advisor for AIMLA (American Institute of Medical Laser Application). Dr. Perry teaches healthcare professionals all over the world how to successfully use Class IV Deep Tissue Laser Therapy in alleviating pain. Director of clinical protocols and training for LiteCure Medical Lasers specializing in Myofascial Laser treatments.Marissa and Dr. Perry cover so much good stuff in this episode!You can find Dr. Perry here. Or @stopchasingpain on InstagramThey cover:Lymphatic system 101 - what it is and why you need to know about it. Including how to clear it. How we concentrate so much on what we put in our  body but not enough on what goes out! (Think sweat, pee, poo, lymphatic system, etc.)Inflammation we need vs chronicSubconscious (80-90%) vs conscious (10-20%)  body knowledgeNot being ashamed when we have pain - it does NOT mean we are brokenTai chi for circular and rotational movement a more flow state and parasympathetic relaxing effect - helical vs straight edge movements (most of ur movements) and sympathetic responseWhy dancing like no one is watching is so healingWhy smiling connects us and increases connection and societal peaceEyes as part of the nervous system and why they are SO important. We need to make sure they are strong.Tongue strength and exercises! (Biggest muscle in body beside the uterus but many tongues get fat and weak.)Why baby steps are everything. (This is so encouraging!)--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/agethoughtfully/support

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20 Jul 2021

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Perry Nickelston aka “Stop Chasing Pain” - The emotional connection to physical pain: How mental & psychological pain, trauma & stress can affect the physical body.

Powered by Positivity Podcast

Dr Perry Nickelston is a Chiropractic Physician with primary focus on Performance Enhancement, Corrective Exercise, and Metabolic Fitness Nutrition and trained from The American College of Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders. He is an expert in myofascial, orthopaedic, medical & trigger point soft tissue therapy. He is also an expert in movement assessment and diagnosis. Certified and trained as a Functional Movement Specialist (FMS) and Selective Functional Movement Assessment Specialist (SFMA). He uses programs designed to find your source of painful dysfunction and correct it the site of pain improves. Dr Perry is a 1997 graduate from Palmer Chiropractic University and a master fitness trainer with over 25 years experience in the health industry. Suffering from obesity as a teenager and overcoming all of the emotional strife that accompanies being overweight, Dr. Perry dedicated himself to to empowering others to take back control of their lives from chronic pain, and teaching others how to get in shape and lead a healthy lifestyle. A regular columnist for Dynamic Chiropractic, Practice Insights, Chiropractic Economics, To Your Health Magazine, Advance Physical Therapy, PT on the Net, LiveStrong, StrengthCoach, and other industry publications for health and fitness. He is currently publishing several books on health, fitness, laser therapy, business success, and self treatment programs from his website. Perry’s Instagram: ᴘᴇʀʀʏ ɴɪᴄᴋᴇʟsᴛᴏɴ TᕼE ᒪYᗰᑭᕼ ᗪOᑕ (@stopchasingpain) • Instagram photos and videos Perry’s website: Stop Chasing Pain My Email: poweredbypositivitypt@gmail.com My instagram: L A U R A M U R R A Y (@murraylola) • Instagram photos and videos Podcast Sponsors: Eire Muscle & Health: Supporting you for all of your health supplement & sports nutrition needs! https://www.eiremuscle.ie Use promo code PBYP10 at the checkout for 10% discount! Dublin Meat Company: I’m a massive fan of their healthy ready-meals, protein pots & soups which are MSG free & Macro friendly! Check out dublinmeatcompany.com to order click & collect OR next day delivery straight to your door now available Nationwide! You can also pop into one of their 6 shops in Dublin & Drogheda - open 7 days! Use the code Laurapbyp for 10% discount at the checkout! Eat Well. Live Well! Podcast Produced by: Prymal Productions - Podcasts and More - Home Page Prymal Productions Instagram: Prymal Productions (@prymalpro) • Instagram photos and videos Music credit: https://freemusicarchive.org/ Artist: Ketsa. Track: What's Manifesting As always, please share the podcast on your socials & please subscribe, follow & tag, I always love to hear your thoughts!

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11 Jul 2021

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Kitchen Table Convo Series - Perry Nickelston - Episode 107

weMove Podcast

Hey there and welcome to the weMove podcast We have been having many conversations with people as we work out the route forward for the podcast and weMove as a whole. Most we haven’t recorded, but these four seemed right record and put out. In a way they are the types of conversation we have when we are on our travels, following a curiosity but with no real set direction. They are the kind of chat we would have around the kitchen table with a brew. In order of release we speak to Rob Wilson, co founder of Art of Breath, chiropractor and master healer Perry Nickelston, friend of weMove and Nurse Paul Jones and to finish the series, music producer and co founder of the band Killing Joke, Martin Glover aka Youth. We will be releasing podcasts under our Gear series, where we talk to the creators of brands in the realm of movement, health and wellbeing and then returning in a few weeks with an updated format for new and existing listeners. Thanks as always for listening, these conversations are ones that might take a time of reflection for them to filter through and make sense. I know they did and still do for me. Enjoy.

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6 Jun 2021

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Ep 179 // Stop Chasing Pain with Perry Nickelston

The Movement, Strength & Play Podcast

The weeks podcast is an absolute banger with the legend Perry Nickelston from 'Stop Chain Pain'. Best know as the 'lymph guy' or @stopchasingpain on instagram Perry has a wealth of knowledge and advise for all of us that have got pain or ever been in pain or want to not be in pain... basically that's everyone!.Full show notes + links including 6 steps to get your lymph moving and 10% off CBD oil from Podcast sponsors - https://schoolofcalisthenics.com/2021/02/25/podcast-178-stop-chasing-pain

1hr 17mins

2 Jun 2021

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Episode #21 - Perry Nickelston

TWS Podcast

Perry is a chiropractic doctor who is phenomenal at compartmentalising all systems in the body. He can find trauma in the body by assessing the tongue, understand the health of ones brain by making them look in different directions while moving and heal digestive issues simply by putting someone on the floor in a primal position.  This is one of my favourite episodes, and I encourage you to tune in if you have any form of on going health issues that cannot be resolved.To find more about Perry:@stopchasingpainhttps://www.stopchasingpain.com/


18 May 2021

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Dr. Perry Nickelston: Back to Basics

Coffee with the Docs

Get ready! One of our most popular guests of all time is BACK! We were thrilled to have Dr. Perry Nickelston (Stop Chasing Pain) back on the show. We decided to reign things in a bit in this episode, and focus on the importance of starting with the basics on how to be healthy. We cover topics such as: hydration, sleep, nutrition, rest, and the power of "being here now". You'll want to listen to this one again and again! Partners: If you're looking to address one of the most important basics, gut health, start your gut healing journey with Megasporebiotic, here!

1hr 29mins

4 May 2021

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Episode 67 - Perry Nickelston DC and Lymphatic Mojo

RockTape Podcast

On this episode, John chats with Perry Nickelston DC about the lymphatic system! Find Perry on social media: Instagram - @stopchasingpain www.stopchasingpain.com Find John on social media: Instagram - @drjohncampione Don’t forget 15% off your next order of tape, topicals, mobility tools and apparel at shop.rocktape.com. 15% off of the best tape and gear around! Use Promo code: ROCKCAST Check out www.knackbags.com whenever you buy a bag just use our affiliate code ROCKCAST. The new Series 2 is out and it is amazing! Trust me when I tell you, you are going to love your Knack bag.

1hr 11mins

1 Apr 2021

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#050 - Dr. Perry Nickelston

The Hustle & Flow Podcast

In this episode, Shaun and I are joined by Dr. Perry Nickelston.Dr. Perry is a Chiropractic Physician with primary focus on Performance Enhancement, Corrective Exercise, and Metabolic Fitness Nutrition and trained from The American College of Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders. He is an expert in myofascial, orthopaedic, medical and trigger point soft tissue therapy.He is a 1997 graduate from Palmer Chiropractic University and a master fitness trainer with over 25 years experience in the health industry. Suffering from obesity as a teenager and overcoming all of the emotional strife that accompanies being overweight, Dr. Perry dedicated himself to teaching others how to get in shape and lead a healthy lifestyle.Today, Dr. Perry shares his wealth of knowledge through Stop Chasing Pain – the platform he founded where he delivers his work through workshops, podcasts, webcasts, and more.To connect with Dr. Perry, see links below:Dr. Perry Nickelston on Instagramhttps://www.stopchasingpain.com/The Stop Chasing Pain PodcastThe Stop Chasing Pain Podcast on SpotifyThe Stop Chasing Pain Podcast on Apple PodcastEpisode timestamps:3:37 – Evolution is born through suffering4:28 – A teacher of options and possibilities7:19 – Just because it’s common doesn’t mean it’s normal / the human body is a miracle10:18 – Conventional medicine and its approach15:06 – The primary driver of Western medicine is fear and guilt18:49 – Why we struggle in medicine20:25 – There is no cure for pain21:45 – Pain is a request for change24:47 – The emotional side of chronic pain, illness and disease29:20 – Suffering leads to gratitude32:23 – Chronic stress causes disease37:18 – The brain is a pattern recognition and prediction machine40:48 – The brain is designed to be a negative42:53 – Dealing with emotions takes a lot of energy44:08 – Everything has a shelf-life44:16 – Changing the way we look at pain46:50 – The site of pain is rarely the cause of that pain47:48 – Most of the things we treat are symptoms50:53 – No part of your body works in isolation55:55 – Environment and people’s stories in how you treat people57:16 – Pain has no correlation to the amount of damage to biology58:49 – This whole other side of the body59:50 – The opposites of the body1:02:23 – Why Dr Perry started to look at systems1:03:57 – Things need to be able to get in and out1:08:06 – The human body knows how to heal itself in the right environment1:09:54 – When you think a thought, your physiology changes1:12:03 – Changing your thought process through awareness1:16:51 – Where to find Dr Perry NickelstonLet us know your thoughts and if you have any questions or suggestions for us.As always, we ask that if you’ve found any value from this discussion, please share this with one friend, family member, or colleague so they, too, have the opportunity to derive some value.Listen to the episode below!Drop us a line at thehustleandflowpodcast@gmail.com or connect with us through the links below:ShaunInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/shaun_coop/Subito Supplements: https://www.subitosupplements.com/Mixing it Up: https://www.instagram.com/mixingitup.co/LeslieFinding Space: https://www.findingspace.co/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/findingspace.co/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/findingspace.co/Find out more about the True North Transformational Program: https://www.true-north.co/

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13 Mar 2021