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Financial Literacy Crash Course - Damion Lupo

Real Estate Investing Demystified

Building wealth is possible if you’re determined to achieve your goals and learn your way through. The joy you have always dreamed of is attainable. Listen as Ava Benesocky and August Biniaz talk with Damion Lupo on the importance of financial literacy to break free from the chaos and confusion of money. Damion is a financial mentor and the creator of Black Belt Wealth. In this episode, he discusses how he helps empower people and boost their confidence to achieve financial freedom. He explains different aspects of passive investing, personal finance, retirement funds, investments, and managing your expenses. Tune in to learn how you can start taking those steps to be financially free. Get in touch with Damion LupoContact:    LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/damionlupoWebsite: www.eqrp.co The CPI Capital Academy YouTube show is amongst an array of non-monetized educational content created by the CPI Capital team in the pursuit of educating investors to learn wealth-building strategies by investing in real estate. Ava Benesocky and August Biniaz, the hosts of the CPI Capital Academy YouTube show, are the principals of CPI Capital.  𝗖𝗣𝗜 𝗖𝗮𝗽𝗶𝘁𝗮𝗹 is an investment firm focused on acquiring, upgrading, and managing 🇺🇸US Multifamily Value-add projects. CPI Capital funds the equity needed for its projects from its investor partners. CPI's investors are passive and have limited liability as limited partners in CPI’s 🇨🇦Canadian and 🇺🇸US deal specific Funds.  🌐 Visit our website to learn more:https://www.cpicapital.ca 🕊️✌️☮️ Democratizing Real Estate InvestingWith an extensive focus on 🇺🇸US Multifamily Real Estate. 📲 Book a free 15-minute consulting call with our leadership team:https://meetings.hubspot.com/ava10 🤝 Investor Sign Up💰💥💰💥💰💥http://cpicapital.cpicapital.ca/investor 📰 Newsletter Sign Up:http://cpicapital.cpicapital.ca/newsl... 🏦 FREE DOWNLOAD - Five Great Tips To Be A Successful Passive Real Estate Investorhttp://cpicapital.cpicapital.ca/newsl... Join our 🤝 MeetUp 🤝 groups across Canada: ✅ Vancouver:https://www.meetup.com/canadian-passi...✅ Toronto:https://www.meetup.com/canadian-passi...✅ Edmonton: https://www.meetup.com/canadian-passi... 💬 Connect with us on: 👩🏻‍💼Ava Benesocky, CEO CPI Capital linkedin.com/in/avabenesocky-cpi-capital📧 Ava@cpicapital.ca📞+1(604)828-8302 🧔🏻‍♂️August Biniaz, COO, CSO CPI Capital linkedin.com/in/august-biniaz-23291460📧 August@cpicapital.ca📞 +1(604) 363-4797 Are you an active operator in the US looking for an equity partner? Get in touch with me. 100+ doors MF only please. Would you like to be a guest on our show? Please send us an email.  💰CPI Capital has developed a reliable system for investing in multi-family properties in strategic markets across the United States. Our offer to our valued Investment Partners is an opportunity to invest in income-generating properties with considerable value-add prospects. With decades of real estate experience and over $170M in real estate transactions, our team understands the time and effort required to create generational wealth through real estate. https://cpicapital.cpicapital.ca/disc... #FinancialLiteracy #crashcourse #crashcourse2022 #realestate #realestatebusiness


14 Nov 2022

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Damion Lupo – Total Control Financial (BOV)

Vroom Vroom Veer with Jeff Smith

Damion Lupo is the Founder of Yokido ™, a fusion of Aikido & Yoga plus holder of 3 other black belts. Paid for his first rental house with a VISA, then bought 150 houses across 7 states over next 5 years and went through a $20,000,000 meltdown in 2008. Founded & running a FinTech in Austin to disrupt Wall Street with the eQRP ™. Author of 5 published books.Damion Lupo Vroom Veer Stories Was a rebel in Alaska, started selling video games at age 11 Tried to go to college 4 times, finally got the message that college wasn't for him Made millions in real estate only to lose it all in the crash Nearly died several times sky diving, finally got the message after the space shuttle exploded over him Trigger Event (Big Veer), hiding from the FBI(?) only to find they were not after him Got the help he needed with an expert coach who him helped him ask "what is true" Started to focus on Total Control Financial after his dad died too earlyDamion Lupo LinksTotal Control Financial Yokido


5 Sep 2022

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MFREE 007: How do you make retirement funds tax-free to buy multifamily real estate? with Damion Lupo

The Multifamily Real Estate Experiment Podcast

If you have retirement funds that you would love to put toward buying more real estate but are afraid of the taxes you'll pay to use them... Listen as Damion Lupo discusses how you can take TOTAL CONTROL of your financial future using all of YOUR money in your retirement accounts. Break the shackles of financial bondage!!!Text "eQRP" to 72000 to get more information about using eQRP to access your retirement funds, TAX-FREE!!!https://www.totalcontrolfinancial.com/https://damionlupo.com/Published: Mar. 18, 2020

1hr 4mins

16 Jul 2022

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2378: Best of Damion Lupo: Implement 10X Thinking!

Conscious Millionaire Show

Welcome to the Conscious Millionaire Show for entrepreneurs,  who want to create an abundant future for themselves and humanity. Heard by millions in 190 countries.  Do you want to put more money in the bank, create a powerful impact, and enjoy a purposeful life? This is the podcast for you! Join host, JV Crum III, as he goes inside the minds of Millionaire Entrepreneurs and World-Class Business Experts. Today's featured episode... Damion Lupo: Implement 10X Thinking! Damion Lupo started his first business at age 11, started 30 more since. He is the Founder of his own martial art, Yokido ™, and holder of 3 other black belts. He paid for his first rental house with a VISA, bought 150 houses in 7 states over the next 5 years and then went through a $20,000,000 meltdown in 2008. Today he runs in Austin based FinTech dedicated to Disrupting Wall Street and getting people off the Wall Street Roller Coaster.  Like this Podcast? Get every episode delivered to you free!  Subscribe in iTunes Download Your Free Money-Making Gift Now... "Born to Make Millions" Hypnotic Audio - Click Here Now! Please help spread the word. Subscribing and leaving a review helps others find our podcast. Thanks so much! Inc Magazine "Top 13 Business Podcasts." Conscious Millionaire Network has over 3,000 episodes and millions of listeners in 190 countries. Join us as a regular listener to get money-making secrets on how you can grow your business and profits faster!


12 May 2022

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CRS194 Damion Lupo: Funds, Financial Slavery and Capital Raising

The Capital Raiser Show

You got to check out the lightning round where Damion discusses his parachute failing and him crashing really hard into the ground. Fascinating conversation from a unique financial and spiritual mind! Enjoy! http://eqrp.co


27 Apr 2022

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Time to Rethink How You Invest – With Damion Lupo

The HyperFast Agent Podcast

Damion started his real estate journey as a simple exercise in creating wealth. However, along that path he developed a bigger appreciation for making a difference in people’s lives by teaching others how to create financial stability. His eQRP service that provides a different approach to retirement funds is just one of the many ways his business improves financial outcomes for their clients.  Join Damion Lupo and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss… ∙ Assessing individual needs to create successful strategies ∙ eQRPs versus 401k and self-directed IRAs ∙ Taxes on real estate investments in traditional retirement accounts ∙ Why being wealthy means being an insider ...and much more! QUOTES TO SHARE 💬 “The primary company I run is focused on giving people control of their retirement money, so that they have more of a life by design, and not just by default.” — Damion Lupo 💬 “When people realize you're trying to solve their problem [...] it develops a lot of trust.” — Damion Lupo 💬 “The numbers tell you a story, and they also tell you what you value.” — Damion Lupo 💬 “You have to be willing to think outside of the Wall Street box.” — Damion Lupo RESOURCES MENTIONED Damion Lupo’s website: https://www.eqrp.co/


9 Mar 2022

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62: Self Directed Retirement Accounts are Changing with Damion Lupo

The Alt Asset Allocation Podcast

For the full audio interview, transcript, show notes and more visit: https://altassetallocation.com/ Today's interview is with Damion Lupo  Most of our listeners will know what a 401K and IRA are. If you're interested in alternative investments, you've likely been frustrated that they're hard to own in a retirement account. Maybe this led you to a self-directed IRA.   Well, Congress has proposed changes to the laws governing IRAs as part of their $3.5 trillion reconciliation package. In its current form, their proposal would prohibit IRAs from investing in most alternative assets. All accounts holding these assets would need to liquidate them by the end of 2023.  These changes, if enacted into law, would have a direct negative impact on your ability to self-direct your IRA!   Damion goes over what's changing and some potential moves you can make to keep investing in alternative investments in your retirement account.   Damion Lupo on Retirement accounts, Enjoy! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/investinalts/support


8 Feb 2022

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Ep #77 How I lost $25 million in 12 months with Damion Lupo

Amplify To 7 Figures Podcast

Today’s guest is on a mission to free 1 million people from financial bondage and rip apart conventional wisdom for the Main Street investor looking for the truth about money and investing. His strategy gives individuals total control of their retirement money to invest in real assets like real estate, gold, and crypto. Please welcome to the show today’s guest, Damion Lupo! Top 3 Amplifiers: 1. How to invest and retain your earnings. 2. The secret to not losing $25 million in a year. 3. Discover the ultimate tax-free investment tool. To listen, find other episodes, access the show notes, and find out more go to www.amplifyto7figures.com Connect with today’s guest: Website: https://damionlupo.com Website: https://www.eqrp.co LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/damionlupo/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/damionlupo Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/DamionLupo


8 Feb 2022

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Breaking Financial Shackles by Un-trapping Your Retirement Money with Damion Lupo

Unstoppable REI Wealth

If you're like most people, you've heard of the stock market and how it can “make you a lot of money”. But if you don't have years to spend reading up on financial journals and studying finance, how do you even know where to start? Chances are, your money is locked up in the bank or in mutual funds like the typical 401(k) at this point. Unbeknownst to you, your money isn’t really growing to its maximum potential. And that’s where the problem is! All that money saved is probably losing more value than it’s gaining and you don’t even know it! Come retirement, you don’t get to live the lifestyle that you thought you would after all those years saving. So, what’s the alternative? Let’s get to know your options from Damion Lupo. Damion is a professional real estate investor, serial entrepreneur (started 50+ companies), and best-selling author of 11 books. He’s a four-time college dropout, who actually got thrown out of one of the schools for opening a bookstore in his dorm room, putting the official store into bankruptcy. Damion became a multimillionaire by age 25 and then lost his $20 Million empire by age 30. After what would have been a crushing defeat for many, Damion rebuilt his entire fortune. He totally reinvented himself and his business, and today lives inside a mission to Free a Million People from Financial Bondage. On this episode, we explore options that have made millionaires their money today! We learn more about taking your retirement money and carefully investing it into Real Estate, among other investment vehicles, without getting buried in unnecessary fees and taxes that would eat up your savings. Ultimately, maximize the earning potential of your retirement money and break income limits of IRAs and 401(k)s through eQRP, and live the lifestyle you desire without worrying about money after retirement. What are mistakes investors make when using IRAs for real estate investing? How is the retirement system broken and what can you do about it? How is making so much money through eQRP even legal? Tune in to learn more about the hottest and most relevant information on real estate investing!Thank you all for listening and I will see you on the next episode. When you are ready head on over to https://billyalvaro.com or go grab your tools to help you at https://billyssecrets.com


4 Feb 2022

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Episode 76: Damion Lupo – Living The Tax Free Life

The Apartment Gurus

Want to learn how to break from financial bondage? We brought in industry leader, Damion Lupo, to talk about the ultimate investor guide that empowers individuals to use retirement funds strategically, breaking down one money shackle at a time.  You don’t want to miss this!WHAT YOU’LL LEARN FROM THIS EPISODE What qualities can nurture and shape you professionally?QRP vs EQRP and why are they important?What are the downsides and are there any limitations when investing in QRP and EQRP?Tips on scaling the apartment investments spaceGolden nuggets on decentralized finance and money systemsRESOURCES/LINKS MENTIONEDQRP by Damion S Lupo: https://amzn.to/3nYdaPYQRP for Syndicators by Damion S Lupo: https://amzn.to/3qXe01hReal Estate Rules - Robert & Kim Kiyosaki w/ Grant Cardone: https://amzn.to/3qXe01hCorey Peterson's Coaching Mastermind: https://kahunawealthbuilders.com/Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment by George Leonard: https://amzn.to/3fVuWibPrinciples: Life and Work by Ray Dalio: https://amzn.to/3KPIudEABOUT DAMION LUPODamion Lupo is a professional real estate investor, serial entrepreneur (started 50+ companies), and best-selling author of 11 books. He’s a four-time college dropout, who actually got thrown out of one of the schools for opening a bookstore in his dorm room, putting the official store into bankruptcy.Damion became a multimillionaire by age 25 and then lost his $20 Million empires by age 30. After what would have been a crushing defeat for many, He rebuilt his entire fortune. He totally reinvented himself and his business, and today lives inside a mission to Free a Million People from Financial Bondage.Eventually, Damion founded Total Control Financial in 2010 to help people achieve financial freedom. His company focuses on qualified retirement plans which are much more flexible than IRA’s or 401k’s. The main goal of Damion’s company is to take money out of Wall Street and put it into Main Street’s hands.CONNECT WITH DAMIONProfile: Damion Lupo: https://damionlupo.com/Website: Total Control Financial: https://www.eqrp.co/Podcast: Eventual Millionaire: https://eventualmillionaire.com/take-control-of-your-finances-with-damion-lupo/ and Cash Flow Ninja: https://cashflowninja.com/402-damion-lupo/CONNECT WITH USGreen Light Equity Group - http://www.investwithgreenlight.com/For a list of Virtual Meetups - Email:tate@glequitygroup.comSpecial Announcement! Tate's brand new audiobook "F.I.R.E.-Financial Independence Retire Early Through Apartment Investing" is downloadable! Go to: Green Light Equity Group: http://www.investwithgreenlight.com/ 


27 Jan 2022