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S03 EP25 RERUN Mary Marshall

Exploring the Paranormal w/ G.E.E.K.S. Paranormal!!

Yes, we do apologize that this is a bit late.  Shauna and Victoria have been extremely busy with getting things together for DeadCon.  Shauna is working on the website while Victoria is working on the magazine!  They have plenty more shows for y'all to hear that are coming up soon, so bear with them.  In the meantime, they hope you like the show they had with Mary Marshall.   Mary Marshall is the Paranormal MD.  You can learn more about Mary, by listening to our podcast or going to her website! Mary's book of faces Mary's tweets Mary's tube of you #ghosts #stories #marymarshall #paranormalMD #medium #horror #paranormal #epgp #exploringtheparanormalwithgeeksparanormal #podcasts #investigators #hauntings #spirits Parax Radio Network Not all images in this commercial/flier are taken by G.E.E.K.S.  All credit goes to the artist/photographer/etc. G.E.E.K.S. Paranormal sites:  Book of faces The G.E.E.K.S. P twit The gram of the insta for the G.E.E.K.S.ters E.P.G.P. (and you thought you were done) Book of faces Twits that give ya the E.P.G.P.s If you would like to help the G.E.E.K.S.TERS out by donating a dollar or two or more or plenty you can do so here:  Paypal! To those of you already supporting the show with a monthly subscription, thank you. If you're not already a supporter, and you'd like to help make this show and future investigations possible, tap the link in this episode's description or visit  E.P.G.P. PODCAST  to become a monthly supporter --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/geeks-paranormal/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/geeks-paranormal/support


22 Apr 2021

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Talking Design: In conversation with Professor Mary Marshall OBE, the principles of design (Part 2)

The Dementia Podcast

Join Colm and Professor Mary Marshall OBE as they continue their discussion of her pioneering career in improving dementia care services. This episode focuses closely on Mary’s work in dementia design, sharing her learnings of how the built environment impacts the quality of life of a person with dementia and best practice tips on enabling design. Mary’s expertise stems from her sixteen years spent as a professor at the University of Stirling where she was the Director of the Dementia Services Development Centre and her current position as a Senior Consultant with The Dementia Centre. This episode is sponsored by Total Construction The paper 'Dementia Design Principles Review' provides information Dementia design principles and their subsequent evolution. Access videos and information on the Alzheimers Disease International report here . Free Download of  Mary’s books ‘Design for Dementia’, ‘Talking Murals’ and 'Toilet Talk'


16 Apr 2021

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Talking Design: In conversation with Professor Mary Marshall OBE, an extraordinary life (Part 1)

The Dementia Podcast

Join Colm and Professor Mary Marshall OBE, professor Emeritus at the University of Stirling where she was the director of the Dementia Services Development Centre for 16 years. Mary now writes and lectures on dementia care, with a focus on design of enabling environments and is a senior consultant with The Dementia Centre. Together they explore Mary’s rich life of activism, social work, care for others and radical strength that resulted in a diverse and pioneering career in dementia care. This episode reflects how a person’s spirit can make an everlasting change. This episode is sponsored by Total Construction . This is a compilation of testimonials for Mary’s career.


15 Apr 2021

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Using the SMART Goal Strategy to Accomplish More- with Mary Marshall - EP010

Holistic High Performance Podcast

Despite our best intentions, our best plans can, and often do, fall short. We’ve been taught since we were young to have goals and pursue them, sometimes doggedly and without question. This idea has followed many of us into our adulthoods, where we dutifully create goals, but without introspection or a plan, follow them without vision or flexibility. Author, coach and instructor, Mary Marshall, is a strong proponent of upgrading the concept of mere goals to that of Smart Goals – the idea that goals should be realistically achievable, incremental, and in the case of 2020, adaptable. As in life, and as they are part of life, goals need to adjust to our changing realities and life circumstances. Marshall’s most recent books include How Not to Be a Leader, How Not to Build a Great Team, and How Not to Create a Winning Strategy. Her previous books include The Entrepreneur Puzzle and The Great Cultural Disconnect. What You Will Learn  Tailor your goals to what you can actually accomplish. Learn which part of your goals are worth keeping and which parts are changeable. Get into the mindset that it’s OKAY to change your goals, and hear some real examples of how to make that determination.


4 Jan 2021

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S.1 Episode 6: Strategic Foresight with Mary Marshall

Coaching Coffee Break

Join Amy McKenna and Mary Marshall to discuss how to confidently lead our organizations towards a new normal. 


25 Aug 2020

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144: Mary Marshall Forrest - Leading Edge of Sales

Every Day is a New Day

What does a behavioral change expert have to say about getting onto the leading edge of the sales industry? What does it mean to place “extreme focus on pulling the future of sales into the present?” BIO: Mary Marshall Forrest lives on the leading edge of the sales industry. As a behavioral change expert and award-winning executive. Mary believes the only way to break your sales plateau is to completely change the way you look at sales. And that means an extreme focus on pulling the future of sales into the present. Mary’s mission is to give every sales professional, manager, and executive the tactical, real-world knowledge so they can remove any limiting beliefs keeping them from breaking their plateaus. In the course of that decades-long mission, Mary has trained billion-dollar companies and everyone from high-powered CEOs to frontline salespeople to increase their effectiveness by driving more profit. Mary established her speaking and training careers as a top 1% sales professional, but quickly realized something the rest of the training industry had yet to understand: the sales techniques widely taught at conferences and seminars were installing mental limitations in others, not removing them. Leashes are limiting beliefs every person experiences. That voice inside your head whispering you can't do something? That's your past programming negatively influencing your results. It's also a false narrative. You were born with every internal tool you need to succeed. It just needs to be continually called out and strengthened. That's when Mary came to a powerful realization that the best training isn't just telling people what to do, or how to do it, or even why to do it. It's unleashing their mindset. It's removing those mental chokeholds to help them see the true, fully realized picture of their abilities. You are enough to shatter every one of your goals. Let Mary show you how.


11 Aug 2020

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Paranormal Phenomena with Intuitive Medium Mary Marshall the Paranormal MD

Edge of the Rabbit Hole

The Paranormal MD Mary Marshall Intuitive Medium joins us to discuss the paranormal and mediumship, human consciousness, supernatural research, and more! We cover hauntings, shadow people, psychic abilities, the earth’s energy grid, time travel, interdimensional beings, and more!

1hr 1min

30 Jul 2020

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Paranormal Collaboration's Podcast

Mary Marshall is the Founder of The Paranormal MD investigation & research organization. Mary implemented one of the first Paranormlal Studies courses taught at an institute of higher education. Mary teaches interdisciplinary paranormal courses at few colleges in Illinois. She is an author (pending book release), a guest speaker/presenter at conferences & events.

1hr 3mins

28 Jul 2020

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Bonus International Alopecia Day Episode with Mary Marshall

Alopecia Life

Welcome to this special bonus episode with Mary Marshall. Many of our listeners will know Mary from her awareness work by starting International Alopecia Day aka IAD back in 2010. What started out with 8 countries contributing photos from their day of celebration, has grown to include over 41 countries in 2019. We know this year will be very different from past years of celebration with our support groups, but this one is a great opportunity to celebrate in big ways with our loved ones who are our biggest supporters while practicing social distancing. It would be awesome to surpass the 41 countries and show Mary how much this day means to all of us. All the links to FB pages for the International Alopecia Community page, the Bald Mannequin Project, and the YouTube videos are included here in the show notes, along with the email address that goes directly to Mary. Please make sure to submit your photos from August 1-15th to be included and to follow those pointers that Mary shared (casual photos with a sign saying IAD 2020 and your city and country name). Thank you again Mary for putting a special day on the calendar just for us.  Email Photos to Mary August 1-15th: internationalalopeciaday@gmail.comhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/InternationalAlopeciaDayhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/930540900291475https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gChdzyUVXpQ&fbclid=IwAR0f8g2N2EXJB9YxJZHLO14ONryZ0iaxELNykzIltZNwyq0Wx5Fruocv2ewhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzvWYmm-n9g&fbclid=IwAR1QhJvkU9dFTG9PbOIBTzzoUF-RMUnEoaBL5CyG1zFFrxPD3FjILoDhIC8  


23 Jul 2020

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S.1 Episode 1: Tackling the Offensive with Mary Marshall

Coaching Coffee Break

Are you are feeling lost or disoriented about the plans that you launched pre-Covid?  If you want inspiration and insight on tackling the offensive, grab a cup of coffee and take a coffee break with Executive Coaches, Amy Hedin and Mary Marshall.


22 May 2020