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Howard Lindzon - The Wolf of Wallstrip (EP.236)

Panic with Friends - Howard Lindzon

No, you haven’t entered the Twilight Zone. Yes, I’m the host of Panic with Friends, but in today’s special episode, I’m the guest. My producer Knut Jensen has turned the tables and put me in the hot seat. With so many questions about how and why I started Wallstrip, I felt it was time to lay it all out. And hopefully this answers a lot of those questions. We cover the good, the bad, and the funny times building my first internet company – and how those lessons carried over when I started Stocktwits – lessons like finding the right mentor and having domain experience around an idea, and the three key ingredients: product, team and timing. It’s a different spin on Panic with Friends where we’re going back and telling these types of stories with our best founders, so you’ll be seeing more episodes like this in the future. And of course, the big question on Wallstrip, would I do it again? You’ll have to listen to find out! Guest - Howard Lindzon, General partner at Social Leverage and Host of Panic With Friends Podcasthowardlindzon.com, socialleverage.com youtube.com/channel/UCGEU5Xa_5HKMb6gEFfGYdTw/videos Twitter: @howardlindzon, @PanicwFriends, @knutjensen linkedin.com/in/howardlindzon linkedin.com/company/socialleverage linkedin.com/in/knutejensen #fintech #invest #investment #venturecapital #stockmarket #finance Show Notes: Introduction (00:27) Coming up with Wallstrip (01:42) Starting with GolfNow (07:55) YouTube becomes a thing (10:27) Cold pitching Fred Wilson (11:59) Raising funds (15:08) Finding the team (18:34) The formula (22:36) Gaining traction (25:13) Would I do it again? (27:09) My ‘growth hack’ (30:24) The ‘moment’ it’s successful (31:10) Now the pressure is on (32:36) The right kind of attention (31:54) Dealing with haters (33:56) Sell or grow (38:14) The Jim Cramer spoof (39:21) My Costanza moment (41:04) CBS acquires Wallstrip (41:30) The right people domain experience (44:29) Wrapping up (46:35) Closing thoughts (46:56)


12 Jan 2023

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#236: Venture Capital Investing with Social Leverage Founder Howard Lindzon

Absolute Return Podcast

 On today’s show we welcome special guest, Social Leverage Founder Howard Lindzon. Social Leverage is a venture capital firm that specializes in early-stage and seed-stage investments in the Software, Consumer, and Fintech industries. On the show, Howard discusses: How he initially got into investing and what is appealing about early-stage investing Key lessons learned from his hits and misses within startups, angel investing and venture capital What he thinks is in store for NFTs, crypto and web3 in the future His thoughts on the current market environment And more


24 Oct 2022

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Ep. 231 - Staying in the Game with Howard Lindzon, Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist

Planet MicroCap Podcast | MicroCap Investing Strategies

For this episode of the Planet MicroCap Podcast, I spoke with Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, and Host of "Panic with Friends" podcast, Howard Lindzon. When I was first getting my feet wet in the business and learning about the stock market, StockTwits was one of the first platforms I used. This was back in 2011 before Twitter and Fintwit became what it is today. So, to say I've been a fan of Howard is an understatement. I don't care what anyone says, the idea of Fintwit (for better or worse) began with Howard. In our conversation, we chatted about a wide variety of topics, including: what staying in the (investing) game looks like for him, his criteria for new potential investments and his thoughts on current events in finance. This was an awesome experience for me and I'm stoked Howard took the time to talk with me. For more information about Howard Lindzon, please visit: www.HowardLindzon.com You can Follow Howard Lindzon on Twitter @howardlindzon: https://twitter.com/howardlindzon Today's episode is sponsored by: Stream by AlphaSense, an expert interview transcript library that integrates AI-generated call summaries and NLP search technology so their clients can quickly pinpoint the most critical insights. Start your FREE trial on their website: https://streamrg.co/PMC Quartr, their mission is to change the way people look at Investor Relations, and create a completely new bridge between companies and stakeholders. Visit your app store of choice to try it out, and that's Q-U-A-R-T-R. For more information, please visit: https://quartr.com/ Planet MicroCap Podcast is on YouTube! All archived episodes and each new episode will be posted on the SNN Network YouTube channel. I’ve provided the link in the description if you’d like to subscribe. You’ll also get the chance to watch all our Video Interviews with management teams, educational panels from the conference, as well as expert commentary from some familiar guests on the podcast. Subscribe here: http://bit.ly/1Q5Yfym Click here to rate and review the Planet MicroCap Podcast The Planet MicroCap Podcast is brought to you by SNN Incorporated, publishers of www.SNN.Network, The Official MicroCap News Source, and the MicroCap Review Magazine, the leading magazine in the MicroCap market. You can Follow the Planet MicroCap Podcast on Twitter @BobbyKKraft


29 Jun 2022

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Howard Lindzon: You Don’t Have to be a Unicorn

The Best Money I Ever Spent

Investor, advisor, and Twitter provocateur Howard Lindzon and Rally's own Rob Petrozzo spend an hour catching up — touching on everything from comedy to Chipotle to Tik Tok. Howard is the co-founder of StockTwits and founder of Social Leverage, where he's invested in Robinhood, Koyfin, Manscaped, and Rally.

1hr 2mins

31 May 2022

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My Life in 4 Trades - Serial Entrepreneur, Howard Lindzon, on The Value of Investing for Both Profit and Joy

Real Vision Daily Briefing: Finance & Investing

Here's a full-length episode from Real Vision's new original series, My Life in 4 Trades - be sure to subscribe. Howard Lindzon joins Maggie Lake to discuss how a lifelong passion for comedy led to his success in the early days of the internet. He also touches on de-globalization and why finding a unicorn isn’t as important as it may seem. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


21 May 2022

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Serial Entrepreneur, Howard Lindzon, on The Value of Investing for Both Profit and Joy

My Life in 4 Trades

Howard Lindzon joins Maggie Lake to discuss how a lifelong passion for comedy led to his success in the early days of the internet. He also touches on de-globalization and why finding a unicorn isn’t as important as it may seem.


18 May 2022

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$61,237 w/ Howard Lindzon

Hard Money's Million Dollar Podcast

The portfolio is dropping but we’re not stopping. We have a special guest, Howard Lindzon of Social Leverage, to talk about $TWTR and the state of private/public markets. Check out our Mr. Market newsletter for more content on the Elon Musk-Twitter debacle.    


12 Apr 2022

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Howard Lindzon on What’s Really Going on in the Tech Plunge

Odd Lots

It's been a terrible few months for growth stocks. Small, unprofitable tech companies have crashed. SPACs have gotten crushed. Recent IPOs got crushed. And even the FANGs are way off their old highs. Of course, we don't have very much visibility into what's happening in private markets, so we only have anecdotes and inferences. But what's the big story? And is this the start of a big change? On this episode, we speak to Howard Lindzon, a GP at Social Leverage and the co-founder of Stocktwits, to get a sense of what's really going on. Howard launched a SPAC last year, does public market stock investing, as well as private VC investing, so he really knows the whole space very well. He discusses multiple reasons why tech turned rapidly, and why it might be awhile before it all bounces back.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


17 Feb 2022

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52. Howard Lindzon (General Partner, Social Leverage) has the body of a ghostbuster


This week, Alexis gets non-technical with Howard Lindzon, General Partner at Social Leverage and Co-Founder of StockTwits. They talk about friendly British ghosts, the case of the missing “puffy pants,” shorting $TSLA (heh), and the only two words you need to sustain a 26-year marriage.You can find Howard on Twitter at twitter.com/howardlindzon and Alexis at twitter.com/yayalexisgay or instagram.com/yayalexisgay and twitter.com/NonTechnicalPod.This episode is sponsored by Modern Treasury! Modern Treasury makes APIs to help companies build products that move money. Psst! They’re hiring: moderntreasury.com/careers


5 Jan 2022

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Howard Lindzon Unplugged

Animal Spirits Podcast

On today's special episode we speak with Howard Lindzon about his career, the state of venture capital today and what it's like investing in start-ups. Find complete shownotes on our blogs... Ben Carlson’s A Wealth of Common Sense Michael Batnick’s The Irrelevant Investor Like us on Facebook And feel free to shoot us an email at animalspiritspod@gmail.com with any feedback, questions, recommendations, or ideas for future topics of conversation.


1 Jan 2022