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Jeff Deist on Biden’s Failing Attempt to Look Authoritative - A Neighbor's Choice

David Gornoski

The Mises Institute's Jeff Deist calls in to talk about the Biden administration's all-out effort to mandate medicine; the scapegoating of the unvaccinated; beer restrictions in Australia; the government's blaming of meatpackers for rising prices; how government drives inequality from a monetary perspective; and more. Visit the A Neighbor's Choice website at aneighborschoice.com


9 Sep 2021

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Ep. 173: Separation Over Persuasion, with Jeff Deist

Counterflow with Buck Johnson

My guest this week is the President of the Mises Institute, Jeff Deist. We discuss one of the biggest silver linings that can be taken from 2020 and the COVID moment. It's time to take stock in what has happened and realize that trying to get a Rand Paul or a Thomas Massie elected at the Presidential level isn't time and money well spent. Is there a way in which we can choose to separate from the insane left rather than trying to persuade them with our abstract ideas? (Ideas that half of the population find abhorrent, to boot.) What can be done at a small local level? Can change be made there? We also discuss the need to have elite members of society push the ideas of liberty. Find more content from Jeff Deist here: Follow Jeff Deist here: Listen to Jeff's talk on the Covid Silver Lining here: Purchase tickets for the Renegade University Texas event here: Sponsors: Football Insider Edge ( ): Enter code COUNTERFLOW at checkout for 20% off any monthly or full-season subscription! Paloma Verde CBD ( ): Enter code BUCK at checkout for 25% off any purchase over $75! ...and join their mailing list for an additional 10% off! Zippix Toothpicks ( ): Enter code COUNTERFLOW at checkout for 10% off your order! Visit my website: Donate to the show here: Audio Production by Podsworth Media: Leave us a review and rating on iTunes! Thanks!


7 Sep 2021

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‘Death to America’ with a Smile | Guest: Jeff Deist | 8/17/21

Pat Gray Unleashed

BLM’s approval rating has fallen from 94% approval to 2% approval. Taco Bell is going to have a new high-tech drive-through. Almost 70% of Americans disapprove of Joe Biden’s handling of the situation in Afghanistan. 20 years of investment went up in smoke in a matter of days. A reporter in Afghanistan talks about how the Taliban is friendly while the chant goes up: “Death to America.” They threaten us with a smile. An audience cheers at hearing that the number of white people in America has declined. Schools fill classrooms with LGBTQ and BLM flags in Kentucky. Some schools are currently segregating black and white students. The Taliban are now seizing weapons from Afghan citizens because they can now “feel safe.” Australian police storm Melbourne to shut down protests. Was Calvin Coolidge our last truly great president? A couple is requiring wedding guests to be vaccinated. 27 vaccinated people on one cruise ship now test positive for COVID. Batman’s sidekick, Robin, has come out as bisexual. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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17 Aug 2021

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Ep. 1943 Dave Smith and Jeff Deist on Where Libertarianism Goes Now

The Tom Woods Show

Guest host Dave Smith talks to the Mises Institute's Jeff Deist about libertarian opportunities in a post-Trump, post-COVID world.


2 Aug 2021

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CouchStreams Ep 71 w/ Jeff Deist

Break The Cycle w/Joshua Smith

Jeff and Joshua sit down to talk Post covid econ, blood and soil, and the meaning of the word "Libertarian" follow Jeff on Twitter at JeffDeistJoin the patreon at https://patreon.com/breakthecyclejs Join Subscribestar at https://Subscribestar.com/breakthecyclejsTips at https://paypal.me/JoshuaSmithChair2020available on all of your favorite podcast apps. https://toplobsta.com for dope gear. https://lorenzotti.coffee for delicious Italian coffeethank you to Whiskey Grenade for the great jams. Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/fightthedespots--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/breakthecycle/support


1 Aug 2021

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Jeff Deist on Coercion and Mass Conformity Exercises - A Neighbor's Choice

David Gornoski

Jeff Deist of the Mises Institute returns to the show and joins David Gornoski to comment on what happened during the latest Mises U event; the possibility of a nationwide jab mandate; natural immunity; the rise of homeschooling in the United States; the decline of public schools and statist narratives; and more. Can the American public overcome the mass coercive exercises of the state? Listen to the full segment to find out and more. Visit the A Neighbor's Choice website at aneighborschoice.com


29 Jul 2021

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Guest Episode: Mises Institute with Jeff Deist: The Fiat Standard

The Bitcoin Standard Podcast

Saifedean appearance on The Human Action podcast, hosted by Jeff Deist, President of Mises Institute. Quoted from the original description:Saifedean Ammous, famous for The Bitcoin Standard, has a remarkable new book detailing the effects of fiat money on virtually every aspect of society. In the tradition of Guido Hülsmann's The Ethics of Money Production, Ammous returns with The Fiat Standard. From a framework of Austrian economics, this book explains the sordid history of central banks severing currencies from gold redemption—both to finance war and enjoy the political benefits of default. But it also considers the far-ranging effects of inflation on civilization: as time preference increases, everything gets worse.  Education, food, architecture, family, and science all suffer, as inflation makes us live today at the expense of tomorrow.On the 50th anniversary of Nixon's gold shock, The Fiat Standard is an amazing explication of how the West fell to its current state. You don't want to miss this show, especially Saifedean's epic takedown of fiat academia at the end!


23 Jul 2021

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Jeff Deist—An Austrian Perspective on Politics, Central Banks & MMT - EP16

The Wiggin Sessions

On a societal level, governments and central banks encourage us to live for today at the expense of tomorrow. And it’s the economist’s job to make the unseen visible. To reveal the future consequences of spending with reckless abandon.  But in the current climate, the mere suggestion of cutting spending is political suicide, and we use modern monetary theory to justify our stimulus-focused, Neo-Keynesian approach to the economy.  So, what’s it going to take to wake us up to the flaws in this system? Jeff Deist serves as President at the Mises Institute, a libertarian institution that promotes teaching and research in the Austrian school of economics, individual freedom, honest history and international peace. Prior to his role at Mises, Jeff worked as a longtime advisor and chief of staff for Congressman Ron Paul. On this episode of The Wiggin Sessions, Jeff joins me to discuss how his background as a lawyer in mergers and acquisitions informs the way he thinks about central banking and share the Austrian perspective on our current economic environment. We explore the danger in legislating our way to prosperity, and Jeff explains why he blames the Bush administration for ushering in the idea that deficits don’t matter. Listen in for Jeff’s view of the US dollar as a tool of imperialism and learn why countries like China are conflicted around unseating the USD as the world’s reserve currency. Key Takeaways   How politics has changed in the 8 years since Jeff worked for Ron Paul How Jeff’s background as an M&A lawyer informs the way he thinks about politics and central banking Jeff’s role as president of the Mises Institute Jeff’s take on the Austrian perspective of our current economic environment The problem with MMT’s aim to legislate our way to prosperity Why Jeff blames the George W. Bush administration for ushering in the idea that deficits don’t matter How talking about cutting defense, Social Security or Medicare spending has become a death sentence for any politician How governments and central banks encourage us to live today at the expense of tomorrow The economist’s job to make the unseen visible to us What we can learn from the political climate and economic situation in France The countries with a vested interest in unseating the USD as the world’s reserve currency (and why they would want a gradual devaluation) Jeff’s insight on how the US dollar is a tool of imperialism Connect with Jeff Deist Mises Institute Connect with Addison Wiggin Consilience Financial Be sure to follow The Wiggin Sessions on your socials. You can find me on— Facebook @thewigginsessions Instagram @thewigginsessions Twitter @WigginSessions Resources Liberty Caucus Empire of Debt: The Rise of an Epic Financial Crisis by William Bonner and Addison Wiggin The Daily Reckoning Agora Financial Lew Rockwell Doug Casey Paul Krugman Books by John Maynard Keynes Jean Baptiste-Say The Deficit Myth: Modern Monetary Theory and the Birth of the People’s Economy by Stephanie Kelton The Betrayal of the American Right by Murray N. Rothbard Books by Hunter S. Thompson Frederic Bastiat


21 Jun 2021

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A Libertarian Look At Land, Fear, And Life After Covid - With Guest Jeff Deist

Ron Paul Liberty Report

Mises Institute president and former Rep. Ron Paul chief-of-staff Jeff Deist joins today's Liberty Report to discuss the prospects for libertarianism and a non-violent approach to seemingly intractable disputes over land, control, and government coercion. Is the post-Covid US ripe or barren for the ideas of liberty to take hold?


3 Jun 2021

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KOL338 | Human Action Podcast Ep. 308 with Jeff Deist: Rothbard on Punishment, Property, and Contract

Kinsella On Liberty

Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 338.From Human Action Podcast Ep. 308, "Rothbard's The Ethics of Liberty with Stephan Kinsella" (May 27, 2021), with Jeff Deist, discussing Rothbard’s Ethics of Liberty, chapters 9, 13, 19, et pass. (PDF; other versions at [ b-ok dot cc then /s/rothbard%20the%20ethics%20of%20liberty ).Shownotes:Lawyer and legal theorist Stephan Kinsella joins the show as we dive into Part II of Rothbard's The Ethics of Liberty, grappling with the foundational issues of crime, proportionality, and contract. When is property justly held? When may injuries to a person or property be addressed with force, and how much force? How do we deal with one another contractually, in terms of promises and expectation? How do we resolve disputes privately? Rothbard presents a remarkable exposition of a theory of liberty, a normative justification for laissez-faire which was sorely lacking. Kinsella does a remarkable job of explaining Rothbard's concepts with force and clarity, so you won't want to miss this episode!Transcript below.Youtube:https://youtu.be/AkEdMTDrPfYRaw video (unedited):Related LinksRothbard on the “Original Sin” in Land Titles: 1969 vs. 1974 (Nov. 5, 2014) KOL146 | Interview of Williamson Evers on the Title-Transfer Theory of Contract A Libertarian Theory of Contract: Title Transfer, Binding Promises, and Inalienability, Journal of Libertarian Studies 17, no. 2 (Spring 2003): 11-37 A Libertarian Theory of Punishment and Rights, 30 Loy. L.A. L. Rev. 607-45 (1997) Fraud, Restitution, and Retaliation: The Libertarian Approach KOL197 | Tom Woods Show: The Central Rothbard Contribution I Overlooked, and Why It Matters: The Rothbard-Evers Title-Transfer Theory of Contract Justice and Property Rights: Rothbard on Scarcity, Property, Contracts… KOL004 | Interview with Walter Block on Voluntary SlaveryTRANSCRIPTRothbard on Punishment, Property, and ContractStephan Kinsella with Jeff DeistThe Human Action Podcast, Mises InstituteMay 27, 202100:00:08JEFF DEIST: Kinsella, you ready, Freddy?00:00:09STEPHAN KINSELLA: I’m ready.  I guess I can take my mask off.00:00:12JEFF DEIST: What is it?  I can’t see.  What’s it got on it?00:00:16STEPHAN KINSELLA: V for Vendetta.00:00:17JEFF DEIST: Oh yeah, yeah.00:00:19STEPHAN KINSELLA: I got it backwards.  That’s why.00:00:2100:00:24JEFF DEIST: I love that movie.  I like Stephen Fry generally, and it’s got a very young, cute Natalie Portman.00:00:30STEPHAN KINSELLA: She had her day.00:00:31JEFF DEIST: Before she was in all those – I think she was in Star Wars movies at some point.00:00:35STEPHAN KINSELLA: Yep.00:00:37JEFF DEIST: And then she became sort of a Hillary person.00:00:41STEPHAN KINSELLA: True.00:00:42JEFF DEIST: All right, we good, Clay?00:00:44Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back once again to the Human Action podcast.  If you have been following along—you should be following along—you’ll know that we’ve been working our way through some various Rothbard texts in the past few weeks.  And at some point we announced that we are going to tackle The Ethics of Liberty, which, after Man, Economy, and State might be the most treatise-like or full-length work of Rothbard’s for our purposes.00:01:09And we started the analysis of this book last week with Dr. Walter Block.  We went through part one of the book, which deals in natural law.  If you haven’t seen that show, be sure and go back and take a look because it’s got a lot of Walter Blockisms, and we wrestled with a lot of things conceptually in that show.  But part two of the book where Rothbard lays out a theory of liberty is really the meat of it.00:01:32And I thought there would be nobody better for our purposes this week than our friend, Stephan Kinsella who is, of course,

1hr 10mins

28 May 2021