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39 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Karen Yankovich. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Karen Yankovich, often where they are interviewed.

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39 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Karen Yankovich. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Karen Yankovich, often where they are interviewed.

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EP 032 Karen Yankovich: Three Strategies to Book Appointments on LinkedIn with Affluent Prospects

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The LinkedIn strategist and expert I depend on is Karen Yankovich, CEO of Uplevel Media. Karen’s company is a LinkedIn marketing firm delivering profitable, cutting-edge LinkedIn strategies. 

A popular trainer and international speaker, Karen’s social media advice and expertise can be found in guest contributions to Costco Connection, Huffington Post, Social Media Examiner and Career Talk Radio on Sirius XM Radio. She is also the host of the popular podcast “Good Girls Get Rich.”

We had a really interesting conversation with a number of insights including:

·        Why LinkedIn is currently THE hottest place to reach affluent clientele.

·        How to mine LinkedIn to mimic referral-based marketing (the best kind).

·        How to build solid trust at first glance for your brand through expert profile-development.

·        What a high-converting lead relationship management strategy looks like with the busy affluent market.

·        Why you should not look at LinkedIn as social media, but as virtual networking and how that makes a HUGE difference.

I’m sure you’ll learn a lot from our conversation and I hope you will participate in the special marketing technique that Karen shares. Enjoy the show!

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Oct 14 2020 · 27mins
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[Ep 33] Timeless LinkedIn Strategies with Karen Yankovich

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For Complete Show Notes and Video Feed Visit:  https://www.ericaduran.co/blog/41652-ep-33-timeless-linkedin-strategies-with


Today you'll meet Karen!

Karen Yankovich is CEO of Uplevel Media, a LinkedIn marketing firm delivering profitable cutting-edge LinkedIn strategies, and host of the popular podcast “Good Girls Get Rich”. Karen is an internationally recognized LinkedIn Expert and Consultant who is a genius at helping businesses use LinkedIn profitably.

A popular trainer and international speaker, Karen’s social media advice and expertise can be found in guest contributions to Costco Connection, Huffington Post, Social Media Examiner, and Career Talk Radio on Sirius XM Radio. 

We discussed:

1.  How To Keep Connecting While Disconnected (Quarantine)

2.  Why LinkedIn?

3.  What are the first few steps in the process of outreach on LinkedIn?

4.  Karen told us about her podcast "Good Girls Get Rich"


Connect with Karen:

Main Website:  https://karenyankovich.com

LinkedIn:   https://linkedin.com/in/karenyankovich

Instagram:  https://instagram.com/karenyankovich

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/karenyankovich

Facebook:  https://acebook.com/karenyankovich

Free Gift:  https://www.sheslinkedupmasterclass.com


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Aug 10 2020 · 29mins

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013: How To Grow Your Business With LinkedIn (ft. Karen Yankovich)

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Karen Yankovich is one of the worlds experts in nurturing relationships on LinkedIn and then turning those relationships into business. This episode is especially relevant for those whose businesses require one-on-one interactions. 

Jun 22 2020 · 29mins
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Episode #15 - Interview with LinkedIn Queen and Good Girls Get Rich Podcast Host, Karen Yankovich

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You will learn so much in this episode, especially when it comes to LinkedIn. One of Karen's super powers is helping entrepreneurs and business professionals grow a profitable LinkedIn network. She's the ultimate LinkedIn Strategist and a frequent keynote speaker. She's also the host of the Good Girls Get Rich podcast, which I highly recommend you check out!

Learn more at www.karenyankovich.com


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Jun 21 2020 · 18mins

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Karen Yankovich: Raise up your online influence – Episode 157

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Today on Extraordinary Women Radio, I'm excited to introduce you to Karen Yankovich - CEO of Uplevel Media and internationally recognized LinkedIn Expert!

In this Episode:

How Karen Yankovich is feeling the “expansion” at times like this
Showing up differently in your online community – as a leader and an influencer
How does your “digital” front door look like
Why Karen believes that social media is a gateway to personal relationships – having connection more than having a community
LinkedIn as the platform with lesser noise but with a deeper, valuable connection
Building a credible brand, showing up who you are, and creating the influence to the world
Biggest mistakes of people in using social media

Karen is the CEO of Uplevel Media and her business is rocking right now. She an internationally recognized LinkedIN expert and consultant helping businesses profit in LinkedIN Strategies and is the host of the popular podcast “Good Girls Get Rich.”

“We’re in an unprecedented time, but if you can be the person that can find the time to build powerful relationships now that can carry you through this, you’re not just going to survive this, but you’re going to thrive.” – Karen Yankovich
Discover more about Karen's work and passion on her website: Karen Yankovich. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Let’s meet Karen Yankovich!

Karen Yankovich Show Notes
Jun 11 2020 · 33mins
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Wisdom Wednesday: Karen Yankovich on growing a personal brand with linkedin

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Super Joe Pardo has Linkedin Expert Karen Yankovich on the Indie Pod Daily to talk about using Linkedin for Personal Branding and relationship-building to grow your podcast.
Jun 11 2020 · 53mins
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EP52: What's Next For Your Career? - Expert Help from Karen Yankovich

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[fusebox_track_player url="https://episodes.castos.com/5e3aa627bb42e8-95594950/Karen-Yankovich-Interview-Final.mp3" color="Ff5682" title="What's Next For Your Career? - Expert Help from Karen Yankovich" social_twitter="true" social_facebook="true" social_linkedin="true" social_pinterest="true" social_email="true" ]

Since we are in such an unprecedented and isolated state, we are in a position where we are FORCED to really examine what happens next. Will your employment status be stable? How will you make money? Is this a wake-up call to do what you’ve always dreamed of doing? Or is it a wake-up call that maybe you are forced to stop doing what you love and pivot?

Some of you may be in a position where you’ve lost your job or have been furloughed - and maybe you haven’t put a resume together in a long time. With unemployment claims well over 10 Million filed just in the past couple of weeks, we’ve really got to position ourselves in a way to bounce back and protect our income - and do it by leveraging where our own genius lives.

These questions have been swirling around my brain and why I tracked down the legendary Karen Yankovich to help us navigate these unchartered waters. Karen Yankovich is a sought-after LinkedIn marketing consultant, keynote speaker, and marketing strategist. She also hosts the popular podcast Good Girls Get Rich.

What I didn’t realize is how powerful a platform LinkedIn is. You may not know this but Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook’s algorithms are so oversaturated that it’s hard to make a dent. But LinkedIn’s algorithm is still organic. So the way you connect with people on LinkedIn is so much more effective and powerful than the other mediums - and Karen’s going to break down how and also some important things to know to position yourself. And also, she has a very special offer for my listeners to do a free review of your LinkedIn Profile!! Make sure you tell her you are referred by Allison Hare and Bright This Way Podcast.

Also, WELCOME to my newly branded and named podcast, BRIGHT THIS WAY!

Karen Yankovich | LinkedIn | Good Girls Get Rich Podcast | Email

I'd love to hear back from you. Text me at 470.242.6311, Subscribe to this podcast, SHARE, and find me everywhere at Allison's Linktree.

Apr 07 2020 · 36mins
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Leveraging LinkedIn with Karen Yankovich

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Since its acquisition by Microsoft, LinkedIn has been making lots of improvements to their platform. Growing your network and getting real engagement on LinkedIn comes down to more than just regular posting though. One has to know the ins and outs of how to do things right. Thankfully we have LinkedIn expert Karen Yankovich on today’s episode and she joins us to share some pro tips for crushing your game on the platform. We discuss the rising amount of podcasters who are beginning to recognize LinkedIn as a place to connect, and being a podcast host herself, Karen's advice would be of particular use to these groups. Joining this episode, you’ll hear strategies for maximizing audience engagement through posts, articles and repurposing video. Karen also talks about the value of using connection strategies rather than the LinkedIn equivalent of a cold call to build new relationships. Finally, she shares some great advice for getting your profile authorized to be LinkedIn Live compatible, and the brilliant applications for audience reach it presents.

Key Points From This Episode:

•   How Dave and Karen met through a MAPCON conference.

•   Spikes in growth in podcasts because of LinkedIn.

•   The growing number of podcasters who are using LinkedIn to build connections.

•   What podcasting is really about: building relationships.

•   The value of making wall posts combined with creating articles on LinkedIn.

•   How to use short, captioned, native video posts on LinkedIn to repurpose content.

•   Using YouTube caption autogenerating software to caption videos.

•   Dangers around auto-connecting with people on LinkedIn.

•   Gauging your outreach levels by the amount of spam you have in your inbox.

•   The value of using a connecting strategy to bypass cold connects.

•   Connecting with speakers before events or people in your chamber of commerce.

•   Getting past the challenge of authorizing your LinkedIn for LinkedIn Live.

•   Benefits of LinkedIn Live such as how videos get promoted after being recorded.

Links From Today’s Episode:

Staples Connect

Karen Yankovich

Karen Yankovich on LinkedIn

Good Girls Get Rich on Apple Podcasts

Independent Podcast Conference

LinkedIn Sales Navigator


Podfest Multimedia Expo

Podcast Editors Conference

Feb 17 2020 · 19mins
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Karen Yankovich - Secrets of a Top LinkedIn Expert Revealed: 5 Minute Success- The Podcast

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Karen Yankovich is CEO of Uplevel Media, a LinkedIn marketing firm delivering profitable cutting-edge digital strategies, and host of the popular podcast “Good Girls Get Rich”. Karen is an internationally recognized LinkedIn Expert and Consultant who is a genius at helping businesses use LinkedIn and a range of other social spaces profitably. 

A popular trainer and international speaker, Karen’s social media advice and expertise can be found in guest contributions to Costco Connection, Huffington Post, Social Media Examiner and Career Talk Radio on Sirius XM Radio.  

In this episode, Karen and Karen discuss: 

  • Success Story of Karen 
  • Commit to Get Leads 
    • Focus in on a micro level. Be positioned as a leader that lets you speak to the exact market that you want to speak to. 
  • Consult to Sell 
    • Cherry pick your networking and focus in on who you are building relationships with. 
  • Connect to Build and Grow 
    • You must be connecting every single week on LinkedIn if you want to be having the connection and sales calls. 
  • Success Thinking, Activities and Vision 
    • Don’t forget about the power of the press. If you are featured in the press, that will stand out from among the crowd. 
  • Sweet Spot of Success 

"People want to know more about you, we want to know more about your credibility, what makes you an expert in this space, what makes you different than everyone else.” - Karen Yankovich 

*5 Minute Success - Listener Giveaway*  

Go here to receive your FREE weekly live workshop on LinkedIn Marketing! 

Connect with Karen Yankovich:  

Twitter: @karenyankovich

Facebook: LinkedUp with Karen Yankovich

Website: KarenYankovich.com

Show: Good Girls Get Rich

LinkedIn: Karen Yankovich

About the Podcast 

Join host Karen Briscoe each week to learn how you can achieve success at a higher level by investing just 5 minutes a day! Tune in to hear powerful, inspirational success stories and expert insights from entrepreneurs, business owners, industry leaders, and real estate agents that will transform your business and life. Karen shares a-ha moments that have shaped her career and discusses key concepts from her book Real Estate Success in 5 Minutes a Day: Secrets of a Top Agent Revealed.

Here’s to your success in business and in life!

Connect with Karen Briscoe: 

Twitter: @5MinuteSuccess

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Karen also recommends Moira Lethbridge's book "Savvy Woman in 5 Minutes a Day"

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Sep 05 2019 · 25mins
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Karen Yankovich on Creating & Leveraging A Signature System

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For coaches, consultants and agency owners, LinkedIn remains the best way to connect with clients and move our businesses forward. What is the difference between the credibility we get from LinkedIn and all the other platforms? How do we proactively build a network of people who are valuable, and move those relationships further along on LinkedIn?

Aug 14 2019 · 27mins