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Love Line for Business #39 - Kickstarter expert Khierstyn Ross explains exactly how she has helped clients raise 6 figures on the platform

Love Line For Business

If you've ever considered running a Kickstarter campaign, you MUST listen to this episode first. Khierstyn Ross has successfully engineered multiple 6-figure raises for clients, and in this episode she shares all her secrets. Learn how to run a successful Kickstarter campaign by stacking the deck in your favor beforehand!


21 Jan 2021

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How to Raise 100k in 14 Hours w/ Khierstyn Ross - Ep. 67 - Lunch With Norm

Lunch With Norm

Khierstyn Ross is back for another episode of Lunch with Norm! Crowdfunding has changed the game for developing products for Amazon and E-Commerce. Khierstyn Ross specializes in go-to-market strategy for products using Kickstarter & other popular channels. In 2015, she began this journey when her first launch failed terribly. After relaunching, she went from a $16,710 failure to a $592,742 success story. But it’s not as easy as posting about your dream product and walking away. In this episode, Khierstyn answers your questions about running a successful crowdfunding campaign. Khierstyn also shares how she was able to raise 100K in 14 hours! Find out everything you need to know to have a great product launch. Produced By Kelsey Farrar Theme Music By Hayden Farrar


23 Nov 2020

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Episode 140 - 6-Figure Product Launches on Kickstarter with Khierstyn Ross

eCommerce Evolution

Khierstyn Ross is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to launching products on Kickstarter.  She’s experienced the highs of multiple 6-figure product launches, plus she’s endured the heartache of a launch gone bad.  She knows what to do and, just as importantly, what to avoid. In this podcast, we talk about the keys to building a 6-figure crowd-funded product launch including: What products work best for a Kickstarter launch Why audience building is so important, how to do it, and why so many people underestimate it. What kind of targets to set for your first day of your Kickstarter launch What to consider when it comes to shipping Top mistakes to avoid How storytelling fuels crowd-funding launches Plus more! 


11 Nov 2020

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Ep. 15- Lunch With Norm - Product Launching and Kickstarter w/ Khierstyn Ross

Lunch With Norm

Welcome to episode 15 of Lunch with Norm. Crowdfunding has changed the game for developing products for Amazon and E-Commerce. But it's not as easy as posting about your dream product and walking away. Today, I am joined by product development expert, Khierstyn Ross. She's raised millions of dollars in pre-order revenue on Kickstarter and Indiegogo with her clients and students. In this episode, we discuss the in’s and out’s of Amazon product development when it comes to crowdfunding. Sit back. Relax. Enjoy the show. Produced by Kelsey Farrar Theme Music by Hayden Farrar


14 Aug 2020

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Crowdfunding Using Kickstarter for an Accelerated Go-To Market Strategy - with Khierstyn Ross

eCommerce Marketing Podcast

Marketing Strategies Revealed in this Episode: What Kickstarter is and how exactly it works The criteria that a business must meet in order to launch a kickstarter campaign Who Kickstarter is for The main reasons that a business should consider launching a kickstarter campaign and what they have to benefit from launching one Examples of companies that we may all be familiar with that have launched successful Kickstarter campaigns that have then gone on to do very well


24 Jun 2020

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Khierstyn Ross - How To Launch A Six-Figure Kickstarter Campaign

Ecommerce Freedom Podcast

Whenever you’re ready, here’s 3 ways I can help you build + grow your Amazon business. 1. Get a list of 15 'Smash Hit' products to sell on Amazon:  https://info.ecommercefreedom.com/5-products36317348 2. Did you know that my ‘Ultimate Private Label Product Research Handbook’ is on sale for $7? It contains ALL my tricks, strategies and criteria for finding ‘smash hit’ private label products that generate upwards of $2,000 per month EACH. It usually sells for $297, but I want YOU to have it for $7, because I'm on a mission to help more people. Click HERE to check out the deal:  https://info.ecommercefreedom.com/newhandbook 3. Are YOU looking for a mentor to help you build a 6 figure Amazon business? Apply for your free 'Amazon Accelerator Call' ...we'll chat on the phone and build a plan for you. Apply here:  https://info.ecommercefreedom.com/coaching


8 Jun 2020

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Building Successful Kickstarter Campaigns, Lessons Learned From Painting Houses - Khierstyn Ross

Next Level eCommerce

Khierstyn Ross wasn't in love with painting houses during summer breaks.  But she loved the freedom it gave her, and she loved helping others build house painting businesses too.Now Khierstyn helps eCommerce brands launch products on Kickstarter - applying what she learned in the house painting business to online business.What did she learn years ago that gives her success in today's crowdfunding world?Listen now to find out.Links to everything discussed can be found at:www.nextlevelecommerce.co/40Get your no-cost bookkeeping strategy session with Isaac here:www.nextlevelecommerce.co/books


2 Jun 2020

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Crowdfunding Strategies for eCommerce Merchants with Khierstyn Ross

In the Ring with SUMO Heavy

In today’s episode, we have a conversation with Khierstyn Ross. Khierstyn Ross is a product launch expert that specializes in Kickstarter & Shopify launches for physical products. In 2015, she began this journey when her first launch failed terribly. After relaunching, she went from a $16,710 failure to a $592,742 success story. Since then she's raised multiple-millions of dollars in pre-order revenue on Kickstarter and Indiegogo with her clients and students. Khierstyn talks about how she went from going to medical school to getting bit by the entrepreneurial bug and eventually working with entrepreneurs to help them launch successful crowdfunding concepts. She’ll take us through some good crowdfunding strategies - from marketing to mailing lists and what makes a good campaign. The Product Launchpad https://khierstyn.com/ _____ About the Show: ‘In The Ring’ is a weekly podcast about eCommerce hosted by John Suder, Bart Mroz and Brittany Blackman. The show combines interviews with eCommerce leaders together with the latest news and strategies to give listeners actionable ideas and inspiration for their eCommerce businesses. The show is a production of SUMO Heavy, an eCommerce Consulting firm located in Brooklyn NY and Philadelphia. Hosts: John Suder (@johnsuder) -  Producer and Director of Marketing at SUMO Heavy https://twitter.com/johnsuder Bart Mroz (@bartmroz)  - CEO/Co-founder of SUMO Heavy https://twitter.com/bartmroz Brittany Blackman -  Writer and Junior Marketing Coordinator at SUMO Heavy Learn more about SUMO Heavy: http://www.sumoheavy.com Follow Us: Newsletter: SUMO Heavy Weekly https://www.getrevue.co/profile/sumoheavy Twitter: @sumoheavy Sponsorships: off for this episode Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/intheringwithsumoheavy/message


19 May 2020

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Launch & Scale: Finding Untapped Potential In Your Audience w/ Khierstyn Ross #FreedomFastLane

Capitalism.com with Ryan Daniel Moran

Today, Ryan and Khierstyn Ross discuss how most entreprepreneurs go about building their business backwards, rethinking the Hero’s Journey and using crowdfunding to launch brands. Have you ever wondered what the next big thing will be? Ryan shares his prediction on the next big opportunity and how to tap into it. Key Takeaways [1:21] KRoss awkwardly introduces Ryan Daniel Moran in a nutshell and lays out what she’d like to ask during this interview. Spoiled physical products people [4:17] The gravy train of sales Amazon created has enabled entrepreneurs to go at physical products backwards. It should all start with the audience. What or who? [6:17] Ryan has ownership in 5 brands and is active in 3, WHAT you sell is important, but WHO you sell two trumps that by miles — let’s say a 20% to 80% ratio! Identifying good brands [8:17] for Ryan, it’s all about audience, there is no other litmus test factor — they will tell you what they want from you and you can act accordingly. 7 times harder to get a new customer [10:07] most physical products people don’t talk about return customers, followup, backend, upsells, customer experience — they miss 80% of the scale that is possible! Have you found an audience? [11:30] An audience worth the name has to be in your control (not Amazon, Kickstarter, Shopify, etc.) look for email lists, social media platforms. Now the Amazons of this world are great R&D labs! Mat or Yogi first? [12:51] Ryan’s first physical product was a mat and as soon as he placed the order he decided he had 6 weeks to build the audience for it. You have to manufacture your own demand. The question you need to ask is: who is the person buying this? Braingasm [15:33] identify who your core customer is — Ryan shares a story from one of his workshops. Right person wrong product [17:00] Ryan shares his personal experience with having the right person and offering the wrong product. Counterfeiting is par for the course [19:35] China isn’t the biggest culprit here: entrepreneurs looking for short term gains are. Tom Bilyeu shares this insight with Ryan a few years back: 1. When you launch, you have 18 months (less on the Internet) before people begin to copy you. 2. Innovate. Always. Systems for scale [24:08] it really is always about the customer. Always. Ryan’s system for new products is asking his audience! Send out surveys, call superfans (yes, pick up the phone.) Reimagine the archetypal Hero’s Journey: your business is the mentor and your customer is the hero. You are not the hero — you are here to remove obstacles from the hero’s journey! Beta testing [27:34] develop a minimal viable product (a few hundred) sell them to your list, on kickstarter or even give them away then ask for feedback and innovate from there. Thinking through the goal [28:40] a product launch is great to start a business, but not as a recurring revenue machine — what is it that you are hoping to kickstart? What are your products 3, 4 and 5. Partnering with influencers [32:35] Ryan shares what he believes the next big opportunity for physical products brands is, and how to tap into it. Thanks for listening, and get in touch with Ryan on Instagram @ryandanielmoran Capitalism.com/8


2 Aug 2019

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009 Khierstyn Ross - Ready For Launch

Zen Money Monday

00:54 – Introducing today’s guest, Khierstyn Ross 01:26 – Khierstyn’s background in launching products to market 03:17 – How Khierstyn got into entrepreneurship early on 06:58 – Khierstyn’s foray into the product-based world 11:05 – The misconception of bringing product to market 11:51 – Khierstyn reflects on a recent interview from her podcast 15:18 – How Khierstyn works with her clients 17:07 – The shift from an agency model to a training model 21:55 – Leveraging group coaching & educational services 24:31 – Potential drawbacks of the consulting model 28:01 – Managing unrealistic client expectations 31:06 – Issues Khierstyn has encountered running her business 32:54 – What Zen Money™ means to Khierstyn 34:20 – Takeaways Khierstyn wants listeners to know 35:03 – Where listeners can find Khierstyn Sound Bites: • “Helping someone take a product from zero to Kickstarter is very, very similar to launching a painting company; you need to have a certain financial goal you’re going after. You need to have a certain road map.” (06:33) • “I give people a system and a process for identifying who their customers are.” (15:59) • “I want to be able to work one-on-one with projects I fall in love with.” (20:51) • “Agency model you can probably do twenty to forty percent profit if you’re really, really good. But leverage group coaching you’re looking at more of the forty to seventy percent profit after marketing costs.” (22:35) • “Zen Money means no stress finances. And, no stress finances, to me, means that I just know that that part of my life is growing, it’s being managed well, and I actually feel a little financially literate.” (33:49) About Khierstyn: Khierstyn is a digital marketing consultant who helps entrepreneurs launch and scale their physical product businesses. She's built a reputation for wildly successful crowdfunding launches, having raised more than $3M for her clients, has an impressive track record. Reach out and request a free strategy session today by going to www.khierstyn.com/schedule. Links Mentioned: Khierstyn’s LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/khierstyn/ Khierstyn’s Website – https://khierstyn.com/ Khierstyn’s Podcast – https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/launch-and-scale/id1465155308 Zen Money Financial Quiz – https://www.zenmoneymap.com/moneystyle Zen Money Website – https://www.zenmoneymap.com/ Sam Ovens Website – https://www.consulting.com/sam-ovens


17 Jun 2019