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15 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Emma Turner. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Emma Turner, often where they are interviewed.

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15 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Emma Turner. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Emma Turner, often where they are interviewed.

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Richard Gerver interviewed by Emma Turner plus Neil Reynolds with Phil Naylor

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Richard Gerver has been described as one of the most inspirational leaders of his generation. He is an award-winning speaker, bestselling author and world-renowned thinker.

Richard began his career in education, most notably as headmaster of the failing Grange Primary School. In just two years, he famously transformed the school into one of the most acclaimed learning environments in the world. He was celebrated by UNESCO and the UK Government for its incredible turnaround.

​Richard has since transitioned to the global stage where he uses his trademark humour and natural style to deliver passionate, provocative and authentic speeches. He draws upon the first-hand experiences and unique insights garnered from frontline education to explore the links between great leadership, human potential, change and innovation. His ability to connect experiences across many seemingly different environments helps people to expand their thinking and perception of potential. It is this authenticity and uniqueness which has helped Richard win him global acclaim and invitations to speak on the most recognised stages, including TED, the RSA and BBC radio.

Richard is also a bestselling author. His first book, Creating Tomorrow’s Schools Today (now in its second edition), has become a seminal text around the world for those engaged in the transformation of education. His other books are explorations of human potential, leadership and success. In Change and Simple Thinking, Richard explores the world beyond school, through the eyes of an educator. Both have received critical and public success; both achieving global bestseller status. All his books have been translated into a multitude of languages including Spanish, Chinese and Korean. Richard's latest book, Education: A Manifesto for Change, explores how our school system can be made fit for purpose in our turbulent 21st-century world.

Most importantly, Richard is always humbled to be able to share his lifelong commitment to living, learning and laughing.

Neil Reynolds is the Headteacher at South Shore Academy in Blackpool. He has led the school on an incredible Journey since becoming Headteacher . He is also the First Team manager at FC United of Manchester . He has a UEFA B coaching badge . This conversation is about leadership, inspiring people and working with high performing teams. This interview was recorded in May of 2020. 

Aug 14 2020 · 1hr 45mins
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Wool is the fibre that keeps on giving | Emma Turner Ep. 8

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Farms Advice speaks with Emma Turner for its 8th episode. Time has flown and we have already done so much. Emma is a young gun in the wool industry working for an independent wool broker AWN. She is extremely passionate about what she does and you’ll be able to listen as to why she loves working with wool. Wool has been known to have its challenges but with Emma's attitude the industry has no boundaries, it is excellent to see the wool industry is in good hands. Visit Farms Advice for the full show.

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Farms Advice features a new episode every WEEK talking with the leaders of the industry. By having a transparent approach we are able to reveal the techniques and skill sets so that can help YOU improve your own agribusiness.

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Jul 19 2020 · 33mins

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Be More Toddler with Emma Turner Transformative Principal 340

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Emma Turner is the author of a new book called “Be More Toddler

  • Co head teacher in 2009.
  • 5 babies in 5 years, multiple maternity leaves.
  • Flip leadership and think about it differently.
  • Chocolate buttons - What is it that means the most to you that you are going to hold on to no matter what?
  • The Magic Weaving Business - passion, wisdom, righteous indignation
  • Finding things you think are wrong help you see what needs to be right.
  • Leadership is for the many not the few.
  • Leadership doesn’t have a uniform.
  • It was just us getting on with the work as it needed to get done.
  • You can’t just have one kind of person leading.
  • More people need to learn
  • For some people, experience brings confidence.
  • Leadership is a state of mind.
  • The greatest thing a leader can do is develop an organization that can run in their absence as well.
  • Leadership isn’t difficult - kids do it all the time.
  • Toddlers’ evidence is everywhere.
  • Toddlers lead all the time and they can’t speak or go to the bathroom.
  • Moral buy-in - doing the right thing.
  • Make your place people want to be - children have a huge emotional driver
  • Clear plan for achievement - You know what’s best for that kid.
  • If you get those three things right, everything else falls into place.
  • How to be a transformative principal? See how you can have more adventures in school.

Today’s Transformative Principal sponsor, John Catt Educational, amplifies world-class voices on timeless topics, with a list of authors recognized globally for their fresh perspectives and proven strategies to drive success in modern schools and classrooms.

John Catt’s mission is to support high-quality teaching and learning by ensuring every educator has access to professional development materials that are research-based, practical, and focused on the key topics proven essential in today’s and tomorrow’s schools.

Learn more about professional development publications that are easy to implement for your entire faculty, and are both quickly digestible and rigorous, by visiting https://us.johncattbookshop.com/. Learn more about some of the newest titles:

John Catt is also proud publisher of the new book from Transformative Principal host Jethro Jones: SchoolX: How principals can design a transformative school experience for students, teachers, parents – and themselves Visit this page to learn more about bulk orders and how to bring John Catt’s research-based materials to your school: https://us.johncattbookshop.com/pages/agents-and-distributors

Jul 19 2020 · 27mins

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Emma Turner—Be More Toddler: A Leadership Education From Our Little Learners

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Get the book, Be More Toddler: A Leadership Education From Our Little Learners

Listen to the Mind The Gap Podcast

About the Author

Emma Turner is a former primary school teacher, and was one of the first female co-heads of a primary school in the UK. She currently serves as the Research and CPD lead for the Discovery School's Academy Trust in the UK, and she is the author of Be More Toddler: A Leadership Education From Our Little Learners

Jun 22 2020 · 23mins
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Leadership Lessons from our Little Ones with Emma Turner

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Emma Turner is a teacher, leader, parent and writer. She taught in primary school for 13 years first as a classroom teacher, then assistant head, then deputy head and then going on to form one of the UKs first all female co-headships. After 20 years in primary Emma joined the Discovery Schools Academy Trust where she is now their research and CPD lead. Emma is also a columnist for the TES, an ambassador for The Gender Equality Collective and a member of the WomenEd community.Emma is an advocate for balance in leadership and family life and speaks regularly on how part-time leadership and flexible working can be hugely successful. Amongst all of this she is the self titled ‘Chaos Coordinator’ at home and author of the refreshing and informative ‘Be More Toddler’

Jun 01 2020 · 1hr 9mins
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Leadership with Neil Gilbride interviewed by Emma Turner

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This week sees a welcome return to the interviewers chair for Emma Turner . This week she is in conversation with Neil Gilbride and they are discussing all things leadership. This interview was recorded on 16th March in a pre-lockdown UK so please be aware of that when listening. 

About Neil in his own words:

I am currently a PhD student at the University of Bath, Lecturer in Education at the University of Gloucestershire and consultant with Neil Gilbride Consultancy.

I have a unique, multi-sector experience as both a practitioner and researcher. I have over 12 years professional experience across the public, voluntary and private sectors as a teacher, researcher, middle leader, school social worker, carer, counsellor and governor.   My academic background is equally diverse – stretching from Biomedical Science, Special Educational Needs through to the Leadership Development and Organisational Behaviour. In working with individuals and organisations,  my multi-disciplinary background delivers new insights and fresh ways of thinking.

Primarily, I am a psychologist. In my work, I apply the principles of psychology to leadership, people development, inclusion and organisational behaviour.  My cutting-edge research is looking at the role adult development plays in how leaders think, feel and behave. Please go to the ‘ego development‘ page to find out more.

I am available for consultancy through my business, Neil Gilbride Consulting. Please do click here to see what I might have to offer you and your organisation.

Lockdown Learning (previously Podcast Pedagogy)

In music- Gerry Cinnamon's 'The Bonny' on Vinyl 

Films on streaming - 'Trolls World Tour'

Books- A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

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Apr 24 2020 · 1hr 8mins
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Half-term bonanza with Emma Turner interviewing Sam Twiselton AND Jude Hunton interviewing Christine Counsell

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In this week's extended half-term special, we have Emma Turner interviewing Sam Twiselton OBE on Early Career Framework and much more. We also have Jude Hunton 'live' from Educating Lincs which took place earlier this month.

TDT Section

We have Maria and David in discussion about the Education Policy Institute's new research, commissioned by Wellcome,  The effects of high-quality professional development on teachers and students is published todayThe report can be found at https://epi.org.uk/document-type/report/. This review of the evidence on teacher professional development informs a wider EPI research project on CPD, also commissioned by Wellcome. The research, which is to be published later in the year, will examine the costs and benefits of a proposed policy entitling all teachers to thirty-five hours of high-quality professional development every year. 

Podcast pedagogy section

I look at 'Indistractable' in books by Nir Eyal, 'The Slow Rush' by Tame Impala on vinyl and 'Sonic The Hedgehog' in films.

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Cath Murray 

Feb 21 2020 · 1hr 13mins
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Be More Toddler With Emma Turner

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We talk to Emma Turner, author of 'Be More Toddler' - a book about school leadership inspired by our littlest friends. We cover many aspects of leadership, including wellbeing, being brave, flexible working and not being afraid to make mistakes. Oh, and old-man pajamas...
Feb 02 2020 · 50mins
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002 - Emma Turner

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In this second episode of Classroom 101, we hear from the effervescent NewEd founder Emma Turner on: 
  • the magical teacher who inspired her 
  • co-headship and its benefits
  • the edu-book every teacher should read
  • 3 things she would banish from education
You can connect with Emma or learn more about NewEd via her Twitter page.Enjoy, follow, subscribe, comment, share!
Sep 08 2019 · 1hr 10mins
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002 - Emma Turner

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In this second episode of Classroom 101, we hear from the effervescent NewEd founder Emma Turner on: 

  • the magical teacher who inspired her 
  • co-headship and its benefits
  • the edu-book every teacher should read
  • 3 things she would banish from education

You can connect with Emma or learn more about NewEd via her Twitter page.

Enjoy, follow, subscribe, comment, share!


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Sep 08 2019 · 1hr 10mins