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Chasing Our Own Tails & Our Own Tales! w/ Scott Abel! #206

Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Checkout Episode 206 of Cool, Calm, & Chaotic And Anther Fantastic Convo With The Legendary Coach That Is Scott Abel. Coach Abel Brings His 50 Years of Experience In The World of Health, Fitness, Wellness, and Life Back To The Podcast To Instill Some of His Wisdom On Us. Coach Abel's Knowledge, Experience, Research, Stories, Success, Results, and Approach To A Healthier Life Speak For Themselves. Stick Around For The Fun, You Are Going To Love It!  Topics Include… ✔️ What's Made Scott Happy Recently ✔️ Letting Go of Trying To Hold Onto Myths We've Created ✔️ The Fitness Lifestyle Serves The Self, Not The Results ✔️ Chasing Our Tails & Chasing Our Own Tales ✔️ Not Letting Go Of Self Images ✔️ Having Foresight Into The Realities of Life Is Incomparable ✔️ What The Fitness Life Does For Your Life & To Your Life ✔️ Wanting Change & Being Ready For Change Are Not The Same  ✔️ Change Your Preparation For Longevity ✔️ Learn By Doing, Not Reading ✔️ Following 5,000 People Is Not Reality & Not Valuable ✔️ Creating A Home Environment That Serves Your Goals/Life ✔️ Getting Your Tastebuds Used To Eating Food In A Natural State ✔️ Dropping The Ego and Why Mentorship Is Invaluable ✔️ Learn From Everyone... You Don't Know What You Don't Know ✔️ Not Letting The Noise & Clutter Get In The Way ✔️ Value Your Time Above Your Instant Gratification ✔️ How To View The Glass ✔️ Aruba, Making Muffins, & Much More! Follow Coach Abel At The Following Places: Website Instagram Beyond Metabolism Book Follow Zarate Fitness Related Content At The Following Places: Website Instagram Twitter Facebook YouTube Also...Are You Interested In Weekly FREE Email Full of Good Reads, Schedules, and A Ton Of Tips, Ideas, and Ways To Increase Health, Fitness, and Happiness Delivered Right To Your Email Instead Of Checking All Over The Place? Me Too!! Sign Up Below And Sit Back and Keep Living The Good Life! http://zaratefitness.us10.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=bd5db6ad085f2ab63066ec43d&id=6af1b1391a

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25 Aug 2021

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152: Wade’s Fitness Coach Talks Metabolism & Feeling Great at 50+ - with Scott Abel

BiOptimizers - Awesome Health Podcast

The bodybuilding coach who guided Wade to victory 25 years ago is back, helping Wade crush his 50th birthday. One day back in 1996, our host Wade Lightheart happened to catch a lecture at the BC provincial bodybuilding championships. Scott Abel was presenting the lecture, and Wade quickly noticed Scott's impressive knowledge of bodybuilding. One of Scott’s students stood on stage during the class, and her bodybuilding physique was aesthetically flawless. The experience made an impression on Wade.   Over the next year, while Wade struggled in all of his bodybuilding competitions, usually coming in dead last, he kept noticing how multiple students of Scott’s were winning contests and looking fantastic onstage. Wade decided he should find out what these other bodybuilders were learning from “Coach Abel.” So, Wade hired Scott to be his bodybuilding trainer, which turned out to be one of those defining moments in Wade’s life. Scott guided Wade to many victories - not only in bodybuilding competitions - but also internal wins involving fitness, nutrition, mindset, and developing high-performance habits.  As Wade approaches 50, he has hired Scott a second time to be his fitness trainer to help guide his 50 weeks to 50 fitness plan.  Wade wants to hit his 50th birthday feeling fantastic (and he is documenting the entire process for biOptimizer followers), and Scott is highly qualified to help Wade achieve this milestone.  Scott Abel is a 40+ year veteran of the fitness industry whose expertise is in using metabolism to transform the physiques of both everyday people and bodybuilders alike.  Scott loves helping ordinary and everyday people lose weight, look better, and feel great - so don’t think this episode is only for bodybuilders. Far from it - the groundbreaking information in this episode is already helping overweight, average Joes and Janes get into the best shape of their lives without feeling deprived by food restrictions.  Intrigued? Be sure to tune in!  In this podcast, we cover: Why Scott thinks the Keto diet is “the worst diet ever.”  What is the “cycle diet?” How Scott’s high-performance bodybuilding history makes him one of the best fitness coaches for “regular people” What you need to do to stay fit and healthy beyond age 50 Metabolism changes as we age and how hormones play into this Scott’s recent pivot on plant-based diets Why Scott has never been a low-carb advocate Some gold nuggets found in Scott’s exciting books  What Professional Eaters Teach Us about Metabolism Scott was ahead of his time back in the 1970s with metabolism. He and Wade talk a lot about the science of metabolism, along with the hype and misinformation out there.  As a high-performance expert who constantly seeks out real-world evidence before making claims, Scott points out how his book The Cycle Diet talks about professional eaters and what they teach us about metabolism. He points out a petite, skinny female competitive eater they call the Black Widow and how she can eat crazy amounts of food in a short amount of time - like nine pounds of cheesecake in ten minutes - yet she remains “skinny as a rail.” Her example supports everything Scott has taught about metabolism for forty years.  Competitive eaters eat very little before a competition. This is what Scott teaches with the Cycle Diet: regular undereating with well-timed “refeeds.” This approach keeps your metabolism in fat-burning mode rather than getting sluggish and shifting into a fat-storing mode.  You see, diets - meaning long stretches of food deprivation that only work if they last forever, are not the right approach. They set people up for failure because when someone only eats a low-calorie diet for a long time, their metabolism goes into starvation mode, meaning it slows way down to a standstill. So then, when you do enjoy a cheat meal, your body stores it as fat.  This illustrates why most diets don’t work in the long run.  Accept the reality of where you are physically. Scott talks about his spiritual transformation over the years and how he is a different person now. Scott Abel from the 1980s was much different.  One of Scott’s spiritual principles he now takes to heart is “acceptance is better than resistance.” He points out that none of us can change the aging process, so it is better to accept the reality that aging is not something you have to fight off. Aging is not a bad thing. Go ahead and accept how aging is like a snowball going down a hill. “It accelerates as we age, and it's a very real thing. You’re going to lose muscle. And you’re going to have to accept that. You can mitigate it to some extent, but you cannot stop it.” “In my book Physique After 50, I say that ‘it’s not enough to stop comparing yourself to other people based on your age, gender, or whatever. You must stop comparing yourself to the younger version of yourself.”   If you are 50 years old and Scott is starting a training program with you, he will not have you doing the same routines you did in your twenties. “Why would you try to approach it with the same mindset?”  Scott tells Wade, “One of my favorite sayings about aging is ‘consistency is more important than intensity. Back when you (Wade) first hired me, I would have slapped someone who said that. I used to be all about intensity.” “But now, I can throw my back out in my sleep. I used to be able to train with a little bit of backache. Now, I can hurt myself getting out of bed in the morning.” “People want to deny all this, but if you try to deny it, there’s going to be some serious consequences. I like to say, ‘train your age.’ If you’re “past your prime” physically, yet want to get into better shape and optimize your fitness so you can live at the highest optimal level possible for you, then be sure to tune into this episode. Keep in mind this is Wade’s trainer here. If you value and respect the knowledge Wade holds in the realms of fitness and health, then you will surely want to listen to what his bodybuilding mentor has to say. You know Wade is smart. Imagine how brilliant Scott is! There’s a reason why Wade sought Scott’s counsel.  Check out this episode - training at your age level could transform your life!  Episode Resources: Check out more about Scott Abel Scott’s books on Amazon Scott Abel Coaching on YouTube Coach Scott Abel on Instagram Coach Scott Abel on Facebook Scott Abel on Twitter FLASHBACK: Episode 002: The Cycle Diet & What True Health Is

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3 Aug 2021

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Ep. 40: How Health and Weight Loss Can Help You Achieve Success with Scott Abel

Tarun Stevenson Leadership Podcast

In this episode, we sit down with Fitness Expert – Scott Abel, who talks about why awareness of health and well-being is more important for professionals and leaders to achieve success and how it affects their business and leadership. Websites Mentioned: Scott Abel: https://scottabelfitness.com/ To learn more about Tarun Stevenson go to: https://TarunStevenson.com In this episode, we sit down with Fitness Expert – Scott Abel, who talks about why awareness of health and well-being is more important for professionals and leaders to achieve success and how it affects their business and leadership. Websites Mentioned: Scott Abel: https://scottabelfitness.com/ To learn more about Tarun Stevenson go to: https://TarunStevenson.com

23 Mar 2021

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797. Scott Abel Dishes on Content Strategy and Information Enablement‪

The FlipMyFunnel Podcast

We were shortsighted.We thought the web was the end destination for content.Really, it was just a cog in the omni-channel universe around us.In this episode of Content Matters, host Barb Mosher Zinck talks with Scott Abel, the CEO and Chief Wrangler of the Content Wrangler, about content strategy and information enablement. 


22 Feb 2021

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Dieting and Training with Coach Scott Abel

⌘ Restart

Now in his fourth decade in the fitness industry, Scott Abel has coached over 400 champions in fitness, bodybuilding, figure, and in sports. He’s worked with busy men and women to help them improve their bodies and their physiques.   Scott got started in bodybuilding in the early 1980s, while still at University in Canada. (Before then, he’d actually started out in a powerlifting gym, but found little success there.) He won several bodybuilding shows, but found he was more fulfilled dialling in other people — though he still became known in the industry for staying “guest-posing lean” year-round.   WATCH A VIDEO OF SCOTT GUEST-POSING In 1989 Scott was invited to be an expert at Muscle Camp in California. He’s worked as a ghost writer in fitness magazines, coached pro bodybuilders and elite athletes, and served on a number of advisory committees.   He is also a best-selling author on Amazon, hosts a popular fitness podcast, and still works directly with coaching clients who want to lose fat, gain muscle, and balance fitness with their extremely busy lives.   Scott’s background, though, is actually in social work. When he works one-on-one with clients, he focuses not just on the physical side, but on the mental and emotional aspects of real success and physique transformation. Scott works with bodybuilders, physique competitors, and everyday people just looking to look better. Whether you need help with food issues, or want Scott to dial you in for a show, Scott adapts his coaching style and programs to suit the client.

1hr 15mins

19 Jan 2021

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Have a Better Body at Any Age, even After 50! with Scott Abel


Scott Abel has been transforming bodies for over 30 years. He started years earlier with his own body, as a bodybuilder. After he joined the ranks of the top bodybuilders on Muscle Beach, he dedicated himself to coaching others on how to change their physique. His early clients tended to be bodybuilders but after realizing he enjoys helping the “regular” guy or gal, he now coaches men and women to sculpt their bodies in a way that's safe and sustainable … but extremely effective.


18 Nov 2020

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[PC: 44] Chewing Fat - Podcast with Scott Abel and JC Santana

JC Santana's Podcast

Want to loss weight or help your clients loss weight especially FAT? Tune in and check out what JC and Scott have to say about this TOPIC! Check out this awesome podcast episode on Scott's podcast https://scottabelfitness.com/scott-abel-podcast/The IHP and JC Santana movement is worldwide and available online. From being a top gym in the nation to online certifications, educational videos and books to Professional Fitness Equipment such as our famous JC "Pro Line" Resistance Band collection. You can be a part of the IHP // JC movement today!If you want to get exclusive videos and content from JC Santana go check out his personal Patreon platform - https://www.patreon.com/jcsantanaFor IHP Gear and Educational Certifications check out💻https://www.ihpproshop.com/📞561.620.9556Follow us on Instagram 👇https://www.instagram.com/jcsantanaihpFollow us on Facebook 👇https://www.facebook.com/jcsihpFollow us on Patreon 👇https://www.patreon.com/jcsantanaSHOW LESS

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21 Sep 2020

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Scott Abel

Content Strategy Insights

Scott Abel is a content strategy original. He first took the title of "content strategist" in 1999. Since then, Scott has practiced content strategy and become a leading voice for the discipline. When he's not running his consultancy, Scott organizes content events, publishes and writes books and articles, and keynotes and speaks at industry conferences. https://ellessmedia.com/csi/scott-abel/


3 Sep 2020

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True Digital Transformation Starts Here feat. Scott Abel | Ep. 14

Marketing in the Raw with Adam Helweh

Scott shares with me why right now we are witnessing the perfect storm for business transformation. He explains How businesses are missing the mark on true digital transformation and how, for marketers, digital transformation may be disruptive in ways you didn't realize. Scott Abel is known as the Content Wrangler. His blog, thecontentwrangler.com is a popular destination for communication pros seeking information about content management strategy. He is a content strategist who helps companies improve the way they author, maintain, and deliver information to those who need it.  Find this episode insightful? Subscribe, rate, and share this podcast so we can produce more. Follow Adam @adamhelweh or visit www.secretsushi.com. | Music by mogillaguerrilla@gmail.com IG: @mogilla_guerrilla_beatz--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/marketingintheraw/message


1 Aug 2020

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Scott Abel Dishes on Content Strategy and Information Enablement

Content Matters

Scott Abel is the CEO and Chief Wrangler of the Content Wrangler. Abel is an expert on content strategy, working with organizations to develop strategies to create, maintain, and deliver their content across channels. He is a popular speaker on content strategy, and he’s the co-author of Intelligent Content Management: A Primer and The Language of Content Strategy, and the creator of the Content Strategy Series of books from XML Press. He's also the producer of the Information Development World Conference.Scott and talked about many things related to content strategy, including the challenges companies facing, the key elements and roles involved in developing and managing your content strategy and content operations, and the role of a unified content hub.


12 Feb 2020