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24 | Adam Weber on Hard Seasons as the Best Seasons, Discovering Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, Mobilizing Grassroots Ministry, and Opening Ourselves to Life in God

The Kingdoms Podcast


28 Jun 2021

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Jack Adam Weber #852

What Matters Most

A beautiful conversation with poet and author Jack Adam Weber on his compelling new book, Climate Cure: Heal Yourself to Heal the Planet. We also talk about how the shift has to come from an inner place and the collective consciousness has to evolve for us to have any chance at surviving, yet alone thriving.Jack Adam Weber is a celebrated poet, author, organic farmer, licensed acupuncturist and Chinese medical herbalist. He is the author of Climate Cure: Heal Yourself to Heal the Planet (September 2020), which took him 5 years of research and intensive crafting to complete. This one-of-a-kind book offers holistic wisdom for how to transform your life and simultaneously regenerate the planet. It shows how to actually be the change from the inside out, offering emotional and spiritual wisdom for how to care enough, cope and thrive through climate crisis, and to act in ways that matter.Consider Subscribing for Free to Never Miss an EpisodeClick the appropriate link to follow the show so you get every episode of What Matters Most as soon as they’re available!Your Honest Review of What Matters Most Helps the Show Reach More People!If you enjoyed this — or any! — episode of the What Matters Most podcast, please leave a review of the show! Reviews help boost the show in rankings, which makes it more visible… and that means more listeners! It’s a great way to spread the word about What Matters Most!Create your review – click here!Help Support Future Episodes!What Matters Most is 100% listener supported by generous pledges from people just like you.Did this episode speak to you? Please consider pledging your support for as little as $5.00 per month… or pledge at higher levels and enjoy perks like a guided meditation audiobook, a library of Paul Samuel Dolman e-books… and more!Read The Book That Inspires The ShowPaul Samuel Dolman, author, podcaster, and speaker, presents What Matters Most (the book!) a series of interview transcriptions from more than twenty inspirational Nashville and Tennessee residents, including special guest the journalist and author Bill Moyers.Nashville Mayor Megan Barry, former Governor Don Sundquist, Academy Award-winning actress Patricia Neal, Grammy Award-winning entertainer Wynonna Judd, and many more share intimate and inspirational aspects of themselves.This twentieth anniversary edition also features bonus material from thirty more notables from Tennessee, including local business owners, spiritual leaders, coaches, radio personalities, authors, and educators. The post Jack Adam Weber #852 appeared first on Paul Samuel Dolman.


28 Jun 2021

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Healing Ourselves to Heal the Climate: Jack Adam Weber on PYP 466

Plant Yourself - Embracing a Plant-based Lifestyle

Jack Adam Weber practices Traditional Chinese Medicine and writes prose and poetry. His latest book, Climate Cure, argues that we can't fix the climate crisis solely with technological or policy solutions.Because the root of the crisis, he argues, isn't about carbon or transportation or food production - it's about that collective trauma that our culture visits upon each new generation.And in order to save humanity (and many other species) from incalculable suffering, we have to (or, "we get to") face our own psychological and spiritual wounds. In our conversation, we talked about Jack's initiation into climate activism, and his diagnosis of the problem of climate change. In short, it's far more dire than most of us think it is. I was curious about some of the paradoxes inherent in this work: staying optimistic while experiencing despair; realizing the world is on fire while still taking time for simple pleasures; mobilizing others while not spewing facts and figures.I was buoyed by Jack's "both-and" approach. Rather than staking out one extreme or another, he's comfortable embracing a multitude of solutions. Drawing on his practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jack looks at the planet as his patient. And he prescribes both "branch" and "root" treatments: those that treat immediate symptoms, and those that address core dynamics.Yes to technological approaches that can help in the short run. And yes to deep inner work.Yes to policies that keep carbon in the ground. And yes to community organization to bring about a just world.It's a complicated topic, and Jack doesn't seek to simplify it. Rather, he urges us to live with ambiguity at the same time as we roll up our sleeves and doing everything possible, as urgently as possible, to come back into right relationship with nature and ourselves.LinksClimate Cure: Heal Yourself to Heal the PlanetJack Adam Weber's writing and coaching website

1hr 20mins

1 Jun 2021

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1190 Adam Weber: Meditation Not Medicine

The Nice Guys on Business

Adam Weber is the author of the bestselling book Meditation Not Medicine Survive and Thrive in Our Stress Filled World) and the host of the Meditation Not Medicine podcast. I’ve had a chance to get to know Adam, his story is incredible -- how and why he found meditation. His results are amazing. Easy to Meditate is the name of his program Excited to chat with him today. Connect With Adam Weber: Website: https://meditationnotmedicine.com/about/ Email: adam@meditationnotmedicine.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/easytomeditate Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/meditationnotmedicine/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPnbji9rDrCfxhY0W8sHL9A Book (Free + Shipping) https://meditationnotmedicinebook.com/free-pdf Q&A Podcast episode about meditation: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/meditation-not-medicine/id1545374572?i=1000507545642 Nice Sponsors: How to Make Money, Grow Your Tribe, and Build Influencing Podcasting (Doug and Strick will be hosting the Masterclass) https://djdoug--turnkeypodcast.thrivecart.com/register/ Get your free E-Book 5 Ways to Make Money Podcasting at www.Turnkeypodcast.com/gift Check out the "Entrepreneur’s Toolkit" Giveaway Check out Headliner to create social media posts with video easily- make.headliner.app Simplecast is the easiest way to set up your podcast hosting- Simplecast.com Zoom is the easiest way to schedule meetings and record your podcast interviews- Zoom.us Acuity is the easiest way to schedule your podcast interviews, meetings, and life. Acuityscheduling.com See how The Nice Guys want to make your life easier? You can thank us later. Reach The Nice Guys Here:  Doug- @DJDoug Strickland- @NiceGuyonBiz Nice Important Links:   Subscribe to the Podcast website: Niceguysonbusiness.com Book Doug and/or Strick as a speaker at your upcoming event. Doug's Amazon #1 Best selling book Nice Guys Finish First.   Partner Links:  Amazon.com: Click before buying anything. Help support the podcast.  Acuity Scheduling: Stop wasting time going back and forth scheduling appointments Simply the best VO guy in the business- https://steveobrienvo.com/ TurnKey Podcast Productions Important Links: The Ultimate Podcast Launch Formula  www.turnkeypodcast.com/ultimatelaunchformula FREE workshop on how to "Be A Great Guest." Free E-Book 5 Ways to Make Money Podcasting at www.Turnkeypodcast.com/gift No time to get to this, but you can read the blog here: 12 worries that every entrepreneur has Audio production by Turnkey Podcast Productions. You're the expert. Your podcast will prove it. 


17 May 2021

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Out of the Fog: Your Role in the Climate Cure with Jack Adam Weber

Out of the Fog with Karen Hager

While most of us hear about what we can do externally to address the climate crisis, Jack Adam Weber’s new book, Climate Cure, addresses what we can do internally to act in meaningful ways. He believes that the climate battle must not be fought but healed inside each of us, and among enough of us. In this interview he shares what this healing is all about and how to become what he calls “medicine for our times,” which is to be a potent part of the solution.Jack Adam Weber is a Chinese medicine clinician, organic farmer, celebrated poet and has authored hundreds of articles, thousands of poems, and several books. He is an activist for embodied spirituality and writes extensively on the subjects of holistic medicine, emotional depth work, mind-body integration, and climate crisis, challenging his readers to think and act outside the box. Jack also developed the Nourish Practice, a deeply restorative, embodied meditation practice that doubles as an educational guide for healing the wounds of childhood. Find out more at JackAdamWeber.com.


27 Apr 2021

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Adam Weber's Time Off

Time Off

We talk with Adam Weber about his Time Off. Adam has made it his life’s mission to help people become their best selves and discover how their careers can become the answer to their purpose. As a thought leader in employee engagement, he knows that people crave leaders who can help them unlock their true potential. Adam is the author of the book "Lead Like A Human - Practical Steps To Building Highly Engaged Teams". He is the Chief People Officer and Co-founder of Emplify. Book: https://emplify.com/human/ Adam's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/meetadam/


17 Mar 2021

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Meditation Not Medicine with Adam Weber & Sister Jenna

America Meditating Radio Show w/ Sister Jenna

Adam Weber is an author and speaker who’s overcome tremendous challenges, both mentally and physically, through meditation. Adam was working in commercial real estate in New York City when a back surgery led to a devastating diagnosis that he had multiple sclerosis. Stress aggravated his MS, sometimes to the point where Adam couldn’t eat or walk on his own. Adam’s life became a blur of anxiety, depression, and chronic pain until he discovered the power of meditation.Now Adam is on a journey to share his story and knowledge to help others persevere. In new book, Meditation Not Medicine, Adam teaches how meditation can help people handle the everyday, and not-so-everyday, challenges that may easily overwhelm us. Visit https://meditationnotmedicine.com.Listen to the new Om Shanti album by Sister Jenna on Spotify.  Like America Meditating & on Twitter.  Visit www.americameditating.org. Download our free Pause for Peace App for Apple or Android.


2 Mar 2021

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Adam Weber: Meditation Not Medicine

Badass Direct Sales Mastery

About Adam Weber: Adam is based out of New York State and he has a book and a podcast called Meditation Not Medicine. He helps others learn how to address their stress. He also has a Facebook Group where he can help people learn about Meditation. He’s married and has two sons.    In this episode, Jennie and Adam discuss:How often people should be meditating.Increasing your productivity through meditation.The benefits of regular meditation.Key Takeaways:Meditation made simple so that you can do it anywhere anytime.Ridding yourself of stress to improve your mindset.Meditation is something that the whole family can participate in. "You don’t have to take a pill, you can take a time out." —  Adam Weber Connect with Adam Weber:Website: https://meditationnotmedicine.com/about/Email: adam@meditationnotmedicine.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/easytomeditateInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/meditationnotmedicine/Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPnbji9rDrCfxhY0W8sHL9ABook: Meditation Not MedicineFrom Stress to ProfitShow: Meditation Not MedicineLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/30728034/admin/ CONNECT WITH JENNIE: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/badassdirectsalesmastery/app/307339332686535/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/badassdirectsalesmastery/Website: https://badassdirectsalesmastery.com/Show: https://badassdirectsalesmastery.com/blog/Email: jennie@badassdirectsalesmastery.com Show notes by Podcastologist: Kristen BraunAudio production by Turnkey Podcast Productions. You're the expert. Your podcast will prove it. 


8 Feb 2021

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#1 - Isn't it Lovely when Love is Authentic? Special Guest: Adam Weber

Isn't It Lovely? Podcast

Tracy and Rachel welcome pastor and author Adam Weber for a conversation about authenticity, vulnerability, and empathy. Adam encourages us to love intentionally and embrace brokenness and kindness; Tracy and Rachel fangirl over his wife Becky and extol the groundbreaking virtues of…coffee.Episode Mentions: Website: adamweber.comInstagram: instagram.com/adamaweber/Love Has a Name: Learning to Love the Different, the Difficult, and Everyone Else by Adam WeberIrish Twins Soap Company: https://www.irishtwinssoaps.com koffiestraw.comCoffea Roasterie: https://coffearoasterie.com


3 Feb 2021

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Episode #18: Adam Weber - How To Love The People You Disagree With

The Generation Distinct Podcast

In Episode #18, Pastor & Author Adam Weber challenges us to admit that even when we say we love others, so often... we don’t. Instead of loving, we hurt, belittle, and overlook people. Which is precisely why we need to learn how to love—from Jesus and from one another. Even in this cultural moment, we will learn how to see past the differences and disagreements in our world and love people anyway.


28 Oct 2020