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Episode 78: Stop Counting Calories and Start Losing Weight with Amber Sandberg

High Wire Woman with Rosanna Berardi

This week on the High Wire Woman podcast, Rosanna Berardi is exploring healthy and sustainable weight loss. Her guest is Amber Sandberg, a certified weight loss coach. Amber is passionate about helping mothers lose weight - for the last time - by tuning into the body’s hunger and fullness without feeling deprived. She is also the host of the Mom Inspired Show podcast, where she creates lasting conversations among moms. In this week’s episode, Amber shares the challenges that prevent women from sustaining weight gain, and what High Wire Women can do to overcome them.You’ll hear Rosanna and Amber talk about: A major factor that influences someone’s ability to sustain weight gain is their mindset, Amber claims. Sometimes, your weight is a symptom of other things that are happening in your life. Women, in general, are prone to eating for comfort - hence the term ‘comfort food’ - because it’s easily available and an enjoyable way to unwind. Cutting certain foods out of your life completely may not necessarily help, but at the same time, there may be foods you should avoid due to the state of your health. Having a balanced diet is one of the best and safest ways to lose weight.  Amber recommends that listeners drink half their body weight in water each day. If this isn’t feasible, then drink 64 ounces. Applying the all-or-nothing mentality to weight loss hinders more than helps - people are so paralyzed by perfection that they would rather do nothing if they can’t achieve ‘plus’ work on the first try. Allowing yourself to do ‘B minus work’ gives you the grace to make mistakes while actually doing what you committed to do. Snacking during meals can sabotage your weight loss.  ResourcesRosanna Berardi | LinkedInRosanna Berardi | Berardi Immigration LawHigh Wire WomanAmber Sandberg | LinkedInAmber Sandberg | Mom Inspired Show


3 May 2022

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How To Change The Direction Of Your Life with Amber Sandberg

Redefining Balance for Working Mom Podcast by Your Life Rocks

Studies show that most people take an evaluation of their lives and make serious changes when they get to their mid 30's and into their 40's.  So if you find yourself feeling like something is missing or you are experiencing some sort of a mid-life crisis, this episode is for you!  We are joined by life coach Amber Sandberg as she walks us through a 3 step process to help you change the direction of your life if you feel a little stuck. You can book a free call with Amber by sending her an email at Amber@mominspiredshow.com 


8 Jun 2021

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Episode 137 - Amber Sandberg

KP's BlackBox

This week KP sits down with fellow podcast host, Amber Sandberg, and dives into the world of podcasting and encouraging people to go big for their dreams. 2020 was a hard year for the world at large, Amber shares about how she has pivoted when the travel and tourism industry slowed down. Be sure to stick around for the end after the end titles where you get a glimpse of just what happens when we record an episode at the end of the day on a Friday. As always, leave us a comment, give us a like, and be sure to hit subscribe. From all of us here at KP's BlackBox, we thank you for tuning in!

1hr 12mins

14 Apr 2021

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Gracefully Aging: Honest Conversation with My Best Friend Amber Sandberg

Redefining Balance for Working Mom Podcast by Your Life Rocks

Ok, working mom friends....this week I am turning 40.  This milestone birthday has me thinking about all the things from the clothes that I choose to wear, how I take care of my health and having perspective about life in general.   I always said I wanted to age gracefully, but this milestone has me questioning what that really means.  To help me process all the things, I am joined by my best friend and fellow podcaster, Amber Sandberg.  Amber is the host of the Mom Inspired Show.  I hope you go and check it out!   Grab the free Your Life Rocks App: Apple users: https://yourliferocks.com/apple Google Users: https://yourliferocks.com/Google   COME SAY HI! Website: https://yourliferocks.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yourliferocks/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/your.life.rocks/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/yourliferocks/   Get more tips and inspiration on our YouTube channel (2 videos a week) https://yourliferocks.com/Youtube   Shop Your Life Rocks Join Life Balance Membership - https://yourliferocks.com/LifeBalance Life Balance Planner for Disc notebook - https://yourliferocks.com/product/90-day-life-balance-planner-for-disc-notebooks/?v=7516fd43adaa Life Balance Planner - https://yourliferocks.com/product/life-balance-planner/?v=7516fd43adaa     Subscribe to the show so you don't miss any of our future episodes designed to help working moms like you create the life they love and be all that God has called you to!


22 Sep 2020

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What It Takes To Reach Your Goals with Amber Sandberg

Redefining Balance for Working Mom Podcast by Your Life Rocks

When we set goals we often focus on the outcome and what we will get when we hit the goal, but all the good stuff is on the journey to achieving that goal.  Regardless of what your goal is, I know this story will inspire you to keep going and enjoy the journey and all the wisdom that comes with it.  In this episode, I am joined by my friend Amber Sandberg who lost 60 pounds last year.  She shares how doing mental and emotional work was the key to her reaching her goal.  Listen to the Mom Inspired Show (Amber's podcast) Join Life Balance Membership to take the New Year Reset Course and let 2020 be the year you start your journey to finding balance.


14 Jan 2020

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#54: Mentor Interview with Amber Sandberg

The Mompreneur Experience

In today’s podcast episode we hear how a travel enthusiast found a profitable outlet for her passion and how she is growing her business into new areas as life and motherhood keep her growing. You are gonna love Amber Sandberg.


18 Nov 2019

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Working Moms Guide to Travel Planning with Amber Sandberg

Redefining Balance for Working Mom Podcast by Your Life Rocks

Do you get caught up in the day to day and forget to plan for the big milestones in life? In this episode, we are joined with Amber Sandberg from Mom Inspired Living and together we are talking about creating memories through planning fun trips around the bigger milestones in life. We also share ideas on how to get in some of the smaller trips throughout the year to make the most of your time with family. Amber is a travel agent and really knows her stuff when it comes to helping moms prioritize the money and time to make it all happen. Get all the links mentioned in the show by clicking here. Learn more about Life Balance Membership


19 Feb 2019

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{Friends & Fun} Living Intentionally with Amber Sandberg

Redefining Balance for Working Mom Podcast by Your Life Rocks

We consider your life rocks as the things you are juggling and have worked them into 8 main areas of life.  Your faith, being a wife, mom, your career/work, health, finances, home duties, and lastly, friends & fun.  In this episode, we are focused on helping you grow with friendship and fun through intentional living.  Join me and my friend, Amber Sandberg as we discuss finding friendship as a busy woman, the comparison game that everyone loses, and how to be intentional about creating more fun through travel experiences.  Amber is the host of the podcast, The Mom Inspired Show. This episode is sponsored by Life Balance Membership.  Click here to start your free 7-day trial.


17 Oct 2017