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Human Design with Amy Allchurch founder of Align By Design


In this episode, you will learn about how Amy Allchurch who is a human design expert and energetic business strategist, went from a school grade teacher only 1 year ago to now the owner of the company Align By Design where she is hitting 85K months in her business! She describes her journey to finding human design and how she now leads thousands of women in business on how to use their own human design to create a business that is aligned and thrives! You won't want to miss this juicy episode as we dive into all things intuition, investing in your business, balancing business and babies, along with making quantum leaps!


2 Jun 2020

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#6 Sparkle Summit 6 - FEAR TO ALIGNMENT through Human Design with Amy Allchurch

Led By Desire Podcast

This episode is a replay of Day 6 of The Sparkle Summit. In this episode, I interview Amy Allchurch, Human Design Expert. Amy Helps us understand how to move from fear into alignment using Human Design and also how she went from hustling for a few hundred dollars to five figure months her way, using her own human design. Check out Amy on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/478937629597505/ Instagram: www.instagram.com/amyallchurch Website: www.amyallchurch.com Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/align-by-design/id1482224007 --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kate-decker/support


22 Jan 2020

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#105 Energetic Alignment & Human Design – Amy Allchurch

Abundant Babes: a podcast for the visionary

Amy Allchurch, a Human Design Business Coach (a Projector) who specializes in Energetic Alignment. She is a Mom of 3 babes (all MGs) Layla, Lucy and Hendrix. She successfully operates her Business as a Projector (minimal hours of work), and has made quantum leaps in her impact and income through living in full Alignment! You can work with her through 1-1 Coaching, MG/G and Projector Programs, Masterminds and self-led HD courses! Instagram : @amyallchurchFB group- Align by Design  Podcast: Align by Design  Website: www.amyallchurch.com Get your HD chart here: https://www.jovianarchive.com/get_your_chart Connect with me, your Abundant Babes host, on Instagram @violahug, Facebook @violahug, and join my free Facebook community, Abundant Babes – a home for the visionary, grab a copy of my #1 New Release book, You are an Abundant Babe, on Amazon or Book Depository and learn more about me and how to work and coach with me on my website www.violahug.com. V xx


6 Dec 2019

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Ep. 05 - Align by Design ft. Amy Allchurch

Quantum Creatrix Podcast | Mindset, Money & Manifestation

In this episode Amy & I chat all about the magic of Human Design & what it means to be fully living in alignment when you work with (and not against) your design. Come learn how to make your business work for you, instead of you working for it.  Amy Allchurch is a Human Design Expert snd Energetic Alignment Business Coach. She created her business just over a year ago. With several shifts and evolution, she is now successfully operating her business as a Projector and mom of 3, and has made quantum leaps in her impact and income through living in full Alignment, and helps others do the same while scaling their business. If you want to learn more about Amy you can find her here: www.amyallchurch.com www.facebook.com/amy.askew www.instagram.com/amyallchurch


8 Nov 2019

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Liberation with Autumn Bensette: The Podcast

Amy Allchurch, a Human Design Business Coach (a Projector) who specializes in Energetic Alignment. She is a Mom of 3 babes (all MGs) Layla, Lucy and Hendrix. She successfully operates her Business as a Projector (minimal hours of work), and has made quantum leaps in her impact and income through living in full Alignment! You can work with her through 1-1 Coaching, MG/G and Projector Programs, Masterminds and self-led HD courses! ----- The Wealthy Babe Podcast is for the online entrepreneur craving a business, bank account + life without limits. Tune into unfiltered conversations weekly to become an excellent receiver of money, success and pleasure. *To connect & continue the conversation, join me over in The Bossy Babe Club on Facebook (bit.ly/thebossybabeclub) or on Instagram @bossybabe.xo! *Visit all the things: bossybabecoaching.com * Access 'Wealthy AF Series' & Freebie Library: bossybabecoaching.com/freebie-library *All things Amy Allchurch -- Ig:@amyallchurch FB: https://www.facebook.com/amy.askew PODCAST: Align by Design FB Group Align by Design: https://www.facebook.com/groups/478937629597505/ Insta: www.instagram.com/amyallchurchhttp://www.instagram.com/amyallchurch WEBSITE: https://www.amyallchurch.com/

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28 Oct 2019

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36. WTF Is Human Design and How You Can Start Using it to OWN Your Life with Amy Allchurch!

Light Leader Collective

Interested in learning more about Human Design? Human design is our "rulebook" for life. It's how we individually operate, thrive, and manifest! In this episode, I speak to the AMAZING Amy Allchurch (@amyallchurch), who is a Human Design expert, on what human design is, the 5 types, and the energy centers and how to read them! PS... I am a 2/4 Generator with Sacral Authority. Follow me on IG @emilyannwhiteside.


28 Oct 2019

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#113 with Process with Amy Allchurch on Human Design: A NEW PERSONALITY TEST YOU NEED TO DO TODAY

Meathead Hippie

TAKE YOUR FREE HUMAN DESIGN TEST HERE and follow along! https://www.mybodygraph.com/ Amy Allchurch spent years trying to control, doubting her intuition + intuitive gifts and used perfectionism and fear keep herself "safe" aka unhappy. After she had her first daughter, the desire for alignment and fulfilling her soul's passions was so strong. She focused on aligning her health and body, which brought on major mindset shifts, which opened her soul, and she was able to finally HEAR what she needed. Rather than running, doubting, controlling and worrying "how", she finally started honoring her mind, body and soul as a unit. Several massive shifts took place over those few years of soul work and she finally went all in after having her second daughter (the births of each of her girls was also the birth of a deeper part of HER, as a woman). Amy worked closely with mentors in Spiritual Practices and Business Coaches, to fuse her two worlds and passions together. Working with Amy is for women who are ready to step into their own spiritual journey to awaken their intuition, create boundaries in their lives that feel good, step into their authentic self and rewrite their story, to create alignment with their Mind, Body, Soul + Business all while manifesting and welcoming abundance! Amy's work creates transformation based on ease, flow, magnetism and quantum leaps. All of her work is completely centered around integration and embodiment of Human Design. She is an expert in seeing, understanding and creating energetic strategy that will work for your business, based on your own energy. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amyallchurch/ Website: https://www.amyallchurch.com For Emily Schromm's new COOKING SHOW! www.instagram.com/p/B2NLsVKFgXy/ For Emily Schromm's private Facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/1292792567518714/ For Emily Schromm's almost-new website: www.emilyschromm.com Join us every Wednesday for a new MEATHEAD HIPPIE® podcast. **Meathead Hippie® is now a registered trademark!*


20 Sep 2019

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35: Human Design with Amy Allchurch

Raise Your Vibration

Have you heard of human design? Because this is literally my latest obsession. If you feel like the cookie cutter business strategies have NOT been working for you this is a must listen.  You're going to leave this episode with a better understanding of your authentic truth, what business strategies are going to work with your design & how to read your own human design chart. I was blown away with how on point Amy's advice was for myself and I know you will feel the same. Find Your Human Design Chart: MyBodyGraph.com Resources: Free Chakra Guide Connect with Amy: www.amyallchurch.com Align By Design FB Group IG: @amyallchurch Connect With Shelby: Shelby’s Instagram TikTok Website Donate To The Show


26 Aug 2019

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EP 44 | Discovering Your Human Design To Deepen Your Impact with Amy Allchurch

Courageously Confident

This episode breaks down all things Human Design! If you haven't dug deep into your design or you aren't sure what human design is, then this episode will be SO beneficial for you! Connect with Amy:https://www.instagram.com/amyallchurch/https://www.facebook.com/amy.askewFollow the Courageously Confident Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/courageouslyconfidentcommunity/?ref=br_rs


31 Jul 2019

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#004 Leveraging Human Design in Your Life + Biz with Amy Allchurch

THE CODES with Alexandra Carruthers

In this episode Amy and I jam out on all things Human Design! Amy breaks down what exactly Human Design is, why it matters and how to begin to integrate it into your life and biz! Follow Amy on Instagram Follow Amy on Facebook Join The Babe Squad on Facebook Visit Amy's Website _Follow Alex on Instagram Follow Alex on Facebook Join VIBES: The Community on Facebook Visit Alex's Website 


29 Mar 2019