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Robert Oliver - Esteemable Acts

Redefining Family

This week on Redefining Family Jonathan opens the episode talking about the very scary state of our country and worries for our future.  Jonathan then interviews Robert Oliver, LGBTQ advocate, political organizer, and is also running for the West Hollywood City Council.  Robert opens up about always knowing he was gay but also feeling like an outcast.   Robert was raised in a reform, Jewish family, that was very accepting, and he explains the amazing values that were bestowed upon him, like doing a Mitzvah.Jonathan and Robert then talk about the fact just because you are related to someone, it does not mean that you should accept abuse from them.  Robert explains that self-esteem comes from estimable acts, it comes from within.******About Robert OliverRobert is a passionate activist and political organizer. Coming from a family of immigrants who fled persecution, Robert has always felt a personal responsibility to fight injustice against anyone. After coming out at 14, Robert took to the streets, organizing for marriage equality and LGBT rights, and against the Bush-era wars. As a student, he worked full-time on the No on Proposition 8 campaign, as well as Pacific Pride Foundation, Santa Barbara’s LGBTQ Center. His professional career also includes working for a U.S. Senator, a Los Angeles City Councilmember, and the LA Jewish Federation.  Along with his husband and their adopted bulldog-mix, Robert lives in West Hollywood, where he previously served on the West Hollywood Lesbian and Gay Advisory Board, and represented West Hollywood on the LA County West Vector Control District Board. Robert currently serves on the city’s Public Safety Commission, where he has been an advocate for reimagining policing and public safety, as well as underrepresented members of the community. Robert is running for West Hollywood City Council in the November 2022 election.


7 Jul 2022

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How To Use YouTube Live To Improve Student Engagement with Robert Oliver

Prep Period Podcast

In this episode of the Prep Period Podcast, CTE teacher and photographer Robert Oliver discusses how he uses YouTube Live to improve student engagement in his class.Learn about what made Robert switch to using YouTube Live for his classes and other tips and tricks he discovered to improve student engagement, even in remote-learning settings.----------Stukent's Prep Period PodcastThe only podcast for teachers that’s focused on quick wins and actionable tips that can be implemented into your classroom today.► Full episode transcript and notes: https://www.stukent.com/podcasts/how-to-use-youtube-live-to-improve-student-engagement-with-robert-oliver/----------Subscribe to Prep Period or follow us below for more teacher-related resources!Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/stukentapp/Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/stukent.inc/LinkedIn ► https://www.linkedin.com/school/stukentTwitter ► https://twitter.com/stukentapp


29 Mar 2021

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Robert Oliver on Food and Traditional Diets in the Pacific

Pacific Toks

Ia Ora Na,Welcome to this new episode of our Pacific Toks, where I engage in active conversations with my guests to talk about the challenges our world is facing and seeing them through a Pacific lens. Today, I’m very pleased to welcome to the show Robert Oliver. Robert Oliver is a famous chef from New Zealand but he spent his youth in Fiji and Samoa where he probably got his passion for local ingredients but he’ll probably tell us more about it later.Robert hosted the TV series Real Pasifik, which plays in more than 40 countries and is on its 75th rerun. He is Ambassador for Le Cordon Bleu, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, and UNDP Pacific Advocate for Food, Sustainable Development and Wellbeing. And he’s the winner of several awards.I have been very pleased to welcome him as a speaker for TEDxPapeete in 2016 and since then Robert is also the founder of “Pacific Food Revolution”, a show filled with Pacific heritage and humor that “uses the power of reality TV, radio, and social media to change people’s eating behaviour.” Get on the email list at pacifictoks.substack.com


20 Mar 2021

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Pst. Robert Oliver USA Sunday Church -The River of Revival

Thanet Community Radio

Thanet Community Radio bases its projects on Thanet issues


22 Jan 2021

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Pst. Robert Oliver USA Sunday Church - The Faith of Jairus

Thanet Community Radio

Thanet Community Radio bases its projects on Thanet issues


22 Jan 2021

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Chef Robert Oliver on steering a Pacific food revolution

The Weekend with Karyn Hay

Robert Oliver is the creator and global executive director for the Pacific Island Food Revolution, and he joins The Weekend to tell us more about it, as well as share a simple raw fish recipe.


16 Jan 2021

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Robert Oliver Talks Amazon Strategy with Building The Genius Brand

the Joshua Schall Audio Experience

On this episode of my Pivotal "interview series", I chat with Robert Oliver, Founder & CEO of The Genius Brand, about how he saw early the power of using an Amazon strategy to build up his extremely successful supplement brand. Robert shares about how he got started working on the Amazon platform and why he launched The Genius Brand. Additionally, we talk about how unique The Genius Brand is on the Amazon platform when it launched and how that's now providing some massive value against the onslaught of Amazon private label supplement sellers. Finally, Robert Oliver also breaks down why he's been successful in 2020 with his ability to apply learnings from Nassim Taleb.


27 Nov 2020

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Passion For Business With Robert Oliver

Seller Sessions Amazon FBA and Private Label

This week Izabela Hamilton interviews Robert Oliver to find out what makes him tick. Robert is founder of The Genius Brand and an 8 figure Amazon seller. A second generation entrepreneur, who has a passion for all facets of business. He’s a branding fanatic with a passion for high quality, disruptive products.


10 Nov 2020

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#robettLIVE w/ Chef Robert Oliver


Streamed live May 1st 2020 www.robett.com - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Download my FREE ebook Autobiography  >>>>> https://robett.com/powermoves Get the 2020 Social Media Blueprint >>>>> http://clk.im/Robetts2020Blueprint Subscribe to my EXCLUSIVE Newsletter >>>>> https://robett.substack.com Enjoy my FREE LinkedIn Workshop >>>>> http://clk.im/LinkedInWorkshop Need content help? >>>>> http://clk.im/ContentCheckUp Speaking Requests? >>>>> http://clk.im/RequestRobett Corporate Mentoring? >>>>> http://clk.im/MentorMe Ask Me Anything >>>>> http://clk.im/AskRobett Facebook : http://facebook.com/robett.hollis Instagram : http://instagram.com/robett Podcast : http://clk.im/Robetts-Podcast YouTube : http://clk.im/RobettYouTube LinkedIn : http://linkedin.com/in/robett Twitter : http://twitter.com/robett Website : http://www.robett.com    --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/robett/message


1 May 2020

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Episode 17: Robert Oliver (The Genius Brand)

Booty and the Beast

Robert Oliver, CEO of The Genius Brand, discusses his passion for better health and wellness through all-natural supplementation, he expertise in the Amazon model, branching out from Amazon, 2019 launches, the use of mushrooms in his products and the future of The Genius Brand.

1hr 3mins

22 Jan 2019