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EPISODE 016 - W/ Nick McLaughlin - Stationary Astronaut

TRU-U Podcast

Today we have Mr. Nick McLaughlin on with us. Nick has been a close friend of mine for the past few years. Based locally in Rochester Minnesota. He is the founder of Stationary Astronaut a multi media marketing machine that specializes in unique ad campaigns and events. Nick and I discuss Mental Health, our calling, the Universe, Plant medicine and his experiences serving others through natural remedies. NO FILTER! Very impactful! 


5 Mar 2021

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T&P - E. 8 - PART 2 - Nick McLaughlin - "Puppeteers versus the puppets."

Thought & Perspective by Matt Logan Speaks

He is the Stationary Astronaut. www.stationaryastronaut.com


12 Oct 2020

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T&P - E. 8 - PART 1 - Nick McLaughlin - "Puppeteers versus the puppets."

Thought & Perspective by Matt Logan Speaks

He is the Stationary Astronaut. www.stationaryastronaut.com


12 Oct 2020

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#011 Nick McLaughlin - Stationary Astronaut

Courage Over Comfort by Matt Logan Speaks Podcast

Nick McLaughlin - Stationary Astronaut, he's a Rochester, MN business coach, podcaster and thought provoker. #mattloganspeaks #courageovercomfort stationaryastonaut.com Sponsors kfgcoaching.com maplespringscampground.com


3 Mar 2020

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Introducing Gary Vaynerchuk with Nick McLaughlin and Caleb Van Deman

The Call to Action Podcast with Giselle Ugarte

On this week's episode I shares exactly what it took to share the stage with Gary Vaynerchuk. More importantly, my guests and I talk about how to ask for what you want, no matter how big or crazy what you want might seem. Nick McLaughlin is the Founder of Stationary Astronaut and Where the Minds, as well as the Co-Founder for the social networking experience Link N Drink (with Social Butterfly).  Caleb Van Deman is a Marketing Consultant who helps companies improve their e-commerce campaigns by applying the science of Behavior Change to the online shopping experience. What is Call to Action? Empowering you with action-forward thinking and tangible tools to accelerate growth in every aspect of your life, Call to Action is a podcast hosted by marketing director, top motivational speaker and certified high performance coach Giselle Ugarte.  Presented by Media Bridge Advertising. 


4 Feb 2020

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S2 E022: Nick McLaughlin | Stationary Astronaut

How They're Here

This week I have one of the more unique conversations I’ve had in a while with Minnesota’s resident “dot connector and glue piece,” Nick McLaughlin aka the Stationary Astronaut. On the surface, Stationary Astronaut is a philanthropic media and event company, but deeper than that it’s the culmination of all Nick’s entire life… the good, the bad and the ugly. In this episode we dig into all of it, we talk about what makes up the fabric of an entrepreneur and what someone in my position can be doing to cut their teeth and shape themselves for the next 10 years. Enjoy! Get a FREE $5 -> https://cash.app/app/CSDFRPD Check out my gear -> https://kit.com/howtheyrehere/podcast-setup Earn a free stock -> https://act.webull.com/promotion/invitation/share.html?inviteCode=VRufndUhOqUU

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29 Jan 2020

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RTJ #51 - Keep Pushing Forward (feat. Nick McLaughlin, The Stationary Astronaut)

Relish The Journey

Nick McLaughlin, also known as the Stationary Astronaut, is an unapologetic bundle of energy, with a contagious affliction of enthusiasm and confidence.  He's a father, an entrepreneur, a believer in plant medicine and an all-around nice guy. In addition to his podcast, Nick is the man who helped bring Gary Vaynerhuck to Rochester, Minnesota, he's helped to develop the movement known as "Link N Drink", and his network of Stationary Astronauts have other huge events in the making.  For more on Nick and the Stationary Astronaut, follow them on Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/stationaryastronaut --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/myles-biggs/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/myles-biggs/support

1hr 7mins

13 Mar 2019