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Digital marketing and the donor landscape - a conversation with Brady Josephson


Brady is the Managing Director of the NextAfter Institute where he performs original research, develops evidence-based resources, and provides data-driven training to help organizations raise more money online to fund their life-changing work. A charity nerd, adjunct professor, and international speaker, his thoughts have been featured in The Huffington Post, NPR, and The Chronicle of Philanthropy among others. He was the lead researcher and author of The Canadian Online Fundraising Scorecard, The State of Nonprofit Donation Pages, and The State of Nonprofit Email Cultivation. Brady is also a host of The Generosity Freakshow — a podcast discussing how we can improve, optimize, and grow giving and an adjunct professor at North Park University’s School of Business and Nonprofit Management. Before coming to NextAfter, Brady worked for the company he started, The Josephson Group, which founded Shift, a digital agency, and Nonprofit Supply Co., a Google Ad Grant advertising service. Brady began his career at Spark Ventures, a start-up non-profit doing development work in Zambia, after receiving his Masters in Nonprofit Administration. He oversaw fundraising and marketing there before moving to Opportunity International, the world’s largest Christian microfinance organization, where he worked in digital fundraising and then served as National Marketing Director in Canada. He lives just outside Dallas, Texas with his wife, Liz, son, Hendrix, and dog, Melly. You can connect with him on LinkedIn, follow him on Twitter, @bradyjosephson, and learn more about his speaking here.


25 Mar 2021

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Global Online Fundraising Scorecard, with Brady Josephson

Rainmaker Fundraising Podcast

Our good friend Brady Josephson at NextAfter joined us for a third episode here on the podcast recently. You might remember Brady from our conversation about COVID fundraising observations, or fundraising Testing. This week we connected with him to learn about the recent project that NextAfter and Salesforce.org collaborated on, called the Global Online Fundraising Scorecard. This study explored the front-end user experience of donors and email subscribers across multiple countries. Here are some of the key findings we cover in this discussion:Email sign-up was impossible in 27% of cases in the study, either because organizations didn't offer it, or because it took too many steps to discover where the email sign-up was locatedVery little progress has been made in years around the area of using value proposition to either subscribe for emails or make a giving decision (you'll hear Brady outline what the keys are in a successful value proposition too)The dangerous myth that online users don't or won't consume copy -- and address the (surprising) negative impact that video and images have on conversionThe half dozen (or more!) types of friction that negatively impact decision-making online, AND, the one positive type of friction that can actually help you raise more money online!The importance of email cultivation to long-term retention and revenue, and the sad fact that too few organizations are investing in meaningful email relationship building.The truth about email deliverability, and what you can do to improve deliverability for your organization.What's working best globally in sustainer giving, where the U.S. is falling behind in this key giving area, and what YOU can do to improve your organization's sustainer numbers.The trends on email welcome series use, and how one organization tested into a 900% increase in 2nd gift conversion by rethinking their approach to welcome series content.It's always a blast to have Brady on the show, and I hope you'll learn as much as I did in this conversation!Don't forget to download the Global Online Fundraising Scorecard today! This episode of The Rainmaker Fundraising Podcast was brought to you by our friends at Virtuous. We’re so excited to partner with them to promote the upcoming 2021 Responsive Fundraising Summit on April 14th and 15th. You can register for FREE today. You’ll be front-row with world-class nonprofit and thought leaders, participate in hands-on, discussion-driven workshops, and build lasting connections with like-minded peers. Sign up today for this FREE event!https://youtu.be/56RwjgU-q9M


22 Mar 2021

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DNP Deep Dive: The State of Multi-Channel Donor Communications w/ Brady Josephson

Dynamic Nonprofits w/ Dan

Brady Josephson, Managing Director @ The NextAfter Institute, joins Dan to discuss findings from NextAfter and Virtuous' exciting new study "The State of Multi-Channel Donor Communications".  If you're a fundraiser who is concerned about multi-channel fundraising, or how to put it into action, this might be one of the most important interviews you listen to all year. Make sure to have a notepad ready... Show Notes:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/bradyjosephson/ https://www.nextafter.com/ https://www.multichannelnonprofit.com/ https://www.multichannelnonprofit.com/data/ https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-generosity-freakshow/id1437021896


27 Jan 2021

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#22: Brady Josephson — The state of multi-channel donor communications

The Build Good Podcast

Multi-channel fundraising — the concept that we should cultivate donors across as many channels as we can — gets talked about a lot.And for good reason. The data shows that multi-channel giving is the best way to grow and maintain revenue.But high-quality multi-channel communication is hard to do. So what exactly are nonprofits doing in their marketing to truly be multi-channel — and do it well?To help you figure out what works, and what other organizations are doing, today we’re talking to Brady Josephson about new research on the sate of multi-channel donor communications.Brady is the vice president of innovation and optimization at NextAfter — a research lab and consultancy.Earlier this year, Brady and his team spent four months tracking and analyzing the giving experience of multi-channel fundraising from more than 100 different nonprofits. They gave individual gifts to each organization, and gathered all their insights into a new study they’ve just released. Today, Brady will share some of the most important takeaways from his research, and give you tips to help you in your own efforts so you can maximize your multi-channel fundraising potential.Today you'll learn:[5:23] - Why Brady and his team focused on multi-channel fundraising even though the nonprofit world talks about it relentlessly[11:52] - The key data points they tracked during their research[16:50] - What the research revealed about how nonprofits actually approach multi-channel fundraising[18:40] - How caring for smaller-level donors impacts your overall fundraising goals[22:56] - The importance of stewarding offline donors well[26:53] - How nonprofits subconsciously end up treating online donors better than offline donors[30:35] - The glaring lack of phone follow ups from nonprofits[32:37] - How a phone call touch point impacts a donor's giving[37:54] - Practical ways nonprofits can improve their multi-channel communication[40:34] - The impact that social ads make on fundraisingBrady would love to connect with you. You can find him on Twitter and Linkedin. Learn more about his work at NextAfter and check out the research talked about on this episode at multichannelnonprofit.com.This episode brought to you by fiveminutefundrasingfix.com and BuildGood. 


21 Oct 2020

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The REAL stats regarding nonprofits; An Interview with Brady Josephson

Nonprofit Architect

In this episode of Nonprofit Architect, Travis discusses with Brady Josephson, an entrepreneur working with "Next After". They focus on core precepts of online fundraising, noting results from studies that show the wrong approaches of many nonprofit organizations to raising funds online. Listen in now and be informed Conversation Highlights [00:41] Brady explains that the concept behind "Next After" is basically to collect data, run experiments to essentially figure out what works in fundraising, and make that information accessible to nonprofit organizations [02:20] Donors lie [09:20] Takeaway #1: The Value Proposition Question; why should I give to you, as opposed to another organization, or not at all? [09:34] Takeaway #2: four perspectives from which a nonprofit organization should answer the value proposition question (Appeal, Credibility, Clarity, and Exclusivity) [13:02] Every different organization has strengths and weaknesses [13:16] Takeaway #3: As an NPO, having something more quantifiable or tangible encourages generosity [15:45] When building a scalable fundraising infrastructure, of which email is one of the strategies, you always need to start work much sooner than you think [16:47] Takeaway #4: Offline donors are worth 90% more if they get emails [17:34] Mystery Shopper Studies conducted involved signing up to receive emails from non-profit organizations over some time, to have an idea of the E-mail methods used by a majority of them. [20:22]Brady reveals that based on the results of their studies, most non-profits are not thanking their donors [21:31] Takeaway #5: The first 30-45-day window is one of the most critical times to continue engagement with a new donor, if not they may not make a second gift in 6-14 months, at which point they're gone. [24:58] Brady's advice to startup NPAs: The Culture of Fund-raising & Being proactive [29:48] He discusses the three metrics of online fundraising (Traffic, Conversation Rate, and Average gift), with the results of some studies relating these metrics to NPAs. [31:03] Google Ad grant gives up to 10,000$ worth of free advertising, with terms. This was discussed in detail in a previous episode (Interview with Preston Cone; Facebook Ads, email copy and secrets behind the Google Ad Grant) Remarkable Quotes: [13:21] "Tangibility leads to generosity" [22:07] "The lifecycle of a donor" [26:39] "Bold is definitely better." Contact Brady Website: www.nextafter.com LinkedIn: Brady Josephson Twitter: @bradyjosephson Brady Josephson is a charity nerd, entrepreneur, digital marketer, professor, and writer. He’s on a mission to see more people giving and more causes thriving. At NextAfter, Brady focuses on business development and partnerships, content creation, and marketing. Before coming to NextAfter, Brady worked for the company he started, The Josephson Group, which founded Shift, a digital agency, and Nonprofit Supply Co., a Google Ad Grant advertising service. His work and writing have been featured in CBC, Christianity Today, NPR, and The Chronicle of Philanthropy among others. He has also been a speaker and presenter at conferences in Canada, the US, and Europe including Social Media for Nonprofits, AFP Congress, CyberGrants Conference, RaiseNow Inspire, and BBCON. Learn more about Brady’s speaking here. He is also an adjunct professor at North Park University’s School of Business and Nonprofit Management, contributes to The Huffington Post, is the creator of The Good Journey Pod podcast, and is founding editor of re: charity — a top nonprofit and fundraising blog. Brady began his career at Spark Ventures, a start-up non-profit doing development work in Zambia, after receiving his Masters in Nonprofit Administration. He oversaw fundraising and marketing there before moving to Opportunity International, the world’s largest Christian microfinance organization, where he worked in digital fundraising and then served as National Marketing Director in Canada. Brady then helped start a digital agency working with nonprofits that eventually merged with Chimp, a technology company offering an online platform for charitable giving, where Brady worked in business development and client strategy before launching out on his own. Brady Josephson brady@nextafter.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/bradyjosephson/ Twitter @bradyjosephson https://www.nextafter.com/ https://www.facebook.com/NextAfterInc https://twitter.com/NextAfter_ https://www.linkedin.com/company/next-after/


8 Sep 2020

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Unleash Your Donors’ Generosity with Brady Josephson

Successful Nonprofits Podcast

We all want to know how we can increase our donations, and these days we especially want to know how to increase our online donations. According to Brady Josephson with NextAfter, this all starts with understanding why donors give - - - and why they decide to not give. Join us for today’s discussion about why donors do (or do not) give and get actionable tips that can help you unlock your greatest online giving potential.


6 Aug 2020

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COVID-19 Fundraising Observations from NextAfter, with Brady Josephson

Rainmaker Fundraising Podcast

Brady Josephson, Managing Director of the Institute for Online Fundraising at NextAfter recently sat down with us to share what he's learning about the changing fundraising landscape during the COVID-19 crisis. This conversation and the learnings that Brady shares are based on observations from more than 157 nonprofits that were and are actively fundraising during the COVID crisis. Brady is learning and seeing some interesting trends that you'll no doubt want to be aware of:As COVID took hold in early March, a lot of fundraising slowed or stopped. There was a marked decrease in email volume, as some organizations slowed down and some went entirely dark.Starting early in April, organizations began to emerge from the initial shock of COVID, and fundraising (particularly online) saw growth both in April and May (in both email volume and total revenue). This was further supported by the Giving Tuesday NOW initiative. Through late May and into early June, we've now started to see a correction (downturn) in email volume again. There is absolutely value in achieving first mover status when it comes to responding and communicating in a crisis. The faster an organization can get into market and begin to communicate with constituents, the easier it is to navigate a crisis situation. Organizations responding fastest and raising the most money during the COVID situation are those that are NOT focused on perfection, but focused on speed to market. They are willing to move quickly, test, learn, and adapt. The more human you can make your digital fundraising and marketing efforts, the better you'll perform.The elevated sense of empathy across the globe has resulted in increased giving across many different types of organizations, even those that might not typically receive increased funding during a crisis (i.e., arts, etc.).High dollar sustainers may be more apt to opt out of their monthly commitment right now. They are seeing this emerging in the U.S., and we have seen it more significantly in Europe. Since people are at home more right now, a lot more of our online consumption is happening on desktop vs mobile. That's good news because desktop experience tends to increase conversion rates. However, this may mean that when the country reopens and people return to work (whenever that is...), online conversion rates my drop again to reflect the shift back to mobile consumption. Special Offer From Our Episode Sponsor, Velocity Strategy Solutions: 


22 Jun 2020

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Brady Josephson at NextAfter - The power of experiments to amplify donor action

Fundraising Voices from RNL

I’m excited to bring back on today’s episode Brady Josephson, managing director of the NextAfter institute. He spends his days conducting experiments, tests and looking deep into the data of donor response to see how we can do a better job communicating with and spurring action from our supporters. We cover what he's seeing as organizations reach out during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thinking critically about all aspects of your appeals is crucial – and testing and experimenting is a big part of challenging the norm and doing a better job with how we convert donors to action is really important right now. We unpack the fundamentals of how any organization can do that right away. Check out NextAfter and their library of experiments.


12 Jun 2020

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EPISODE 82: Brady Josephson of the NextAfter Institute

Taking Care in Business

This week, Vicki and Kathy talk with Brady Josephson of NextAfter Institute, an expert in online fundraising. The post EPISODE 82: Brady Josephson of the NextAfter Institute appeared first on Taking Care in Business.


11 Jun 2020

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120: Ways to Embrace Online Fundraising with Brady Josephson

Grant Writing & Funding

✨✨ Visit www.grantwritingandfunding.com to get the proven G.R.A.N.T.S. formula to write winning grants ✨✨As we’re navigating through the pandemic and things are starting to reopen, we’ve seen a huge increase in online functions. You may be thinking “I need to learn all this and invest all my resources in online marketing.”Brady Joshepson takes a simpler approach specifically for online fundraising for nonprofit organizations and shares the steps that you can take right now to boost your online marketing.If you have any questions, feel free to emailholly@grantwritingandfunding.com I’d love to connect with you!YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWzIfwJt0az9KKwKz1Uc8vgInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/hollyrustickLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/wego-grants/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/grantwritingandfunding/Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/grantwritingandfunding/Thanks for listening!Holly Rustick


5 May 2020